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  • [7] August 24, 2016 at 8:05pm

    Awesome. Still only about 8.5% of light speed but better than the 18-25000 mph that we are getting now.

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  • [3] August 23, 2016 at 7:44pm

    How about the fact that Caucasians are having less children while Hispanics are having more children per family than the nation average?

    Could that be why the Church seems to be more Hispanic? Not some wacko conspiracy of secret illegal RCC sponsored and protected mass immigration. And of course is ther are more Hispanics here, legal or not, the RCC will benefit because that is the majority religion south of the Rio Grande.

    The RCC has no legal obligation to flag or round up for deporting any person. They are here to service the spirit and teach the Word of GOD. Not what you (General you -any reader) think it says but what it actually says and says over the WHOLE text not just your cut and paste version to fit your political view or bigoted interpretation.

    Most of us here report and claim to be libertarian minded Constitution following conservative type people and you want to “pass the buck” of failed immigration policy and lack of border enforcement off on the Catholic Church?
    That is the same ignorant argument the commies make about “a livable minimum wage” or ” the right to a job, education, medical treatment, and housing”.

    You sound just as rabidly STUPID with blaming a faith of only 20% of the US for the illegal immigration issue. Oh and BTW, about 46% of those Catholics usually vote for the same guys you have over the past 50 years!! Sometimes more!
    Bunch of fools the lot of you.

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  • [3] August 23, 2016 at 7:31pm

    Most churches do have English language classes as well as legal aid and citizenship workshops.
    Check it out. Isn’t hard to do a search with this new dangled internet type thing you are on.

  • [4] August 23, 2016 at 7:28pm

    Really. And you can this off which anti-Catholicism BS website created by some morn claiming to be a former Catholic that has “proof” that this Pope (ade was it one of the last twelve) is the anti-Christ and the Bible says the RCC is the “whore of Babylon” in the Book of Revelation??

    The largest places of Catholic missionary work is in Africa. The fastest growing Catholic congregations are in Africa. Indian families send their children (Hindi children) to Catholic private schools because the education is hands above public education in India.
    Catholic missionaries run more orphanages, more hospitals, more poverty outreach centers, and more medical/disaster aid missions than ANY other religion, even Mormons, and MOST of the tithe collected by churches around the world find these activities.
    The Vatican is in the red most years BECAUSE of these. They are not out making people into little commies, they are out SAVING their lives and restoring their spirit and hopefully leading them to Christ.
    Don’t confuse the Social Justice commies that might be Catholic and pervert the RCC message with the RCC or the Catholic teaching of INDIVIDUAL dedication to “caring for the least of these” as COMMANDED by Christ.

    Isn’t there ENOUGH HATE without being ignorant and foolish and spreading your bigoted BS paranoid won’t accept personal responsibility for your own faith CRAP?

    The RCC has no obligation to expel illegals. They DO have a GOD GIVEN ministry to share with them though.

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  • [1] August 11, 2016 at 8:15pm

    Why r u thumbing down? This is a legit question.
    By the views of a legalistic purist one would say all those jobs are “fake” because they are paid for with Local, State, and National government funds (collected taxes).
    But you see, the purist neglects to understand that the Public has decided, through their desire for an educated public, a safe neighborhood, and a secure nation to pay for these services making them LEGIT jobs.
    Now some towns still have volunteer fire and even police but the community supports and pays for these objects with building space and vehicles and through their time volunteered.
    Churches ran most schools until “compulsory” education took place but the Public face to their churches and the churches then set up schools and paid the teachers as a function of supporting the community.
    Even the military was and still is volunteer yet the volunteers were paid for their service out of respect and the necessity of keeping them around until the conflict ended.

    So saying that government “never” creates jobs and careers that are meaningful is JUST as ignorant and stupidly short sighted as saying government is responsible for the jobs created in the larger economy and private sector.

    The TRUTH is that some jobs ARE created by the duties that the Public gives to government on all levels. The Private sector is however only HURT by government with job growth. Purists on both sides need to PULL their HEADS out and stop being ignorant morons of reality.

  • [7] August 10, 2016 at 9:52pm

    This is PURE BS!
    I have lived in TX for 5 years now and when I registered and switched my address to TX I was also registered to vote. So just by LIVING LEGALLY in TX, you are registered and therefore able to vote, NO RESTRICTION.
    Once I registered they sent my voter registration card, which changes color periodically AND has the YEAR printed on it.
    I have voted with JUST my ID and JUST my registration card. They ask you to verify your address after you present your ID or card and EVEN when I was living at a different address then my license stated because I hadn’t changed it over yet, they STILL let me vote.
    About the ONLY way you can not be allowed to vote in TX is by handing them an ID with the wrong picture on it or NOT showing up to vote. AS long as you can tell them your name and address and it MATCHED what the computer voting list says, you get to VOTE!!..

    BS…PURE BS!! The 3 judge panel of the 5th Circuit must have been hand picked for being the most liberal POS judges on the court…

  • [5] August 8, 2016 at 4:40pm

    Trumps plan hear sounds like the plans of the Conservative and libertarian candidates that he beat out for the nomination. The whole plan sounds like combinations of Cruz and Paul with a little Fiorina and Rubio thrown in. He might say that it is adoption of the House GOP talking points but they have ALWAYS talked tough and done NOTHING on taxes and regulations.
    The regulation rollback, the repeal of Obama EOs, the tax code simplification, and everything else from this speech are the proposed policy points from Cruz and Paul.

    If this is how his handlers are hoping to have him reform his image and appeal to the libertarian and conservative minded members of the GOP maybe they should have him start with a Mia Copa and say “I am here to public apologize for all the complete LIES that I during the campaign about Ted Cruz, the offensive way I talked about Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina, and my disgusting behavior with ridiculing Marco Rubio. I am here to heal the wounds that I caused by acknowledging and accepting into my Administrations policies the best parts of their policies becaus they knew more, were more prepared, and understand the problems better than I did and do currently.”

    Maybe MAYBE then he will actually start to rise in the polls and have people think he can be Presidential and not just s loud mouth bully and see his highest unfavorablility numbers in history go down.

  • [1] August 8, 2016 at 4:24pm

    First southwest was hit with a power failure that managed to take out their main system here in Dallas and for some reason their backups didn’t fire up and recognize the outage as they are programmed to do automatically. Southwest doesn’t not know why they didn’t activate and still no results from the investigation made public. ( because they were hacked and don’t want to upset the FBI investigation or tip off the country – Russia or China – that pulled it off.

    So how Delta, a much bigger carrier that goes worldwide and has farms of servers in all their major hub locations has a power outage as well. Unfortunately none of the problems listed in the article other than the boarding pass printers and Self Check kiosks were related to power. Most of the flight info confusion and whacked out airport schedules are programming based and power flux wouldn’t mess with them ALL over the Delta worldwide footprint. That takes a coordinated effort to TARGET Delta systems en mass.

    This is the Summer Surprise gift for our election year. Russia dumps Clinton emails to help their Choosen President in Trump and the other hand creates havoc with our ability to travel worldwide. The US government gets exposed as hapless and helpless then nearer to the election the juicy dirt comes out exposing the Clinton Foundation corruption shattering what remains of the faith in our government to secure and protect us.

    This is warfare plain and simple and we already have lost.

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  • [2] August 8, 2016 at 2:24pm

    Uninformed and ignorant voters like junk man are how we got to the point of Hillary and Trump.
    Nobody needs a majority of the popular vote to win the Presidency junk man you idiot.!!

    It is all about the Electoral College. If a third party candidate or a series of them can win enough votes to pull enough Electoral votes from the Marxist Elitist power mad she male and the Wannabe Wise Guy Elitist Authoritarian then NOBODY gets the Presidency and it goes to the House for a vote where they can toss both of the Progressive POS from NYC out on their arses and give us someone that isn’t a crook, a liar, and A dictator in waiting. And yes those apply to both A holes running with the D And R after their names.

  • [3] August 7, 2016 at 4:43pm

    Ah Granny…you still are irrational in your support of Trump at all costs….

    Here you go…since Trump is all about polls when they show him up or gaining and hates them as biased or fake when he is losing…why not look at the AVERAGE of them all and get to the truth of the matter…

    Trump was as close as 3% at one time in the Average but now he has fallen back down to 7%. Some polls have him as far back as 15%.
    Now knowing that polls are inherently biased and taking the margin of error into account, it still means that Trump is behind. And if the 3rd party candidates are taken into account, Trump actually falls further behind while Clinton’s numbers stay stationary.
    Now if you want to be TRULY HONEST, you have to look at the predictions EVERYWHERE not just from the Trumpbart, Gateway to Trump, Trump treehouse, or Trudge sites….
    When you do that, you see that Clinton right now is a 3 to 1 favorite to win. You also have to be TRUTHFUL and recognize that Trump is DOING THIS TO HIMSELF with his mouth and IGNORANT ATTITUDE. He is ELITIST to the CORE!! He is just YOUR ELITIST!!

    You have to go back to Perot and 1992 to find a time when 12% of those Registered to Vote STILL pick NEITHER of the big 2 candidates. Make it a 3 or 4 way race and OVER 20%.. TWENTY…. pick NEITHER of the big 2 candidates.. That goes back to 1912 to find and Teddy splitting the GOP. FACT

  • [1] August 7, 2016 at 2:10am

    I call BS on cant.
    His post is dumb and shows he knows NOTHING about the huge section of the country he just mouth off about.
    Most people that will vote for Hillary or did vote for Obama and every other Dem candidate founders back 30 years are not even “Liberals” for the most part, they are just stuck in a world where the MSM didn’t lie or have bias for one side. Yes the MSM was probably always voting Dem but they didn’t preach that in every story. They were Woodward and Bernstein types, reporting the story with limited bias and opinion. Most Americans on BOTH sides are just now waking up to the fact that traditional MSM is very openly slanted and bias but that has only happened in the last 20 years.
    And even those that profess to be “Liberals” are not dumb they are just, until recently, hiding the fact that they actually LIKE Socialism better, as long as they run it. So not dumb just Marxist.
    Most politicians, like doctors and lawyers and teachers, go into the field to try and help how they think things should be. That goes for both sides. They get corrupted once in by the greed, power, and control or they get booted by the Power Elities when they won’t play ball. Even Ron Paul sold his soul and milked the system for lobbyist cash for his district.
    Now while educators might vote 80% for Dems, most -like 90% – keep their opinions OUT of instruction. They are PROFESSIONALS and act like it. A few loud mouths spoil it like a few bad cops get all the press.
    You are duped!

  • [3] August 1, 2016 at 9:59am

    Not saying anything about the Bernie supporters being replaced with plants. But on the Hillary behind by 20. PURE BS from a trump drone.

    I hate both these POS liberal Progressive big government elitist A Holes!! So don’t pull a “you are voting for Hillary” BS post with me. But you are reading to much Drumpge, Trumpbart, TreeTrump, and Gateway to Trump if you think he is 20 points ahead even with the MSM bias in reporting and most polls being liberal biased.

    At most trump is up by 4, even if you take bias and double that to 8, that is only in one poll. Clinton wins in all others. I would say the reality is that you are dead even at 40-42% each with the rest of us going 3rd party or not going to vote at all because they BOTH SUCK!!

    And when you actually take a REAL POLL and include Gary Johnson and other Independent choices BOTH Hillary and Trumo DROP under 40%. Trump barely pulls 35% with 3rd party involved and Clinton barely gets 38%.

    That means nearly 30% of Registered Voterd want neither of these two POS big government liberals as President. Never had that in the US since Perot in 1992 and then back to Teddy Roosevelt in 1912

  • [3] July 28, 2016 at 7:55pm

    Well let’s just take a little walk down history lane shall we and think without all the propaganda and vitriol.

    Clinton and Bush at times in their Presidency had approval numbers in the 80% range. That means that many opposing party voters at the time of polling actually supported the direction of the country and administration.

    I believe even Obama had high 60% approvals at some times of his term and many GOP “leadership” and “pundits” actually supported him publicly as well.

    So your thought that some if not most of the #nevertrump crowd will at some time support him isn’t far fetched. Even most of the Dem voters if he is President will at one time support him as well.
    Does that mean he has cross party appeal? Nope. As I stated, every President going back to Washington at some time in their term gets approval of a majority of the country.
    Will trump or Clinton get into the high 70-80% range? I doubt it but if you get 80% of your party and 50% of everyone else that puts you in the 60% range.
    At 80% of the GOP, Trump still will not be getting the true Constitutional Conservatives. He will just be getting the GOP no matter what crowd and the “go along to get along” crowd that want to keep their power and control.

    And if you like I will post a pic of my vote for neither of the two Progressive NY POS big government Libetals in the race.

  • [2] July 28, 2016 at 11:47am

    There are some really EASY ways to crack down on gun crimes.

    1. Use a gun, NO plea bargains on the gun charge. ie Robbery might get you 5 years but Robbery with a gun gets you 15. Pleas will be struck to ignore the gun and then the criminal does 2 years of the 5 with “good behavior” and parole.

    2. Pawn shops should not be allowed to buy or sell firearms unless they are an FFL and follow all FFL guidelines as well as filing a “change of ownership” form when they take in a firearm. When they sell the firearm, they should be required to have the buyer fill out the ATFE 4473 form and submit it to the FBI for criminal verification.

    3. Trace the guns used in crimes back to where they were sold and place those FFL’s on notice. 1 offense – warning. 2 offenses – strict observation. 3 offenses – FFL suspension

    To give you an idea of how this works….
    In Riverside County, CA (not all CA is liberal socialist scum) the people with the help of LEO got a “Gang member” statute passed. Any person that commits a crime and has ties to a known “Gang” or the crime is tied to a “Gang Leader” (direct or implied orders, initiation, etc.) has an additional charge tacked onto the penalty that CAN NOT be plead out. ie Car theft might get a person 2 years but that person was with 2 known gang members during the crime, a “Gang association” penalty of 5 years is tacked on to EACH crime committed.
    Result – DRAMATIC reduction of “gang” crime inside the county!! Nearly NONE!!

  • [14] July 28, 2016 at 11:07am

    Why is that? You are more “afraid” of your god than I am of mine.
    Your gods have to be vehemently and violently defended. Mine doesn’t.
    Your gods do not allow descent or difference of opinion. Mine does.
    Your gods slander, attempt to suppress, and ridicule. Mine doesn’t.

    Now before you say “I don’t have gods”, I will call BS preemptively.
    Your gods are money or science or power/control. Yes yes, I know, you will say, “No I just use logic and reason and don’t need some mysterious being in the sky to tell me how to run my life.” But see, a god is something in which you put your faith and belief. All your “evidence” that your “logic” tells you is based on “scientific opinions” of other men and women. You “believe” them to be Truth. And do not attempt to say “no it is science fact” because a FACT in Science is not TRUTH and many facts are actually variables. It is a FACT that I used to run a mile in under 4:45 but I can’t anymore. It is a FACT that the sky appears blue. 60 years ago Science and those that “believed” in its “truth” said that a Man could not run faster than a 4:00 mile. That was wrong and now high school students every year go under 4:00. Common people will call you a fool when you tell them the sky has no color, as does water, because they don’t understand Optics.

    See there are only 4 Truths in Science – the Laws of Physics – we call them Conservation of Energy, Thermodynamics, and Gravitation. Everything else is THEORY – OPINION!!

  • [4] July 26, 2016 at 2:45pm

    Lots of evidence just do some Google searches

    Not trump but the dirtbag Manafort that has been behind the last three GOP presidential candidates.

    Might not be just trump but does make some issues worth looking into despite being from a left leaning source

    Lots more out there if you really want to look

    Yes I know they are not the drudge or breath art or gateway or treehouse or even Fox pro trump sites that bend over for him at his whistle but just because you don’t like the source doesn’t mean they are lying.

    I actually think trump sees himself as the US Putin and will rule like Putin, minus the killing of dissent but I can see trump financially killing anyone that goes against him or socially killing them or character assassination. He has a LIFETIME of doing this

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  • [8] July 26, 2016 at 2:07pm

    There are certain things that the VA does great. They have burn wards and rehabilitation centers for those missing body parts. Walt Reed is excellent.
    And not every VA hospital is a crap hole. The VA on Wilshire in Los Angeles was awesome and has a beautiful campus.
    I agree that the majority of the VA could be closed by giving the Vets a “wounded warrior” ID card and have a Vet database that says which medical services they get for free and which injuries were caused by combat situations or On Duty assignments.
    That would take 90% of Vets out of the VA and into the private sector leaving more resources and time to deal with the traumatic brain injuries/PTS issues, amputies, and permanently disabled Vets that require 24/7 hospital care.

    Having a PTS son with back, knee, and hearing lose issues due to combat (2 tours), I have some issues with the VA as does he but if you are stern with them and not afraid to complain LOUDLY, they get straight really quick.

  • [10] July 26, 2016 at 1:24pm

    The best think about Rubio was his statements on why he didn’t support the exceptions to abortion. He at least is truly living his Catholic Faith.
    The main thing that non Catholics don’t get about the Church teachings on the subject is that they do not condemn the women that get abortions. They LOVE them and minister to them and try and educate them about GODs Will.
    The Church leaves Judgement of a woman that has an abortion, those that engage in pre/extra marital sex (gay sex as well), and those that take part in or support those actions and people to Jesus Christ and GOD.
    Pope Francis tried to clarify this and many in the MSM, the conservative movement, and on here all claimed he was “changing” Church teaching on same sex marriage and abortion. They painted him as agreeing with the Progressive EVIL in society. All he was trying to do was make sure that Catholics understood we do not condemn, ostricize, or withhold the Love of Christ and GOD from these people. We are called to Love them and minister to them and bring them to a relationship with Christ. Then HE can forgive them or judge them.

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  • [11] July 26, 2016 at 12:18pm

    To coin a phrase “where’s the beef?” Or in this case proof? Perry endorsed Cruz for President and he backed Cruz when he was Gov.
    Cruz still has a nearly 60% rating in TX which is a 55-45 State so he is even pulling Dems to his side.
    TX is still a conservative state even if it is not pure Republican even the Dems here for the most part are social conservatives and many fiscal as well. They are true Kennedy Democrats not the socialist progressive POS democrats we have in power now. Yes there are still liberal progressive POS Dems and Reps in TX but they are few.
    TX is like the mirror of CA which is a 55-45 democrat state but the common people are most moderate. While TX seems to have a more conservative legislature than its people, CA is more liberal than the people.
    Both sides bad mouth TX as hick redneck racist GOPers or CA as Hollywood LGBT loving Progressive socialists but that is just as invalid as the TX characterization.
    Being born and raised in CA and now a Texan, the two peoples are much more in line with each other on all but a few points like guns and gay marriage but that is the beauty of the USA isn’t it.
    If the political A holes on both sides would GTFO of the way, WE the People would have this nation on track in weeks.
    Live and Let Live is still what 80% of us believe in.
    If we don’t focus on that we are all done no matter which Progressive POS we elect in November.

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  • [18] July 26, 2016 at 11:54am

    That is because Texas is in flux. We can always open carry long guns and there was even a time when everyone could open carry hand guns. Now the state limited open carry without a permit to revolvers made before 1900 and replicas of those types. If you have a LCH now you can open or conceal carry any handgun but that was just starting in 2016. TX does have reciprocity with 30 states but open carry is only for TX LCH holders.
    There is still a big constitutional carry movement on TX but now even arts of the state GOP are fighting it.
    Also TX does not have the hunting community that the MidWest has despite its size. TX also is more heterogeneous with lots of influx of non native Texans. Most are from states with stricter gun laws and it takes years to reprogram the brain to the TX culture.
    Me. I moved here because of it. I had my first set of guns within 18 months and now have an NRA RSO license. When I can I will get my LCH
    Many Texans don’t even know, native or not, that they can carry in their vehicle without a LCH. The only thing that stops me is my employer doesn’t allow them on the property even in the parking lot (schools own their lots).
    But what they don’t know might stop me from being killed. Job or my life, I pick my life and that of my coworkers and students.

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