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  • [6] May 28, 2016 at 4:01pm

    The ad is perfect for the Tribune. It points to the left, just like all of journalism.

  • [-3] May 11, 2016 at 10:22pm

    A word to the little Beck-ites and the primary reason I do not take him seriously any longer.
    The universe is a balancing act. Electrons and protons, plus and minus, it’s all a balance. The problem in the Beck-ster universe is that there is no balance. Everything is pure, 100%, unmitigated, take no hostages, polarized truth, God, and piety. In the real world, the one the rest of us must live in, it doesn’t work that way.
    Do we need truthful leaders? Leaders capable of conducting themselves from a basic philosophical moral space that once permeated the American landscape? Yes. In a perfect world it is precisely what we need.
    News Flash for the Becksters: The world is not perfect. America must work together in spite of differences to get anywhere. The attitude I see from the Beck-verse and assorted minions is one I call perfection or evil. Unless schlub A rises to the level or perfection, they are by definition pure evil.
    That approach to life friends is not only pure stupidity it is the perfect recipe for failure. You see, while all you Becksters are sitting around shooting at any and all who fail the litmus test of perfection, true evil in the world prevails.
    That, my friends, is why the Beck-verse is dangerous and why I am no longer a Beck-ster.
    Have a great day!

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  • [2] May 6, 2016 at 3:35pm

    These Hollywood types are some of the biggest racists the world has known. Yet they cry “racism” at every turn, I expect to cover their own dark views in our supposedly colorless world. The double standard advanced by these jerks is breathtaking. Black Lives Matter illustrates racism on a grandiose scale, but if I call for following codified immigration law as a white American I am a racist to be reviled, skewered and liquidated, or so say the progressive leftists. Don’t believe me, read the writings of Obama’s radical buddies like the SDS.

    Sorry, progressive liberal freaks. The gig is up and We The People are (figuratively) coming for you. I will no longer be silenced by the tyranny of political correctness.

  • [1] May 1, 2016 at 2:54pm

    Buy a gun for someone else is called a Straw Buy and is illegal. The leftists live in a perpetual virtual safe space that has nothing to do with reality.

    Ever wonder why the group that wants more and more laws to laud over the rest of us is the same bunch who pretend laws already on the books do not exist?

  • April 22, 2016 at 6:17pm

    Yes, Snowleopard. We see how well it is going for the Trumpster. We are way past the tipping point.

  • [1] April 14, 2016 at 6:56pm

    As a Penn State Alum, God bless the Trumpster for giving national attention to the incredible travesty perpetrated by the PC collectivist zombie left. Were it not for Paterno, the entire pedophile issue never would have seen light of day. What did Paterno get for it? His entire life’s work. Lost.
    Penn State University Park Campus is located in State College, PA. The university is the town and vice versa. Problem is, the university and the town are run by a cabal of elitists (at least it was in the 70′s when I was there). The university trustees, town council, and leading wealth and political brokers in the area are all the same. One hand washes the other in this small, backwater leftist utopia.
    Joe Paterno, a man both met and regularly seen gathering with his team in the HUB for game dinners, was as straight shooting, honest and pure of soul person as they come. That didn’t stop the school administration and trustees from throwing him to the rabid PC do-gooders looking for a body. Better to sacrifice one of the greatest NCAA football careers of all time than accept culpability in the pedophile fiasco.
    Coach Paterno’s plight of being stricken from the history books is classic progressive tactics. Leftists the world over must be proud. Just like Hillary, let someone else take the blame for the mess you created.
    Yes. I can see how Paterno’s plight would catch the attention of Trump. Trump is a good man with a great heart. .>.

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  • [7] April 13, 2016 at 7:59pm

    I responded previously on this story. The more I thought about it the angrier, yes angrier (better find your safe space) I became. My forefathers immigrated speaking Goidelic, German and varying dialects of English. They didn’t find EBT cards for use at grocery stores and pot dispensaries, Obama phones full of minutes and gigabytes complements of the taxpayer, Medicare, or beauty salons versed in the latest Latino trends. They found rejection, ridicule, and scraped by on hard work to become Americans. They assimilated.
    After studying hard, paying for my own college and business school tuition, and kicking more into the tax system in a single year than my Grandfather did his entire lifetime, I am stunned to read about sniveling little chunks of excrement demanding America conform to their wish to be like Juarez, Bogota, or some other Latin American **** hole abandoned by their parents. Who do these people think they are?
    Some of the greatest minds of the Greatest Generation predicted America would fall from within before it fell from without. After generational indoctrination by our educational system, we have arrived. Teachers in this nation could not have done a better job destroying this country had they been on the Soviet payroll.
    The crap I read about here, the tripe from American universities, it simply disgusts me. I challenge anyone to describe how the nation so hard fought for can survive the upcoming generation of youthful idiots invented by modern education.

  • [2] April 13, 2016 at 3:29pm

    Rule of Law. An interesting concept. National Sovereignty. Another interesting concept. This nation was founded with both in mind. Rule of Law meant no one was more “privileged” than anyone else. Each was free to pursue their dream and live life to the fullest, at least within the law. National Sovereignty was a notion most took very seriously at the time of founding. Property rights are as old as The Old Testament and beyond. Your property. Your State. Your nation. Cross that line and you are on my property and in my country.
    We today see generational ignorance of the basic concepts that define our nation. Myriad ignorant politically protected classes of citizens and non citizens constantly demand that the majority instantly conform to the wants and desires of the minority. Anything less ends in a charge of “privilege”.
    If you want to speak Spanish emigrate to a Spanish speaking country. Shops and stores are not created with collectivist Marxist notions in mind but upon capitalist concepts of supply and demand. The entertainment media is a business built upon what a majority of consumers with buying power will pay for.
    If Latin America is so wonderful that you refuse to assimilate, why the hell are you here? To suck resources? My moral and ethical responsibility is not now nor will it ever be to fulfill your myopic wants and desires. Grow up or go some place more to your liking.

  • [-1] April 12, 2016 at 6:20pm

    I see your point. My sense is O’Reilly knows and likes Trump on a personal level. The problem is, the progressive handlers come first. Thus, time to disqualify Trump. Can’t fix the inner city black unemployment problem with a pithy one liner? Trump is outta there!

    I also sense you dislike Trump. No problem with that. We are a free Republic (for now).

  • April 12, 2016 at 6:17pm

    Straight out of Allinsky, O’Reilly isolates and focuses on a single point, extrapolating to a generalization that ends in a predictable “you decide” charge of disqualification. Obvious progressive thinking and tactics.

    in typical progressive fashion, O’Reilly Ignores completely decades of culture rot, family disintegration, ignorance, drug use, and entitlement, militant and victim mindsets permeating and programmed into inner city black environments. Only a a quick, pithy, one-liner solution to an impossibly complex question will qualify Trump as a viable POTUS candidate. At the same time, O’Reilly would never ask such a question of one in good standing with the progressive establishment, left or right.

    The more complex the world becomes, the simpler is my worldview. I live by a simple concept these days. Progressives are my enemy.

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  • [5] April 11, 2016 at 2:15pm

    “Many psychologists believe that when a person looks up to their right they are likely to be telling a lie. Glancing up to the left, on the other hand, is said to indicate honesty.” (yup … pulled that directly from one of many internet articles describing how to tell when someone is lying).

    Take note of Barry’s eyes when he begins spouting about political influence and FBI investigations.

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  • [1] April 11, 2016 at 2:01pm

    Beck … the hypocrisy displayed in the headline for this article is why many have abandoned you. His association with you is also a contributing factor to why I consider Lyin’ Ted, Lyin’ Ted. I suspect it may be similar for other voters. You know, the ones you regularly urge to sit down, shut up, and don’t make waves like the flock of sheep you urge us to be.

    Keep on lyin’, fools.

  • [3] April 11, 2016 at 2:46am

    The woman is absolutely correct. There is an inverse relationship between social media and the respect given to parents.

    I have run the experiment with my daughter. Confiscate the iPad and grades and attitude improve. Return the iPad and within a week or two attitude and school performance decline.

    After reaching a number of difficult academic and behavior goals, we again recently returned my daughter’s iPad. As expected, it took less than 2-weeks for old patterns of behavior to return. Now 14, my daughter’s ability to access social media without negative effects is improved but only if we greatly restrict usage and make use of network tools to limit access.

    There is something to social media use by young people, and it is something society does not yet fully understand. IMHO ongoing use of social media by young people under a certain (to be defined) maturity is a huge negative. Of course, progressive players in today’s manufacturing, media, and entertainment industry will likely do everything in their power to prevent discussion of the subject.

    Social media and smart phone use by children is the cigarette of today’s world with Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram assuming the role of tobacco producers.

    There is a clear and present danger to be explored here, Blaze.

  • [1] April 4, 2016 at 5:05pm

    Hmm … I swear most of this stuff is pure hype. All in my family and the neighbor had no trouble seeing the and the detail.

  • April 2, 2016 at 4:51pm

    I couldn’t agree more. What American needs are more informed, better seasoned, and professional, disingenuous politicians. Yup. That’s the ticket. A few more lies and everything will be just fine.

    Excuse me while I puke.

  • [1] April 2, 2016 at 2:05pm

    The Religion of Peace strikes yet again!

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  • [2] April 2, 2016 at 2:03pm

    My take was more like something Cruz would write to Beck! LOL
    Obviously this is Trump in disguise. I mean, it is soooo clear to me. Just wait ’til the New York Times picks this up as a front page story. I can see it now, “Trump Stalks Fox News Millennial Bimbo!” ;-)

  • April 1, 2016 at 4:31pm

    Once again, a disingenuous headline from TheBlaze. I have listened to Rush every day with rare exception since the ’90s. Those “rebelling” did not strike me as all too deep. I am not surprised they cannot appreciate Rush for what he does.
    Unfortunately, the Cruz or Die crowd is every bit as myopic as the Trump or Die crowd. What makes the Trump crowd superior to the Cruz crowd is that they see that the third camp, the Establishment or Bust group, is the true threat. I support Trump because I view him as the only outsider interested in the rule of law. I do not support Cruz because I have seen Cruz play loose with the facts while engaging in AstroTurf politics (contrived solutions looking for a problem, specifically the entire my wife / your wife crap, a cover up pulled directly from a Hollywood production). That said, when Trump goes down as seems to be the looming reality I will have no problem voting Cruz.
    The Cruz freaks seem not to understand their guy has little chance of getting to 50% AND the establishment WILL NOT tolerate Cruz in the top slot. This is specifically why the thinking person suspects Cruz has cut a deal with the Establishment for a seat at the table in exchange for helping to destroy Trump. AFter all, have to keep it in the family.
    To my original point, the Cruz freaks cannot see Cruz for what he is: a political insider who is disliked by DC. They are too rabid in a Beck contrived false reality wherein all become God I guess.

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  • March 28, 2016 at 4:50pm

    Once again TheBlaze offers top-shelf, objective reporting. With respect to concerns with overt Catholic influence in American politics.
    “This was a silly notion as the pope was busy maintaining the world’s biggest wall around Vatican City.”
    A harder hitting, fact-based objective style the world has never known. Could it be TheBlaze and handlers wish desperately for a brokered convention so their man, Lyin’ Ted, has a shot?
    There is a flaw with the notion Lyin’ Ted has a shot at a brokered convention, my dear enlightened ones. A brokered convention is something gerrymandered by the establishment. The last guy the GOP will push as a nominee is Lyin’ Ted. Unless you believe also that the world will stop spinning and the sun will implode if Trump takes it.
    Could it be rumors are true of Lyin’ Ted doing a deal with the establishment for a seat a the trough if he pledges (secretly) support for the establishment, rejecting Trump?
    Quite the Tea Party candidate you guys have with Lyin’ Ted. Trust me folks. If Lyin’ Ted will lie about opponents to secure the nomination, why do you believe he will follow the Constitution if it blocks his way once in office?

  • [1] March 23, 2016 at 2:32pm

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised at this. Parents of the current generation no longer think for themselves. They are indoctrinated followers and empty vessels complements of the progressive liberal left. The progressive liberal left itself views the world as a continuous spectrum of gray. There is no right, there is no wrong, there is only an infinite and ever increasingly complex series of scenarios requiring an infinitely increasing and complex set of rules with which to deal with it. Without a defined right or wrong there can be no good guys or bad guys. There can be only responses to scenarios. The parent quoted as believing learning is impossible because of the fear fostered by someone carrying a gin is a complete and utter fool. Unfortunately, that vacuous moron is the norm and not the exception these days. IF you can, think forward to what America will look like in 25 years when these defenseless, ignorant, perfectly programmed lemming-like blobs comprise working class America. America today is like the guy on the battlefield who has had his entire lower body blown away but remains conscious because blood is still circulating to his brain. We’re already dead but we’re too far gone to recognize that it is about to end. Want know what America 2041 looks like? Look no further than your local elementary school.

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