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  • [3] May 26, 2016 at 10:37am

    Reminds me of the rage that was the Vend-o-Mat machines back in the 1940-1960 era and even to a degree still today in Japan. Just walls and walls of little windows with coin slots and buttons to push and out pops the sandwich, drink, and chips. You can have 1 person cook all night to put make and stock the Vend-o-mat and then leave…why have full or even part time employees there all day taking orders and cooking…

    So your fries are hard and what..
    So you have to heat up your own food in the microwave in the Vend-o-Mat lobby…so what..
    But HEY…that ONE GUY is making his “livable wage”…he will also probably be the owner/operator or if he is lazy, he can hire a College Engineering Grad to man the station for him….at $15/hr…

  • [26] May 25, 2016 at 4:44pm

    Right there with ya…
    but take it one step further
    REFUSE to even acknowledge the Court Decisions that will eventually come down saying you are wrong…
    This will only cost the States’ millions in court if they GO to the Court…
    Now if a State Court has a suit filed, then YES they have to go and defend themselves, it is after all, their State Court system.
    All of these cases….the Gay Marriage, the Bathroom Issue, and any other POWER delegated to the States….just walk into the US Circuit or District or Supreme Court and when they ask for your “argument” on the issue simply state…

    “Your Honors, the State of …….. does not recognize your authority in these matters under Article I Section 8-10 of the Constitution and Amendment 9 and 10 of the Constitution Bill of Rights. If the non Federal Government parties would like to file suit in our State Courts, we will gladly defend ourselves. Until that time, good day your Honors”
    And then turn around and WALK OUT! right down the stairs to the waiting press conference and explain yourselves…even READ Article I Section 8-10 and Amendment 9 and 10…and then LEAVE…no questions at all.

    Do this to EVERY court case that deviates from the Enumerated Powers of Congress and the Federal Government. Don’t even bother to spend the money trying to fight in the Federal Courts. All they can do is try to deny funding to the States.. FINE…just DON’T send the taxes to them the States have to collect on the Fed’s behalf..solved!!

  • [1] May 25, 2016 at 12:51pm

    this is 1960′s all over again…

    if Clinton wins…the diehard Trumpers will gear up and hunker down awaiting for Clinton to do anything they think violates the Constitution…really or not…and call for “armed insurrection”….resulting in Congress clamping down on guns, ammo, and free speech and assembly rights…which makes it worse…then Bundy style standoffs and protests start and then it only takes ONE IDIOT with a gun to start another Boston Massacre… then chaos and cities will burn…

    if Trump wins…the BLM/OWS/Anonymous goon squads will be paid and set loose in the inner cities, businesses will be shut down as racist because they won’t pay $15/hr plus full leave and health benefits…then the inner cities will burn when all the “good” people that still remain there and have businesses there clear out leaving only the Welfare takers, the druggies, the gang bangers, and the paid thugs to loot and burn the rest..Trump will then “force” Congress to act and crush the (insert derogatory comment and vile name here) which will spread the destruction to the surrounding suburbs…

    Either way…the Good, Honest, Hard working people and those that truly need help and assistance to get back on their feet…will be left without a place to go as they get squeezed in between the warring factions….

    Clinton or Trump…same out come….national martial law and suspension of Rights so that ORDER can be returned…Constitution will die with a whimper as it is BURNED…

  • May 25, 2016 at 11:51am


    You are right about the Fed and the Dept of Ed…absolutely…

    States can do this IF they wish under the Constitution. You might not want them too or agree with it or like it…but then you can move to a State that doesn’t and that you agree with.
    Local schools have ALWAYS been around…the town/community set up a basic school in the church usually and children were educated to about the 6-8 grade level in Math, Reading, Writing, and basic History.
    Ben Franklin started the first “public university” – University of Pennsylvania – long before he was ever a Founding Father, which would have educated students from ages 16-20 in Liberal Studies (Classic Literature, Philosophy, basic Business/Entrepeneurship, and Religious and World History).

    Outlawing Local and State involvement in Education is JUST as tyrannical as the FED forcing you into their system…Each community and State should be able to decide for itself whether a private, public, or mixed system works best.

    Trust me…if you simply let everything be “private” and based on competition, you will be right back in the same place in a few decades.

  • [1] May 25, 2016 at 11:41am

    1 – Do you have children? And if so, do you dress them or did you when they were little or did you let them run outside BUCK NAKED even when you went to the store, school, or a restaurant? Were you “acting like prison” and a tyrant??

    2 – Have you been to a school with and without uniforms? Have you seen the difference it makes UNIVERSALLY in discipline, student treatment of each other and staff, respect, pride, and even less pressure on students from social factors that allow them to FOCUS more on Education and Learning?

    3 – Jesus could have been born to a troop of Cannibalistic Atheists bent on world destruction and turned out fine, he was the Son of GOD and KNEW the Will of the Father.

    4 – If you have daughters, younger sisters, or female friends…do you want males looking at the crack in front or back and commenting on it or do you want those males to treat them with RESPECT and CIVILITY? How about just a piece of meat with holes they would like to poke?? Women do not have to have “skin tight” ANYTHING on to look pretty or sexy or attractive. Gym clothes BELONG in the gym! It isn’t about being overly “religious” or “prudish”…it is about being APPROPRIATE to the environment… If you wouldn’t wear it to a JOB, then DO NOT wear it to school!

    And as someone that deals with it DAILY…some of these girls look like the only job they want is the Oldest Profession on the planet…if you don’t want to be treated like it and called it, DON’T LOOK LIKE IT!!

  • [5] May 25, 2016 at 11:28am

    ober….get real…or get out of the basement…one of the two…

    yes…some fast food places where $15 livable wages are coming are looking into automation as a way to reduce costs and employees…good..teach the government IDIOTS a lesson…but then they will just TAX and REGULATE the robots once the “protected classes” cry and whine about getting sent to unemployment.

    as for Uniforms eliminating anything…REALLY??

    the Military all wear uniforms…someone makes them (China now actually)
    LEO agencies from City Police to State Troopers all wear uniforms…someone makes them
    Athletic teams….
    Mechanics…on all types of vehicles…
    Bus drivers…
    Airline pilots and stewards/stewardesses…
    nearly every private K-12 school and many publics already use uniforms…many made here in the USA…but most in China…like Trumps clothing line that doesn’t sell very well..
    in fact…if you want to be technical…virtually EVERY Fortune 1000 company has a “uniform” dress code… Business Attire…blouse/dress shirt, slacks/skirt, tie, jacket…

    Uniforms are ALL OVER society in all sectors of the Work Force…the fact that SO MANY people are resistant to putting them in schools is simply LUDICROUS… Many of the same bleeding hearts that claim “uniforms stifle children’s creativity and individuality” or “the government just wants to indoctrinate them into Nazi Youth” need to go and PAY ATTENTION to their workplace and EVERY morning when they get up and dress..

  • [8] May 25, 2016 at 10:00am

    They are currently one of the National best in Football every year.
    His policies were adopted DISTRICT WIDE after the 4 year period.
    Test scores, discipline, attendance, and EVERY other indicator you can think of ROSE for the every school in the district.
    The Long Beach Poly model is now used Nation Wide as an example of how to run a school and a district along with the Harlem Prep model (also ran and turned around by an old school Black man) where the Principal did expel kids, he just suspended them AND he treated school like their job. They were “paid” once a Semester a percentage of the money the State and FED gave the school based on Attendance, called the ADA. If you missed 1 day, for ANY reason, you lost ALL “pay” up to that point and had to start over from ZERO. The ONLY punishment for discipline, class disruption, cell phone use violation, or breaking ANY school dress code or other rule was 1 Day Suspension or more.
    Some of the kids didn’t believe him until those first checks were handed out in a school wide assembly at the end of the first semester. There were near ZERO problems with dress or behavior by the end of the second semester.

    NOT everything that educators and administrators do is to INDOCTRINATE children into the Progressive mindset. Some of us actually DO CARE greatly and DO OUR BEST – regardless of personal ideology – to EDUCATE about our subject material even OVER AND ABOVE the State curriculum (yes, even Morality and Ethics and Character!!)

  • [29] May 25, 2016 at 9:51am

    to ANYONE that thinks “uniforms” are some sort of government control BS or turning kids into little NAZI brownshirts… GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A SS!!..

    there are plenty…PLENTY of studies…both done with control and simply EMPIRICAL evidence from schools that have adopted them…that PROVES a Uniform Dress Code that INCLUDES “standardized clothing” IMPROVES learning, IMPROVES test scores, and IMPROVES student discipline, respect for peers and staff, and focus in the classroom.

    a case in point… Long Beach Poly in Long Beach, CA was the WORST school in the district and couldn’t keep staff or administration on campus, everyone wanted to leave due to the absolutely ABYSMAL performance of the school on testing and the thuggery/gangland attitude of the students. The district did not know what to do and upon hiring yet another Principal agreed to his demands.
    He was a old school Black man, educator and administrator for decades that came OUT of retirement to take over the school. He agreed ONLY on the condition that he have COMPLETE control over Staff, Curriculum, and Student Conduct.
    1st thing he did – FULL DRESS UNIFORMS – school Polo ONLY for top, khaki or dark pants and knee length shorts or skirts ONLY.
    2nd – he immediately FIRED any Staff that did not enforce the dress code
    3rd – he EXPELLED any student that did not follow the dress code

    In 4 years, Long Beach Poly was a MODEL for the nation in Athletics, Academics, and Discipline

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  • [23] May 23, 2016 at 4:30pm

    umm…NO pastor…you are totally off base…

    @cish…right there with you…

    Yes, GOD, through the Holy Spirit, CAN speak to us in our hearts and as our Conscience when we pray or listen…that is true pastor…
    BUT…the times that the Bible talks about GOD “speaking” to people…HE IS SPEAKING…HIS VOICE!! WITH WORDS!!..

    GOD WALKED in the Garden with Adam..TALKING to him…because before the Fall of Man… Man could hear and see and be near GOD without suffering from HIS Majesty and Power…
    just like when Jesus ascended into Heaven and the Disciples were BLINDED by the Light….the POWER of GOD is something that we can not bare in the flesh any longer due to OUR SINS….

    Moses was there HEARING GOD at the Bush and the Mountain….GOD even told him that HE is there on the wind as well as RIGHT THERE with Moses at the time, talking to him.

    There are nudges, feelings, insight, helping guide us down a path…but there is also the BOOMING voice from ON HIGH that kinda scares the crap out of you as well as makes you understand and listen and be in awe….

    What is it with pastors today trying to humanize GOD and explain HIM in “simple terms” to people…haven’t be already GIVEN UP enough!!…now even the pastors are after us to give up more…?? I smell another book in the pastors future….prosperity teaching false faith leaders..!!

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  • [5] May 23, 2016 at 4:21pm

    And just so your small little lizard brain understands…

    NO…Trump is not my guy
    NO….Hillary is not my guy either…she should be in prison or worse, in front of a firing squad for treason…along with nearly half of the Members of Congress, the Obama Administration, and the US Court system….Trump right with her for his DECADES of cronyism and bribery of the system to his own ends…
    NO….when I vote 3rd Party…like the MILLIONS of others that have every year going back to this countries FOUNDING….I will not be a “traitor” or “voting for Hillary” nor “voting for Trump”…
    I WILL be voting my Principles, my Conscience, my GOD, and FOR my Country, Family, and Future…and AS ALWAYS…if my guy doesn’t win, I will prepare for the worst and hope for the best, AS IS OUR American Nature.

    You implying ANYTHING else, overtly or covertly, makes YOU the PROBLEM, even if your turd of a candidate wins….and until you get your HEAD out of Trump’s A SS and realize that VARIETY is a NECESSITY for us to survive and thrive….that CIVIL and LIVELY debate is NECESSARY for us to survive and thrive…that being a Patriot means standing for the CONSTITUTION not a Party or its candidate……you will CONTINUE to be the PROBLEM!!

  • [6] May 23, 2016 at 4:13pm

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAA….oh wait…sccoope the poop there was trying to be serious??

    contrary to the Beck hating sycophants on here….most that come here do not and have NEVER walked lock step with Beck or any other commentator…
    Yet…just because we have not GOOSE STEPPED to Der Trump-en-fuehrer, we have been called every name in the book that used to be reserved for the Progressive Liberals in both parties that wanted to destroy the Constitution and seize lasting power for themselves.
    When we pointed out over and over again that Trump was in bed with these same power hungry Oligarchs for the last 40 years, we were again blasted for being “fake conservatives” and “closet Liberals” and “supporters of Hillary.” Despite that amount of evidence provided or even the video and audio files of the man himself ADMITTING to playing both sides of issues for his own gain, we are still vilified and said to be “cult followers” of Glenn. Even when Trump himself has admitted that his policies are only “starting points for negotiations”, many STILL blindly follow him and blast anyone that does not agree to as well.
    Apparently people do not understand the TRUE nature of this country…the Republican nature of this county…the “every Man able to VOTE his conscience” ideals of this country…regardless if you feel that someone’s vote not for your candidate is correct or not… THEY STILL HAVE THE RIGHT to cast it!! You blaming them for your guy’s FAILURE to change that vote is VILE!

  • [6] May 23, 2016 at 3:59pm

    Or smart enough!!
    Trump is a Populist and a Nationalist and a Warhawk…he wants to bomb the crap out of everybody that doesn’t do what he wants…he wants to rule by fiat with no rule of law except what he believes…if you don’t believe like he believe, you are ridiculed and demonized….hmmm…who seemed to follow the EXACT path as that in history???
    Harding and Coolidge…NOPE…
    Truman…Eisenhower…Kennedy…Reagan…NOPE and NOPE!!..

    Maybe some other countries…Thatcher..No…Churchill..NOPE……

    Sounds more like a German leader..

    But aside from that…
    Trump will pick a RINO and then when/if he loses he will blame the Establishment and the RINOs and the “Conservative Constitution” people that refuse to vote for him… typical Trump fashion…then he will go back to NYC and start donating to the Clintons again…

  • [7] May 23, 2016 at 3:23pm

    She is a bull dy ke actually….
    It is even more amusing when you think about it…
    There were once rumors that Vin Diesel was flaming gay…and so in the Fast and Furious series you would have had two main leads, both gay, whose characters get it on hot and heavy on screen….

    I don’t think Vin is actually but it would have been kinda funny if he was….

    And yeah…she isn’t in the movies for the same number of minutes or with the same amount of air time and she isn’t a BIG NAME that puts people in the seats…she is basically a Bond Girl…and they NEVER would make what Connery or Moore made.. you are not the star…you are a support character…I am sure that Xibit and Tyrese didn’t make what Vin and Walker made either….

  • [16] May 23, 2016 at 3:17pm

    these people are IDIOTS….all of Disney cartoons are based on legend, myth, and folklore of SPECIFIC cultures around the world…they just ADAPT the storylines and make them good for sing a long songs and dance numbers….but they FOLLOW the general fairy tale story line that is ALREADY written down….
    Snow White
    Sleeping Beauty
    Song of the South
    Beauty and the Beast
    Little Mermaid
    The Princess and the Frog

    ALL KNOWN FAIRY TALES AND MYTHS of cultures ALREADY written down!
    Even the ones in the making…the Hawaiian and another Native American “princess” are ALL KNOWN to those cultures….

    If Disney just “made Elsa gay” to appease the LBGT A hole community NAZIs then the Nordiac People of the world should rise up and SUE Disney and the Gay Mafia Nazi crowd for PERVERTING and SLANDERING their culture, heritage, and national pride.

    If they want a perverted child molesting ***** for a “princess”, tell them to just make a cartoon about one of their “friends” that works in Vegas in any of the shows with female impersonators…heck, they already have RuPaul and Bruce Jenner….aren’t they “princess” enough for them…

  • [7] May 23, 2016 at 12:49pm

    no…not really…
    you have to remember who he is and what he did for a large portion of his life and what he does not…
    he is an Ultra Athlete.
    Think Michael Phelps…during the height of his training he was eating 8000-10000 calories a day that included nearly a dozen eggs, meats, and carbs….and he was long, lean, and cut…
    SEALs are the same way…4 hours a day of weight and cardio training….working out all day at the range or doing Mission Sims….they are probably putting down 4000 + calories a day and feel starved…
    when I was in my prime running condition, I ate 5 meals a day…about every 3 hours while up….I had near zero body fat and was trying to gain weight but couldn’t…
    once I stopped competing and coaching and got married with kids and driving an hour or more each way for work….I finally put on that weight and now it won’t come off….
    I also have issues with too much dairy causing reflux and a host of other “allergic” reactions to certain foods…
    None of that was present while I was fit and at the top of my form….

    this guy still works his butt off every day training and is an MMA guy…
    sort of like the farmers that would smoke, drink, eat eggs/bacon/ham and carbs all day every day but work from before sun up to after sun down…and live to 100….

    it isn’t just all diet…it is work habit and body metabolism and genetics…that is why the FDA should STFO of my kitchen!!

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  • [2] May 23, 2016 at 11:54am


    My prints have been on file with the FBI for 20 years now – work related…they and the NSA have enough on me to put me away until the Sun goes NOVA…. let them come…Beat the SNOT out of the babysitter and dump her on her parent’s doorstep with a note saying “I abused a baby and nearly killed it because I am mentally unstable and worthless”

    and besides…you know Hillary has been telling everyone all the crap she does it basically my fault since Monica and her stained blue dress…so I am surprised I have survived this long…nobody has cut my brake lines or audited my taxes or nothing…

  • [4] May 23, 2016 at 11:48am


    well…NO…not according to this law….if the “abused” can not VERBALIZE that they felt pain or were abused then no charges can be filed unless there is evidence of grievance physical harm that the victim suffered an impairment.

    So…if you BEAT the SNOT out of the babysitter after coming home, finding her asleep, the baby screaming and bruised….as long as she can’t VERBALIZE who did it….. so as long as she can’t speak after you BEAT the SNOT out of her or hear or think enough to respond coherently….seems you are good…

    So basically this “law” is telling an abuser to make sure that the victim is rendered completely unable to respond and communicate and then EVEN if they do catch you and you CONFESS, they have to drop the charges….

    OH…and MURDER is not long MURDER if you simply claim that you were performing a POST UTERAL Abortion…or an AFTER BIRTH Abortion…….AWESOME Right???

  • [5] May 23, 2016 at 11:36am


    there was a time when GOD did intervene directly in the affairs of Man…
    with Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac
    with Lott and Sodom and Gamorra
    with Jacob and Joseph taken the People of GOD into exile in Egypt
    with Moses and the Pharaoh and taken the People of GOD out of exile in Egypt
    for the time in the desert when HE went before them as a Pillar of Fire and a Cloud
    for CENTURIES GOD went WITH HIS People even when they repeatedly turned and fell and screwed up and did EVIL….HE would forgive and set them straight and help them to move on with guidance from the Prophets and HIS anointed leaders…

    but there came a time…when Israel was in strife due to NOT following GOD and his anointed leaders and Prophets…and they CRIED OUT to HIM for a King..someone to RULE them on Earth and tell them what was and was NOT legal to do…they were PRIDEFUL, LAZY, CONCEITED, HEDONISTIC, and MATERIALISTIC (sound familiar)… and even though GOD’s Prophet told them ‘you do not want a king other than GOD in Heaven’, they CONTINUED to cry out for one…so GOD gave them what they wanted!!

    And, as they say, the REST is History!! GOD’s Chosen (Jew and Christian) are now BURDENED and CURSED with the Sin’s of their Fathers to be RULED by the Laws of Man NOT the Laws of GOD and SUFFER under them and STRUGGLE to live as HE commands, through Jesus Christ, until we enter into Eternal Life with Christ in Heaven.

    Ain’t FREE WILL a B ITCH!!

  • [2] May 20, 2016 at 12:35pm

    As a Catholic…that REALLY… REALLY…was F’ing funny East…LOL….

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  • [1] May 20, 2016 at 12:33pm

    You really should read some history….
    Now maybe they were co-existing on “unequal terms” but there was co-existence in the Middle East for nearly 300 years after Constantine and Christian rule…even after the Arabs and Islam took control in the last 600′s, there was co-existence and actually and INCREASE in the Jewish population in Jerusalem…through the Crusades and into the 1200′s, there was still co-existence…

    YES…there were times of VIOLENT PURGE…by Christians and Muslims against each other and the Jews….Christians actually were MORE VIOLENT then Muslims to the Jews at least…

    That doesn’t mean that things are not violent at times… Persian/Iran actually has a LARGE Jewish population and has for many centuries…despite what the government preaches about the Great and Little Satans…there are pockets of Christians in Lebanon (once a wholly Christian nation as was much of Syria) and the Kurdish regions of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria.

    Once you take a lot of the Geo-Political BS out of the picture and just get down to Bob living next to Akmed living next to Abraham…people “co-exist” pretty DAM N well….it is only on the macroscopic governmental Nation level that fights break out…people just want to be people, live their lives in private, and be left along to co-exist….

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