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  • [6] November 20, 2014 at 9:52am

    Tragedies such as hers and the abortion culture that murdered of over 55 million unborn people continue to echo the mantra “It’s MY body, MY choice!”. What people should be reminding those who are faced with death and illness is that suffering unites us to Christ’s Passion in His salvific sufferings for the world. This a mystery which is not ours to understand, but to be embraced with trust in God who NEVER abandons us.

    Our bodies are not our own; we are temples of the Holy Spirit; created beings made in the Image and Likeness of God made to know Him, love Him, and serve Him and be happy with him forever in heaven. As the Author of Life, He brings us into the world at the moment of His choosing, and takes us from this world at the moment of His choosing; otherwise, the soul at risk for eternal damnation which is suffering beyond what you can think of or imagine. Hell is real and Our Lord warned us about it over and over again. He is pure love and His love is a great mystery for us to contemplate here on earth, and understand in heaven; assuming we allow Him to be Lord of our lives. The mystics of the Catholic Church, such as St. Teresa of Avila wrote in the Way of Perfection and St. John of the Cross’ Dark Night of the Soul have detailed this process of transformation. However, we tend to fall in love with ourselves and refuse this process, which requires that we learn to let go of the illusions of this world and allow God to transform us into holiness.

  • [2] November 7, 2014 at 8:00am

    I stopped watching Fox after Glenn left that time slot, and after the last presidential election I was done with them and moved exclusively to The Blaze for my news source. As for Bob Beckel, I don’t know why Fox keeps him there. This isn’t the first time he’s done something like this, and they laugh it off as no big deal. I’ll bet if one of the prominent, more conservative people did something like that more than once they’d be fired.

  • [-2] November 3, 2014 at 8:16am

    Suicide is the final slap in the face to God, the Creator of your very life, and a victory for the devil who relishes in the loss of souls. What good came of this? A young girl has defiantly ended her life, in the limelight of a culture of death, which cannot seem to get enough of death, and as a result has spread scandal to our society. She has much to answer for.

    Jesus told St. Faustina in her Divine Mercy Diary this passage which I think may be good to think about going forward with this unnecessary “debate”:

    I want your last moments to be completely similar to Mine on the cross. There is but one price at which souls are bought, and that is suffering united to My suffering on the cross. Pure love understands these words; carnal love will never understand them (Divine Mercy Diary, 324) .

    St. Faustina’s Prayer Response:
    Jesus, may Your love help me to offer my sufferings in union with Your sufferings on the cross for the salvation of souls. May my last moments be similar to Yours on the cross. All for the love of souls, Lord!

    The Church teaches that the sufferings here on earth are nothing compared to the sufferings in Purgatory (which is temporary) and hell (which is eternal). Many saints have written about Purgatory and hell such as St. John Bosco, St. Faustina, the Fatima children, et al. We would be wise to read their accounts. In His Mercy, God gave them these experiences as reminders in our humanistic culture that these places do exist and souls do go there.

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  • [5] October 21, 2014 at 6:57pm

    My two cents is that this couple, who is facing insanity with all of this persecution should NOT take the money from this guy. Why don’t Blaze readers start a fund for them instead? It’s time we all put our money where our mouths are and stand up for eachother when times like this arise. I’m sure everyone pulling together could out donate this guy in 2 days.

    Maybe Jesus, Son of God and Second Person of the Holy Trinity didn’t say anything about homosexuality, but then again we don’t know that for sure, since everything Jesus said was NOT recorded in the bible. That said, there is plenty to say about it in the Old Testament, spoken by God the Father starting with Adam and Eve. God created Eve for Adam since he found no other suitable mate, and it goes on from there. Then Jesus came and the New Testament began. The Son of God fulfilled all that God the Father had spoken through the prophets. Jesus’ life was an example for us all to follow. He came into the world with a Mother and Father, and even His Mother Mary had parents named Joachim and Anna. He also attended the Wedding at Cana which was a marriage between a man and a woman. In fact, that was the very place that He performed His first miracle by turning water into wine, at the request of His Mother as the couple ran out.

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  • [33] October 20, 2014 at 6:56pm

    If you do pull your kids from public or private school, here is a good guideline. For every year they were at school, it will take a month of homeschooling for them to adjust to the new environment. So if they went to school for 5 years, plan on at least 5 months at home before they get the hang of it.
    FYI, most (not all) Catholic schools have sold out, and purchase some of their books with government money which means they are purchasing non-Catholic books and can no longer produce the solid Catholic education they once did. Not to mention, many of the people teaching in Catholic schools are not even Catholic, which is a problem when you’re trying to teach Catholicism, and the tuition costs and fundraisers can be very high since these people need to be paid salaries vs. the nuns who taught very effectively for free.
    I’ve tried both private and Catholic schools and I have to say that homeschooling has trumped both methods of education. The public schools are a cesspool of evil and chock full of agendas in which the parents usually have NO say over.

    As for socialization, there are kids who are awkward that go to public schools, private schools and homeschoolers. The only difference with homeschooled kids, is that if you have a socially awkward child they will not experience 12 years of torment by their peers for not fitting into the government’s idea of the perfect child.

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  • [8] October 18, 2014 at 8:19pm

    I’m responding to the comment about the Church and amnesty. Illegal Immigration is evil theologically because every illegal alien commits mortal sin by breaking two of the Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt not lie,” and “Thou shalt not steal.” It is evil socially because it breaks up families in the country of origin; it exploits the illegal aliens themselves in terms of wages and benefits; it deprives legitimate citizens of jobs; it increases the tax burden on taxpayers; and it brews a support system of criminal activity, such as assault, rape, and murder. And, let us not forget, it is evil civilly because it is illegal. Remember, Saint Paul told us to be obedient to authority, because “whoever resists authority opposes what God has appointed, and those who oppose it will bring judgment upon themselves” (Romans 13:2).

  • [3] October 14, 2014 at 9:24pm

    Yawn. This discussion goes absolutely nowhere with those who refuse to hear or see truth, but I can’t help but comment. A human zygote/fetus/embryo is a human being, not a potential human being; thus it is a human being in the first of the human developmental stages. Is a baby, toddler, teenager, young adult, middle aged person, elderly, a handicap person, etc. not human either because they are in that particular phase of human existence? To deny humanity at any stage means that there is an agenda to call that person less than human because of a death agenda they are trying to impose on them which is pure evil.

    If a woman were pregnant with a potential human being, then women would have the potential to give birth to all sorts of species, plants, etc. Other species could potentially give birth to human babies as well with this logic. When was the last time a woman gave birth to anything but a human? So knowing this truth, and trying to get around the truth, the word ‘choice’ comes into play and anything goes, including massacre by the millions with so many refusing to acknowledge the murder that is going on. Bottom line is, the supreme court has stolen the right to play God and decide who will live and die, and have trumped God’s laws against murder in regards to the weakest of human life. Not to mention they have trumped the state’s rights to govern themselves. We are now looking at killing our elderly in the name of ‘choice’ and misguided death with compassion.

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  • October 8, 2014 at 9:49pm

    Why is she informing everyone that she will kill herself and making this such a public issue? People have been doing this since the beginning of time with or without society blessings. America’s very purpose is to protect human life, so this euthanasia movement – like abortion, is not what we’re about.

    From an eternal point of view she might want to think twice about taking her own life. The Church teaches that the worst of all sufferings we may endure here on earth are NOTHING compared to that of hell, which is eternal or Purgatory which is the same fire as that of hell, but a temporary place of purgation to all earthly attachment to sin. By the way, the Church teaches that you only go to Purgatory if you die in the state of grace but still have sins to atone for.

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  • [61] August 7, 2014 at 6:50pm

    Parents take note: if your child’s pediatrician insists on talking to your child without you being in the room, find a new pediatrician. I left a group of Children’s Hospital pediatricians after 18 years of using them because of their ‘new policy’ of doing this. They can prescribe birth control pills, tests, procedures, etc. without you having any input or knowledge of what is going on. That is communism, and they do not have the moral right to do this; although in some states (such as Massachusetts) they may have a legal right to do it.

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  • [10] August 7, 2014 at 6:45pm

    I knew where you meant, Cavallo!
    They are doing this kind of thing every day; to the young and the old. I live here in Mass. and the countless social programs they have developed only cater to the pocketbooks and ego trips of those employed into them which is devoid of common sense. The programs are designed to protect the butts and jobs of those who run them, but the poor souls who have no choice but to use the programs, are put into a very harmful system that doesn’t work.

  • April 23, 2014 at 5:46am

    I happened to watch the show and he said that the left was not up in arms when the occupy wall street groups did their thing, including taking over parts of Washington DC that you need a permit to occupy, as well as the rapes, drug use, loss to property through vandalism. In fact, Nancy Pelosi was praising them. However, they (Harry Reid, et al) are being very outspoken about the Bundy situation and have called them domestic terrorists. Also, I thought from the interview that It seemed Brit Hume was siding with Harry Reid while O’Reilly was doing a good job pointing out the left’s silence with the occupy group.

  • March 28, 2014 at 9:50pm

    Please remind me again, why does anyone using the public schools to indoctrinate your children? Homeschooling is such a wonderful endeavor for your children, strengthens the family bond and removes your child from the devastating effects of stealing their precious faith by fools like this lunch person. We are all going to be held responsible to God for the way we raise our children. Knowing what we all know about the public schools, can any of us send our children there in good conscience?

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  • March 28, 2014 at 9:43pm

    Well here we go again….
    Catholics confess their sins to a priest, who is Jesus representative on Earth (recall the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday). It is Jesus who absolves the sin through the ordinated hands of the priest. Jesus told Peter – who was the 1st Pope “Whatever you bound on earth is bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven.”
    Depending on what protestant bible you read, you will get different versions of the need to confess sins to those ordained by Jesus vs. any other person. However, if you read an authentic original bible such as the New Jerusalem Bible, and read up on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, you will understand where confession comes from.
    Confession frees you from your sins and gives you the grace to overcome them. I’d be willing to bet that there are many ‘psychological’ problems out there that would be cured almost immediately by a good confession, and spiritual direction that only a priest can give.

    FYI, in case anyone is interested, Divine Mercy Sunday is the Sunday after Easter, and falls on 4/27 this year. Jesus promised to St. Faustina in the Divine Mercy Diary that anyone who confesses their sins to a priest, goes to Holy Mass and receives Holy Communion on that day will have all their sins forgiven and the remission of sins granted. It is a freeby for anyone who has been away from the Church, or led a life steeped in mortal sin and desires to be united once again to the Catholic

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  • [1] March 24, 2014 at 5:14pm

    To Kryptonite: Don’t be so hard on Pope Pius XII. The Nazis made him a prisoner in the Vatican during that time and had several plots to even kill him and make the Vatican a German museum. It was one of Hitler’s major goals. Still, Pope Pius did what he could for the local residents and took in many Jewish residents in Rome and hid them from the Nazis, risking the nuns and priests who lived there. I won’t go into much detail here for the sake of space, but if I were you I would watch the new video about him for more information. Oh, and by the way, there was a play in the 1960′s which made up many of the questions you have and many took this play as fact without doing their research on what really happened. Hope this helps.

  • March 23, 2014 at 2:26am

    Looks like the Mass. DCF has quite a few problems. This attachment is a link to the open letter to the Commissioner of DCF, which was written in response to the 6 year old who was under Mass. DCF’s care and went missing a year ago. Although the letter doesn’t mention Justine’s case, it does outline quite a few problems with this agency.

  • March 22, 2014 at 6:33pm

    You couldn’t have said it better. People around here (in Mass.) have no problem being drones in the communist system that they have voted in. It’s disgusting.

  • March 19, 2014 at 3:09am

    I’m really beginning to wonder why anyone should even bother dialoguing with those who so vehemently reject and persecute the Catholic Church. It is clear that they will only go to sources that have rewritten the Church’s history to their own image and likeness, so until they are willing to accept the lies that they’ve bought about the One True Faith, we’re wasting our time and efforts. St. Paul tells us to teach the faith, but if it is rejected shake the dust from your sandals and move on.

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  • March 18, 2014 at 12:11pm

    In the first place, the Roman Catholic Church is not ‘honoring’ this movie, nor has it blasphemed and twisted the Word of God. It was the early Church Fathers from the Roman Catholic Church wrote the Word of God, or the bible, and the original translation was written in Greek and then translated into Latin. Later English versions were translated from these languages which helps to explain why there are Again, like it or not – it was the Catholic Church that gave the world the bible.

    FYI, English versions of the bible were translated much later from Greek and Latin (which were the major languages spoken at that time) and the accuracy of those bibles depends on the translators knowledge of Greek, Latin and English. I’m told that one of the best modern day bible translations is the New Jerusalem Bible which has footnotes on each page which were translated from the original languages. Many Protestant bibles written over the past 500 years or so have been written from the English translations, so the accuracy of the passages can be questionable.

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  • March 14, 2014 at 4:03pm

    Yes, on the surface this sounds bad but if you take the time to read the entire article you will see that she was referring to a gentleman who wanted to make the decisions for himself. Please, please read these things in their entirety for yourselves before jumping to conclusions. Trust – then verify!

  • March 13, 2014 at 10:31am

    The myth of overpopulation continues and I’m a bit surprised that anyone with any common sense believes this anymore. This is a progressive idea to push abortion and contraception which has it’s origins with the devil’s assault on humanity. His mission is to prevent souls from coming into this world and seeks the death of human souls who are created to know, love, and serve God and be happy with Him forever in heaven. Yes, it is easy to give off the impression that we have overpopulation when we try and cram everyone into a city environment, which is a communist idea; or show sad images of people bound into death and starvation by wars raged in their countries or a corrupt government who takes all their resources. However, this is a huge planet and the corrupt government leaders of the world need to get out of the way, and stop abusing the resources of their countries so that people can spread out, cultivate the land and have a place to call home.

    In reply to the contribution That Morally Repugnant Pro-Choice Position