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  • October 1, 2014 at 5:44pm

    Name them? specific people and the FEDERAL agencies they use…we will be waiting for your profound list…
    and since you are so learned, after all you must know that Darwin actually “hated” those that twisted his Theory of Natural Selection to validate their flawed Theory of Evolution. Darwin was speaking of MICRO evolution not MACRO evolution. Micro is often called “adaptation” or “natural selection” because it can be tracked and quantified and demonstrated visually over short time periods ( a few generations). Macro is the “theory of Evolution” which has MAJOR flaws scientifically, which is why even after 150 years it is still a THEORY and not a LAW.
    And please, lets get into the scientific community if you wish…I love discussing what my peers do and do not actually say as opposed to what some scientifically ignorant MSM personality with the science background of a 5 year old tells people they say based on one book where some stuffed shirt academic that never worked in a lab in their lives wrote. (Yeah, Al Gore, creator of the Internet by his own mouth, says there is “scientific consensus” and the MSM parrot it, and all the sheeple believe it while the REAL Scientists fall over dead at how STUPID Gore, the MSM, and people in general can be – “Well, we got better”)
    So will be waiting for those SPECIFIC names and Fed agencies you say promote my religion over all others..please do tell..since you don’t even know “My religion”

  • [178] September 30, 2014 at 10:21am

    Thought the same thing. They didn’t want the reporters to know that the Wisconsin dem party had bussed in a crowd to make it look like more people supported Burke. Just like they bussed people in for those anti Scott Walker protests when he first got into office and went after the unions. Many in The capital said those “teachers” were union thugs bussed in from all over and outside WI.
    All crowds for any Obama event are staged and stacked. Unless the event is in the middle of a welfare center or illegal work center, people don’t show up.
    Best example are the military events. The soldiers don’t know if they are to laugh, clap, smile. They are standing at attention but told not to look like they are. My son just transitioned from active to reserve after 6 years and 2 tours in the ME and he says the soldiers don’t just have no respect for the admin, they HATE the Obamas. Friendly fire would be an option. Why do you think they make all the soldiers disarm when he visits them anywhere- even in a war zone. All the generals and officers that speak out have been purged over the last 6 years. We have nothing but yes men in the military chain of command now.

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  • September 30, 2014 at 9:34am

    Where are the truckers? A semi hauling down the road at 50 will solve the blocking of the road by these idiots. Get 5-10 truckers on line and let them go side by side down the lanes and clean the streets. Have the cops roll in right behind the rigs and arrest all the morons with totaled cars so the truckers can sue them for damages. Thing of all the impound fees the cops can raise and the auction of these trashed cars for scrap. All that free business for the towers as well.

  • [1] September 28, 2014 at 1:46am

    FAS doesn’t happy if the mom to be has a drink or two on a Friday night. It happens with women that drink habitually while pregnant.
    Educate yourself and stop repeating the BS from the same liberal prog elites you claim to hate.
    A glass of wine at dinner is GOOD for the heart and blood and digestion.
    Having a margarita or other frozen alcoholic drink at dinner isn’t much different.
    Like all things it is the abuse of alcohol that leads to FAS – 8 to 10 drinks a DAY
    4-6 drinks a DAY shows an increase in FAS but not absolute that it will occur
    2 or less drinks a DAY shows no correlation to FAS simply a chance of lower birth weight.

    I would say that ANYBODY drinking 8-10 beers or alcoholic drinks a DAY is an alcoholic anyway and needs help regardless if preggo or not, even at 4-6 a DAY you are in unsafe territory seeing that the average 180-200 lb man is legally drunk with 2 drinks on a hour.

    So unless you plan on getting off work at 5 and having a drink every hour until 11 or 12 at night and then trying to get up and go to work by 9, how the heck are you not drunk every night and this an alcoholic?

    So this bar is fine and the market will decide if preggo women with patron it. And if one of those ladies shows up every night for her term and gets a baby with FAS, I am sure NYC will help her use for millions.

    If you are against big government for one thing you need to be for all or you are just like the D and Rs you fight against.

  • September 28, 2014 at 1:28am

    They can drink. They have to or they die. :)
    And even a glass of wine or a beer once in a while doesn’t hurt a pregnancy. A glass of red
    wine is good for the body and the heart.
    I sure the place is working some angle. Maybe menu of virgin drinks or drinks with low proof alcohol or just less.
    They are trying to create a niche market. Be a place were pregnant women can hang out away from the spouse, get to know other preggos in the area, talk about their pains and trials in a safe social setting. There has to be some angle.

    I am sure that the bar will be full of men trolling for some preg sex with these mommies to be and sure some will be more than happy to return the offer. After all you don’t have to be married to be pregnant especially in the liberal and progressive center of intellectualism that is NYC.

  • [1] September 27, 2014 at 1:20am

    Just u just proved the point. Madison was speaking of the formation of national churches and religions that were forced on a citizenry by their rulers and then were required to be practiced by the people.
    The 1st Amendment and the whole “wall of separation” argument forgets the original intent of the Founders and even Madison and Jefferson – the two most misquoted by atheist separationists.
    The intent was to AVOID a national denomination. See in 1790, the word “religion” meant denomination, ie the church you went to. So, even the Danbury letter was about setting up the Congregationalist church over the Baptist church- both Christian religions.
    Congress started having Christian prayer even before the Constitution was drafted. One of the first tasks was to appoint a National Chaplin – again this was after ratification and by the men that WROTE the thing.
    Jefferson – whom the idiot atheists honor as a desist at best – printed bibles to be given out to members of Congress and saw it as a primary teaching tool in schools.
    Washington printed national bibles during the American Revolution for ALL his soldiers as a gift of the highest value with taxpayer money.
    National days of prayer, thanksgiving, and honoring God – they meant the Christian one – have been a staple of EVERY President since the beginning. Even the deist we have know does it.
    SCOTUS starts with one and displays bible passages on their walls.
    Obviously they are all wrong, eh?

  • [3] September 27, 2014 at 12:50am

    Read his book then say that. Until then you have zero frame of reference as to the size he sports and the galvanized steel they are made of.

    Be my guest. Find a SEAL anywhere in the world and tell them what you think of Marcus. Go ahead. I dare ya.

  • [1] September 27, 2014 at 12:46am

    Awesome book. Has me in tears more than once and in awe with every page. 20 good men went down in Operation Red Wing and by GODs Grace Marcus survived, him and that Mark 20 rifle. Let an atheist read about that and deny a higher power.
    The recounting of all the people that showed up at his family ranch when they announced him dead was unreal.
    I can’t wait for my youngest boy to join the ranks of those men of honor and valor. He will make one heck of a SEAL sniper. Boy is already deadly with his 22 and BB rifle.
    As for our baby girl, once her bro is a SEAL I look forward to that first date of hers. LOL. That and she will be skilled herself with a 9mm and rifle by then as well. All for her future as a SeaHawk pilot on a carrier. USS Ronald Reagan I hope.

    Yeah. Smart pretty and armed to the teeth. A real catch of a young lady if you have the guts to walk the gauntlet to reach her. LOL

  • September 25, 2014 at 12:12pm

    Images are offensive…the Quran says so…no images of the pedophile false prophet Mohammed are allowed…funny though that there were paintings of him for like 300 years and then all the radical pedophile wife beaters that believed in him when back into their OWN mosques and citadels and palaces and ERASED his face from all the paintings, tapestries, and illustrations in their own HOLY books… stupidity there…just saying…seems that for 300 or so years even Mohammed didn’t care about having his face painted…

    but back to the point…if the Quran says certain images are offensive…and we are to be more PC and understanding so we even adopt their sharia law into our court system and legal system…then that means that there must be a whole host of offensive images that need to be banned…
    no Joe Camel selling cigarettes…
    no frogs or lizards selling Budweiser…90% naked women/men are okay as selling tools though…just not cartoons…
    no US flags…you can fly a Mexican or Chinese or USSR flag all you want..even the flag of ISIS and Al Qaeda…
    and now no images of US soldiers with their weapons…but I am sure a pro ISIS or PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah shirt with a gun would be okay…

  • [6] September 24, 2014 at 12:01pm

    That’s union labor for you. The average engineer in India gets paid 1/3 of an American engineer. The actual techs that put the rover together and program the computers get paid 18-20/hr in the US but get paid 18-20/day in India. So of course their rover mission is 1/10 of ours. They don’t have unions or minimum wages AND they are quasi- socialist with state financed corporations and industry just like China, Japan, Korea and the rest of SE Asia. That is the truth behind why products are made over seas. It doesn’t actually cost less if you align the average wages of the country but since the average US worker is in the top 25% income earners in the world it appears that way.

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  • [7] September 24, 2014 at 11:27am

    Bill was a history teacher after all. Of course he knows better than the rest of us non academic elitist intellectuals. And he is a populist. He believes there are “common good” things that the world should rally around and provide free to all people or at least guarantee access too. Of course he wants a US backed world army to defend the world and fight the bad guys. He believes the bad guys are any group that doesn’t believe in the world solution. He is arrogant and full of himself and truly believes he is smarter than the room and in this case the world.

  • [4] September 23, 2014 at 12:45pm

    awesome guy..awesome kid…

    our high schools all do a “Pink Out” game every year where the players where the pink ribbon on their uniforms and the crowd can buy “Pink Out” shirts and all the money raised goes to Breast Cancer awareness and research…
    this year the student body of the school I teach at decided to change to a “Color Out” and sell shirts in the color of ALL types of cancer instead of just the pink for breast cancer…
    the stands should be full of a rainbow of colors with the ribbon symbol and the type of cancer noted on the front and the day of the game…
    every time I think the youth are sliding into the gutter and oblivion of short attention span smartphone lifestyles, a kid like this steps up….
    reminds me of a gift we received last Xmas from a Middle School boy who started a foundation after his best friend died of cancer around Xmas about 3 years ago…the kids raise money and then denote it all, every penny, to a family of a cancer patient with kids, so those kids will not know a Xmas without presents at a time when their parents are strapped and focused on other things…wasn’t much but that money really hit home due to the cancer stopping my wife from working and added $200-300 a month in meds.. effectively halving our take home pay…
    I think I need to go buy a gold shirt just to honor Annie…and Jack…

  • [1] September 23, 2014 at 12:25pm

    Groomed? doesn’t seem like she is being groomed as much as have a fling with him…seems to me that the secretary saying “Since I know his feelings for you” was eluding to some previous relationship between the two that was obviously important enough to Saul to “squeeze” Hillary into his busy schedule making money selling his communistic philosophy…
    hmmmm…every wonder why all the big Commie proponents are also some of the wealthest people on the planet… Soros, Clintons, Kerry/Heines

    they aren’t just hypocrites they are liars and thieves and know that a “grand revolution” will actually play right into their hands to secure power for 100 years the world over…if they get the USA, Europe will follow within days… the Nazi Islamo facists will take Africa, South America, Central America, and the ME, the Commies will take Europe and the USA and China and Russia will fight for who gets to control the planet…
    China is crazy enough to nuke or EMP everyone to win… I still think Putin is just a bully and if someone pushed back hard enough and bloodied his lip hard enough, he would crumble and go back into his hole and pout…

  • [9] September 20, 2014 at 9:46am

    Jesus spent all his time in the dens of thieves and sinners, why shouldn’t the Pope, his direct messenger down the line from Peter. The Pope should be out in the world MORE not less and he should be in those nations that are killing Christians, enslaving children, and espousing the evil ideology of Marxism and extremism in worship of God or any god.

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  • [1] September 20, 2014 at 9:43am

    Jesus spent lots of time speaking and with the people that would eventually hand him over for death.
    We can not win any discussion about Love or Peace or the Grace of God by avoiding our enemies. Granted, I think the Pope should identify the enemies of God in specific name, calling out those groups and governments that refuse to put down these demons of ” radical” Islam and the ” moderates” that refuse to cull their religion of them.
    Then you can speak of the good that the two faiths have done together, if there was any you could find.

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  • [5] September 19, 2014 at 12:53pm

    sorry you feel that way but you are dead wrong…on many counts…

    there are PLENTY of churches out there that have a very welcoming air to all generations….
    I was raised/born a Catholic…decided to be Catholic at my Confirmation…and stay one to this day even though my wife and I sought out a non denominational church close to our home..a church that was 45% Catholic because the nearest to us was 95% hispanic and only had services in spanish or we had to drive 15 miles to one that had English services… (in that case, the church was not fulfilling the needs of the community, so the community switched churches)…
    the great thing was that the pastor, a lawyer who was raised Pentacostal and a preachers kid, understood and welcomed his Catholic brothers and sisters and often while giving his sermon would make a joke he knew ONLY the Catholics would get and when we laughed, he laughed too and then told the rest of the church… “that one was for the Catholics…”
    he also set up services with traditional hymns to modern christian rock music, even though he said he couldn’t sing it nor liked it that much…

    the church was VERY inclusive, taught Biblical principles on marriage, finances, child raring, and morality – yes including sin/divorce/affairs/gays.. but he would always make sure to say that the church was ALWAYS there as a BODY to LOVE and GUIDE and extend a hand in friendship, regardless of your sin.
    There are more like mine than yours, I believe.

  • [19] September 19, 2014 at 9:55am

    from your tone, it appears you think the cheerleaders and the crowd are involved in “group think”….and the ACLU atheists and FFRF atheists are the “freethinkers”…
    because the man you are quoting…George Orwell and his book 1984…
    the Group Think people were the Big Government Big Brother “do as we say not as we do” atheist control freaks…and the Freethinkers were the independently spirited FAITHFUL believers in something other than themselves, like Freedom, Liberty, and GOD.

    So, who is that in this situtation…the atheists forcing everyone to conform to their wishes by extortion, bullying, and threats or the cheerleaders and crowd that gave the ACLU and FFRF the 1 finger salute but in a nicer why by using the Lord’s Prayer….

    Piss off….take your atheist crap deluded logic somewhere else…with only a few exceptions…most atheists use NOTHING akin to logic, reason, and critical thinking when coming to their judgements on people. they simply use their hurt feelings and fear that by seeing and hearing something they are being oppressed into believing it…even though NO punishment exists or is even threatened if they don’t believe….

    there is NO…repeat NO Right to not be offended, hurt, or upset by what someone else does….you don’t like it…use your critical thinking skills and BLOCK IT OUT….or are you just that weak minded…??

  • [1] September 18, 2014 at 9:03pm

    White privilege and income inequality between races. Race and class warfare man. Didn’t you get the memo. All about that white privilege.

  • September 18, 2014 at 9:00pm

    Isn’t that Ron Paul’s foreign policy? Or was that Obama’s? Oh never mind. Same thing.

  • [5] September 18, 2014 at 8:40pm

    I never really cared about baseball that much. Went to games because my mom loved the dodgers and liked to sit and watch and eat hotdogs at the stadium. Really never liked the Yankees. But save from a few stupid things off the field – nobody is perfect – Jeter has been a class act. Like a Bird or Magic in basketball, a great ambassador of the game.
    This farewell season to what will probably be a first ballot Hall of Famer showed his class. At every field they honored him and even the fans from the opposing team showed him love.
    I wish I had gone to a Yankees Rangers game just to see him play.

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