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  • November 30, 2013 at 3:44pm

    @BStonge’s reply comment made to me Nov 26, 2013
    Of course, the creator does not favor one color over another. What is so sad is that so many who say they love and serve God, certainly, favors one skin color over another. As soon, as they see a person of color, especially of the Black race, they immediately, get racist in the mind. The fact remains, that they still don’t, really, want Blacks on jobs, in the movies, or in their neighborhoods. They don’t like their children marrying someone Black, unless the person is rich and will benefit that family, financially. They do try, a little, harder to accept somone of another ethnic skin color. The truth of the matter is that both of President Obama’s term in office is harder, because of his skin color. The GOP has never met on the day that any President was being inaugurated, to plan to block him in everything, during his presidency. It has to do with heart conditions. How can a person say that he loves God, who he can’t see, but is hating a person that he can see. The scriptures helps us to appreciate that the love of God is, truly, not in that person. God, his son Jesus Christ and the angels looks down, see all this hypocrisy and realizes that the situation is worse than in Noah’s day, even on a national scale. He is keeping account of each of our actions and deeds. So, when we start bringing God into the conversation, we had better be careful, because he is judging our hearts and kidneys, on an individua

  • November 26, 2013 at 12:55pm

    It really doesn’t matter how many times Obamacare goes in front of the Supreme Court, it is here to stay. Yes, they may order some modification or adjustments, but the law will remain. You may not want to face this fact, but members of the Supreme Court love Obamacare, have relatives that need Obamacare and are really tired of the GOP bringing it back, in front of them. The GOP will get better ratings, in the polls, if they stop fighting Obamacare, President Obama, and work along to make it work better. GOP governors will become more popular, if they would allow the exchange in their states and encourage the people to apply. The GOP’s rating would not have dropped, some weeks ago, if they had not pursued the shutdown. Mitt Romney would have won the election, if he had not said negative things about the poor and had stood up, as an individual, instead of being a follower. Every negative stand that the GOP takes, against President Obama and his administration, in the end, works against them. They need to do good, loving and kind things, for the American people to view them, as good people, that cares about them. If the GOP continues to criticize and fight President Obama, every step of the way, for the next (3) years, they will do themslves more harm, than good and will lose seats in congress and GOP governors will lose their seats. Mean-spiritness, racism and hate are not getting the GOP anywhere. They must change, immediately, if they want the new majority to embrace them.

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  • November 26, 2013 at 12:30pm

    We don’t want to be people trying to read the future. We should not talk about children or a child that a couple does not, even, have yet, especially, the President and First Lady Michelle. Every Black person, in the US, is not going around punching or assaulting people, but many times, over years past, many, many, black people were hung, castrated, and terrorized, by whites, late at night, down dark roads, and even, in their homes, and will be shot down, today, for no reason at all. Come on, let’s see it for what it really is. Too bad that, back during that time, they didn’t have cell phones or equipment that could get pictures, on the spot, of what were really happening, when these incidents occurred. I look at the President’s two beautiful daughters and his beautiful wife and I feel, within me, that they would have produced a handsome son. Such a beautiful family. I am so proud of them. So wonderful that a Black family resides in the whitehouse. It’s their time now. We can’t change the course of history, being made. First Lady Michelle is having a wonderful time in the whitehouse and she looks great. She takes really good care of herself, physically. She has such beautiful arms. When I look at her, it inspires me to try, very hard, to be healthier and trim. I wish them well and lots of success.

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  • November 26, 2013 at 12:00pm

    Obamacare will work. I have no doubt about that. Many people are going to be very angry, when it starts working, all over the US. I know that for many of you to see it, start working, will be very hurt and disappoined, but it’s time for Americans to start having a glimpse of Universal Healthcare. It’s just the start of something ,even, better to come. Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act will continue to be modified and get better. It is, so, hard for many Americans to accept the first Black President, so I can imagine how hard it is to accept the Affordable Care Act law, being signed and launched by him. I sympathize with you, because it is very hard to accept “change”. I can imagine how many congressmen and many other people, in general, feel everytime they look at the President or hear his name. I can imagine that they even lose sleep at night and have even shed tears. The reality is that they have to bear this hurt for another (3) years, because he has to finish out his term. His popularity rating will rise again and he will be embraced all over again by those who sincerely love him. My late father once told me that “You can’t change the course of history, regardless of how hard you may try.” It’s President Obama’s time to make history. He has made history and will continue to make more history. The good that he will do will always overshadow the not so good. He first made history for being the first Black President. Nothing can change that. So happy and proud o