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  • March 29, 2013 at 10:09am

    INDEPENDENT4233, I guess even those who question organized religion, atheists and “agnostics” like you, can be homohating racist bigots.

    Bigots come in all faiths, non-faiths and political parties. Commies were very much ****-hating, so atheist conservative libertarians can be racist homohating pigs too. Fascinating!!!

    As a tax-paying, partnered, monogamous atheist **** (though respectful of religious anti-gay beliefs), I implore you to start meeting homos who are not militant activist and religious hating. There are many of us… the ones you don’t see on the streets parading around in jockstraps.

    Just like I don’t assume all conservatives are racist, with the exception of the few you see with swastika signs on TV, I suggest you meet some regular gay folk before making up your mind about “homosexual pigs”.

  • March 29, 2013 at 9:18am

    Wow, you people will find any justification for your racism. Whites DON’T NEED to put white in front of their organization names. Why do they need to? They can be proud of their heritage (no one says claiming to be proud of being italian-american or polish american… we see it all the time) but to say whites per se need advocacy? Why? They aren’t discriminated against for being white.

    Yes, there are militant blacks who hate “whitey” but they are in the minority. Just like there are militant, reactionary whites who are racist, white supremacist and hate everyone else who isn’t white (though they are in the minority…. though reading all these racist comments, it makes me wonder now…).

    Blacks have a need for a Black Miss America. When was the last time Miss America celebrated black beauty? Very few times. Blacks needed a pageant that celebrated a more “ethnic” standard of beauty… not the White Eurocentric standard that black women have to live up to in order to win one of those pageants. Black entrepreneurs, gay entrepreneurs….. I can go on and on. The reason for these groups is not to discriminate but to encourage because most of the time, minority groups have been discriminated against in bank loans, education etc.

    Now, does Affirmative Action need to exist anymore? Probably not… there was a time it was needed. But I still think blacks and other minority groups do need their own groups separate from whites only to encourage empowerment and growth

  • March 29, 2013 at 9:08am

    Ummmm, wow. Reading the posts on here, the very racist and stereotypical posts from white folks on here confirms to me the reasons why the Republican Party is declining in popularity amongst young white people and even older ones too and are flocking to the Dems.

    Listen, I am a person of color and fully am aware of the disproportionate amount of violence and crime committed in ghettos (black on black, and black on white), but to assume EVERY black person participates in this type of crime is just plain ignorant and racist. What is racist is to assume that blacks are genetically predisposed to be criminal and THAT is what this group (and most white supremacist groups) espouses.

    It has to do with poverty and class. There is black trash and decent black, educated, hard-working black folk. I am one of latter. So poor white “trash” aren’t robbing and killing liquor store owners and robbing one another; esp. meth addicts? Last time I checked they were…. yet they don’t get media attention as a young black boy shooting a “white latino” baby.

    And sure, I am aware now that blacks commit more crimes these days, in proportion to the rest of the population, which I now believe is a result of entitlements but it also has to do with hip-hop’s glorification of violence, materialism (instead of working hard to earn what you want, vs. mugging people), etc… nothing to do with being “black” per se. Because the majority of blacks don’t engage in violence or crime.

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  • March 24, 2013 at 9:58am

    “And rather than desiring to help the poor through welfare programs, they wanted to eliminate all charities and government aid.”

    You seriously believe what you just wrote?? I am a liberal who is questioning the party line constantly… what keeps me from moving to YOUR side (conservatism) is the hypocrisy and blindsightedness of your kind. It’s the Repubs who want to eliminate welfare and funding for young mothers, not liberals! What planet did you just come from?

    I do think that unending access to welfare and w.i.c. encourages promiscuity and irresponsible sexual behavior not curb it, but that’s another story. What I don’t get is the Repubs who despise abortion yet do not want sexual education taught in our schools?! Do you even understand that there are still young girls who believe if you jump up and down after sex, you can’t get pregnant? Sex Ed is what this prevents… sure, it might also encourage sexual activity but at least, if they do, they might be better prepared to NOT get pregnant in the first place. Repubs just want teens to never have sex in the first place and THAT is never going to happen. Sex outside of marriage is nothing new. You just want the rest of society to go along with your religious mumbo jumbo, which most young kids (and old) have dismissed as unappealing long ago.

    If you want to prevent abortion, prevent pregnancy. As for Margaret Sanger, she was against abortion. Look it up. She was not a saint, but she was not pro-abortion.

  • March 1, 2013 at 8:48am

    Funny how many of you religious conservatives constantly contradict yourselves. You say “why should I accept homosexuality”? Why should I accept Christianity or Christian values? Is this not America? Separation of church and state? Hello! If as an atheist, I tolerate Christians, I should expect the same. But noooooooo.

    I believe in fiscal conservatism, despise the Welfare state, believe in gun rights…. but because I am gay, I shouldn’t be allowed to join the party? So what if I were a Muslim? Because I don’t adhere to Christian values, I shouldn’t be allowed either? You guys will keep losing elections because this newer generation is way more tolerant (even if they disagree with homosexuality) than all you older generation Republicans. You will die off soon and your party will eventually embrace gay conservatives or lose us to the Marxists. I will not “embrace” a Republican party just because I believe in fiscal conservatism but behind my back you advocate us being fired, killed or maimed for being gay. This is how I want to live my life and if their truly is a creator, I will deal with him then. But who are you all to tell me I shouldn’t be a part of your party just because you disagree with homosexuality? Interestingly, you all wear mixed fabrics and eat shellfish, which are also “sins”. What a bunch of loonies. I will keep voting in my interests… Democrat… even if my taxes will be a lot higher.

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  • March 1, 2013 at 8:38am

    Wow… reading all these comments from “Christians”, makes me no longer wonder why I became an atheist. As a gay man, why should I be compared to a tax cheat or an adulterer? I know that these are all sins in the Bible, just like homosexuality, but I am not a thief or murderer or pedophile. I am a tax-paying, law-abiding, gun rights, small government gay partnered (over 10 years and monogamous) man.

    I see some of you saying “why should I embrace homosexuality”? No one is asking you to. Maybe there is a small, in-your-face homosexual agenda that you seem to see a lot of the media, but most gay men and lesbians are respectful of religious beliefs, even if they are not religious and are hard working, mind-your-own business types. What I ask for is TOLERANCE, not acceptance. Big difference. I am sure most gay men and women are merely asking for that. When you advocate keeping us out of the party by using anti-gay platforms, constantly talking about gay people not as people but as “sinners” (as if you had forgotten not everyone agrees with your Biblical interpretation, or shares the same religion or even has a religious belief!), it causes many to stray from your party.

    You might say “good riddance”… we need TRUE conservatives in our party, not faux conservatives who are truly liberals in our midsts. But when is it a “liberal” cause to keep the government out of our bedrooms? I thought that was a conservative issue? No wonder many of us Republican gays vote

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  • February 1, 2013 at 8:47am

    Can we leave the anti-gay and racist anti-latino comments out of here? Sheesh. And you wonder why you conservatives lost the election? Until the Republican Party and conservatives embrace a “live and let live” view of freedom from government and truly embrace small govt., which means stay out of my bedroom…. you will lose socially liberal, pro-gun, military career, fiscally conservative tax-paying citizens, like me, who is latino (Puerto Rican) and gay.

    I am anti-illegal immigration, anti-welfare state (I have seen what this “war on poverty” has done to my area of the South Bronx, which Sotomayor is from, which has created generations of dependency instead of business formation”) and fiscally conservative, yet gay, monogamous with my partner of 10 years and we pay taxes. Why give us a hard time? As for gay marriage… we aren’t sure where we stand on the issue… maybe a compromise of civil union, in case I have to visit him at the hospital if sick and share “marriage benefits”.

    But other than that, I don’t hate religion or religious views, even if I am an atheist, I respect and tolerate Christian objections to homosexuality, even if I think they are wrong…. I still tolerate them, NOT accept them. I expect the same of Christians… tolerate me, respect me even if you don’t agree. And just let me live.

    You will lose more socially liberal, but fiscally conservative people to the other side in the process. The lesser of two evils: The Dummocrats.

  • January 31, 2013 at 10:38pm

    Wow, I still can’t believe how dumb some believers are. Get a clue! “Without God, there can be no genuine moral shaping”??!!

    Are you truly listening to yourself? If that were the case, then believing in what “god” dictates for our lives would mean I would have to make my wife cover herself from head to toe or prevent her from going outside without male companionship or stone her for adultery. Yes, those are Islamic prescriptions based on a Koranic “god” but the Bible also is full of such prescriptions that Christians believe “god” dictates for our lives. And some things in the Bible are pretty despicable, such as advocating slavery and stoning. The OT is pretty violent too. I wouldn’t want to base my morality on an ancient book; no way! We have evolved way more than what the Bible prescribes in its pages. If we hadn’t… we’d still have blacks in chains and women silent. After all, most preachers back in slavery times felt it was “recognized and sanctioned in the scriptures of God”.

    Most abolitionists and suffragists were critical of religion and some maybe might have been atheist or agnostic. Had they not been critical of religion and fundamentalism, I’d be picking cotton today!

  • January 31, 2013 at 10:20pm

    Just because one is an atheist or a believer does not make one ethical or better than the other. As someone mentioned above, Hitler was a Christian and Stalin was an atheist. Some might debate that Hitler wasn’t a true Christian… well, he thought he was and upheld Christianity. Most Christians these days say they are true believers yet are very hateful. Most Christians these days believe in Christ yet bash gays incessantly. Sure, it says in the Bible it’s a sin, but does that mean you should make their lives impossible? You can tolerate them but not accept them. That is why many people hate religion and why I left the church. I believe I am more ethical and more loving than most “Christians” are run across these days. I don’t mind religion until it is forced down my throat and those of different faiths or no faith. Last time I checked, this was American not Iran. No wonder the Republican Party is losing out on gay conservatives like me. I will keep voting Dummocrat, though I am fiscally conservative until the party stops demonizing tax-paying, patriotic gay men and women. You’d think they would go out of their way to bring in fiscally-conservative gays, but they lose them to the liberals. Until then, you will keep losing every election from this moment on if you don’t eject the religious Taliban from your ranks.

  • January 31, 2013 at 8:16pm

    Oh please…. if that pastor had not been publicly embarrassed, she wouldn’t have apologized so “sincerely”. As for automatic tips, they are there because most people don’t tip or know how to tip. We help you by adding it on there. All of the places I served at have printed on the bottom of the check, that the gratuity is added but feel free to increase, decrease it or leave it out.

    As a former waiter, most people know how to tip but all it takes is a few tables who don’t tip or forget to, to lose precious time and money. It’s like working for free!

    As for not wanting to tip lazy, rude, awful waiters, I agree. I don’t tip bad waiters at all, especially if their attitude sucked. I sometimes will explain why in person or tell the manager why. No one is forced to tip. I haven’t seen a restaurant that forces you to. Just because a gratuity is added does not mean you have to pay it. As long as you pay for the food, you are not obligated to tip. But it is expected if the service was satisfactory.

  • January 31, 2013 at 8:04pm

    I don’t know why people are surprised; she’s a black older woman, the worst kind of tippers. I should know; I am a person of color (blatino) and worked in Miami and when we got parties of blacks, we most of the time had the table demanding to leave less than 10 percent, running us ragged and being overly demanding or sometimes not leaving a tip at all. I even got to the point, after learning about this phenomenon, where I’d give up my tables to someone else, if I saw a black person sitting at it. Second worse kind of tippers: college kids. Thirdly: old white seniors. Fourth: rich folks… and celebrities. A famous latina celebrity (she will remain nameless) once tipped me 30 bucks on a 250 dollar check. That’s 15 percent but she ran me ragged and could have tipped me at least 20, but didn’t. She could afford to and my service was excellent. Best tippers? Gay men!

    That is why I only did it for 5 years and soon quit after I got my degree. I would rather eat glass than wait tables, no matter if I lost my job and was broke! Trust me. It’s hard work and most people treat you like **** and don’t understand how tipping is important or how it affects our livelihoods. People who don’t like tipping or hate that waiters live off of their tips, should just stay home and eat in. Plain and simple. Or do fast food.

  • June 29, 2012 at 2:08pm

    What I don’t get is this: if she wanted to be a “counselor”, she HAS to be aware that every psychiatric and mental health institution these days accepts homosexuality as natural and not a mental illness. If she wanted to be a counselor and practice her faith, she should have attended a religious institution that has a Christian counseling program. Duh! This school she was dismissed from is not a religious institution and being a regular, mainstream counselor means you have to be tolerant of homosexuals. And those homosexuals who come to you come to therapy to deal with their homosexuality and come to terms with it. If as a counselor, she objects to homosexuality, she is either in the wrong profession or she needs to become a faith counselor, so she can spew her intolerance to homosexuals who actually WANT to change.

    ****, if as a gay person, I can be tolerant of Christians (even if I am an atheist) and I can fight and defend as an American your right to believe in a fairy tale, then you should be also tolerant of my atheism and gayness even if you think it is an abomination, which I don’t believe it to be.

    As for the Chief, you’re **** hatred is always evident on these forums but what I can’t seem to understand is your obsession with what ****’s do in bed?! You say that the human body wasn’t designed for homosexuality but neither was for your wife to have a penis in her mouth but I am sure she still does it? And how about heteros who choose not to have kids?

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  • June 29, 2012 at 1:35pm

    Ok, I just don’t get conservatives!? I am a liberal on the fence, who honestly is truly starting to see a lot of very valuable points from the conservative side. I’d like to join your ranks but sometimes I can’t stand the friggin’ hypocrisy and double standards! You guys rant and criticize women when they have abortions, you rant and bash them when they have babies out of wedlock and taxpayers have to pay for the mothers and children, to perpetuate a cycle of welfare forever. You guys hate abortion and welfare dependency yet you can’t stand government offering free birth control or Planned Parenthood offering free health services? Which one is it? I’d rather my tax dollars pay for birth control so that my hard earned tax dollars don’t have to support free loaders (the conservative side of me). I am really starting to wean myself off the bleeding heart BS fed to me for years, that the poor NEED welfare, when it actually creates dependency most of the time. But at the same time, I’d rather pay for extremely accessible, free birth control and sex education (another area conservatives seem to dislike, which I don’t get) to PREVENT all this illegitimacy and govt dependency in the first place! I am sick of paying too many taxes, sick of this victimologist BS liberals have fed me and I want to join your side, but not until you stop with the anti-sex strain in your movement.

  • May 2, 2012 at 7:42am

    Kryptonite: So you have no problem believing in Leviticus prohibitions against homosexuality or using that against gays yet you wear fabrics made of combined yarns, you eat shellfish? or the NT prohibition against divorce, yet hetero’s STILL divorce these days merely because don’t get along. WTF.

    Until the conservatives embrace people of ALL FAITHS and ALL SEXUAL ORIENTATIONS EVEN IF THEY DISAGREE WITH THEM, The Republican Party will wither away. This newer generation is becoming more and more openminded to gays and other minorities, yet the Repugs keep those who believe in fiscal conservatism out. As a gay person who doesn’t believe in a Welfare State and believes in small govt, shouldn’t that be enough? You people believe in govt out of our lives, yet you want them up women’s uteruses and in their bedrooms. Sheesh. What a bunch of phonies. I will keep voting Democrat, as the lesser of two evils. Until we get moderate Republicans in the party, I will keep voting Democrat and so will most independents. You will lose in 2012 with that non-Christian and anti-gay bigotry.

  • May 2, 2012 at 7:26am

    Simmone, you seem to have neglected to mention that conservatives can be atheist. As an atheist, I have always felt more inclined to help others, versus some of my other deeply religious folks who espouse a more “tough love” and “pull yourself up” mentality. That is the reason I became an atheist. I find most Christians hypocritical. I find myself to be more of a Christian, than most of the Christians I ever knew and I don’t even believe in a personal God. Second, the only difference between an atheist giving to the poor and a Christian? The Christian expects you to convert to their faith; the atheist not so much. We just give without conditions. Christians gives under one condition: “Would you like to hear about our Jesus, while you chomp on that hearty meal we Christians just gave you”?

  • April 26, 2012 at 10:59am

    As a moderate fiscal conservative blatino (for those not in the know; that means half black/half latino), I am shocked at how many nasty, ignorant racist comments veiled as “concern about entitlement society” there are here! Why bring up only blacks on entitlements? Voice: I noticed your racist, nasty comments the most and they are despicable. Let me fill you in on something. I am old enough to know better. I grew up in the South Bronx in the 70s, on welfare. Grew up liberal until I started digging around and then learned about fiscal conservatism and how welfare actually is to blame for the ghetto society I grew up in. Today, I am well aware of how entitlements didn’t help but hurts us. But I always assumed blacks were the only ones on Welfare. Fast track to 10 years of living in WI and MN. What an eye-opener that was! I was shocked to see how many WHITES were on EBT at Walmart shopping and WIC/Welfare. Poor, white women with 5 kids in tow; uneducated and having kids out of wedlock. I didn’t see a single black person in the small town I lived in. Yet all those poor entitlement-laden women I came across, especially during my stint in social services (WIC) were WHITE. Surprise! They didn’t want to go to college or better themselves, most were lazy and just wanted to keep having more kids out of wedlock. It truly changed my view about Welfare and race. Sure, blacks make up a disproportionate amount on Welfare, but let’s be fair here. White “trash” are on welfa

  • April 18, 2012 at 12:02pm

    “And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death. (Exodus 21:17)”

    “For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him. (Leviticus 20:9)”

    Interesting how many Christians pick and choose what they want to believe out of the OT. Christians only pick and choose from the Old Testament as it suits them. Honor killings in the OT are no longer ok with Christians but bashing two consenting males/females who choose to marry or sleep with people of the same sex is ok. No wonder I got disillusioned by Christianity long ago. I don’t hate God, I hate Christian morons. I don’t care frankly what you Christians believe as long as you don’t shove your fairytales down my throat or legislate YOUR morality. Why don’t you all move to a state and form a theocracy there? Maybe like Alaska? and then you can form your own biblical laws and form your own Christian Taliban there? That way you can legally not allow gays or peaceful Muslims or feminists into your state?

    As an agnostic, I will FIGHT for your right to believe in God, but interesting how most of you Christians will not defend my rights to not believe in God or do anything with my body as long as I don’t hurt others. What a bunch of phonies you all are. FYI, Jefferson & most of the Founding Fathers despised “religion”, but believed in God. I suggest you all follow in their footst

  • April 12, 2012 at 5:09pm

    Umm, as a former liberal myself, I can’t say I have ever heard a feminist or die hard liberal say women are idiots if they stay at home to raise kids. If anything, they have advocated only the choice to do so, if needed; that there is nothing wrong with women getting educated, in case they ever HAVE to work. Today, most 2 income families don’t even do as well as they’d like to; can you imagine a one income family? Some women have no other choice BUT to work. I am sure most working conservatives can agree with that. I have met liberals who did stay at home, but it was only because they could AFFORD to do so.

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  • April 10, 2012 at 6:09pm

    I am an atheist and I have NEVER EVER and nor do I know any atheists that have EVER pissed on crosses, thrown up on hosts or trampled a crucifix or whatever you attributed to us. I HAVE though seen christians blow up abortion clinics where they hurt or killed people. I have seen christians murder abortion doctors. I have seen christians blow up buildings (Oklahoma?). You might all say “well, they weren’t REAL christians”. The point is they identified with a particular set of Christian beliefs, even if they weren’t the same as mainstream Christianity. So we can’t assume ALL Christians believe in killing abortion docs or that ALL atheists have no morals. If anything, I find myself more a follower of Christ’s compassion than most of the Xtians I knew.

    What I HAVE seen is the sociopathic bigotry of not letting atheists or gays become a part of the conservative movement even though we may share the same principles of small government (even though most of you want to shove your Christ down our throats…. so much for small government), fiscal responsibility and strong military. It’s no wonder all atheists and gays go straight for the Libturd Party. You give us no choice. Atheists just don’t want you to legislate YOUR morality on us. Believe in your God, I will respect your right to do so, but also respect my right to not believe as you do. Why not agree to disagree and embrace one another to fight the Left, EMBRACING TOLERANCE without ACCEPTING opposing views

  • April 7, 2012 at 12:01pm

    That comment about Ron Reagan Jr being “gay” was uncalled for. So ALL gay men know how to touch their toes? If you think that being gay is about anal sex, you are definitely ignorant & need to talk to more gay folks. The first thing that came to my mind at age 12 when I first noticed my attraction to my sexy manly gym teacher and a few of my straight male classmates, whom I developed crushes on, was not: “hmmm, I wonder who I’d like to be the first to pork me?”. Why do most conservatives seem obsessed with anal sex?! Not all gay men engage in it anyway. It’s personal taste.

    Anyway, that is besides the point. I have been wanting to leave the Democratic Party for YEARS, now that I am becoming more familiar with the conservative viewpoint and about self-sufficiency and small government, but you know what keeps me from moving to the more enlightened side? The intolerance and ****-hating from people such as yourselves. I mean, isn’t small government about freedom? I am not saying all conservatives have to agree with homosexuality; just as I don’t agree about organized religion (of which I despise, to be honest), but can’t we just agree to get along and respect each other’s personal choices, as long as they don’t hurt other people? The anti-gay view is keeping monogamous, respectful gay people from joining your ranks. Frank Schaeffer is right when he says the party has been hi-jacked by religious intolerance for other faiths & non-believers as well.