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  • [2] July 28, 2016 at 10:52pm

    Ummm, and you should look into the little story about Lyndon Baines Johnson in that little fiasco and his part in it.To me, the man was a gangster.

  • [10] July 28, 2016 at 10:49pm

    I believe that every bit of Washington is scripted. Yes, both sides of the isle. I was born in the last year one can be considered “a boomer”. Since I was a little girl before I understood anything I saw things on TV and on the news and something looked wrong to me but of course until I was a Senior in high school I did not begin to put the puzzle together. I came out of the womb as a right winger. I am glad. However, since 1992 my alarm bells have been literally been on full blast but it felt like no one around me got it, no one did. But finally, finally in the year 2000, people started coming back from the unicorn hunt and I started to be able to point things out and ponder and I did not feel so alone. And now, here we all are,each of us hearing and knowing different fact snippets of the evil and lies, so I keep saying to myself…and it’s an honest question..what do WE do? We don’t want blood in the streets or some crazy revolt, but how do WE the people take charge of our future? It’s not happening. Whatever this power is, it feeds off division and hate. That is the key to defeating the people. Thanks Dinesh for doing your part. You paid your own price and your quite a guy.

  • [10] July 26, 2016 at 10:35pm

    NIce Mr. rich guy Mark Cuban.
    Ahhhhhh, Bill Clinton is speaking right now and it’s enough to embarrass you right out of your own home. Don’t try to sell us the Clinton family Mr. Cuban. Some of my country men already bought once and NO thanks. It resulted in a congressional impeachment and total ruin. I am reading this and trying to listen to Bill Clinton tell us stuff as if they have no history…I can’t take it. This is crazy.

  • [1] July 26, 2016 at 10:10pm

    What a distinct difference between the two conventions if you look at style and content. I am sorry but it is painful watching what I have of the Dems convention, I keep waiting for the unicorns, but none yet. Unbelievable blind faith in their party. Really? I do not have blind faith and I question all sides at this particular time.

    As I say, I did not vote for Mr. Trump in the primary, but I have to admit I am on the never, ever, ever, ever, etc. HIllary train. We just can’t. She is either unfit, corrupt, or both or all. It makes me sad to see some of these people go on camera and say such willfully ignorant statements about the issues and the candidate.

    I mean, we heard the hearing on Hillary. I don’t give a hoot if they are not prosecuting (gee I wonder why) what I heard is enough for me to disqualify ANYBODY like that from leading the country. You see, they don’t think about the fact of why Obama got into the chair… because no one knew his history, it was a mystery (haha)…but Hillary is a different deal.

    I really worry about the hearts and minds of people that would vote for her. I just don’t get that blind loyalty when there is proof of a wrong doing with OR without trial or punishment.

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  • [2] July 23, 2016 at 6:30pm

    I did not support Trump in the primaries. I am still skeptical of Trump…but I do not believe Trump is anywhere near what is said here unless you come from the very atypical leftist viewpoint that everyone is a victim blah, blah, blah. SO sick of it. And by the way stupid Bill…Trump is not that conservative. He is a man who wants to win.

  • [1] July 23, 2016 at 6:21pm

    I really, really want to sat something completely rude. But here is what I will say.
    You can’t change corrupt, you can’t cover it up. We ALLL know in our hearts when we crossed a line. So she may feel comfy and warm and fuzzy with this dude but it benefits her only. And Hillary, speaking for this one conservative older Boho hippy chick…I know the difference between real and not real…organic and not organic…authenitic and not authentic…so WHATEVER with your pick.

    Your still corrupt and your still evil.

    And guess what I know an awful lot of young people that know this too….

  • July 8, 2016 at 10:41pm

    I don’t know if I can even express how I feel…but here goes. We left slavery behind many, many years ago to our country’s credit. We have struggled over the color of skin forever. Why?
    I can tell you I consider no man nor woman any lesser American or human than I. So I have a hard time understanding this constant slow drip of accusatory and petty picking. So, I can only believe there is this sub-culture theology that affects those who can’t/won’t see for themselves or think for themselves. This theology has it’s very visual leaders but I believe an idea or theology or trend or whatever can not gain speed without individual buy in. Each person involved making a decision that the theology is what they believe or want to follow. I meet really truly nice policemen and black Americans weekly. So…can someone tell me why we still have those that cultivate race division because I do not think the average American policeman or black American buy this crap. YET, if they speak out one side or the other tears them apart.
    So…how long will it be until we come to our senses and fulfill our destiny as human people? How long will it be until we REFUSE to let evil have dominion in our minds?
    So weary.

  • [17] July 8, 2016 at 3:48am

    Just like watching Congress talk to the FBI Director today…I watched the Dallas event tonight and I simply can not believe it…I just can’t. Our situation is so far out of control. It’s up to us and we need to ignore the decoys and start making some better decisions.

  • [2] May 4, 2016 at 1:11am

    So…with sweeping rhetoric Donald Trump wins. He is and will be the only winner. We are all officially losers. Again I will say congratulations Trump voters. It’s on you now, big time. By the way, a lot of folks who voted for Obama are lying about it now…sickening.
    I will be watching as I always do…for the wall to go up and all the “win,win, winning” that was Trump-eted. In fact won’t it be so fun to hear all his voters say “Please Mr. President, we have to stop winning, we are just winning too much”.
    Watched Ted talk with a man in a line of Trump supporters today…he was smart for press reasons but man that must have been hard. What a bunch of arrogant goofs.

  • [-1] March 23, 2016 at 2:01am

    I hope your wrong, but I think your right!

  • [2] March 23, 2016 at 2:00am

    I stood in line today for 3.5 hours to vote (I am one of the crazies who likes to vote in person). I am likely the only person who DID NOT vote for Mr. Trump in the primary after standing in the three mile line I was in (and I am just kidding….most people around me said they were voting for Cruz) but I was really interested in what folks were saying about their opinions and why they want to vote for Trump. I stood in front of three Dems who were there to vote for Trump. One of these three (they were in a group that came together) told me it was because he could not vote in good stead for Hillary, he is not a socialist or radical and that meant no Bernie, so he decided to try Trump. He also said he had not voted in 2012. He changed to the Republican party for this election. The poll numbers reflect that shift. No Independents voted. Not to mention that bothersome little man from Ohio causing havoc.

    The Trump hysteria reminds me of the Obama hysteria. I have no idea whether Mr. Trump can beat murderous Hillary Clinton, but if he does not win and Hillary wins can we please learn our lesson, please?

    I will never understand why Hillary still has voters. I earnestly wonder what kind of person votes for her? Are they in denial, ignorant of right and wrong? What is it? I know perfectly nice people on the left that keep voting for her and they won’t hear of anything else. It creeps me out.

    However, congrats to Trump voters….hope you are ready. It’s on you-big time.

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  • February 28, 2016 at 7:08pm

    He is a great deal maker…different than a President. I say to you, think about that and then ask yourself why!? Seriously….we need someone who really can thread the needle and KNOWS how the U.S. should run. If that happens the free market will take care of itself WHICH is the core of free market thinking.

  • [2] February 28, 2016 at 7:02pm

    I have restricted myself this election round to rare comment as I want to remain calm and keep my head on and my powder dry until I need it. However, here I am today after this insane week.
    Alll I can say…is my blood runs cold when I see the utter lack of knowledge of the way the U.S. should be running. Alas it has long been squandered. Even colder runs the blood when I have a distinct memory of the Obama craze when I watch the Trump followers. Bernie Sanders too. Hillary Clinton has BIG and I BIG money behind her so I get that. Trump does too…but it comes from a shady place that no one speaks of. And honestly, my candidate Ted Cruz has wealthy backers too, though not the same size or type. But I know the backers of TC are making a good investment.
    I just wish Ted could answer the crap he is being given for the mistakes his campaign made. Chris Wallace put forth that topic again today and I think Ted should have answered differently…but there is only so much a guy can take when FOX News and just about every other outlet discounts you. Tells me he is the one, frankly…. the one we need to elect.
    And as far as the GOP wringing their hands over Trump, yeah right. What a lie.

    I will say this Trump makes it entertaining and wild. But…that not a President does make.

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  • [9] February 13, 2016 at 9:06pm

    I have not commented for a long time. But this definitely calls me to comment. God rest and keep Judge Scalia. We will never know the truth unless we find it ourselves why he passed, so make up your mind to research it yourself and it might take awhile. With that said, the truth is, we now have another major problem. Truly we are being tested. I am speechless and sad, again. But I know, tomorrow we will take heart again and battle on. This country CAN not go to the far left again. We will not sustain it as well I know you all here know it. God I beg you show mercy for our mistakes. Be strong all, it is about to get weirder.

  • November 20, 2015 at 1:27am

    Wow, ya think?

    Did anyone know that between 1920 to 1950 the U.S. brought the hammer down on the Southern border? Why? we had to assimilate who was here and we had to let national income catch up to the number of new bodies we took in after World War I and World War II. THEN there were additional laws between 1942 and 1962 because of the immigration from the European side, again, same reason.

    Europe just went feral because they are largely socialist in their form of governing. So they kept raising taxes and putting out programs. Look, when we decide to have or not have kids, there IS a financial consideration. So why in heavens name would we as a country not also look at that. Does anyone care about common sense?

    There is a business reason for limiting this from everywhere. It goes to the heart of our beef. WE CAN’T PAY FOR EVERYONE. Americans should come first. Sorry.

    And again, regarding this current issue (I hope Flipper does not find me here, he calls me crazy, laughing out loud I am), NO to Syrians. Just no. We have seen it with our own eyes. Again, figure out who is ringing your doorbell in the middle of the night before you make any move to open the door. We have learned it from childhood, at least I did.

  • [3] November 20, 2015 at 1:09am

    Over on another story a reply to my comment indicated I was mental…but what I am about to say does beg an answer and is not all that crazy.

    1. Why do people like this CNN gal not connect that our government LET the Syrian people get slaughtered and then suddenly declare we need to start shipping anybody who is still alive over here, WHILE, they tell us wars should be waged and settled between the countries OVER THERE. Is this not odd?

  • November 20, 2015 at 12:56am

    Cat! I did not see this until I posted a reply to Flipper. Thanks for this. Where I am from we have had LOTS of border crossings and quite a few have the confirmed trappings of ME radicals. I caught this late yesterday evening on the Drudge and my heart sank again. The good thing is, suddenly the border crossings of this type might make national news.

  • November 20, 2015 at 12:50am

    Flipper, I can’t tell if you are sarcastically parroting what the “ban the guns and fling open the borders” supporters might say to me or you are indeed serious about my mental state and you are one of the above mentioned, but I live in a border state, for years we have had reports of captures or “the ones that got away”. Obama has already moved “refugees” here. You just have to follow closely. If you are serious about my opinion (and my mental state I guess) then you are exactly where Europe has been about this whole issue and now from witness accounts we see they are in shock. I prefer understanding the possible realities (which have occurred here) and take care of my own. And if you think that is insane, that is absolutely your right to think that. And if you are serious, you sound like a Nazi…if you can understand what a Nazi is and what they did to dissenters. Good luck to you, and I mean it, because if you are serious in your statement, you are going to need a lot of luck.

  • [26] November 19, 2015 at 3:36am

    AGAIN, let me say. This is all on purpose. We can’t trust any of them. And I am really sorry but we already have thousands of radicals here…they are just waiting for the call. So I am at the point of skipping the theater and preparing to defend my family. We are it folks…sorry to sound so cranky and negative but seriously. Let me ask you Speaker Ryan, how do you handle teaching your children about the doorbell ringing in the middle of the night? Do you advise them to fling the door open without figuring out who is there? I highly doubt it.

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  • [1] November 16, 2015 at 11:18pm

    I watched Shep Smith say this today and I was again aggravated. CAN WE NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG SHEP. It’s a rabbit hole folks, we are in a rabbit hole.

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