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  • [36] June 20, 2015 at 9:28am

    Hey dingbat
    Know what you talk about first.
    Reagan agreed to the amnesty in exchange for the Dems agreeing to close and secure the border. The Dems NEVER held up their part. That is why we say “fence and security first” before even talking about anything else. We know the Marxist scum will lie about it again.
    Next check out Dwight D Eisenhowers immigration reform act of 1954. He cut illegal immigration by 50% in a year and causes 50% of the illegals here to self deport in a year. How you ask? DENYING ALL Federal services to them. No welfare or food stamps or medical or education and POOF they went home!
    So it CAN be done and it does work! Eisenhower by the way also was first with a civil rights act in 1954. Stopped and made toothless by none other than Mr. “War on poverty” overt racist bigot and all around bad A hole Lyndon Baines Johnson. The same guy that ten years later tried to take credit for the Republican authors and passed on party line vote Civil Rights Act. The Dem Prog POS hero LBJ for us. Just like the Dems today.

  • [10] June 11, 2015 at 10:04am


    If and when you can prove HE doesn’t exist, let me know.

    If and when you can “prove”

    1- Macro Evolution not micro evolution which is more commonly referred to as “natural selection” or “adaptation” which is verifiable and can be witnessed in generations of a species.
    2- the Big Bang which even Hawking has recently come out and said after 30 years the scientific community has to scrap and rethink everything back to Einstein’s Relativity. OH and the primary evidence for TBB – background radiation being constant, yeah that from the 60′s – WRONG not constant. wHOOPSY.

    3- how about “proving” ANY theory about ANYTHING. Oh wait Science can’t prove a theory it is only the most widely “accepted” explanation at the TIME and always subject to modification or completely being disregarded.

    Science only has a few TRUE Laws that have never had an exception in recorded Human history. Conservation of Energy and Thermodynamics, those are it. Everything else, even the most “provable” “we have 97% consensus” ideas are just that IDEAS and just like Newtonian Mechanics, can fall by the wayside after 300 years or sometimes after 30. Just go ask all those Climate Scientists from 1960-70 that spoke on the first Earth Day. WHOOPSY! Earth still here! No population catastrophe! No frozen Earth due to CO2 levels! No depletion of the Ozone -actually is better now than then. No Mass Famine or drying up of oil wells.

    Be careful what you make your god, it might bite you in the end.

  • [7] June 9, 2015 at 4:38pm

    technically Dead..the baby does have the scar of Original Sin from Adam and Eve but that is what Jesus died to remove from us.

    Pro – you don’t know if the baby was or not but GOD will not hold a child under the age of Biblical consent (13) liable for the “sins” of the father/parent..even if that sin is not christening their child AND even if that sin is not believing in Jesus Christ..We are ALL GOD’s children first…and HIS GRACE covers us without exception. We are deemed INNOCENT until we are taught, learn, and presented to HIM again at the time of consent.

  • [24] June 9, 2015 at 4:32pm

    i am sure they were a nice middle class family in that area of Fort Worth but at the time they were very “poor” in spirit and in need of the warmth and compassion of GOD’s Grace and Love.
    being through a miscarriage or a still birth or even a medically necessary “mother or child” abortion is a scar you will carry with you forever…and I will…but losing one of my born children…after 9 weeks, 9 days or 9 years…that I do not know how I could handle…
    GOD bless the Riddle’s, the Cafe, and the good people of Texas

  • [53] June 9, 2015 at 3:50pm

    Desert…where did you get your info? watching some stupid youtube video or FB page or tweet?
    Do you live in the area? Do you know where Craig Ranch in McKinney, TX is? Do you know that the supposed DJ that tweeted out “a pool party” for $15/head with him doing the music is a DFW black mob takeover instigator and has a history of INVADING PRIVATE places for mob raves? Do you know that the PRIVATE POOL is part of the Craig Ranch subdivision, a private subdivision, with an HOA and had been set up for the PRIVATE RESIDENT ONLY pool party, which 90% of the black teens and the DJ HAD NOT BEEN INVITED TO as guests NOR where residents?

    And how do I know this? Because I DO LIVE in the area and know people that LIVE in Craig Ranch. EVERYTHING…and I mean EVERYTHING that even Fox News has been reporting on this is COMPLETELY biased and one sided. I have not seen ONE report from an ACTUAL resident of Craig Ranch on ANY news agency. The man with the video was NOT addressed by the police BECAUSE he wasn’t doing anything. He wasn’t running, he wasn’t mouthing off, he wasn’t being hostile to the officers. THAT is why they ignored him and went after the teens that -FROM RESIDENT ACCOUNTS – showed up uninvited, were shouting racial slurs and profanity laced comments to the residents, the DJ refused to leave and was playing profanity laced F-this and F-that songs with YOUNG children at the pool, and the fight started when RESIDENTS tried to ask the teens to leave and they refused.

  • [-2] June 8, 2015 at 4:51pm

    one name for you angel…and all others that think being wealthy is against GOD in some way…

    you know..the son of David…the wisest man ever to walk the Earth…said to be the wealthiest ever as well…had over 1000 wives (political brides for the most part), stables with 100′s of horses and oxen, store houses of gold and silver and gemstones…from his mines in Africa..built the 1st Temple and lined the walls of the Holy of Holies with pure gold..

    Wealth is the REWARD for doing what GOD commands but it should not be the MOTIVE for doing what GOD commands…
    this is the ONLY place that GOD tells Man to “test ME in this”… if we are faithful to HIS plan for us and we JOYFULLY give of our selves and our wealth (whatever level HE gives us) and TITHE with a JOYFUL heart..then HE will REWARD us 10X’s what we give back to HIM.

    I can name several preachers that have devoted their LIVES to GOD that have great wealth as well.
    David Barton is one.
    John Maxwell is another.
    Paul Tsika is still another.
    How about Rick Warren.

    There is NOTHING wrong with doing GOD’s work and speaking HIS Word and being wealthy or poor for that matter. This fascination with poverty theology and prosperity theology is the problem. GOD gives us gifts that we are to use for HIS glory on Earth. IF those gifts come with great wealth or simply enough to scrape by, so be it. BE JOYFUL in what you have and GOD will multiply it, TEST HIM IN THIS and see…HE tells us to in HIS Word.

  • [7] June 8, 2015 at 2:09am

    Same here grly
    Been here 4 years now. From So Cal as well. Riverside County.
    Just south of you about 10 minutes.
    Came to TX because saw CA sliding fast about 10 years ago. Just couldn’t put up with it any longer.
    Do what we did. Exercise your 2nd amendment rights. Get to Academy or Cabelas and stock up. The thugs down in S and SE Dallas like to come up the 75 and cause problems quite a bit.

    Search for some groups like Allen Area Patriots online and get involved. Battle lines are being drawn even here in TX.

  • [11] June 8, 2015 at 2:02am

    No no it wasn’t.
    Craig Ranch is a PRIVATE subdivision with HOA owned parks and pools. They are for RESIDENTS ONLY.
    The social media post was from a scumbag black riot takeover DJ who has a history of setting up and causing these things in the Dallas area. He should be in jail. And he was charging $15 a person even though he had no permit and no permission to be there.
    This was all staged.
    He started off playing vulgar profanity laced music and stirring up the teens. When the residents tried to get them to leave the teens and DJ escalated things with more profanity yelling threats racial slurs and started invading the pool area by force and jumping the fences.
    So there went your argument. Better get better talking points from your leaders next time.
    There were NO guest passes for this party it was for RESIDENTS ONLY. These kids arrived by the car load AFTER the a hole DJ set up and started being a d I c k and was told to leave. Cops aren’t to blame he is and he should be in jail permanently.

  • [8] June 8, 2015 at 1:49am

    Nah Voice. This was a staged black riot takeover event by a Dallas area DJ that does this all the time.
    He set up at the PRIVATE pool in the private community and then tweeted “pool party $15/person” and then sent out the address as he started bumping his profanity laced music in the private park area where families with small kids were. The real party was private for residents of Craig Ranch.
    Very little of these kids were from the area. They arrived in car loads and immediately started yelling vulgar comments, threatening families, and forcing their way into the pool even jumping over the locked fences.
    When residents tried to get them to leave they grew more violent and threatening which is what lead to the girl attacking a woman at the party legally.
    This is not McKinney or north DFW teens. Most were from outside the area called in by the a hole DJ.

  • [30] June 8, 2015 at 1:38am

    You are a fool. Find out the facts man. This was a private pool in a private community having a private party.
    Some a s s hat DJ who stages black riot take over events tweeted that he was at the pool and having a party. All invited. Car loads of black teens showed up and started jumping fences and threatening people to get in. They didn’t live there. They were trespassing. ALL of them. When the teens and DJ increased their vulgarity and threatening behavior the LEGAL residents called the cops. The teens were yelling profanity laced rants at the legal residents threatening them and being hostile a holes. They should have all gotten a good a s s kicking from the male residents of the community.
    This was a staged event by a group of jack a s s es and their leader the DJ. The video is if a LONE officer that arrived first and was trying to make everyone leave. He was threatened and was VERY restrained when facing large numbers of violent a s s hole teens. This girl should have been slapped silly for being that big of a witch but her momma will probably try and sue because her kid is such a loser she will never be able to have a job that pays more then minimum wage, just like her momma and all her friends.

  • [20] June 8, 2015 at 1:26am

    And that is what this black kids were too.
    This was a PRIVATE community pool. This was inside a neighborhood with an HOA where people PAY annual dues for this park and pool area.
    This was not just some county public pool or city pool.
    Get your facts straight before making yourself out to be stupid.
    Craig Ranch is a PRIVATE community that has several PRIVATE pool areas for LEGAL residents that pay the HOA fees. You can’t get into the pools without keys which is why the a s s hat teens were pushing their way through the gates and jumping the fences to get in as the legal residents were trying to get them to leave.
    The a s s hats were being thugs and threatening and terrorizing parents with small children, yelling racial slurs at them, using every vulgar and curse word you can think of, and all at the prompting of an a s s hat DJ that stages these black riot take over events all the time.
    They are lucky the good residents of Craig Ranch didn’t turn this into a blood bath when some CHL holder saw these a hole thugs threatening his wife and children.

  • [27] June 8, 2015 at 1:14am

    Idiotic comment Greek
    If you don’t obey you are likely to get forced. Cops in a riot situation don’t know or have time to find out who is who. These kids DID NOT live anywhere near this community and it was a private pool party. An A Hole DJ that does these “black riot” events all the time set up across from the PRIVATE pool and then tweeted that he was DJing the party for $15/head. Car loads of a hole black kids started showing up and pushing their way into the pool and jumping fences. The DJ was playing obscene F word laced music loud as heck and parents with small children were trying to stop the a hole and his a hole tweeter followers from causing problems. They were cursing and picking fights with the LEGAL party goers at this PRIVATE pool who were trying to get rid of the scumbags. The scumbag kids were the ones yelling racial crap and being violent. When the cops came the black a holes and DJ started to escalate the situation. This cop was ALONE when this video happened.

    The Blaze needs to UPDATE this story with the facts on the ground from the LEGAL residents of Craig Ranch not the a s s hats that think they can just roll up and take over. Like I said, this DJ has a history or staging these events. He is a scumbag instigator that needs to be in jail.
    All the FB and Twitter videos on this are BS. This area is less then 10 minutes from my house. The little scum are lucky there weren’t some CHL holders there or weight have some dead scumbags. Too bad really.

  • June 7, 2015 at 12:39am

    Taurus are all ambi as well or at least I have not seen one that wasn’t straight from their site or at academy or cabelas.
    Good to know FNH are as well.
    Now if only Sig will do the same. Most makers have the ability to order them ambi if you go to the site and had it shipped to your FFL location but you have to pay the conversion kit cost. Usually about 75-100 extra

  • [1] June 5, 2015 at 1:07pm

    “now correct”..

    stupid edit button doesn’t appear in my browser

  • [31] June 5, 2015 at 1:06pm

    umm..yes, it does actually mean that GOD personally selected each and every pair of chromosomes that make you up, that is EXACTLY what the Bible verse means “I KNEW you before your were born…every hair on your head”.
    HE had our NAME written into the Book of Life at the Dawn of Creation. We are born for a purpose under Heaven that only HE knows.

    I have worn glasses since I was 11. I was able to get contacts at about 18. I don’t wear them now but I could and I could also just go down and get laser eye surgery. See, GOD had a plan. GOD created flaws in us to teach us. Ben Franklin was able to develop bifocals BECAUSE GOD had made human eyes flawed. 200 years later brilliant doctors developed first hard and then soft contact lenses. When that wasn’t enough, more brilliant doctors used their GOD given skills and knowledge and researched laser eye surgery which can not correct 80% of ALL vision flaws. Why? BECAUSE GOD ALLOWED the human eye to be flawed. It was a plan for the lives of those doctors, all the way back to Ben Franklin and beyond, to PUSH forward and expand human knowledge of the eye, vision in general, and how the brain works with our optic nerve.
    Today they are even working on cybernetic implants that allow the GENETICALLY blind to SEE and deaf to HEAR!!
    ALL because GOD ALLOWED certain genetic errors to occur or disease to exist. HE can turn ALL evil to HIS GOOD!
    Believe it or not, doesn’t matter. GOD will still let you benefit from it.

  • [5] June 4, 2015 at 4:41pm

    Rick Perry is the ULTIMATE two faced politician. He is the GOP version of Obama, everything to everyone. He would do NOTHING to downsize the government, reform entitlements, secure the border, or grant more Liberty and Freedom to the US Citizenry.

    RESEARCH him PLEASE people…take it from someone that MOVED to Texas because I thought it would be different only to find out that it is just the GOP version of CA with more heat and rain and a funny way to talk. Yeah there are some great things about Texas but the GOP party AIN’T one of them. It is the registered Republican CITIZENS of Texas that hold the line not the GOP. We the People of Texas are changing that with our new Senator Cruz and Gov Abbott, right on down the line this last election cycle but we still can’t get rid of Cornyn or those DIRT BAG Dem’s from the southern House districts.

  • [7] June 4, 2015 at 4:36pm


    He is a career politician…he has done NOTHING in his life other than run for office. He is SOFT on the border, he is SOFT on the Constitution, and he is SOFT on libertarian ideals as well. The man is a great campaigner (but then so was Bill Clinton and Obama). The man knows how to work a crowd (again, so did Bill and Obama).
    Perry would be a disaster for Conservatives and libertarians alike. He is an Establishment GOP man through and through. He believe in and supports the Patriot Act and I bet the USA Freedom Act as well. He is FOR the NSA metadata collection and FISA blanket warrants. He talks about how he used the Texas Guard to give air support to the Border Patrol but he could have SHUT DOWN the Texas border and didn’t because he is FOR the GWB “Guest Worker” Program here in Texas becoming a national model, just like GWB tried to push in 2006/07.
    Probably the best things that Perry did was get the Texas State Abortion Limit Law through that restricted abortions to the first 20 weeks and stopped state funding of Planned Parenthood.
    Perry pushed for the Texas Toll Road system on the idea that the roads would be Pay to Drive for 10 years but once the bonds were paid off, the roads would be free to drive. In the 9th year, Perry refinanced the bonds for another 10 years to build more toll roads and then SOLD the RIGHTS in perpetuity to the NTTA (run by the Mexican Telcom Billionaire Smily) making the roads FOREVER toll roads!

    Responses (3) +
  • [6] June 4, 2015 at 1:26pm


    NO…a crime is a crime…ANY violation of a duly passed law of the Nation, State, County, or City of residence. If you VIOLATE the statute, you have committed a crime EVEN if you have not been caught, cited, tickets, or arrested.

    This is what is called “moral relativism” and most people under 25 suffer from it SEVERELY. They don’t see “cheating” on their college or high school tests are wrong, unless they are CAUGHT. They don’t see “underage drinking” or “drug use” or “smoking” wrong EVEN AFTER they are caught, let alone before. Heck, most drug users don’t see their drug use as a crime nor do most drunk drivers. There are LAWS on the books and if you break them, KNOWINGLY or not, you have committed a crime.

    Now we can have PLENTY of legitimate discussions about whether those laws SHOULD be on the books or not and I agree with you probably that many SHOULDN’T be but it they are and you break them, it is a criminal offense whether punishable by jail time, a fine, or ticket.

    I am with termyt on this one. In fact I think we should take it to the European level. There should be entire sections of highway with NO speed limit say more than 20-30 miles outside of a town with over 100 people or something.
    I break the law EVERY day I speed KNOWINGLY and I take the risk of being ticketed KNOWINGLY simply because speed laws (outside of towns and cities) are idiotic. If you can’t control the vehicle, stay to the right and slow down as I pass by.

  • [3] June 4, 2015 at 1:09pm


    Yeah it is State Highway 75…I live right next to the darn thing…cross under it every day to work….changes into I-45 south of Dallas down to Houston and changes again when you hit the Oklahoma state line I believe…

  • [3] June 4, 2015 at 1:04pm


    this “Texas Triangle” corridor is along the I-45, the major highway between Dallas and Houston, TONS of tourist traffic and TONS of out of town Texans going between the two metro areas. I have driven that area more than once and believe me, when you hit the “town limits” the speeds go from 75-80 down to 35-45 REALLY quick and if you are not paying attention with the cruise control set, they are waiting for you behind every corner and bend in the road.

    Like the article said, the small towns are COUNTING on the fact that the traffic coming through WILL NOT contest the ticket and simply MAIL in the check for the fine and be done with it.

    Point in case, my mom received a ticket in Hawaii for “display of speed” because the tires on the rented minivan spun in the puddle as she turned left. The ticket was like $350 and this was back in the late 80′s. Now remember, rental cars ALL have special tags and stickers from the rental company on them, so the cops KNOW who are the tourists. A family friend and the Asst Coach of the soccer team we were there with and an LAPD OCB detective told her to just blow it off because they will NEVER come after you and the State DMV’s don’t talk to each other (well they didn’t then, they do now).

    This is nothing more than preying on through traffic and tourist traffic, playing the odds that nobody will come back to town to fight the ticket and win because of the BLATANT speed trap or bias.

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