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  • [2] July 27, 2015 at 9:34pm

    Donald Trump is never going to win the nomination, never mind be elected, but he is saying things that the American public wants to hear the candidates talk about. I’m curious what a Senator is supposed to do when his or her party leader is telling lies, manipulating the system for the benefit of special interest groups, and is simply not doing what he promised when he was running for re-election. The most telling comment by Senator Cruz was that we keep electing Republicans to the Congress, but get leaders who will not do what they promised. I’m sorry Charles, but you are so out of touch with what matters to the average voter. The poll that shows 53% of the GOP base is not happy with Congress, is probably overestimating the level of support left in McConnell, Boehner and the rest of the Establishment GOP.

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  • July 22, 2015 at 7:22pm

    As the lyrics to a country song say, “You have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” Let the President veto the NDAA and explain to the American public why he is denying pay raises to military personnel, opening us up to hostile attacks, etc. If the Congress, acting on behalf of the will of the people – that’s surely a rare occurrence these days – says Gitmo stays open, then let the President explain why the American people are wrong and he’s right.

  • [1] July 22, 2015 at 7:16pm

    That’s not enough. If you want to change their policies, ALL FUNDING needs to be cut off to any state, county, city or town that bills itself as, or acts as, a sanctuary. By all funding, it should include direct funding through grants, loans, loan guarantees, contracts with state universities, even guaranteed student loans and education grants to attend any college, university or trade school in any state which does not clamp down on sanctuary cities. Let the people bring pressure to bear on their legislators, governors, mayors, etc., to change their policies.

  • [4] July 3, 2015 at 4:15pm

    George, your reasoning ability actually mirrors your acting ability. They both suck. What Justice Thomas was getting at is that nobody, absolutely nobody, can take away or give you dignity. That is something that comes from within yourself, regardless of your circumstances. You, sir, are an idiot, who seems to be trying awfully hard to be relevant, and are coming off as a moron.

  • [5] June 25, 2015 at 11:22pm

    Flags kill people, not the dirtbag with the gun. Cars kill people, not the drunk driver behind the wheel. Pens and pencils write hot checks, not the person wielding them. Big Macs kill people, not the Big Butt Bobbys and Berthas who wolf them down. I get it now. For awhile I was confused by the concept of personal responsibility.

  • [5] May 23, 2015 at 2:30pm

    The real night of the GOP suicide was when they caved on funding amnesty. Then, too, Cromnibus is bound to cost them so votes. Right now I’m in the anybody but the Republicans for the House and Senate in 2016. I figure it’s marginally better to have an enemy that you know – the Progressive Dems – than one who will pretend to be on your side, but will stab you in the back the minute the votes are counted. The GOP has sold out to special interests, the same as the Dems have. The only difference between them is which special interest groups to whom they rent their allegiance and votes! We really, really, really, need a third party.

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  • [28] May 9, 2015 at 3:04pm

    So what you’re saying is that it’s more important for you to win an election than to follow the existing laws and do the right thing. The people who made the mistake of electing you thought you represented them, not the GOP, the Chamber of Commerce, or anyone else with the clout – money – to rent your loyalty and vote. Sorry Senator, but you need to retire. You’ll never be President, and I sincerely hope the good folks in the Palmetto State will see the light and send someone else to represent them in the United States Senate.

  • [6] April 9, 2015 at 6:26pm

    Now wouldn’t it be nice if we gave her a raise to $15 an hour instead of firing her? I mean clearly, this whole episode could ahve been avoided if we’d just mandate that ignorant employees get paid double what they’re worth or, in this case, about 100 times what this waste of good carbon molecules was earning.

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  • February 1, 2015 at 4:12pm

    What was wong with the headline? It’s not like they said there were slopes of gooks in their physical and digital armor. Why are their chins on their chest over this, getting their panties in a wad? Had to happen I guess. Seems like everybody’s on the lookout to make them feel slighted for some reason.

  • January 7, 2015 at 8:06pm

    Well GOP, let’s see if you have the intestinal fortitude to go through with your promises to your base and those other taxpaying citizens who voted for you. Call the President’s bluff, and then take your case to the American public. We are paying attention to what you and POTUS are doing. Passing bills that POTUS threatens to veto simply sets out your priorities for the next election cycle. You’ve already screwed the pooch on amnesty by not doing what you promised – de-funding it. Time to pull your big boy pants up and get on with the people’s business.

    In reply to the story Obama Is Ready to Ramp Up the Vetoes

  • [1] January 6, 2015 at 3:46pm

    Oh, good. Now we’ll have GM and the NSA spying on us!

  • January 6, 2015 at 3:36pm

    It’s all over but the selection of new drapes and office furniture for the Chamber of Commerce. They have the House and Senate in their pocket, and ordinary Americans are about to get screwed again, big time.

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  • January 6, 2015 at 3:33pm

    Way to waste money Governor. You have about two chances of being elected POTUS, slim and none. If you’re supporting amnesty and Common Core, you’ve already alienated a large, a very large, portion of the electorate. Besides, given the GOP’s funding of Obama’s amnesty, the party will be lucky to hold on to the House in 2016. The Senate will definitely turn back to Democrat control, and the White House will be in Democrat hands once again. The Establishment GOP just doesn’t get it. You are supposed to represent ordinary, tax paying, citizens, not the Chamber of Commerce, and not big business, or anyone who can rent your votes.

  • [-2] December 23, 2014 at 3:27pm

    So it’s okay to bar blood donations from an entire group of persons, but not from another group of high risk individuals that account for the other 38% of new HIV infections. Shouldn’t we find a way to make certain that people who want to donate blood have never been with a prostitute, had sex with someone who ever used IV drugs, or is an IV drug user themselves? Just how should we go about doing that? To be 100% safe, you could just bar all blood donations, and go back to the dark ages of medicine. No matter how you slice and dice it, barring one group from donating blood, but not another group with high risk factors, is plain dumb. Here’s a possible scenario to consider. Suppose a straight man, who likes to do the nasty with his favorite IV drug using girlfriend or prostitute, gets loaded and forgets to use a condom. He gets HIV, but doesn’t know it. He goes to donate blood – he’s a regular at the blood bank – and can honestly say he’s never engaged in homosexual acts, never been an IV drug user, etc. He gives blood and infects somebody who is the recipient of his donation because they could not detect the virus at that stage. How good were your guidelines in preventing that tragedy?

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  • [13] December 4, 2014 at 6:59pm

    These people should have been deported. The GOP is about to sell out the American worker and those who pay the bills. How dare these so called dreamers, who at some point in their young lives knew that they were unlawfully present in the country and consciously decided to continue to violate our laws, demand anything other than a ticket back to where their parents and they came from? My wish for the Christmas Season is that all Americans will demand that this Congress defund the DHS, and include a rider on every appropriation bill that none of the funds may be used, directly or indirectly to fund the illegal amnesty this traitor of a President has issued. They need to go a step further and make it a criminal offense for any government employee to issue social security cards or other ID documents to these people, and prohibit any state from using federal funds to provide any benefits to them.

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  • [1] December 2, 2014 at 4:46pm

    A judge in DC has already ruled against the Obama Administration’s move to allow more high tech workers stay utilizing some cockamamie excuse. The court rules that a group of high tech workers were adversely impacted by the foreign workers who did not have to be paid prevailing wages because it was supposedly some sort of training. The judge said that having to compete with foreign workers who had no legal right to be in the country, other than the President’s Executive Action, was sufficient standing for the plaintiffs to prevail. This bodes well for other groups of workers who want to sue the government on the same grounds, i.e., that an influx of foreign workers who have no legal right to be here has the effect of suppressing the wages or citizens and legal immigrants.

  • November 11, 2014 at 4:53pm

    Could we send him to Canada now? This guy apparently has no clue what he’s talking about. Yes, the unemployment rate has gone down, but that was a function of so many people giving up looking for jobs. Add in the number of people with part time work who want full time, and the unemployment number is over 14%. Gas prices are lower, but still a heck of a lot higher than they were when he took office. Many seniors are moving in with their kids because Obama’s and the Federal Reserve’s policies have ruined their retirement funds. Still more seniors are taking jobs at fast food places to supplement their incomes. And, yes, Obama did bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, but look what his foreign policy has left behind. Libya is in chaos. Egypt no longer trusts us after we got ourselves into their internal affairs. The rise of ISIS, Benghazi, and countless other debacles demonstrate that Obama is way out of his league in foreign policy as well as domestic. So please, take him off our hands, along with Michelle so that our kids can finally eat a decent lunch at school again!

  • November 3, 2014 at 6:29pm

    I have no problem with churches, synagogues, mosques, etc., advocating for particular politicians or a particular party or laws, PROVIDED they pay taxes. The separation of church and state is not a one way street. Now I personally believe that the First Amendment merely prohibits the establishment of a state religion, and guarantees the right to practice one’s chosen religion. That being said, the Supreme Court has interpreted the Amendment to mean that neither side can get into the other’s business. On another note, I find it particularly troubling that churches, schools, charities, etc., are permitted to sell goods, collect donations, and engage in all manner of business dealings and not have to pay taxes on the income they are receiving from these activities. Their tax exemption just shifts the burden to other groups or individuals who have to make up the shortfall in tax revenue. Now if these organizations do not use any government services, like roads, bridges, medical and police services, then certainly they can have a tax exempt status. But so long as they are drawing on tax provided services, they need to pay their fair share. Perhaps these pastors need to remember the line “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and to God that which is God’s.”

  • [15] November 1, 2014 at 8:11am

    Makes you wonder why the President – and I use that title only out respect for the Office of the President, and not as if the guy occupying the WH actually deserves to be there – didn’t exert as much pressure to gain the release of this wrongly imprisoned patriot, but was willing to trade terrorists for a deserter and a whiner like Bergdahl. I also wonder why Americans never took to the streets and demanded that Obama do something to gain his release. I mean, if the illegal aliens can take to the streets in front of the White House and demand what they are not entitled to have, why the hell aren’t American citizens taking some direct action. I think it’s called participatory democracy. If the people of Hong King can do it, why can’t we? You don;t always get the government you want, but you will always get the one that you deserve. If we allow Congress to represent only special interest groups, like the illegal aliens or the Chamber of Commerce and big business, instead of representing the interests of the people who elected them, then we deserve what DC does to us. If we let this President walk all over the Constitution and laws without demanding Congress impeach and remove him, we deserve all that he does to us. Sgt. Tahmooressi’s situation should be a wake up call for us all!

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  • [20] October 25, 2014 at 8:34pm

    If they are going to go to these places and have contact with Ebola patients, they need to be quarantined for the 21 days. Just because this nurse did a good deed, it does not mean that she should be able to come back to this country as if she couldn’t possibly be a medical risk and threat to her community and family. This so called enhanced screening at the airport is pure bull squirt. Until a person is displaying symptoms – fever, vomiting, or what have you – they are presumed to not have the virus. If they are allowed to enter the country before the symptoms hit, we then have to rely on them to report their sickness. In the meantime, from the moment the first symptoms hit, they can be infecting anyone around them. We need to close the borders now, void all visas from all of Africa, and tell all the airlines that if they try to land here with a passenger who has come from Africa, they will be denied the right to land except to refuel and then get out. The way to stop this disease is to first isolate it and then control it.

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