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  • August 15, 2014 at 12:28pm

    Yeah it is hollyweird and a ploy to get viewers and cause “buzz” but there are MANY white supremacist movements and violent militia movements in the USA…we do have Domestic Terror groups active in the USA as well…
    now the whole link to them being “tea party like” that is just the Lefts view of ALL of these type of groups…they all HAVE to be Tea Party linked because that is what the Left thinks we ALL are like – violent, racist, willing to kill for our own ends, theocratic flag waving nuts….

    LEGEND is actually about the main character being so long undercover, he doesn’t remember which fake ID is fake and if his real ID is real…
    in fact you got a glimpse of that near the end of the episode…his supposed FBI deep cover “real” agent persona is just that, just another of his “cover” IDs and he can’t remember who he REALLY is or even who his REAL family is….
    the only one that knows is the hooded black guy figure in his flashbacks and dreams…which when his FBI persona tech guy tries to ID the black guy, the tech guy is shown being killed off….hence the suspense…

    Who is LEGEND really? Who wants him to remain hidden? Who wants him to not remember? etc etc….

    Will it fly…who knows…seems too much like a serial version of Taken…

  • [1] August 15, 2014 at 12:20pm

    there was a game out recently that did the same thing…in a way… BioShock 3 i think it was…the game starts out with you fighting an oppressive Religious Zealot regime that supposedly follows the Constitution….the game goes through several twists where you find out that the “bad guys” are actually just using all the right “buzz words” to keep the majority of the populous in the dark and compliant…
    “anti government”

    but you find out as the main character that they have perverted everything and used their radical theocracy to twist the “true” meaning of the memory of the USA to their own goal of just gaining power and controlling people… there was a big uproar about the game before it came out based on just blurbs and game mag reviews, obviously slanted to the left and making fun of Tea Party type and libertarian minded people. Everyone got up in arms and finally the game designers HAD to come out and spill the beans that there were actually SEVERAL different “bad guys” over the course of the game and some of them were first thought of as the “good guys.”

    this might be the same type of thing from EA…hard to tell in a 12 min trailer that only covers the “teaser” info for a game due out in over a year… this is Marketing 101…cause a controversy..get the press..get people up sales..then play like it was all part of the plan after everyone finds the TWIST at the end..

  • [5] August 15, 2014 at 11:12am

    go watch Celtic Women perform sometime…that little Sprite that plays the fiddle for them dances and plays all the time…she is awesome…and HOT!!

  • August 15, 2014 at 10:18am

    the one thing that I would change 24 years ago was deciding to not take the US Navy full ride scholarship to be a Nuclear Engineer…I trusted my family members, some that had served, when they told me that I could do “better”. I don’t think they were being anti US or anti military, they, as all family do, just had high hopes of great things for their children and nieces/nephews/grandchildren.

    I have tried to rectify my lack of service by encouraging my two oldest step sons to serve. Both have, one discharged due to his own stupidity and choice of friends while enlisted, and the second at the end of 7 years is a SSGT and just was selected for PSYOPS Special Operations training. He also qualified for Sapper and Ranger training, has two tours ( Iraq and Afghanistan) under his belt, and was slotted for DI training and E6 status before he listened to his new wife and let his Active Duty enlistment slide into Active Reserve status, which he can reverse in 12 months and plans to do so.
    Both my younger children wish to serve, one as a Sea Hawk pilot on a Carrier (she can’t be a SEAL by law) and the other wants to be a SEAL sniper or Frog Dog handler.
    So I might have missed the boat but I am encouraging them to never discount true SERVICE to their GOD and County.

    Me? American by birth, CA native, TX by choice – but always had that Southern State state of mind and heart…

  • [2] August 15, 2014 at 10:04am

    Um…you do know that it is already allowed right? OH wait, you don’t because you are just spouting off or didn’t bother to actually educate yourself on US Immigration Laws?

    The US allows NON-RESIDENTS to serve in the US Military (all branches, even Coast Guard) for NO LESS than 4 years and at the termination IN GOOD STANDING of their enlistment, they are granted NATURALIZED CITIZEN status.
    There is NO distinction made in the Immigration Law as to whether the “non resident” was in the US legally or illegally. Many Puerto Ricans, Filipino, and Guam residents use this to become FULL US citizens and then sponsor their families to move into the Continental United States.
    Yes I know if you live in a US territory, you can already come and go in the USA as you please but this law does not only apply to US and former US territories.
    If a foreign national comes to the US on ANY type of VISA, pleasure travel – work – student, and during their stay goes into an enlistment office, takes the Oath, and SWEARS allegiance to the US chain of command and the US Constitution, serves honorably for their enlistment of 4 years or more, and then is discharged, they AUTOMATICALLY get US Naturalized Citizen status.

    The Congressman was simply restating that he already AGREES with Standing US Law…

  • [3] August 13, 2014 at 7:28pm

    In TX I saw Common Core on my kids texts. TX is supposedly not in CC at all. I complained to my district and was told the state law forbidding use of CC only actually says that CC can not be the “primary” source of instruction but can be used for supplemental assignments like homework.
    I had blood shooting out of my eyes I was so pissed at her response. I am definitely running for school board next time around on this issue and going to push for any teacher or admin or district personnel to be fired if they allow a CC lesson or text even as supplementary material.

  • August 13, 2014 at 7:22pm

    I have gone over all the standards for all subjects. English has them readings Marxist/commie writers, bio and autobio crap about alternative lifestyles, child rape and abuse, and books that are outright pornographic and vulgar. It is all said to be in the name of making students more socially aware and understanding of “differences” so they are more “tolerant” and worldly. Think “50 Shades of Grey” for middle school ages as acceptable reading, I am not kidding.
    History doesn’t even use actual documents from the time period, not even in piece mill ways. It is just modern interpretations by American-hating academics spelling out all the evil and none of the good of the USA. They don’t even mention major battles or figures in history with any context or in more than passing. The Holocaust has a paragraph or two and doesn’t even mention how many died or that it was genocide. The US Revolutionary War is equated to a terrorism campaign and the Founders are seen as self serving evil slave owners out for power and money.
    Classic literature and philosophy texts give insight to the time they were written but also to our own mental development and worldview. Removing them is idiotic.
    And let’s not even talk about the math and science standards that even the writers of them said would leave US students 2 years behind the world by 2018 on all levels.

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  • [1] August 13, 2014 at 7:07pm

    CA teachers union and parents are fighting hard to dump it. Even with the new increase in state Ed funding to buy them off don’t be surprised if CA, once ranked in the top 10, now 47, dumps this scam. CA TX and NY are the three biggest textbook users. If CA dumps CC then it will fall apart just due to textbook printing costs. No matter what state you are in, your textbooks are aligned to one if these three states requirements.
    West = CA
    Central = TX
    East = NY

    Sad really – the NY Regents Exam and the CA CTBS used to control the national textbooks and standards and were REALLY good standards. That is why NY and CA used to top the nation at all levels of Ed. CA still does with the UC and Cal State college system but if CC stands, that standard won’t.
    It all changed with NCLB and Race to the Top. Now the Fed CC standards are the testing and textbook standards and have been since 2012 and since they started the change over in 2010, the US has been plummeting in world standings.

  • [5] August 3, 2014 at 3:38pm

    in fact, if and when the land of a Canaan is truly given to the descendants of Abraham and ruled over by the descendants of Jacob, much of the Middle East will have been laid to wait.
    Think about it. For GOD’s word to be fulfilled, modern Israel will have to expand to include the Sinai Peninsula, western Iraq, southern Lebanon and Syria, all of Jordan, and parts of northern Saudi Arabia. That won’t happen with world war.
    Personally, I think Israel should make the claims to these lands now and get on with taking them ending all the crap by wiping out where most of their enemies ( the Bedouin Arabs) live. But that timeline is for GOD to decide not me or even Bibi and Israel. It will happen when HE says not we say.
    Hope that helps put some crap straight that 90% of the world lies about.

  • [4] August 3, 2014 at 3:31pm

    Here is a pretty good illustration of the boundaries first given to Abraham of the land of Canaan that his descendants would occupy and the land that Moses was told to occupy after the exodus.

    Okay so why the big difference?
    We’ll here is the short of it dispelling many myths about what modern misinformed masses believe.
    1) Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt, not the entirety of the descendants of Abraham.
    2) Ishmael IS NOT the “father” of the Arab ethnicities. Arabs come from two stocks, the majority from Bedouin tribes that roamed modern Syria, Iraq, and Northern Africa. Anything east of Iraq is Persian (Iran) or Indian (India and Pakistan) not Arab, and Slovak or Kurdish in the north ( Gothic tribes or Mongloid). Ishmael took the God of Abraham with him into the wild and his descendants are what people today call the Palestinian Arabs (those that never left the land of Canaan).
    3). Jacob’s descendants are the Israelites of the Bible that came back with Moses and whose 12 tribes took over parts of the land of Canaan, the lower map on the link.
    4) Esau’s descendants NEVER left the land of Canaan and mixed with the descendants of Ishmael, his uncle, creating a Jewish/Arab line that fell away from the God of Abraham but came back after being conquered by the Israelites 500 years later to create the Israel of David and Solomon.

    The land of Canaan is MUCH bigger than Moses’ Israel or today’s.

  • [2] August 2, 2014 at 7:15pm

    Oh boy oh boy…
    I am not even going to deal with all the other leftist propaganda talking points in your post…you said everything necessary in the first two lines…thus proving to everyone with a brain that you know NOTHING of which you speak and are simply copy and pasting crap from some Commie talking points…
    Now before you get your panties in a bunch…I will prove my point…

    First…YES…”the RIGHT of the people to KEEP and BARE arms, SHALL NOT be infringed” is the definitive statement of the 2nd Amendment, the proceeding phrases are simply a declaration of common knowledge from the 18th century.

    1625 – first known use of the term “militia” to describe an armed citizenry. Definition 2 describes EVERY…again EVERY citizen of age that can be called to Military Service…not IN Military or Law Enforcement but that CAN BE called to service…meaning EVERY Man having had their 18th birthday…the point at which every male in the USA must register with Selective Services for the Draft if it is every enacted again…
    Now, not wanting to be sexist, I believe this should include EVERY female citizen as well, since they are now able to serve in combat situations and theaters.
    “well-regulated” simple means TRAINED through their OWN methods NOT in a Standing Army or Police Force…well how can we TRAIN on our own if we don’t HAVE the weapons or right to carry them??

    ID 10 T

  • [5] August 2, 2014 at 6:56pm

    wouldn’t it be ironic if somebody with a bomb vest filled with c4 and steel ball bearings got into the middle of that crowd and murdered them all in a suicide bombing blast….
    just think of the negative effect on Israel when Hamas, CAIR, ISIS, ISNA, and all the other jihadi front groups claim it was an pro-Israel Muslim hating American pig dog that did the bombing…the MSM would GO CRAZY calling for boycotts of Israel and the rounding up of all right wing radicals that are pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Israel, and pro-legal immigration and FOLLOWING THE LAW…

    Obama can make a speech blaming the Tea Party extremists, the IRS can target them with impunity, their guns can be confiscated because they are known associates of a terror group, the NDAA can have them all rounded up and detained without charges or trials, and if all else fails Holder and Obama can make the case for the legality of using drones to target and murder them in cold blood.
    Win Win for the Caliphate loving Progressives in the USA and Hamas in Israel (yes Gaza and the West Bank ARE ISRAEL) as the UN moves in troops to protect the innocent children used by Hamas as shields against the Great and Little Satan’s….

    I wouldn’t put it past Hamas or any other Muslim A-hole group to be planning it right now…after all, a death in the name of Allah against the West and Israel is instant access to heaven if you are an Muslim, right?? even if it was by your own hand…or your families..

  • [4] August 1, 2014 at 11:14am

    Teacher should be fired and license removed PERMANENTLY in ALL States…Black List IDIOTS like this for life….

    funny…i just got a call from the AFT..American Federation of Teachers…doing a survey call…one of the questions spoke about would you prefer lower taxes or increase education spending (with no new taxes – so taking the money from somewhere else in the budget)…I told the guy Lower Taxes and the survey ended about three questions later…
    I could tell that the questions were worded to try and get you to choose between a Strawman argument scenario. Like who do you trust more to run the school, politicians or state unions…told him Neither and he laughed, then moved to his last question for demographics…he wanted to know my birth year…that was it..

  • [7] August 1, 2014 at 11:01am

    I did a Peer Review as part of a 4 member team during my Master’s program. My part of the paper dealt with the Private-Public school relationship and which was superior. Contrary to popular belief, Private schools offer MORE choices, MORE flexibility, and MORE vigorous and rigorous curriculum.
    Why, because they go ABOVE and BEYOND what the State or Fed require. Students are held to HIGHER standards and 90% of them RISE to those higher standards. IF the student doesn’t, there are ways to assist them before simply “kicking them out.” State and Fed schools do NOT have that ability because of the high enrollment, housing of students that don’t belong in ANY classroom (no talking about Special Ed but the 10% of the population that are Illegal, Criminal, or simply decided years ago they didn’t want to be there), and the idea of Mainstreaming Special Ed children that would GREATLY benefit from schools DEDICATED simply to their needs.

    Private schools have GREATER accountability to parents, student, and community, GREATER course offerings at the higher level – honors, AP, etc., and GREATER Ethics and Values inherent in their education BECAUSE many either still are or at least started BASED in a Faith. Uniforms help as well, OH MY do they help. It doesn’t stifle your babies creativity, it BUILDS discipline, structure, and respect into the learning environment. Most of us have a “uniform” at work, why not our kids at school.

  • [1] August 1, 2014 at 10:47am

    I entered school just before the DoE was formed, the last 16 years of my education (through my Master’s) was all done under DoE oversite of state curriculum through federal funding of 8.5% of the budget.
    that is IT…8.5%….would you pay an 8.5% State Education Tax if it meant that the FED and DoE were COMPLETELY removed from your State Public education schools? I would!
    most private schools run about $300-400/month per student. So the average family would pay over $6000/year for private school (2 kids). That is more than 12% of the average America families combined GROSS income. 8.5% would be a SAVINGS for the average American family.

    there have to be rules, standard, curriculum development. the key is that it MUST be done as LOCAL to the student as possible.

    also to your point “test scores and actual academic achievement have plummeted” in the USA.. really? so we as a population are more stupid than our parents or grandparents? sorry, wrong, completely. Test scores are now based on DIFFERENT scales. The College Board and EDS, the two places that grade ALL USA AP and Standardized tests, changed their scale to make them more PC decades ago, modeling them after European scales.
    US students STILL score higher on Critical Thinking ability, Adaptive skills, Entrepreneurial skills, and Outside the Box thinking than ANY country in the world. It isn’t even close. You are being LIED to by those that report the scores, they changed what they look at o

  • [13] August 1, 2014 at 10:33am

    even Private schools are beholden to Common Core standards because all colleges and SAT/ACT/College Board Exams are Common Core based. what will happen when a graduating class at a top Private school has falling entrance numbers to top colleges? parents will leave. what will happen when Private schools have falling scores on these standardized tests students need for college and State graduation requirements? parents will leave. what will you all say about the Private schools then? they are failing.

    The same will be used and said about Home School curriculum when the students are refused admission to college and have falling test scores.

    The key is NOT destroying the Public school system but RETURNING it to its roots, the LOCAL community. Before Federal Compulsory Education came into being, under that great guy Woodrow Wilson, BTW, schools were financed and ran by the town. The town paid for the teacher, the town council/mayor hired and fired and housed the teacher and maintained the school building – usually also attached to the biggest church.
    In large cities Private schools shot up because there were simply too many children for the city to finance it all. That is why you don’t see Private schools in rural areas, they are in high income neighborhoods (or what used to be that way).

    We the People need to seize back control at the LOCAL level of our schools, hire teachers that TEACH and not Opine and hold them accountable.

  • [69] August 1, 2014 at 10:24am

    no no no….90% of us all went through Public Education…most of our parents did as well…even our grandparents, as a majority….the problem is NOT Public Education.. the problem is teachers LIKE THIS…this person, this vile excuse for a human, should be NOWHERE near a classroom or school EVERY again…
    we do not need to SANITIZE our schools of all opinion other than our own.. that makes us INTO them…schools should be FULL of ALL opinions and thought…students should be taught to LEARN the facts, LISTEN to the opinons, CREATE their own opinion, and be able to LOGICALLY explain why they believe what they believe…

    Students should NEVER know the teacher’s views on ANY topic until AFTER they can verbally and in writing express their own with supporting details, facts, and citations.

    We need to be FOR something not just against Public Education. We need to be FOR teacher freedom to TEACH. We need to be FOR Public Education that is RESPONSIBLE to those they teach and the parents of those students at the LOCAL level (no Fed or State planning or funding). We need to be FOR students LEARNING to THINK CRITICALLY for themselves not just parrot a teacher or book.

    FIGHT to REMOVE teachers and administrators that “preach” from the classroom or school or district level. FIGHT to RETURN History and English to ORIGINAL documents not summaries by Marxist professors who haven’t taught in decades, just write curriculum. FIGHT to your child to be EDUCATED.

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  • [4] July 31, 2014 at 10:31pm

    The USA does not want the caliphate to happen but certain members of both political camps do. They are the progressives and they believe the jihadis can be used to their ends of a world Marxist utopia. The Fabian socialist belief that they need to burn the world and heat it up to then mold it to their image.
    Don’t condemn the USA. Speak specifically about those groups. Not all democrats. Not all republicans. Not all citizens or government employees and officials. Generalizations speak to ignorance of the problem and make you part of the problem.
    The leaders of the parties and many of the power brokers on Wall Street want this. The “establishment” parts of the politic system want this.
    Glenn and others have been calling this end game for years. He is not a neocon or a warmonger nor did the US bring this on itself because of Iraq. This was started nearly 40 years ago with the overthrow of the shaw in Iran. Before that there were the conflicts with Israel after her reestablishment in 1948.

    The radicals, just like the progressive radicals here, have been working to this end game for decades and 90% of us have been blind to it and many still are. Trying to point this to bush or Iraq and WMDs is a wack job conspiracy. If you actually listen and read the reports from the field you would know that we did find stockpiles of WMD and the means to create more, labs and precursors. They might have been old or buried but they could still have killed 10′s of 1000′s.

  • [10] July 28, 2014 at 10:45am

    Sorry…if it was a LEGAL event…Police should have been there already to block the intersections…if it was NOT a legal event…DRIVE through the F’ers and teach them to stay the F out of the road!!!

    Children and babies in strollers…WTF….what IDIOT would do that at a Comic-con event…you don’t take you baby and child to a Comic-con event…it is for older teens, college students, and life time reader…not F’ing FAN BOYS!! Did you see the picture of the FAT KID with the toy AR-15.. probably his Zombie Killing gun his mommy and daddy bought him.. (2nd to top photo)

    And the driver and his FAMILY were deaf..which means yelling at them would frighten them…as the story states..and pounding and hitting the car…punching the windows…breaking the windshield…sitting on the car…hell, the guy should have gotten out and BEAT the A-hole that did that…

    Someone on this STUPID event should have held up their hand…told the crowd to STOP walking for 30 seconds…let all the cars cross…and then start walking again.. USE YOUR BRAINS you A-holes…next time you might get a big truck blazing through you at posted speeds and then you will see TRUE carnage…IDIOTS…

  • [5] July 28, 2014 at 10:38am

    I haven’t been to a Comic-con in about 17 years because of that. But back then we didn’t call them “cool kids”, we called them what they are FAN BOYS… FAKE Fans that simply wish to buy up the “newest” collectible, never ready or enjoy it, store it away, and watch the trade mags to see how much it goes up in value. I have a collection valued in the 10′s of 1000′s..if they were UNREAD and sealed up…probably worth closer to 50-100K… but I only bought the books I wanted to READ and the items I wanted to display or use or play with.
    We made fun of Fan Boys 25 years ago, now they are made fun of in stupid cartoons “Fan Boy and Chum Chum”, “Mighty Med”, and many others..
    Comic-cons are a joke now..
    All over priced mass media crap..even the local Comic Book Store has less and less comics and more and more collectibles (action figures and toys) and video game crap, even though the Comic book store was always a good place to find Anime – usually the ONLY place. Now stores carry Anime and act like they know what it is…
    Always funny to see a large chain store with Anime on its shelves, Best Buy or Fry’s, and sitting next to the little kiddie anime shows you see on Nick and Disney, you have Hentai (Anime porn) and R/NC-17 rated Anime with extreme violence, blood, and gore, nudity and adult themes…

    Stupid FAN BOYS!!!

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