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  • January 3, 2013 at 11:13pm

    I’d disagree.

    Thomas Jefferson wrote the Jefferson Bible in an intent to make Jesus this appealing man based on his actions, not his miracles. Many native religions offered miracles, but very little basis for respecting the person who committed the miracle. Jesus, alongside his miraculous behaviors, was also a man of great virtue. Chief Little Bear would be better off hearing about a man who said to respect all instead of a man who turned water to wine. A native learning the virtues of Jesus is better than a native sitting around “How do I get this Jesus man to turn this water into wine?”

    (insert quote one here)

    Thomas Jefferson chose deism because he wanted less of a God suited towards individual denominations but the God of the Bible. Instead of selling God as everything and everywhere, denominations would sell God on specifics. This made him look like a deist in those time periods. He followed the Bible, was was a wise theologian in how he did it. Church was tedious and for the fearful, so he chose not to participate in the church system.

    “A mans faith is between him and his God” ~Not Thomas Jefferson

    Jefferson was very concerned about the affairs of churches in the United States. Thus the “Separation of Church and State” letter.

    and he also gave plenty of money to Christian organizations.

    In reality, Jefferson was a right wing Bible thumper. The ACLU’s worst nightmare.

    The atheists are simply utilizing his style of writing evangeli

  • December 22, 2012 at 5:08pm

    Scientism ( has a good video on it) is the atheist religion. It’s the belief that science is the absolute truth and power in the world (which is a bit silly, since a basic understanding of science shows that they stray from dealing with absolutes).

    Problem is, very few atheists like to own up to the fact that their extreme behaviors based upon their atheism essentially prove their membership in the Church of Scientism.

    “I love science, Ferk religion! Science is better than religion!”

    “1. the two are completely different. Science is a process, not a thing. Religion is a thing, not a process. Are you making science a thing and putting it as an absolute?”

    “Science is legit man.”

    “2. Scientism bro. Sucking on the teets of the cow of Scientism.”

    “Nuh uh, Scientism doesn’t exist. I only worship science as an absolute truth and so do a lot of other people, that doesn’t make it a religion!”

    “3. Jim Jones was an atheist and led a religious movement. It’s very obviously a religion.”

    Pardon my strawman.

  • December 22, 2012 at 4:57pm

    You wouldn’t be able to guess how much I giggled at the fact you connect Republicans to the KKK. While the KKK is semi-supportive of the national GOP, especially in presidential elections (the last two recently and obviously), why is it that these so called extremely racist states have statistically more Democratic governors than Republicans?
    Mississippi: 55 Democrats 5 Republicans.
    Alabama: 55 Democrats 6 Republicans.

    Pick me, pick me, I know why!

    Because the Democrats are still the party of racism.

    Recently, these states have started electing Republicans. Guess why.

    Because organized racism is dying. Racism itself is dying. The Democrats won’t tell you that though. They’ll keep telling the Afr. Amer. community that it’s the Republicans that are racist. (which is pandering to the Afr. Amer. community to play a race card, hypocrites.)

    Affirmative action? Racist. Getting minorities, especially African Americans, hooked on welfare? Racist.

    I don’t know though, Lyndon B. Johnson, the Democratic hero of civil rights said it best:

    “I’ll have those ******* voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

    All the hope and change your party offers, is just done to get votes. That’s not caring for people, that’s called manipulation based on greed.

  • December 11, 2012 at 10:18am

    As a former atheist, I respect those atheists that will stand with the religious. I personally have a strong hatred of the FFRF because they have refused to acknowledge my conversion. Seriously. I’m still a registered member even after appealing to them multiple times to remove me from the registers. I’d imagine it’d be easier to leave the LDS church than leave the FFRF.

    Also, Marine25, if atheism is my original status, so is being ignorant of science, so is being ignorant of the world, so is existing. Babies aren’t atheists, nor are they theists, so quit using that washed out argument. Better yet, go fact check all of your arguments and watch them squirm under honest pressure.