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  • [2] January 27, 2015 at 12:37pm

    I give it maybe 3-5 years before another bubble burst and this time “housing” has to be nationalize and you are “awarded” a home based not on your income but on what you “need” to survive. 1 bedroom for every two people in the family. 1 bathroom per home is plenty with rations for water usage. no backyard to speak of (children don’t need to play, they will have school mandated physical fitness for an hour before and an hour after classes each day as the speakers play “patriotic speeches and music” from Her Majesty, Hillary the Great, our Savior and first Czarina)

  • January 27, 2015 at 12:32pm

    this is 2001-2007 ALL OVER AGAIN…you watch…there will be a BIG boom in housing and prices and that will fuel the stock market through the roof and Obama will say it was all his plan and his effort and his policies and Hillary will ride in on his coat tails as the “first woman” President (her a woman, debatable) and by the end of her first term and Dictator in Chief, establishing the New Socialist Utopia where jobs, housing, retirement, education, and healthcare are all FREE (if you can afford the 70% top tax rate or are in the 51% of the nation that pays nothing and lives off the rest of us)…
    the bubble will EXPLODE into a world wide depression this time….
    Hillary will blame the EVIL GOP racist rich white men (even though she is richer than 95% of the men in the nation)…the sheep will BAAA and herd into her barn…and we will become a 3rd world country as Russia and China sweep through Asia and Europe and Africa and divide up the land.
    A ME and North Africa Caliphate ruled by Iran
    A SE Asia/South Pacific empire of China
    A New USSR that includes all of the old USSR and western Europe.

    Hillary will “sell” back Alaska and all OCS US oil reserves to Russia and China for enough cash to “stabilize” the US economy and continue to pay Welfare benefits. South America will become a puppet continent of Russia and China, as the US is overrun with illegals our borders will become meaningless. Then the nukes will rain in a last ditch effort to save us..WW 3 ends it all

  • January 27, 2015 at 12:23pm

    And before you say “you have a house, why aren’t you living in it?” It is in CA, I moved to TX after the crash when my CA house was valued nearly 100K under what I still owed on it…and I did it right, I put down 25% when I bought it BRAND NEW, first tenant and owner, in a great neighborhood for my kids to go to school and grow up. I had no option than to rent it for what I could get and eat the difference. Well, I could have walked away from it like all the other losers that dumped they house and made my property values tank, all the while they quick secured a new loan to buy a new house twice as big as the one they walked away from at half the price…..

    Good news I guess…it has only been 6 years now and my house is currently worth what I owe on it but I still can’t sell it because it would cost me about 30K out of pocket for fees and crap….besides the fact that I wanted to keep the house since it is about the only retirement income I will have with the way things are going….or at least it will be a paid off place I can go live….

  • [1] January 27, 2015 at 12:16pm

    You mean like they did with the Housing Bubble from the Credit Default Swaps that pushed a nearly 20 year bubble of 5% or higher (in some markets like CA and NY over 10%) per year increase in housing sale prices? Driving even madder by the Sub-prime mortgages, the Zero down/Zero closing cost/Zero interest loan deals?
    You mean all of that stuff that supposedly the Dodd-Frank legislation put an end too?
    You mean the Carter and then Clinton era CCR legislations that “encouraged” home ownership for minorities and “under privileged” people by allowing them to get a “stated income” mortgage and use their Welfare, Unemployment, or Disability check as their source of income?

    Is that the screw up you mean? The reforms that GWB tried for 5 years to push through both houses of Congress before the 2007-2008 crash and bubble burst that would have fixed it all, being hindered and maligned by Frank and Dodd the whole way as they lied about the issue repeatedly.

    OR do you mean the “projected” 5% and higher increase in major metro area that is going on now? With the new round of banks using FED depressed interest rates “at or below” market? Or maybe the 3% or less down loans being floated, but only if you are the “correct” type of person with the “correct” type of qualifications?

    Meanwhile I pay rent that would equate to a 250K mortgage with escrow account added in but I can’t qualify to buy a home because my house I rent out is still upside down and I lose $6K on it a year. IDIOTS

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  • [1] January 27, 2015 at 11:50am

    Lets not forget that ALL schools have their roots in some church denomination. ALL schools used to be associated with a denomination of some religious faith. It wasn’t until Ben Franklin and then Thomas Jefferson started “public” universities that the notion began to take hold that school WASN’T and DIDN’T have to be taught in, held at, and aligned with a church.

    But it still took 100 years before public schools were widespread and unaligned with a church or still being held in a church building…

  • [31] January 27, 2015 at 11:40am

    if as a kind employer that wants to keep his employees, I decide to allow a pregnant mother or sick employee extended leave without termination, even after their required sick time and vacation pay is over, then that is my choice, and it would be a smart choice to keep valuable employees but it would also be exploited by money grubbing slackers if the FED made it mandatory.

    The average FED worker already makes more in salary, has cheaper and better health coverage (they usually pay ZERO for the entire family to be covered not just themselves like most private sector employees), has a larger retirement payout with less or zero pay in then SS or a private 401K, and already get longer and bankable vacation and sick time.

    The only ones that are worse are Police, Fire, and Teachers, who in 30/50 states can bank unlimited sick leave and vacation pay. I have know people in these professions that technically “retire” but get to stay at home and collect their FULL pay for as much as 2 years before they run out of sick time and vacation days. Then when they do retire they have 2 extra years of service which bumps their retirement pay as well.

  • [3] January 26, 2015 at 12:48pm

    LBJ was an A-hole and a overt racist…he killed the 1954 CRA when Eisenhower first tried to get it passed and LBJ was Senate Majority Leader…He did everything he could to stop it and keep Jim Crow in place…He even fought the DNC when Kennedy was coming up, which is why Kennedy picked him as VP, to get him OUT of the Senate, Kennedy knew that if LBJ refused, his career would be over. LBJ was too much of an egomaniac to not take the position even though he HATED the Kennedy’s and thought they were all carpetbagger thieves and N####r lovers…

    I don’t think you could portray LBJ as anything BUT a racist scum bag if you truly wanted to be honest about it….
    Him and Woodrow Wilson….and maybe Andrew Jackson…biggest racist dirt bags ever to get into the Presidency…well…until the one we have now…

  • [9] January 26, 2015 at 12:38pm

    Have you served? Has anybody in your family? your close circle of friends?

    As a father of two that did and two more that will…you are absolutely clueless.
    After 2 tours, northern Iraq and NE Afghanistan, my oldest will tell you the people are great but the “bad guys” are a f’ing nightmare and deserve to die..
    He experienced the same feelings as Kyle, have an 8 year old boy come up all happy and climbing on his truck, big smiles and happy, then drop a live grenade into the passenger seat. If it hadn’t been for his buddy next to him throwing it out at the last second, they both would be red paint on the inside of the cab. That moment when you are PRAYING for the child/woman/man (enemy) to stop running at you, the moment when you HAVE to pull the trigger, the justification after about saving yourself and your comrades.

    GOOD guys NEVER want or like to kill people and unless you HAVE killed a person, you will never know how it will haunt you for life.

    Now are there soldiers that are in it for the thrill, the “gonna kill me some towel heads”….Yeah…quite a few…most are not “outside the wire” MOS guys…they are admin guys, office guys, guys that AREN’T getting shot at day after day or having their HumVee pelted with shrapnel from an IED…

    My son will tell you..those “gung ho kill me some ‘bad guys’” types are the first to FREEZE on the battlefield, piss themselves and cry for mommy, and usually cost another a wound or life.

  • January 23, 2015 at 5:18pm

    He knows what he is talking about…but he is from an area of the world where Capitalism has NEVER really been anywhere near true. The version of Capitalism that Pope Francis is familiar with is actually even worse than the American “crony” Capitalism system. Pope Francis sees Capitalism as the tool of a tyrannical Fascist government that favors those that are connected and forces the 90% into poverty and near slavery, dependent on that government for even the most basic services of Life.
    I don’t fault him for his views that Capitalism has divided the world into the “have” and “have not’s”, but then again, he is a very intelligent and educated man and he should be reading John Locke, Adam Smith, and modern proponents of true free-market Capitalism. I am sure that he knows the perversion of those dictators he preached and lived under could not possible the actual true method of Capitalism.

    I also believe that he is more on the socialist side of “Social Justice”, again based on his upbringing and where he lived than anything else, than the ACTUAL Catholic teaching of Social Justice – where the voluntary actions and donations of the Church Body provide for the tired, poor, sick, infirmed, homeless, and even the criminals among us.
    People helping People not governments taking from the People to “help” other people. If you could just get him to changed that view, everything else would fall into place. Francis still calls on the World governments for change.

  • [1] January 23, 2015 at 4:24pm

    Really, the Pope is the Puppet Master of the Earth? REALLY! Wow…been a Catholic all my life and frankly the Pope has ZERO bearing on how I live my day to day life or how I practice my faith.
    The Pope – regardless of who he might be at the time – simply is the Head of the RCC, the Public Face of it, and from time to time makes speeches or issues writings that clarify teaching of the RCC or alter, in minor ways, how the Church worships during the Mass, or issues and Encyclical on an issue (which have the force of Divine Interpretation of Scripture and how Scripture pertains to the issue)

  • January 23, 2015 at 4:13pm

    Actually Blest…nowhere in the Bible, other than one passage by Paul in a letter to the Thessalonians, is there ever a mention of a “rapture” event where the faithful to Christ are lifted up into Heaven to be with Him and GOD.
    Now there are passages in Revelations that speak about Jesus bringing those that believe and follow His teaching into Heaven to be with Him and how He will defend them before GOD and absolve them of their sins, but it never says that “poof” they will be lifted up and all disappear at once.
    Revelations does speak of trials and tribulations that will occur and large parts of the world that will be destroyed killing 1/3 of all life, including Man. It then says that once all this is done, only those that do not believe in GOD and Christ will be left behind.
    Now does that mean when 1/3 of the world is Active, Practicing Christians of any denomination, Jesus will return? NOPE!
    Even Jesus Himself tells us that “not even the Son” knows the time and place of GOD’s Judgement Day. We are but to be ready, physically, mentally, and spiritually. “like a thief in the night” “like the coming of the groom”, He will come. We must be patient, be true, and be vigilant.

    And for eutope – questions – what does the faithful get if they live the teachings in the Bible and it is false? what does the nonbeliever get if they live without the teachings in the Bible and decry it as false, and it is True?

    Those are the only things that truly need to be answered.

  • January 23, 2015 at 3:29pm

    you obviously are a troll and never leave your basement…if you have listened to Glenn and Pat…you would know that they both hold quite a few views that are not “main line” Mormon….

  • January 23, 2015 at 3:28pm

    Definitely Monk…
    Get Moderator Michelle or whomever else you can…tell them the Blaze TV should have a debate…or at least a “candidate interview” show…one a week before the first Primary / Caucus takes place….
    Run it from 6-8pm every Wednesday or something….or Saturday or Sunday since people will be home and able to watch live….use “the Feed” to live stream questions into the candidate. Research the heck out of their positions and then rip into ANY hole that is found that does not support limited government and the Constitution, Separation of Powers, and the Natural Unalienable Rights of Man….

    Don’t give the questions up front…
    Don’t let them talk for 2 minutes and never answer the question…
    Cut them off…interrupt when off topic…No opining about “I knew this guy once” crap…
    And don’t let Glenn do it…
    Put Buck out there, Will, and the lady that was the former House Reps aide or whatever..Tamara (shh..the black BBW one)….

    as for why Real News is not on…the Fall line up hasn’t started and the people all have other jobs now…all the hosts do guest shots on all the cable networks now, Buck is on radio 6 days a week….heck SE Cupp left all together for her “Crossfire” job…
    lots of the people from Real News used it to get jobs at other networks, probably paying much more than Glenn could…

    and for those that think Glenn is raking in the bucks off BlazeTV…HAHAHAHA…it is barely staying on air and breaking even, check the numbers out…

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  • [52] January 23, 2015 at 12:49pm

    “We hold these TRUTHS to be Self-Evident, that ALL Men were created EQUAL, endowed by their CREATOR with the INALIENABLE RIGHTS of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness…”

    Ever wondered why in the text, certain words are capitalized completely… maybe the Founding Fathers were putting EMPHASIS on certain things…drawing attention to them to make a point….

    And thus, that CHILD is entitled by the CREATOR to ALL RIGHTS of every other Human on the planet….PERIOD….

    taking a life without Due Process of Law (a trial with a judge and jury and punishment phase) it MURDER….

  • [5] January 23, 2015 at 12:44pm

    well..dear Leader did say that he wouldn’t what his daughter “burdened with a mistake”….we can’t make people shameful, responsible for their actions, or burdened by unwanted things after all….

    and no, you trolls, I am not saying the rape “was a mistake”…dear Leader was talking about the unwanted pregnancy not how it was conceived….

    oh..and btw…trolls…this Mother’s Day…make sure to tell mommy how much you appreciate her choice to abort you…it won’t be hard, just yell up to her from the basement…

  • [7] January 21, 2015 at 3:49pm

    he will have doubled the National Debt to over $20T by 2016…the MSM decried both Reagan and Bush for doing similar and called them the most vile names and claimed they were destroying the USA..Obama, himself, called the Bush era debt un-American and unpatriotic.
    he socialized 1/6 of the US economy with the ACA – which by their own numbers is at least 4 million behind where it needs to be to break even and stay revenue neutral. IF you look into the number, the simple truth is that only 2.1 M people that didn’t have insurance before, now have it. They force 3.1 M OFF their own plan and into the Exchanges and pushed another 4.3 M onto State Medicaid roles (a hidden cost and tax on each State).
    The Workforce Employment numbers are at the lowest since 1978. Despite the 11 million jobs he claims to have created (private sector did it, not him, half are in TX and 1/4 are in ND on oil/gas fields) there are actually 4.1 M less people working today then when he took office.
    The overall GDP growth numbers are stagnant (3-4% annual is necessary to keep up with inflation – Fed numbers not true inflation which runs 3x Fed numbers)
    The Fed has deflated the currency by “digitizing” over $4T making your money worth 30% LESS then in 2008.
    The world is unstable akin only to pre-world war levels.
    Fascism-Nationalism (Nazism)-extremism are at levels not seen since WW II
    ISIL/ISIS is forming a caliphate across 3 nations – beheading as they go
    Terrorism/kidnappings are up
    Better? WHAT!

  • [3] January 21, 2015 at 3:23pm

    Above and Chief…welcome to the party…some of us have been saying this since he was first in office…once the Marxist (anywhere in the world) get power, they NEVER leave without bloodshed and civil war.
    Obama is at his core…and in his own words..Dreams from my father…an anti-America, anti-colonial, anti-Imperialist, die in the wool Marxist…he admits being raised by and seeking out Marxist, Socialists, and radical revolutionaries his entire youth and young adult life.
    He has learned and tried to enforce through EO and fiat nearly EVERY plank of the Communist Party constitution.

    As for whether he and his minions will sacrifice themselves…NO..absolutely no… they will use the masses that believe him to be their savior first…once the riots settle and the dead mount – on their side – he will try and use the LEO and military. By then, they will have already either changed to our side, wised up, or headed for the hills. So he will be left with the massive armies of private mercenaries that the State Dept and DHS have been using oversees and at home. But even though more bodies will mount…this will simply drive the military (not wanting to have a coup) step in and enforce marshall law and destroy the merc armies, but they will not march on DC because they still have honor and are under the civilian government.
    In the end, we will be “transformed” and broken and Obama will laugh, despite his fate, because the Marxists will have taken down the USA from within.

  • January 21, 2015 at 3:13pm

    nice avatar =)

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  • [7] January 21, 2015 at 3:03pm

    Crazy…are you crazy?? there is GOOD and EVIL in the world and people can be good and evil…and they can do evil, whether they are evil or not, through unintended consequences….

    now…lets look at a few things…
    Michelle openly said she was “never proud of her country before her husband was elected” as the Dem Pres nominee. then why were you still living here? raising your children here? making LOTS of money here through shady real estate deals and other associations with REALLY radical anti-American attempted mass murderers (evil people)?
    why did they both attend a “church” with a radical anti-American, Black Liberation Theology minister that PRAISED 9-11 as the “chicken’s coming home to roost” and America’s fault (another very evil angry racist man)?
    why is Obama the ONLY President in recorded history NOT to attend Sunday church service EVER? Most President’s go to the National Cathedral, regardless of faith. Obama said they were looking into finding a church (the NC not good enough for you?). Then Obama said he had “prayer services” in the WH with different ministers from various faiths quite often (you mean radical American haters like Wright?). Then the MSM just stopped asking and it was obvious that he is not only not a Christian but pretty much an Agnostic/Deist at best, a Muslim sympathizer/practicer at worst (not because he would be a Muslim but because he LIED about it).
    Liar, cheater, egomaniac, narcissist, unGodly.. yeah..that makes him evil for sure.

  • [3] January 21, 2015 at 2:46pm

    sorry..should be 2001-2003…the last time the bill cleared committee (because Obama was no longer chairman) and passed 52-0 in the ILL Senate..but that was in late 2005, after Obama had won his US Senate election and resigned.. amazing that it passed AFTER he left but he struck it down in committee 3 TIMES before that…
    would seem to suggest that even the Dems in ILL would have voted for the bill and passed it in 2001 had Obama let the bill go to the Senate floor for a vote…

    President GW Bush signed a similar Federal Bill into Law in 2002.
    Obama’s campaign clarification in 2005 and 2006, while running for US Senate said that a US Senator Obama “would have voted for the Federal Bill in 2002″ and since there was a Federal Bill already, the state bill was not needed. But Senator Obama. in 2003, voted against the Ill bill that was nearly identical in all ways to the Federal Bill, saying that the bill could be used as a “back-door” to challenge Roe v Wade and stop “legal” abortions.

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