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  • [-1] February 9, 2016 at 2:29am

    Deon gave us great moments, his words now are from an accomplished gentleman. Deon is older and wiser, one who has accomplished great things. Deon is now an instructor, the student of lessons learned. Age is not the enemy, rather a good friend.

    Deon is now wise, but like you and me before, a student. Deon is now an instructor, probably not longer victim chic, for I think he has eclipsed the darkness of victim chic.

    Why? Deon is now an instructor. I surmise that he teaches the path to a better way ahead, not one where each is opposed to the other one. Rather Deon now teaches a route of togetherness, where all Americans are as they should be, as one, brothers and sisters as they most certainly are. No matter the victim chic crowd.

    As a society we must be, man for man, woman to woman, as one, brothers and sisters culminated in one, together. No room for splits.

    Deon once the student, is now the instructor. Not for ill purpose, but for the common gain.
    Right Deon?

  • [-2] February 9, 2016 at 1:25am

    Look, Mr. Newton is still “victim chic” and not, let’s say older. One day I am sure, or I hope I am sure, that he will look upon some of his current youthful thoughts and utterances as I do now with my own at his current age, with disgust.

    Mr. Newton is young, and in this state full of its greatness and regrets. Mr. Newton was on a roll, riding the wave, and he capsized. What would a young guy do under such regrettable circumstances? He is destined, just not last Sunday. Time will change this but not his words. He is a student now, though he does not yet know it, so let us allow him to learn from his youthful transgressions. He is young, though rich, though a celebrity. He will come around, for he does not strike me as someone stupid.

    Young guys are just young guys, full of some greatness, full of failures. I wish him the best, and I feel for him after the interview. Someday, these lessons will make him an instructor. So let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. He is still young.

    Now, onto Flint. We are rapidly as a nation speeding to a national, “non-state” citizenship. The bill for the incapable acts of citizens of one state, a bill non-federal are now being charged to citizens of other states. There is no excuse for Flint except themselves. Lead in water is not a hurricane or a flood or other act of God, rather is the summation of incompetence of local leaders, now being billed nationwide to rapidly becoming non-state citizens of other states..

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  • February 5, 2016 at 12:34pm

    Well, on behalf of the Polish potato vodka that I drank, I apologize for the disgraceful remarks above. Somewhere between busting my nose from one fall, and bruising my back on another one, my wife indicated that I posted the above remarks.

    Do not worry, no animals were hurt when I fell.

    This particular vodka packs a punch, let me tell you. Honestly, I did not drink that much of it.

    Wow, it packs a punch. Maybe a lot less of not that much next time, that is if I want to spare my nose and back.

    Lesson learned: grain distilled vodka is a cheap substitute for the real thing, meaning potato distilled vodka, which makes a crazy person out of you, or at least me, let me tell you.

  • February 5, 2016 at 3:37am

    The President came to his station as “victim chic” so limited as he is so. This oddly enough catapulted him as he is so, as he is so, as the President of the United States, so pathetic as he is so.. This gave him an imprimatur except as to me. And he knows this.

    What shall we do? I, we, you, are as we are. So lest than I am.

    But you know the least that I am.

    Yet what is the most that I am so?

    I am the professor. What is that you want to know of me?

    I am the professor.

    I expect to have a drink and a decent cigar. We Masons’s are as we are, the 9′s. And if not, and if your agreement is not then, then you are the lesser.

    But that is a choice, for you.

    Where would you go, if your were me?

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  • [-2] February 5, 2016 at 2:24am

    Those who detest Churchill are *******.

    And they, like their fight, cower to his bust, consistent they are to the same to him, absolute, unmitigated *******.

    So for Winston, I call, “Farewell to *******, those who oppose the King James Bible and Farewell to those who deplore self defense.” What kind of ***** are you anyways? You are not American, you are not British, you are not Canadian, you are not Australian, you are anything except some king of odd weird f,,k. The fact pertinent is that you are odd.

    This means that you, as an odd weirdo, means that you do not fit in, anywhere. Not even with your own freichen father who thought himself that you were an odd *****.

    You are pathetic. In everything that matters. Do you know this? Yes, yes, you do.
    I pity you, you pathetic ***** ****.

  • [1] February 5, 2016 at 1:27am

    All I say is in response, is “Winston Churchill.” The League, as we accept, nothing more than we are so, nothing more than Winston Churchill.

    Where shall we go from here, except where from what we are from?

    We will defend, what we are, and nothing more but so.

    Tomorrow, we will be, because of what he is;

    So today, now, no matter the geography or person, is where or what we are today.

    The English speaking peoples is the point, not some heretic preacher or acolyte, whether President Islamist or otherwise. We the English speaking peoples, last. For that is what we are, nothing lest.

    Churchill had it right. So he is correct, as all of us as we are spot on.

    So where would you go, if you were me?


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  • [4] February 5, 2016 at 12:49am

    He listened dutifully to a “God damn” America racist preacher, he unmercifully mocked for clinging to their Bible and guns the former and current Christian descendants of the founders of America, and now he insists that we be tolerant of Muslims whilst their religion’s assassin’s bullets are killing Christian women and children, in Allahu Akbar fashion.

    Well, his racist preacher, he himself, and those for whom he apologizes for can kiss my bible and gun clinging ass. We matter just as much as the next guy.

    And worse, his Pentagon now wants more Bible and gun clinging poor boys and girls to put boots on the ground in the Middle East, meaning, to get their religious asses shot off, or their limbs blown off. All of this to save the ass of Saudi Arabia dynasty from ISIS.

    Well, my suggestion is that he, his racist reverend, and their types, pick up their own guns and Qu’rans, clinging to them that they are, and get their own asses shot off or maimed to save Saudi Arabia’s ass from ISIS.

    F..k him, f..k anyone who looks like him, or his f..king preacher or their acolytes. It’s game time, what is he and his Pentagon clinging to? Those who cling to their Bibles and Christian religion.
    Screw them all.

    If you are poor, do not let your children volunteer for the military.

    Enough insult is enough.

    **** cheap gas. The price is too high for bible and gun clinging Christians. Let the “God damn”: Armerica types get the job done.

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  • [1] February 4, 2016 at 3:09am

    The poet appreciates the meter, but there is more to it. A dactyl is two short of a spondee. But it still adds up to a foot.

  • [-2] February 4, 2016 at 3:08am

    The point explains itself. Maybe you need explaining, no?

  • [-1] February 4, 2016 at 2:47am

    Lanh pointed out that a 36 (3 + 6 = 9) day month x 12 lunar cycles = 432 days.

    So …

    7776 total hours per year at 18 hours per day = 432 days.

    432 days/36 days per month = 12 lunar cycles.

    You know, what are you going to do.

  • [-3] February 4, 2016 at 2:26am

    Speedy insists that, for sake of onward time, we repeat certain matters of previous posts for sake of convenience, even if uninteresting.

    Here goes. Once you get to the point of no repeats in forming the numbers to “9″, you flip to origin, which forms an “X” owing to the mirror of all that came previous to each number, ergo, flip to origin.

    The cure for cancer is in “X” theory. Our genome, all four parts, have unique identifying frequencies. These frequencies, when the body is in stasis, will repeat. The League sees a future where cancer detection converts to a simple wanding with a cell phone across your body — using an application of course.

    Once cell DNA begins blurting out weird frequencies different than “X” theory predicts, the inquisitor will then deduce that that their body is out of “X” stasis in the given part. Even more so, Truthspeare Simplicity Theory predicts that even precancerous cells will blurt out less weird frequencies, but still blurt.

  • [-1] February 4, 2016 at 2:00am

    If she means that “right” wing means Christians, well, that’s her opinion.
    Now, gather nigh for a higher purpose.

    Truthspeare Simplicity Theory, a tortuous theory to the complex, makes certain predictions based upon the cardinal numeral “9″ being the “God number”.

    For example, when the spatial relationships between the numerals summing to “9″ are opposed furthest based upon their differences and composed nearest upon their differences, to the point of no repeats, then the spatial relationship describes an “X”, which is fantastical. See previous Truthspeare posts, which amount to compositor entries by members of the League, even Johnny Mounds.

    Earlier the League concluded that we are always out of time based upon the 12 hour clock, dividing day from night. Why? Leap year. We are always behind except for a point in time in the last day of February in the leap year, which has dastardly effects on calculations.

    So, what would a “no leap year clock” look like?

    Truthspeare Simplicity Theory predicted that “9″, as the God number, would solve the leap year problem. So, thusly observe to the nine’s:
    9 hour day, and 9 hour night = 18 hour day (1+8 =9)
    36 days per month = 432 (4+3+2 = 9) days per year.
    432 days x 18 hours = 7,776 hours.

    So thusly,

    432/36 = 12 lunar cycles, with no leap year.
    So how many minutes per 18 hour day?

    The answer is not a right wing conspiracy, but its simplicity opposes those not right. Gene stains on blue dresses indeed.

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  • January 31, 2016 at 1:03am

    So now, the moronic Earth beings believe that the Draknar compromiser was doing them all a favor by violating Draknar law, by keeping compromising information from a Benevola saboteur. So what is the message from Mounds, perhaps, et al? It is a hard life on Earth for a blameless person who might have shared a network with a Draknar compromiser.

    My own thoughts are that this whole feeble idea is preposterous. So agrees the rest of the league. Therefore, it will not appear in DigiNation.

    So Mounds, and most likely close company, get over it. We believe that no human could be so sick as to conceive such a pathetic scheme. Even a dog can tell a trip from a kick.

  • January 31, 2016 at 12:51am

    Now, some may know that our league is compositely penning a novel, “Digination.”

    Johnny Mounds has returned from the British Isles and now claims he is drinking way too much. Why, I do not know. I thought he exceeded all expectations even before serving his league duties in Scandinavia, where he proved worthy with a marvelous grace.

    Anyways, he wanted to add a chapter to “DigiNation”. To be honest, I think that blond has something to do with this, owing to his posture in the cloud of inebriation.

    Mounds, probably the blond, want to add a tangent chapter, what they deem relevant piece, to the book.

    He, maybe she, maybe both, seem to think that the most vile trait of humanity is to create a false boogerman, which after they put the mask on, seems pertinent. Anyways, in their proffered version, the Draknar, the bad guys, are caught red handed with damning evidence of the most vile kind. So what do the Draknar do? They invoke the “kicked dog” strategy. This fumbling logic maintains that if you kick a dog 20 times each time he encounters you, that if you later kick him once, he appreciates you.

    Well, he, they, propose that a Draknar official be caught “red handed” with compromising information at their home that could help the Benevolize. So what is the Draknar response? Cause the Draknar enforcement arms — law enforcement and prosecutors, to charge an innocent Benevola citizen with past attempts of criminally attempting to intercept such information.

  • January 31, 2016 at 12:06am

    These strategic plans involve our own, to include our own kin brethren from lands our own ancestors inhabited. For we share, all that we are. And we are our ancestors, we are in each our own way still inhabitants of the lands our forefathers once shared with what some would say are our foreign brethren.

    But I say, not so. We the same as our foreign brethren in every decent respect: language, religion, culture, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

    We, all of we share a future destiny, whether through our own lives, or that of our children and their own.

    So where does all this end. Destiny favors the bold. And the bold embrace an education properly balanced with the arts, but heavily weighted towards the math and the sciences. The bold hold dear a “get on with it”, a “it will be done” spirit,” the bold fascinate those that would be media, the bold fashion industry that adorn all others with their style of couture, the bold treat politicians appropriately, as servants — maids or butlers — as staff: delving merely into the administrative details, staying clear of the real business of a profitable society.

    A failing society places politicians before all else, a stumbling growing wreck that allows staff to determine the business of their masters, tasks for which staff are proven not suited, except with such matters as brooms, dustpans, and lint removal.

    Senator Rubio is not the answer, unless we value most a great spring cleaning. Economic revolutions exceed staff deft. Rubio is a butler.

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  • January 30, 2016 at 11:44pm

    Ok. I’m game, galloping that I am to avoid the spear.
    Just what is it that the working man needs just now, a month from now, a year, a decade from now.
    Now I am, and I come from, the working class, some would say the lowest rung, one even below slavery.
    What is Senator Rubio offering me? Freedom again? Greater economic prosperity? A “better,” whatever that is, “America?”
    What is it?
    Some economic plan surely? Some strategy to take off our well meaning backs the Gods of the air, of the water, of the soil, of the beasts of the sea, of the Earth and of the sky? Some better America?
    Well, to me, below working class that I am, unless Senator Rubio is creating the next allegory for the initial USA industrial revolution, he is trivial to my kind.
    What we need is to advance our lead. This amounts to a composite “A” effort from all leaders on all fronts: academia, media, political and industrial; political being the least necessary.
    We advance the lead by math and science, by knowledge, by a “can do” spirit.
    We need no help from outside sources, we are enough, in fact, we are more than enough.
    Each of us chooses our own place in the lead. Some at the tip of the spear, some at the opposed opposite, yet we all take a place in the advance. Each one of us is a part of the lance that is America, provided that we are free to do so.
    The battle for 2030, 2060 and on, is now. Our strategic plans are in every discipline of ours that we can muster.

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  • January 29, 2016 at 2:46am

    By the way, the Truthspeare Simplicity Theory, the “X” principle, return to origin, if charted, based upon the theory that the number “9″ is the God number, demarcates the shape of an auger, which looks, whether by coincidence, or incidence, like light waves or other waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

    Maybe this theory is getting somewhere. Or all screwed up in an offhand way. But either way, we must move forward, whether by the numbers, or their shapes, or their vibrations, or something else.

  • [1] January 29, 2016 at 2:06am

    for ours. How can this be? They are not God, yet they play like they are God. We are free men.

    We, as free men, can fish the streams without the Government Gods of fish preventing us so. And we, as free men, may hunt the deer to fill our empty bellies without the Government Gods of the deer demanding our hunger. And we as free men, can draw water to quench our thirst without the Government Gods of the water preventing our draft. Yet we cannot. Government has replaced our God, which granted our freedom in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights with some dimunition in our past. We have been reduced, once again, peasants, granted only the rights that the monarch deems worthy that we have. Our Government pretends to replace our God, so now here we are. Mere beggars, when we each have dominion over the Earth, yet find ourselves prostrated before them, false idols. The Government is not God, it is only administrative, subject itself to the prime principles set forth by God. And if you do not believe in God, the Government is subject itself to the principles that created it, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are free men, no beggars.

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  • [3] January 29, 2016 at 1:49am

    No candidate won the debate.

    The issue is what the debate was about. Not them. It was about us, everyone, all of us.

    None of them won the debate.


    Who described our future? Where we will be in 4, 12, 16 years. None of them.

    They satisfied themselves on who will drive the Government the best. We do no need a chauffeur, we need a leader.

    We have assassins within our midst, our borders welcome whoever would be, we are not we anymore.

    We need someone to say what we are.

    And what are we? We?

    We denotes at togetherness, a commonality of life, a social bond, a social contract.

    We have lost this recently.

    We are Americans. And what does this mean?

    We are the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, “we” are just this, nothing more, nothing less.

    We place no Government above us, we place no people before us, we are Americans.

    We are free, with the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as expressed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And nothing and no person should come between us and these principles.

    We should walk this land as free men. Yet we do not. We cannot even drop a line in a stream to fish, lest the Government God of Fish intervene. We cannot for sake of empty bellies strike a deer without the God of the Deer smote us. We, each of us were given by God the right to live, to be free, and to pursue happiness, yet we cannot.

    Why? Because a certain agreed others opposed to us have supplanted the Government God

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  • [-1] January 28, 2016 at 10:29pm

    Do not attempt to objectify a cute maid in a coutured leopard skirt, one designed to match the length of 5-inch spike high heels.

    She can no more change her spots than her measures. She holds a mirror to herself so that you might see her true reflection, not as you see her to be, but as she would be as you see her.

    Message for the Assassins.

    The New World is the New Jerusalem. For those so disposed to turn this fresh temple into a Caliphate, this is neither the land, nor the people, to suffer such.

    Any attempt to establish a Caliphate in this New land can only cause flooding bloodshed. No human has the right to force a religion upon another one, which amounts to murder of the other’s conscience.

    The Dome of the Rock stands on the grounds of Solomon’s Temple. Some should be content with this heresy. Though yet, those that so oft go to far find neverland.

    Reference: Churchill’s tome, “The History of the English Speaking Peoples”.

    If some give the English speaking peoples the reason, then the result is logical. You and yours get what you deserve — reduced to wailing, victim chic, walking upon a muddy path, wetted by your own fresh tears, a way chosen by yourselves.

    The better way, instead, is to embrace the good principles of “live and let live,” “to each their own,” and to forswear the need for anyone’s tears. And if not so gracious, prepare to trade in your handkerchief for a towel, the appropriate accessory for the vulgar and unsociable.

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