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  • [7] July 22, 2016 at 2:31am

    Except that the list was of potential nominees and of people that were suggested to trump by GOP leadership and conservatives. It was a list of “potential” only. And the biggest guy on it that the GOP establishment love is a Moderate who is know for voting down the middle like Sandra Day O’Connor, Kennedy, and Roberts.

    Did you even do your homework on them? I did! I spent the better part of two days reviewing their records and major opinions and reviews of them by other legal minds and constitutional scholars.
    Three. That is THREE of the 12 listed are TRUE strict constructionist Constitutional justices and one of those three is the brother of Mike Lee from Utah, who is on the list as a bribe to Mike I am sure just so Mike couldn’t criticize the list or Trump.
    Half of the list were nobodies from the state level courts with NO national cases or opinions so they are wild cards at best and the remaining are all Moderate justices that are know for being deal makers and consensus getters – which means they are “go along to get along” types who won’t bite the hand that nominates them, i.e. They will be stooges to runner stamp trump policies to liquidate what remains of the Constitution and any part of it the Mafia Don wannabe Wiseguy doesn’t like. Heck 3 of them are KNOWN for siding with BIG Corporations over individuals and State governments at any cost, good crony capitalists like Donald.

  • [13] July 21, 2016 at 1:55pm

    Really?? where is the proof?? Cruz’s address to the Texas delegates at the breakfast this morning was met with RESOUNDING applause and a standing ovation as he walked into the room. WHAT the hell are you smoking??

    And you think Cruz’s wife is the globalist? Ever look at the investors that Trump has on ALL his hotels and casinos?? It is a run down of the biggest mob bosses, cartel kingpins, and CORRUPT socialist governments and GLOBAL ELITE BANKERS. But that is just “how you do business” right? bribe everyone, pay off anyone, get in bed with anyone?? Only if you are an ELITIST already that has NO MORALS or VALUES other than “making the Donald great again” after the latest BANKRUPTCY!!

    And REAL RESEARCH?? what does that mean?? Reading your bent over taking it from behind Trump bought and paid for sites like Breitbart, Drudge, Treehouse, Gateway Pundit?? Or maybe from the Trump News Network…formally Fox News… (oh yeah, have you seen that Ailes is on the way out and Murdoch is NOT HAPPY with him either..and Megyn is getting SWEET revenge for him not supporting her against the Wannabe Wiseguy Mafia Don….AWESOME how KARMA works…)

    And if Congress and the Executive Branch were ACTUALLY doing their JOBS and upholding the Constitution, it wouldn’t matter WHO was on the SCOTUS. We have seen this before in history were an Activist SCOTUS was thwarted by an Exec and Congress that HELD TO THE CONSTITUTION.. LEARN HISTORY YOU NIT!!

  • [20] July 21, 2016 at 12:53am

    @angel. You might be in a conservative area of Texas but you either ain’t conservative or ain’t a Texan.
    Everyone I know of in Texas, especially in the North which is the most conservative, loves Ted, except those weirdos with the Texas Democrat stickers on their cars. anything south of Waco gets nutty really fast especially anywhere near Houston San Antonio or Austin.
    East west and north Texas are good to go with the constitution and Ted.
    He has a nearly 60% favorable rating in the State and over 60% of the state voted for him. When he got his seat.

    This was a Reagan 1976 Speech. This was a shot across the bow of the DC cartel and Establishment Progressives in leadership like Clinton and Donald. Yeah he might not be liked in DC by most but that is BECAUSE he fights against their BS and wants to take away and dismantle their power not make “deals” with them to get his own power.

    Hopefully Cruz and Rand and Lee and even Rubio build up another 5 or 10 strong conservative/libertarian Constitution loving Senators and take it to these a holes in DC even with trump as dick-tator in chief. Then we can get a RESET in 2020 and save not just the USA but the Constitution and Freedom and Liberty for the whole world from the Progressive NWO big government elitist “we are smarter and know better” types like Clinton and trump.

  • [41] July 21, 2016 at 12:32am

    Did any of you watch the Cruz speech live? It was awesome! It was noble! It was presidential! It wasn’t a Christie “all about himself speech” like in 2012. It wasn’t “Donald is the perfect candidate” crap from some failed trump venture lackey or family
    member. It was an HONEST accounting of where we are and where we are going and what we need to do to fix things. 75% of the crowd was cheering for most of the speech even the Trumpites in fhe hall. There were SEVERAL standing ovations from ALL the crowd. Everyone at one point was clapping and cheering until that one section where Cruz spoke about voting for your principles and the Constitution. Then you could hear the Trumpites get quiet. Then Cruz said to find candidates up and down the ticket that you could not your conscience on and remain true to your principles and the Constitution and the Trumpites went rabid and tried to drown Cruz out with “trump trump” chants. You could see half the arena was still cheering for Cruz and trying to be civil but when Cruz kept going, the Trumpites tried everything they could to get louder and FAILED!! Even with the Wannabe Mafia Don coming out to restore order his thugs wouldn’t stop. Trump coming out was actually quite the Dictator move trying to coddle the angry mob he created but that will eat him alive when he fails to get even half of what he promises done not because of Congress but because he WILL make a deal and ignore his “starting points” and negotiate with Reid/Pelosi.

  • [5] July 19, 2016 at 3:12pm

    If you mean it is better at being a front for all things trump then yeah, it is better than Brietbart and drudge because everyone already knows that both of those are bought and paid for by trump. I would put Gateway and Treehouse right up there with the National Enquirer. They are on their knees worshipping their new leader as a god even before he can worm his way into the history books as the first American dictator, well that is if he doesn’t lose that title to Obama first and get his butt kicked back to wannabe Mafia boss status by Clinton – the first female dick-tator of American.

  • [10] July 18, 2016 at 12:10am

    Gawd I sure hope slender man was
    Being tongue in cheek. But he is right that these events are how we get a strong man dictator in charge.
    It happened in Italy with Mussolini. It happened in Germany with hitler.
    It happened in China with Mao.
    It happened in Russia with Lenin and then gave us the USSR under Stalin.
    Chavez in Venezulia. Castro in Cuba.

    Look at what long list of socialist fascist dictators and you will see that the times before their “election” we’re just like ours. Hillary or Trump doesn’t matter. Both will give us a strong man dictator to “rule” and restore “order”. Both will suspend the Constitution and our Rights. Both will “punish” their enemies through the force of government. Both will usher in a darkness this nation might never come out of.

    And what a shame it is that I even have to think about that and the future of my children in that nation as my wife suffers from her 3rd occurrence of breast cancer in 3 years and is now being told she has a year to live.

    How pathetic we all are as we sat around for 20 years and let this happen after Reagan tried to slow the progressives down and warn us. How pathetic we were to choose our own version of a “strong man” to punish their “strong man”.

    Sorry Blazers…we deserve the fascist that we get. Hillary or trump. Socialist NWO elitist or crony Capitalist isolationist elitist… WE DID THIS and history will record our failure.

    God help us all!!

  • [14] July 16, 2016 at 10:55am

    Henry Rollins seems like a cool guy and has done some great tunes and fun movies and tv.

    Having said that he is also a Jesse Ventura follower and Alex Jones disciple. While Jesse was doing his “conspiracy theory” tv show, Rollins had a similar show doing nearly the exact same stories.
    Everything was about the NWO right wing conspiracy that controlled everyone through mind control, drugs in the water, GMO foods that condition is to be sheep, and black helicopters corralling the masses into being good sheeple. And of course there was a health dose of WHITEY and THE MAN putting down the minorities and especially blacks. He is also a 9-11 Truther and believes Bush not only created but also pulled the trigger on the WTC jus too go to war for oil.
    Rollins is a true believer and surrounds himself mainly with minorities and acts/talks/behaves like a black street thug. The only difference is he plays and looks like a white supremisist skinhead and is cast that way in his tv and
    Movie roles usually.

    Yet again one more Hollywood elite type that should just stick to their trade and STFU about politics because they are deluded. Honest debate is great but Rollins Ventura and Jones are just the type that preach and then yell over you if you disagree calling you “establishment white privledge” types that are mindless or
    Mind controlled.

    I could say that goes for quite a lot of Hillary sanders and trump supporters as well. “Agree with us 100% or you are a traitor” types.

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  • [2] July 15, 2016 at 4:27pm

    As a libertarian minded Conservative Constitutionalist, I am with Jeni. The problem isn’t the running mate but the person at the top of both party tickets.
    We either get a NY big government authoritarian Progressive race pandering Socialist that wants to be the first female emperor of the USA or we get a NY big government Crony Capitalist Progressive authoritarian bigoted elitist who wants to be the first dictator of the USA.

    From what I have seen heard and read about Pence and his career he seems to be a nice guy and popular with the people in IN. He does skate middle of the road most of the time but picks his “hard core” conservative battles as well. He is a calculated conservative and knows when he can fight the GOP and when he needs to tuck tail and go along to get along.

    Is he more right than Trump? Of course. Who in the GOP field wasn’t other than Christue and Bush and Kasich. I believe trump picked him for three reasons.
    1 – he was a Cruz endorser and trump NEEDS them or he is done (so stop being witchie to them Granny and all die hard trumpets)
    2 – trump needs conservative credentials and Christie and newt aren’t it!!!
    3 – trump needs to pull the Rust Belt and they don’t like NY liberals (even though they usually vote for them) anymore than the rest of the “fly over” states

    This is a GOP and Trump crafted pick to try and “unify” while still making sure the PEONS ( us) know who is in charge (Prog leadership in DC).

  • [4] July 15, 2016 at 2:47pm

    Well Slap. First they were from Texas and Texas is anti Obama so that is one strike. Second they were obviously part of the 1% of course. How else could they be in Nice on vacation for the summer instead of marching in the inner city at a BLM anti coo rally. Third, if he mentions them that would distract us from the misguided misunderstood poor out of work persecuted immigrant Muslim that was gunned down by police. I mean he was stopped and in the truck. Couldn’t there have tazed him or used non lethal force?
    Fourth, if he admits that Americans were killed then the rest of us peon citizens might demand he do something about the Islamic a hole jihadis over there and her in the US

  • [2] July 14, 2016 at 7:40pm

    Actually. It is more in line with the Founder’s intent then we have today. The Founders warned us against Factionalism (parties) and encouraged us to have open discussion of ideas and then pick the best candidates. We have moved away from that after the Progs pushed on us the popular election of Senators. Well we moved away from that actually pretty quickly in the mid 1800′s but at least there was more diversity then of ideas even within factions. There were abolitionist Whigs and Democrats and pro space Whigs and Democrats. There were also pro industrial and pro agriculture movements on both sides, even pro succession and pro Union on both sides.

    Having each state decide is the best and if the State, not the party, wants to allow open primaries, so be it. If we want the national parties to get broken and their power removed them we have to get back to a philosophy of debating ideas openly in the public venue. It would certainly make the national a lot more interesting.

    Take the top two candidates in each States open primary and they move onto the National ballot. If a candidate is only on 10 National State ballots. Whoopsie!!
    It would force building a ticket that gave you access to the most National State ballots. Or leave it how the Founders did it – the most electoral votes is President and the next most is VP and the VP goes back to controlling the Senate like the Constitution says.

  • [5] July 14, 2016 at 7:09pm

    It was a big rg from the Air 1 radio reports. I assume semi with tailed. And the report I heard said he fired into the crowd first then drove the rig into the parade. These were not just people out and about. This was like the annual Bastille Day Parade of Nice. Lots of people as spectators and marching.
    Not like he just blew a fuse because of the traffic this wasn’t some BLM stop the freeway protest crap

  • [1] July 6, 2016 at 11:46am

    Senator Cruz can call for impeachment but the leadership or at least a Member of the House has to initiate the impeachment. The House writes the articles up and the Senate holds the trial and votes.
    Personally I feel that every major director and secretary over the last 7 years should have been impeached at one time or another and stripped of all federal benefits and pention. But then again that sets up the precedent and the next R with a D Congress would see the same against all his/her appointments.
    There are some that were obvious but the R leadership was gutless. Holder, Lynch, Comey, Hillary, Learner, and the VA idiot were blatantly impeachable and even had Dems calling for their heads at some time.

    Cruz is bring smart. He is already planning for his Senate reelection in 18 and look to see him all over the next month in the news just in case Donnie the Wannabe Mafia Don implodes before or even at the convention. Like his trying to block Rubio Kasich and Cruz from speaking which since they have delegates and should be one the first ballot he can’t do but he is throwing a tantrum with the RNC to keep them completely away from the stage and the convention in general. What a POS he is and we are probably stuck with him.
    And you all think Clinton is a truant. Well so is Donnie.

  • [3] June 29, 2016 at 5:22pm

    How about we release any inmate over the age of 65 that has served more than 20 years? Then we take all the White collar and non violent types and put them to work for minimum wage on public works projects like cleaning parks, roadsides, etc. and house them in college dormitory style buildings with common bathrooms and cafeterias, like an inmate college. That lasts for however long their sentence and parole were to be for to begin with. Oh and make them pay room and board just like a college would – about $750/month. The floor RAs would be the parole officers and the inmates pay the salary of the RA.

    Yeah I know we the people are still paying their wages but at least they are working for it and we get most of it back in the room and board fees and RA salary.
    That isn’t “cruel and unusual” because they are “free” and their non work time is not restricted, just monitored with check in and out procedures and gps ankle bracelets. They also are being paid for their work at a much higher rate than other inmates. Heck- give them those jobs that “Americans won’t do” and deport the illegal holding it now. Win Win Win.
    Lower cost per inmate!
    Less people in jail!
    Cleaner countryside!
    And maybe after 5-10 doing “hard” labor they will appreciate their freedom more and refrain from criminal activities. Would even work for the drug users and low level dealers but on run in with LEO more than a jay walking ticket and you go Maximum Security.

  • [12] June 29, 2016 at 4:47pm

    And I call BS!!!!
    Trump only has the highest number of primary votes because there are MORE people in the nation than ever before. I know I know, LOGIC to the intellectual dishonest, the Progressives, and the FANATICAL mean nothing.
    Do yourself a favor and go look at the PERCENTAGE of GOP primary voters that voted for each nominee going back 50 years!! GO AHEAD I will wait……

    What was that?? What do we see?? Oh yeah!! Trump ACTUALLY has one of the LOWEST percentages of votes cast and is in the same company as that GREAT successful candidate like McCain. Even Bob Dole got higher!! Reagan crushes Trump on voter % and delegate totals as does Nixon, both Bushes and even Ford in 76 when Reagan ran against him and nearly won.

    See there are lies, liars, and those that use FRAUDULENT statistics to try and spin their lies. Then there is Donnie the Wannabe Mafia Don that falls under all three categories.

    Whether he wins or loses, the section of his supporters that are blind to this will still cry and whine and blame all the “fake” conservatives that didn’t drink the koolaid. Why? Because once in he will BURN it all down for his own glory and fame and when there is an uprising, he will blame everyone but himself and his pathetic UUGGGGEE ego for it.

    Win or lose, Trump will blame the PEOPLE when he fails YET again, as he always does. In his own words, as long as he comes out ahead it isn’t a failure. He could care less about the USA if it doesn’t make him a $

  • [5] June 27, 2016 at 1:56pm


    It seems the only two you would guess be against this were. Alito and Thomas.

  • [22] June 23, 2016 at 7:45pm

    Mad. Get your head out and your “facts” straight
    There is no party affiliation for Trump before 1987.
    87-99 he was a registered NY Repub. in other words a progressive RINO crony capitalist big government wienie
    99-01 he was Reform Party even ran as the 00 nominee for them
    01-09 he was his true self. A NY Democrat
    09-16 back as a NY RINO crony capitalist big government type except for 5 months in 09 that he switched to just Independent.

    So that gives you 19 years as a RINO, 8 as a Dem, and 3.5 as other.

  • [16] June 23, 2016 at 7:40pm

    I just think that having the Norse god of thunder as President would be cool. He could carry around a big hammer with armor and a cape at state functions, put a BIG A on the side of Air Force 1 and call the Secret Service his Avengers and make them assemble every morning. That would be awesome!!!

  • [6] June 23, 2016 at 3:38pm

    Nah. They know they can’t get all the weapons turned in or collected. Many families have collections that predate ANY type of ATFEnbackground check or registry. What they are trying to do is the same Obama is doing with the Coal industry- make it too expensive to buy or operate or own. They will not prevent you from buying a gun but they will restrict how many a month or year and same with ammo. It will make it near impossible to go to the range and learn to shot correctly or handle or carry correctly.
    Eventually the majority of Americans will just stop because it is too hard or complicated to deal with all the regulations.
    Remember that Progressives play the long game. Thy have been workin in this for 100 years. Another 10-20 to get all the guns doesn’t matter to them.

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  • [45] June 23, 2016 at 1:25pm

    Elroy r u just stoopid or blatantly lying? The terrorists r criminals and don’t care about your “no fly” lists or “suspected terrorist” lists and even if they r on them, they don’t care. They r going to kill people, which is illegal, so why would they care about breaking the law to get an illegal firearm? You doofus!!
    Have you listened to ALL the Dim Dem morons on this issue? Even Obama? They were all forced to admit that ALL these BS bills wouldn’t have saved ONE life at ANY mass murder event in the last 30 years!

    Now IF people were able to constitutional carry at ANY time and ANY where, except in private businesses that CHOOSE otherwise or Fed/State government buildings, the EVIDENCE proves that casualties would be less.

    There is a private gun club in FL called the Pink Pistols – a GAY gun club that supports concealed carry and supports gays being trained and armed – that saw membership nearly triple from 1500 to over 4000 in days after Orlando. Why?!!! Because if 1 or 2% of those nightclub patrons were armed and trained, the number wounded and dead might be half or less.

  • [20] June 23, 2016 at 1:05pm

    Hey Paul Ryan might not be the strongest conservative and has some progressive leanings but he right on this one. Props to him for that.

    I think that we judge them all too harshly. Ryan has done some “establishment” line towing but he also has taken some stands on constitutional principles as well. He might not be a Gohmert or an Amosh but he is at least to the right of Bohner.

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