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  • [4] June 10, 2015 at 2:23pm

    It is helpful sometimes to create a scaffolding when there was been a wide cut or loss of brain cells, so that new neuroblasts can grow on them and take the form needed to function in that region. Neurons need to follow a structure, even as neuroblasts follow the instructions provided by mature brain cells in what is needed for them to become in that area. But all need scaffolding or a structure or they can’t replenish lost brain areas. There are many methods for doing this in practice.

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  • [-1] June 10, 2015 at 2:13pm

    The regulation of the press corps and their cameras without explanation brings this answer to mind, given as prophetic spiritual guidance.
    As long ago as August 20, 1975, a restaurant worker asked a question about what would be a good profession for him to pursue, and this answer was given:
    “First we should answer in this manner. You have sought out the wrong calling, or the wrong profession. The ability lies within you, if you would continue your education, to become that of an attorney, that the laws of this land may be changed in such a manner that it should stand as a nation before God. The founders of [your] nation did write your Constitution, your Bill of Rights. They brought forth that of freedom of religion. Since that time, three million laws have been passed to suppress your rights. We say unto you, pursue the gift that was given. You are feeding the people of this world [food].”

  • May 28, 2015 at 11:24am

    Whose sins are they being used to cover up, that others may walk away from?

  • May 28, 2015 at 11:20am

    What will these children grow up to be?
    Only a year after the first well-known terrorist act when Israeli Athletes were massacred at the Olympics, prophetic words were spoken, July 6, 1973. One may wonder about its meaning as the later Al Qaeda has morphed into ISIS that, 42 years later, threatens terrorism in the U.S: “Woe unto the earth, for those who shall commit crime, those who you should know as the Black Septembers, are causing destruction in your land. They shall attack that of your transportation. They shall work through terrorism, through explosing [explosions], destroying trains, buses, and airplanes, blowing up bridges, causing hysteria within your country. These are nothing more than organized, national thieves. They are being used that others may walk away from their sins. But as we have said before, the cleansing shall come to your land.”

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  • [4] May 6, 2015 at 5:03pm

    May God bless Israel, and may God bless America, as we remain one nation under God. A question was asked years ago, “Why is Israel so important to Russia and Red China?” Here’s the answer.

  • May 1, 2015 at 2:07am

    February 20, 1981: “Now we say unto you, for those who have eyes to see, let them see. For those who have ears to hear, let them hear. For your country now shall pass through the beginning of its greatest triumph and defeat.” See this prophecy given in a parable –

  • May 1, 2015 at 1:45am

    (Continued): “War shall come, but it shall be stopped by natural catastrophe. But the Spartans of war, the rumors of war, wars in Quebec, wars in Mexico, all of these are made to weaken your nation, to weaken your people. Which shall you choose?
    You are a free people. But the only reason you can remain so is of a government by the people, for the people. Through free enterprise, control your own lives. Do not let a government control you or you will have lost that freedom. Do not heed to all of these new things that people shall say unto you shall be the best for you. Look at them deeply, and then decide.
    For those who shall make decisions to move to different areas, make the decision in a wise manner, that of means of making a living, providing for your families. All of these things must come first.
    Glory be the name of the Lord.
    Now is the time of the Cherubim. We are here but for one purpose, the preparation for the coming of a Messiah.”

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  • May 1, 2015 at 1:41am

    January 21, 1977: “We have told you to store of the food, to store of tools, but without knowledge, you shall survive, but for what — so that your race can go on?
    In this day and this time of yours, when you are beginning to learn that the color and creed or another person’s religion is not what makes the person, it is what they are. Understand them. The time will come when you shall live together. Or shall you be as the last time, each separating into your separate races, each ready to make war upon the other, mistrust? You of the American people are the melting pot. You are that place where the best steel has been forged. Yet you have become weak. It is not how strong a man may hold a sword should be his weakness, but the lack of knowledge, that is he weakness — the knowledge to know when to use the sword and when to lay it down and use it no more.
    Store, but do not be as a rodent to run and hide in the ground. It is written that “woe be on man,” for when this time comes, whatever you are doing, do not go back for your coast or your hat, but flee unto the mountains. And let it be said that it is also written, that pray that if it cannot be in the winter time, when the mothers are pregnant and heavy with child.
    Each of you have thought in your minds of what kind of catastrophe could strike in such a way in this time that all of these things could be lost? We would say unto you, the earth has been changing upon its axis since 1932. The earth’s shift is inevitable….”

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  • April 25, 2015 at 1:28am

    “By knowing that that you do harms another, in what way will be the outcome? Will it be in the manner that you want, yet does not serve the whole, or part of the whole?”

  • April 21, 2015 at 11:33am

    Could this be reminiscent of the much larger 1987-88 U.S. intervention in the Persian Gulf (which ended the eight-year Iran-Iraq war) and protected Israel? Prophetic words were spoken then, “The Eagle (USA) has done the only thing that it could….You have seen prophecy in motion.” Listen

  • [-1] April 21, 2015 at 10:49am

    Prophetic words, June 28, 1985, may help: “Unto the worst battlefields flowers have grown. They have come forth to replace the scars. At Dachau and [Daulitzdaire] you shall find flowers. They come forth to cover the wounds.” [Note: Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp in Germany.]
    “It is like the music in your air. It is born sometimes from many forms of healing….
    “We say unto you, yes, those times we have told you about shall come forth, but do not cease to plan for tomorrow. Prepare, store. But do not make that all of your life, make it part of your life. If you may send food to Ethiopia, also prepare and send food here at home, and start. Feed the nations, for this is a test for you. It is a test that one third of the Earth, as had been written, would be struck by the Lord and nothing should grow upon it. And one third of the Earth should perish from starvation. It is your test, the test to see if the rest of the [two]-thirds are worth saving. If mankind can overcome his bigotry − it is like Jonah calling in the wind; let it be heard. If you give, give with your heart. Give that which you have. Put into storage that which you have here. Give what you can unto the third of the world which now dies of starvation. Let it go as a gift of love, and know that what you have done is a gift of love.”

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  • April 19, 2015 at 7:55pm

    December 2, 1977, a man asked, ‘Why is Israel so important to Russia and Red China?” Here is the prophetic answer.

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  • [-1] April 19, 2015 at 7:51pm

    As the Black September war began in September 1970 with Yasser Arafat’s radical militants from Fatah and the PFLP trying to overthrown Jordan, some say modern terrorism began. When they lost and were thrown out, Arafat went to “seek revenge against Israel.” Since then, those who support the Palestinian cause to wipe Israel off the map have attacked and shown all kinds of Nazi-like persecutions to those of the Jewish faith.
    These prophetically spiritual words were spoken as this war first began, September 10, 1970.
    “Remember, your greatest work is to reunite all the religions…..”

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  • April 19, 2015 at 7:42pm

    “Our Father has many mansions, and therefore, the way to our Father should be made through thine hearts. Our Father has made no rules unto man to worship Him. He asks but two things, that you love of Him unto one-tenth of the love that He gives to His children, and you love unto your fellow man into the same manner.
    Each man upon your earth shall worship his God in his own way. But he should do so in the privacy of his own heart and mind. And as you should pray unto your Father, say these things that should mean something to you, and therefore, it should mean something to our Father.
    But if you should bring before our Father a gift, and have hatred in your heart for your brother, then take back your gift, and go unto your brother. But forgive thyself first and thy brother secondly, for if thy have not forgiven thy brother, how can thy possibly forgive unto thyself?”

  • April 19, 2015 at 7:36pm

    A question was asked, October 27, 1973, as the Yom Kipper War ended in Israel. “What does it mean in the Bible, ‘The earth shall run red with blood?’”
    Let us pray that the U.S. protects Israel.

  • [-1] April 19, 2015 at 7:32pm

    In 1987-88, the U.S. spread its wings in the largest military action since World War II. U.S. intervention in the Persian Gulf led to an end to the eight-year Iran-Iraq war. “You ask why this strange thing has happened?…You have seen prophecy in motion.” Today the U.S. needs to protect Israel again. See

  • April 15, 2015 at 7:05pm

    Above quote is from

  • April 15, 2015 at 7:04pm

    Pray for peace. February 7, 1976: “Warfare is not a natural balance, even though in some eyes it would be, a control of the species. Warfare comes from within man. We say unto you, link your hearts and your minds together that a peaceful solution might be rendered, and a just reward unto all.
    We have told you before of the fuse that should be lit in Israel, and so it should burn and spread, therefore, upon the earth’s surface.
    The warfare shall first come into the land of Mexico. At the same moment, those of the Soviet Union and the Peoples’ Republic of China shall bring forth warfare in the land of Israel. We say unto you, should the Eagle [USA] not spread her wings, woe be the land; woe be the people; woe be the children of our Lord….
    Take away your prejudices. Cast them aside. Go forth in such a manner that the philosophy that we have handed unto you may be handed unto others in a just manner. Do not go forth unto a man just to show him that he is wrong and you might be right. Go forth in a manner that you may drink of his wine and he may drink of yours, and knowledge shall be as a seed, and its growth shall become abundant. For only ignorance breeds war, and only ignorance builds barriers between mankind. Knowledge shall do away with your poverty, your starvation, and shall stop the burying of your children in pits. What you have seen in the land of Mexico should soon be a part of your own land. And trenches shall be dug and your children shall be buried in them.”

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  • [-2] April 15, 2015 at 5:22pm

    “This is an urgent time.” As the U.S. negotiates with Iran about nukes, and Iran Shia fight radical militant Sunnis (ISIL) for control of a Caliphate in the Middle East and world, prophetic words come to mind. December 2, 1988, in the Persian Gulf the largest U.S. military intervention since WW2 protected Israel by ending the eight-year Iran-Iraq war.
    “Know this, the Eagle flies free. And as the Eagle shall take wings, so shall come the times of both the Anti-Christ and the Christ. Know this, today upon the Earth the nation that is known by the Eagle has spread its wings to cover Israel, and some of you wonder why this strange thing has happened. But was it not prophesied? Was it not written for you?
    “Know this, those of the Palestinians and their leaders, there are those within the Palestinians who only want peace and want a righteous path, but there are those within it who will destroy all things that you have, who’ll destroy your religions, who’ll destroy your right to believe in God in your own way. We say to you, and if they are left unchecked, within time they will make war upon you, upon all the nations. The Eagle has done the only thing that it could do.
    You will wonder, why? We say unto you, this is the reason why − you have seen prophecy in motion….
    This is an urgent time. I would suggest that you listen to the words within this very carefully because the message is not a slight one.”

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  • [-1] April 15, 2015 at 2:02am

    Listen. “If the Eagle [U.S.A.] should fail to give the protection that is needed, then the Bear’s [Russia’s] claws shall tighten upon the Earth….”

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