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  • March 10, 2013 at 1:37pm

    First, If the county sheriff is elected by the county citizens than why aren’t their paychecks [as well as their raises] coming from the county taxpayers… and not some state politician?

    Second, as one comment above stated, give the names of the politician(s) and put a Face to the threat so all the voters statewide can see which state politician(s) is making the threat! This way all the state voters can get involved by flooding the politician(s) with phone calls or emails with threats of their own “We are going to remove your sorry carcass from office.” That usually gets their attention!

  • October 29, 2012 at 7:13pm

    Standtuff: That is exactly what happened. Obama is sinking in the polls so he and his muslim friends set the Ambassador up for kidnapping and than Obama would come to the rescue… and stand on the American media pulpit as a hero… boost his ratings and possibly even win re-election.

    Right now, Washington (including the Pentagon) is in hiding until they come up with a major cover-up story to protect themselves from one of the worst cases of treason since Benedict Arnold in the American Revolutionary War.

  • October 29, 2012 at 6:55pm

    This is exactly why the events of Benghazi happened as they did… it is very clear and I would not put anything past this anti-American, Kenyan-born muslim…. And I mean absolutely ANYTHING!

    Once again, we are seeing the truth come out about what REALLY happened in Benghazi when the American Ambassador and three others were murdered.

    Obama actually planned this with Al Quada through a third party terrorist group that has it’s headquarters here in the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood… which was banned in Egypt and most of Europe… now they have been given a home here in our country.

    Obama set-up a deal where the Ambassador, unbeknownst to him, was to be kidnapped and then Obama would send in a Navy Seal team to rescue the Ambassador just days before the election.

    Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood wanted to make Obama look like a hero and boost his ratings as well as to help him win re-election. This is why Obama gave the order to Stand Down, so he could give Al Quada enough time to kidnap the Ambassador.

    There was two problems that neither Obama or the Muslim Brotherhood considered. First, Al Quada hired a bunch of Libyan thugs that “botched” the kidnapping and Second, the one true God watched as they planned this treasonous act behind closed doors… and, right now, God is revealing this treasonous plot to the American people.

    There is a major cover-up under way in Washington at this very moment…

    Treason at the very highest level is being

  • September 29, 2012 at 3:47pm

    I agree! If anyone calling themself a Christian (which means you believe in and follow Jesus) and then turns around and votes for a muslim (and in this case – Obama a Kenyan-born muslim who is PRO murdering innocent unborn children and PRO same-sex marriage) is indeed jeopardizing their soul (they basicallly have sold their soul to the devil).

    Muslims acknowledge Mohammed as their leader and to muslims Jesus was nothing more than a “good man or good teacher” back in his day. Muslims deny Jesus was the Son of God and, by making that type of statement ‘they please their “pagan god” allah which is nothing more than a figment of their imagination… alive only in their minds!”

    According to every poll I have seen, it is believed that Obama will still get at least 90% of the registered black voters. This means there will be tens-of-thousands of black Christian voters voting for Obama. If that is true, than it will be unfortunate, that they may have indeed sold their soul just to see a black President ONLY! Meaning the black Christian voters do not care about Obama’s politics; they just want a black man in the White House… be it MAN or DEVIL!

    Facts: Christians know that the muslims deny Jesus as the Son of God and they also know that God CONDEMNS and FORBIDS “homosexual relations of any kind” as well as killing the innocent such as unborn babies or children.

    All Christians are being forwarned!!! There will be NO excuses on the day of judgement… NO excus

  • June 22, 2011 at 10:18pm

    As long as the government(s) continue to give free money (welfare – in many cases) to these females for having babies……..these females are going to continue having babies. Sadly, my research, here in America, shows that 500,000 teenagers are having babies each year…..and in most cases they are put on the welfare roles. When government creates a system that pays children (teenagers) to have babies… will continue until the government changes the system. Technically, teenagers, by law, are still under the care of their parents or legal guardian……in that case, let the parents or legal guardians pay for their teenage daughter’s fornication… stead of the taxpayers. Thats the only way to slow down teenage pregnancy! As for all others, the government must let all these females know that if you do not work then stop having these babies because the taxpayers are no longer paying for your fornication either. For those already on welfare there should be a One-Child Law, meaning if you are collecting welfare/food stamps you will only get welfare/food stamps for one child ONLY! The government has the right to ask, “Why would a female want more than one child” while collecting welfare? Today, the only answer is “To get more welfare/food stamps”…….that is the only reason why any female would want to have more children while collecting welfare/food stamps!