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  • July 13, 2012 at 11:57pm

    I am conservative, and I really like Rice. She is smart, and they cannot Sarah Palin her. Conservatives need to remember that in the general election, the far right and the far left candidates will always lose. Reagan is often brought up as proof this is not true, but Reagan did not run as a far right candidate, nor did he govern as one. Time and time again, Obama has tried to sound like he is in the center of American Politics, or sometimes to the right of center. They are smart to not run as themselves, and conservatives would be smart to realize that they cannot have everything their way. If we want to win, Rice as VP would be a very wise choice. Conservatives should not box Romney into a corner, they only help Obama by doing that. It is hard to cope with the idea that it takes a Mitt Romney type candidate to win in the gen, but this is true, and this is what the voters gave us.

    I think Rice would drive the media and liberal bonkers, because they will have to stop talking like the Republicans are against black people and women. She is smart, well respected, and as for the Bush foreign policy, lets remember that both Cheney and Rummy have been attacking he for not following along with their grand scheme of things. Huckabee thinks it would be a bad pick, but he is on the side line, and if he would not help a Romney/Rice ticket, then he is helping Obama.

    Conservatives, I want Obama gone, so do not force Romney to blow this. He has to defend free markets.

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