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  • August 3, 2015 at 5:55pm

    I dont see gays having any less rights than Christians , what I do see is gays trying to remove Christian rights , in the name of equality . At what point is it Constitutional , for what gays say are there right , allowed to infringe on the rights of others . Gays have always had equal protection under the law , what is being fought over now is more than equal protection . If you cant see that , then your head is totally up where the sun dont shine .

  • [3] August 3, 2015 at 10:38am

    At 1.4% of the population , according to the census and CDC numbers averaged, they sure make a lot of demands . It seems to me that being such a small group of the population , and with such a heated subject , they would not want to put this matter to a vote of the people . They may just find out the amount of clout they think they have , realy doesnt exist at all .

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  • [2] July 25, 2015 at 10:56pm

    We will never see the results of that poll on MSNBC … They will blow it off as some kind of computer error , and call the results undetermined

  • [18] July 24, 2015 at 1:49am

    Obama said getting on a plane to Kenya , before the shootings , the inability to move what he called “commonsense gun safety laws” through Congress, “even in the face of repeated mass killings” was “distressing.”
    I am starting to think the unthinkable , it seems every time Obama wants to push gun control we have a mass shooting . We have had more of these type shootings since he became President , then all added together in the history of the country . WHY

  • [2] July 23, 2015 at 10:41am

    Thats not entirely true Travis … Only Congress writes law , that is we the people , and the President signs it into effect . The Supreme Court can only rule on the wording of that law , not the topic in general . So if Congress writes a law that the wording is determined to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court , then all Congress needs to do is change the wording till it passes . The Supreme Court is an appointed lifetime position , and they have lately started creating law , which is a power they dont have under our constitution . It is time they and our Congress have term limits , to prevent this kind of abuse of the intent of our Constitution .

  • July 9, 2015 at 6:00pm

    Smart people dont care how much money he has raised .
    Since Obama has been elected the second time , I think more and more Americans are making up their own minds on who they will vote for . Americans have grown tired of the negative campaigns and the lies from both parties to get elected , therefor money should be less and less a factor.

  • [4] July 3, 2015 at 4:15pm

    Watson paid $121,000 for the car at a January 2012 auction.
    Way to go Buba , in restored shape its now worth $40,000.and we lost a movie icon

    I love it when a Progressive puts his money where his mouth is ..

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  • [-1] June 28, 2015 at 4:00pm

    I am not a supporter of Islamic violence , but during a religious holiday where Muslims fast during daylight hours , refrain from sex and all vices for 30 days , you think it was realy smart for Queers to celebrate gay pride with a parade ? I guess common sense , disappears when you become ***** . Muslims are not big fans of gays , and I think they were lucky the police just used riot weapons and not something worse . The people of the world have had about enough , of gay pride and there well funded minority actions.

  • [1] June 18, 2015 at 5:40pm

    He will fit right in at msnbc with all the other progressive racists , liars and twisted opinions there . I wonder who will have the better time slot , Williams or Sharpton ?

  • [32] June 3, 2015 at 6:13pm

    The American people and the GOP have warned this would be a problem since before Obamacare was passed , with no Republican votes . The truth is Congress has a plan B , and has submitted it 10 times since January in various ways , only to be blocked by Reed in the Senate . I suspect that that bill , Plan B , as described , will keep the subsidies , for a couple of years and then modify portions of Obamacare , till it can be completely replaced . I believe it will be submitted and passed , if the Supreme Court rules against the subsidies . I also suspect Obama will veto it , then who will be creating the chaos . Obamacare cant exist without the subsidies .

  • [11] June 2, 2015 at 2:24am

    first neither Kerry nor Obama have the negotiating skills to get an agreement done . Just look how close we came to WWIII in the Syria negotiations , there line in the sand . These people only know force , not agreements , they have too fear total defeat , in order to do what you want .
    Second the Ayatollah of Iran , the supreme leader and final say , has adamantly said that Kerry and Obama are lying about the terms of the agreement , and there will be no inspections at any of their nuclear sites , ever. With Obamas near perfect record for lying . I have a tendency to believe the Ayatollah .

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  • [24] May 27, 2015 at 3:52pm

    There are many religions that believe in one God , the same God , prayer , is the method of personal communication with that God , and is nondenominational , and religion is the way groups of people chose to do that . Therefore in a prayer meeting each person communicates with God in their own way , therefore it is nondenominational , with all equal and welcome .

  • [1] May 14, 2015 at 11:09am

    @ Atrum_Angelus
    After inspection of your link , I believe you are correct , I knew of that hospital but I have never seen it . I had no idea we had so many mentally ill hospitalized on Long Island .

  • May 14, 2015 at 10:45am

    I grew up in Huntington , I thought the same . In the late 60s I dated a nurse that worked there , she used to talk about how large the complex was , and how she didnt know how long she could continue her job , I had no idea . I also thought it was officially closed years earlier than 1996 .

  • [5] May 6, 2015 at 3:11am

    Water shortage has been coming for years in California , caused by Progressive policies and misuse of resources . Antiquated water storage facilities have received little to no attention . Last year the state dumped billions of gallons into the sea , claiming contamination , realy ? , they dont have water purification facilities in California ! A report from 2009 ……
    Whereas agriculture used to consume 80 percent of the state’s water supply, today 46 percent of captured and stored water goes to environmental purposes, such as rebuilding wetlands. Meanwhile 43 percent goes to farming and 11 percent to municipal uses.
    — The Economist, October 2009
    Is it just me or is this just insane , 43% of collected water goes to saving fish , and 11% for municipal use ! , and The Governor is going to create draconian regulations on the municipal use .

  • [4] May 1, 2015 at 1:37pm

    3kW = 3000Watts / 110V house voltage = a 27 Amp supply current , and thats not a continual supply , thats a max . To put that in perspective , a toaster or hair dryer at 1100 Watts draws 10 amps , use both at the same time you almost exceed the output of the generating system . Now if you have a refrigerator running at 15 Amps on start up . you can start to see the problem . How about a microwave at 12 Amps ? When energy is currently so cheap and could remain that way , I am realy not ready to be camping at my home , on a daily basis , to satisfy some misinformed green energy fanatic!

  • [9] May 1, 2015 at 12:36pm

    Ok here are realistic numbers from experience . Cost after all government subsides , that you are paying by the way , was $7500 . My electric bill in SC is an average about $120 a month over 12 months . The solar system cannot power my electric hot water heater , my oven , my dryer , or my heating system that supplies heat in the winter and air in the summer. So lets say that usage that solar cant replace is 50% of my bill , I think its much larger , but Ill use 50%. So out of my $120 bill , $60 can be replaced by solar . My initial cost of $7500 / $60 = 125 months to recoup my investment . Thats over ten years , I dont save a dime , and at that point the solar cells need to be replaced , and so do the batteries . Those are actual experience numbers , dont fall for the hype . In order to realize any serious gain , your commitment to saving energy must be 100% in every aspect of your home , and the cost is far greater than $7500.

  • [2] April 30, 2015 at 1:52pm

    A little history , goes a long way . Back in the 60s was another huge push by the Communists to take control of our country . The pushback by the American people was so fierce , there were people standing trial for being a Communist . A side fact , Hollywood was right in the middle accusations of Communism . I am making this very brief ,please do your research . It became very uncomfortable to be a Communist , so many of them , changed their Party name to the Progressive Party , same exact ideology , just a much less controversial party name . The Communist Party and the Progressive Part were one in the same , for years , the two websites were cross linked , and the members list were the same people. In 1991 Bernie Sanders cofounded the Progressive Caucus in Washington . When Obama got elected and his socialist policies became under fire , and the people became more involved in researching all of our politicians , the 80 members of the Progressive Democrat Caucus became afraid again , as their membership , along with Independent Bernie Sanders , was listed on both the Communist Party USA , and The Progressive Party websites , and it was starting to circulate. What happened next , was the cross linking of the two websites was removed and the Communist Party USA , headquartered in New York City by the way , membership page was locked to the public. So is Bernie Sanders a Communist ? You tell me …

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  • [4] April 21, 2015 at 4:30pm

    I am not a privacy fanatic , but I do not like big brother in all my business . You guys need to understand that you dont have to use Google to be tracked by them . Google is present on every web page you visit . When you load the main page of the Blaze , there are 9 companies monitoring your actions , 3 of them are Google . That is a fact of life . I have given solutions to this problem in a post below this one.

  • [2] April 21, 2015 at 12:07pm

    I am sorry the Blur website , for those who might be interested is here … .. If you are interested in security without , speed loss this is a site you should look at .. I also use a plugin that deletes my cookies for a site when I leave , that site . If you block cookies in your browser many sites will not let you on .

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