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  • [10] October 2, 2015 at 3:27pm

    Jason, Sessions of Texas, Louie Gohmert, Trey, Hunter of CA, and maybe a half dozen others are the ONLY choices…anlyone else will just be another ***** 2.0.. McCarthy is a stooge in training and always was….

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  • [4] October 2, 2015 at 3:24pm

    Beck and Levin have actually been on each others shows. They found out that there were “other” forces inside the Conservative wing of the GOP and the Establishment that were perpetuation the feud between Beck, Hannity, and Levin. The three had a little get together and worked out any problems and now are friends. Beck actually talks VERY highly of Levin all the time.

  • [3] October 2, 2015 at 3:15pm

    have carried a 3′ pocket knife on me since the 8th grade…..used to take it onto airplanes as well…only person I have ever hurt with it is myself in the past 30 years. wasn’t until 2006 that some TSA A-hole made me either return to my car, check the knife as baggage, or throw it out. Usually I would just wear my boots and slide it down them but then they made you start taking off your shoes too, so that ended that.

    Maybe someone should pull their heads out of their A**** and tell the TSA and school folks that unless I poke you in the ear, eye, or cut your wrists with it, a pocket knife blade CAN’T reach any vital organs…that is why 3.5′ is the legal limit for a blade, unless you have a CWP.

    Granted…don’t tell the TSA but with my education and knowledge…and even their limit to 3.5 oz of fluid in each container…I can get enough liquid on a plane to make a chemical bomb or explosive that would leave nothing for ash of the plane…IDIOTS!! Get rid of the “SCARY” things and the SHEEP will stop thinking there is a problem and go back to sleep..

    IDIOTS…idiots like Snowblown and Obama…one and all….

  • [6] October 2, 2015 at 3:06pm

    Snowie..little snowie….you poor poor deluded misguided ignorant hack…

    First – even strong 2nd Amendment advocates and gun owners have NO problem with special licenses (Class 3) for automatic weapons, military grade weapons (like launchers and grenades), and items that are collectible due to their HISTORIC nature, like tanks and war planes. IN FACT…those regulations are ALREADY in place and have been since the 1930′s! You dolt!!
    THAT is what Scalia was talking about. ANY weapon that I can carry on my person that is semi-automatic should be LEGAL without question whether I want to OPEN CARRY or CONCEAL CARRY.
    Go watch 1950′s and 1960′s TV you dullard! How many shows have little 8-10 year old Johnny Public carrying a BB gun or a 22 rifle down the Main Street along with his fishing pool and all his buddies around him and yet NOBODY was killed by accident nor did Johnny start BLASTING away because someone hurt his little feelings. In fact, the towns folk not only say “hey Johnny, you going hunting and fishing?” or something similar, NOBODY running for cover or the police or in fear that a BIG BAD GUN is in public.

    You sound like a complete IDIOT…and that goes for all gun control NUTS like Obama and the establishment DNC crowd (not the common Dem folk, just the Commie activists in the party). This PATHETIC notion that “no guns means safe” is a MARXIST doctrine being forced on society by the HIPPIE Movement of the 1960′s. Go back to your COMMUNE, you fool.

  • [1] September 25, 2015 at 3:30pm

    Right there with you FLA…JP II spent his life trying to unite the factions of Christianity, to rebuild the Body of Christ and he did it largely with Reagan and Thatcher all while bringing down the USSR.

    All Francis knows is the corrupt version of captialism…cronyism actually, that he saw in Argentina. His only info on world issues comes from the “advisors” he surrounds himself with, many who also have never really been out in the world beyond the Vatican walls.
    To his credit and all the critics ignorance of Francis….he has still upheld the RCC’s devotion to LIFE in all stages. He also has recognized that capitalism has freed more people from poverty and slavery than any other economic model (just release in a paper a few months ago, look it up).
    But largely, he is naive of the “Real world” and being played by what others are telling him is “accepted science”.

  • [2] September 25, 2015 at 3:24pm

    Ok…even for a Jack – A troll..that was funny….
    That is a truly idiotic thing for Wayne to say.. OF COURSE a world leader is not going to fly coach. He has a staff that comes with him and security from the Swiss Guard. He needs a chartered plane and that security needs to follow him, hence the SUVs…
    This really is an idiotic statement from Root and anyone else that wants to bash the RCC due to their “wealth” which even Root was compelled to say comes from DONATIONS of wealth Catholics and that material wealth (land, art, literature, etc.) is DONATED with the caveat it CAN’T be sold for ANY reason…it has to be preserved for all time and history.

  • [3] September 25, 2015 at 3:13pm

    Really…DevGru? nah…female informants maybe or maybe Naval Intelligence officers or CIA deep covers but the female personnel would just drop the intel and the the F out of the way when the boys roll in for the heavy stuff. The only way into DevGru is to be recommended by a majority of your SEAL brothers and ONLY have 5-7 years “in country” where you are gone nearly 300 days a year to the deepest, darkest, nastiest places on this planet where NOBODY is your friend and they ALL want you dead.
    Delta is tough…they pull from Rangers and Berets and even Marine Recon at times…but SEALs is a WHOLE other world and DevGru (Team 6) is the ELITE of the veteran elite. They are the guys that can eat steel and piss nails all with a smile and while making you think you are the toughest, smartest guy they know.
    All SEALs think – HONESTLY believe – that they are immortal, indestructible, immovable yet all SEALs to a man part the seas when DevGru gets on the seen.

    So yeah, female operators from other agencies or intel might be used to gather info before a mission and then give it to JSOC but they aren’t on the group when the heat is called in other than maybe to point in the direction of the target and then turn and run the other way.

    Sorry ladies – and I am saying this a as dad with a young girl that wants to be a Sea Hawk pilot to fly the SEALs to and from missions but I would NEVER want her on the ground with them because they would DIE to save her instead of the mission.

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  • [9] September 25, 2015 at 3:01pm

    Actually, there is a BIG myth about the women in Israel. They tried integrated combat units and it FAILED big time so they separated the ladies into their own combat units but they RARELY use them for anything other than guard duty/border patrol. Yes they have pilots that are integrated with the men but “boots on the ground” didn’t work and nearly got them massacred so they had to separate the ladies out.

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  • [7] September 25, 2015 at 2:57pm

    Well technically, the woman would first have to pass the SEAL Physical Fitness test before they even get to In-Doc and then to BUDS.
    There are guys that train for YEARS just to pass the Physical Fitness test. If you do get to In-Doc, you only get 3 TRIES in your career, 1 if you are an officer, to make it all the way through the 8 months of BUDS.
    Read “Lone Survivor” and how Luttrel goes into detail about BUDS and what it was like. He literally had me in tears thinking about what these Men go through and sacrifice to get that Trident, and when he talked about the Operation Red Wing I had to stop reading several times.
    If some woman wants to try, let her but she had better KNOW what it means and not cry foul when a hardliner Chief gets in her face and tells her how pathetic she is and to just “RING THAT BELL.”

    Of those that can even get past the fitness test and then get picked for BUDS, 75% drop out during In-Doc before Hell Week even starts and then another 50% are dropped during the next 5 1/2 days of Hell Week. I believe Luttrel said that 289 where with him at In-Doc but only like 89 made it to BUDS and they were in the 40′s after Hell Week. (If you don’t know, In-Doc is a two week physical fitness training course before they even let you hit BUDS and most of these guys come in with the top 1% physical fitness in the world. Basically you do pushups, situps, crunches, planks, run, swim, and eat surf and sand for 2 weeks, then they get TOUGH on you.)

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  • September 24, 2015 at 4:51pm

    that is funny…
    you all biotch and whine…piss and moan…about the site and how Glenn is responsible…

    Glenn doesn’t not ***** about this website or how it works or why…I doubt he even knows or cares about the ads and video crap….Glenn is so ADD that he is trying to get 50 different projects to press and print and video at the same time that they take YEARS when they should take months….
    Where is the storybook show?
    Where are the made for Beck TV movies he promised?
    Where are the shows about something besides news or commentary?
    Where are all the family friendly “Little House on the Prairie” “Leave it to Beaver” shows that Glenn promised would change TV?

    The fact that you all want to cry about him and how he destroys this site is laughable if not pathetic. There is a Blaze online media team that runs this site and the entire news wing of TheBlaze. THEY are the ones that are in charge of day to day stuff and even long term stuff here. THEY screwed up the online media player code. THEY run all the ads to generate revenue (capitalism boys…capitalism, understand).

    Anyone with HALF a clue has been running Ghostery, Blur/DNT, Noscript, AdBlock Plus or a host of other plugins that clear out the ads and vids and junk for YEARS now….

    Stop your whining…it just makes you look petty and lame…or at the best uninformed about how things work..after all, if we are all such US Patriots and love capitalism, why cry about it when it doesn’t do what you like?

  • [-2] September 24, 2015 at 4:40pm

    NOPE..Sorry…you got it all backward….
    Fox and Trump are PLAYING US!!
    This whole conflict was manufactured to drum up viewers for the first debate, keep Trump in the news headlines since he has ZERO SUBSTANCE, and drive the GOP Establishment back to Fox.
    Ailes and Trump are playing everyone. These little “meetings” are scheduled and planned to put money in BOTH of their pockets. Trump knows that once the clown show is over (the bottom 5-6 candidates drop out due to NO POLL NUMBERS and no cash) that he will have to battle Bush, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, and Carly on substance and will get STUFFED. As it stands now, Trump will probably lose Iowa and maybe New Hampshire as well and South Carolina doesn’t look happy either. That will be the end of him and he will bow out or more than likely stay in just to puff up his chest and strut around like a rooster in a henhouse.
    Ailes knows that as long as Trump is bashing the GOP and he can gin up controversy with O’Reily, Kelly, or anyone else on staff, the Establishment types will rally to Fox and tout how they are being sensible and reasonable and level headed. Even the other cable networks will talk about them.

    This is brilliant marketing on both their parts and it is all just another Fox TV reality show nightmare for the rest of us, well except for all the kool-aid drinkers that are only for Trump because he talks bad about the GOP, forget that he doesn’t believe what they believe.

  • [7] September 24, 2015 at 2:51pm

    When a Catholic talks about “our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development,” they ARE talking ab out Abortion. The RCC and Catholics (not Pelosi, Biden Catholics but ACTUAL church going members of the Faith) has ALWAYS talked about Abortion in terms of protecting human life at every stage of development. This is also the OFFICIAL RCC position on euthanasia/assisted suicide cases, Capital Punishment, and enslavement for any reason (labor/sex/drug trafficking).
    Catholics have pioneered the Right to Life movement – which again includes more than just Abortion.
    And YES, this Pope or any Pope/Cardinal/Bishop/Priest does not recognize national borders because they identify as a Child of GOD BEFORE they identify as a citizen of a man made country. Now they also are not stupid so they acknowledge that countries and corporations do exist but they still believe that even these man made entities should follow the Golden Rule and the Word of GOD in all they do.
    This is why from a political point of view having a leader of ANY Faith calling for governments to intercede is rip for claims of Socialism/Communism/Marxism (funny because all of those HATE and DESTROY Faith and religion).
    The term “Social Justice” was highjacked by the Progressive/Socialist movement back in the 60′s to make themselves seem more “religious” and “friendly” to People of Faith. They have manipulated the masses – we few need to WAKE them up…

  • [1] September 24, 2015 at 10:00am

    OMG…it looks like someone kicked over an ant hill..or someone closed all the Starbucks in the downtown metro area of any large American city…a bunch of stuffed suits wondering around with no purpose and no idea what to do.. LOL….

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  • [1] September 23, 2015 at 3:30pm

    what? Negro simply means BLACK in Spanish..WTF Blaze moderators? Nazi much??
    how about some of these…gonna block them too..??

    hitam- Bahasa Malaysia
    Noir- French
    O-Hokkien(i think..)

    I thought Glenn HATED the PC BS…Blaze Mods..?? WHY do you constantly go all LIB PROG CENSORSHIP PC CRAP on us? We are ADULTS!! We can SELF REGULATE!

  • September 23, 2015 at 3:25pm

    hate much…?
    bigoted a little?
    delusional maybe?
    how about just down right stupid?
    Your whole argument is based off something attributed to a man 400 years after his death that was “miraculously” found intact and was only correct up to the year it was supposedly “found”…after that it has ZERO accuracy to the names of the Popes, sending countless Catholic hating bigots to “interpret” the “prophesy” names to mean whatever they want.
    This has been extremely prevalent since Pope John Paul II. I believe he was first to be called the “anti-christ” in the modern era and they have then said “no it is this Pope” (Benedict XVI) and now “this Pope” (Francis). Some even continue the tradition back to the era of Vatican II, some even back before that, each claiming that the current Pope at the time of hysteria by the author is to be the “Last Pope – Peter the Roman” that will usher in the Apocalypse and destruct of the RCC.

    Really? Seriously? You need to get out more and actually READ what these people say. If your “prophesy” changes who it talks about with each WRONG guess you make, it probably isn’t from GOD, as all TRUE prophesy is. That would actually make YOUR prophesy the agent of EVIL and Satan, not the RCC.

    Better start praying there boy-o..because if Francis is “Peter the Roman” then we are heading towards Final Judgement and the 2nd Coming…think you better not piss off Jesus by knocking his line of chosen successors.

  • [1] September 21, 2015 at 4:52pm

    Oh my are you either completely delusional or blinded by your hatred and bigotry…

    1 – the RCC DOES run a DEFICIT every year. The Vatican is classified as a “Nation State” and you can look up its GDP and Deficit, just use a little brain on this one. In fact, the Vatican has had to sell off resources BECAUSE of DECADES of running deficits due to its charitable work around the PLANET!
    2 – All those grand collections of 1st edition Literature, Art, and Land dating back 1000′s of years, have for the most part been ENTRUSTED to the Vatican and the RCC and CAN NOT be sold off. They are not OWNED by the RCC but given in Trust with the clause they NEVER be sold. Many churches are built on DONATED land from a wealthy parishioner’s Last Will and Testament, same with Catholic schools, universities, orphanages, shelters for the poor, abused, homeless, and they CAN NOT be sold.
    3 – Healthcare for retired clergy – priests, nuns, monks – run into the Billions worldwide as does their barely liveable pensions.

    You can agree or disagree with the “political” ideas and speeches of this or ANY Pope, let alone person or world leader, and that is FINE…be my guest….but AT LEAST educate yourself about the Vatican and the RCC worldwide.
    The RCC has more “boots on the ground” to help the poor, sick, abused, and orphaned in more of the world and spends WAY MORE to do it than ANY OTHER religious organization in the world by MANY TIMES…even the Morons don’t compare.

  • [8] September 21, 2015 at 4:33pm

    Perry as DHS Secretary before we dissolve and go back to pre-2003 systems but keep the forced communication between Justice, Treasury, and CIA, and Military Intel.
    Walker as Secretary of Labor until we dissolve that one too..he can dismantle the Public Sector Unions and once that is done, kill the WHOLE department as well as the NLRB
    Let Paul be Treasury Secretary and his dad the Fed Chair until we dissolve the FED back under Treasury and get back the 4.5 Trillion in foreign loans they made with our money and the nearly 3 Trillion in assets they hold…ALL against their charter and Congressional powers. Think of that…over 1/3 of our debt is due to illegal FED activity that Congress REFUSES to reign in…
    Palin or Jindal for Dept of Energy (both are from big oil producing States and would free up Domestic production to record levels and free us from foreign sources within a decade).

    all need to just GO AWAY and STAY AWAY….the GOP needs to get back to her roots not the Progressive scum that have infected us over the last 100 years…

    Then we can get some serious debates going…..

  • September 17, 2015 at 3:32pm

    IF that was so…why didn’t he say Cruz won the debate? Beck has been in the bag for Cruz since before he decided to run for Pres. If he wanted to just spout off about who he wanted to be Pres, he could have said Cruz won. He could even have put Rubio up as winner since he also has a shine for Marco.
    And for the broken record about The Blaze and Beck not vetting Carly…they have had her on 3 or 4 times and blasted her with question about past, present, and future things. Go research a little. They might not be digging in her garbage for every little piece of trash or comment she once made…but then again, when people did find little Trump pieces from 5 or 10 years ago…the same “Carly needs to be vetted” people said that it was just Beck bashing Trump..

  • [2] September 16, 2015 at 1:23pm

    a dude.. Dscript… =)

    and here is the email accounts for the UC Regents….flood them with “hate” mail.. LOL

  • [33] September 16, 2015 at 10:53am

    As a grad of UCLA ’94, I call on ALL my Bruin brothers and sister to OPENLY defy this policy if it goes into affect…

    Regardless if you find it offensive or not… fly a swastika from your dorm room window or post flyers all over campus with just a list of all the colorful words used to describe people of all nations….
    ONLY speak about other people in stereotypical language
    ONLY write papers in the same
    File 1st Amendment lawsuits against any student, professor, or administrator that tells you to stop and sue for 100′s of millions for each time your are told to stop
    Hang a small cross or star of David from your backpack or a sign that says “Abortion is Murder”, “It is a Baby not a Choice”, or even “Islam is NOT a religion of Peace”…
    When confronted, have another paper printed and ready with the words of the 1st Amendment printed on it and the contact information of the American Center for Law and Justice, the ACLU, the Liberty Defense Fund, and any other Constitution defender law office you can dig up info on…
    Tell the person that was “offended” or told you to stop, “Contact my lawyer,” and then walk away. If they persist in harassing you, call 911 and file a police report against them for verbal abuse and harassment.

    After a few weeks the Regents will CAVE..not doubt about it…
    But we all TRULY know where this is coming from right…Janet Napolitano was given the job of Pres. of the UC by Obama and Clinton..this is the final take over move..

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