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  • [3] March 27, 2015 at 4:10pm

    shouldn’t have this been settled with the Citizens United vs Clinton case were Hillary sued them to stop the publish and distribution of the video showing how much of a MORON and Fascist she was? Didn’t the SCOTUS side with the FREEDOM OF SPEECH side even and including the day of the elections? Weren’t there similar case about SuperPACs running campaign commercials within time periods of elections and the SCOTUS said.. TOUGH…that is exactly what the 1st Amendment was made for…even the Commie Liberal judges sided against the whiners?

    So then shouldn’t a small business and private entity be given the same rights? You can tell a LEO that in your opinion he is a “baby killing racist maggot POS” and he can’t do anything other than smile and say “have a nice day citizen”…not my opinion but you are PROTECTED in saying it…

    Our Constitution LIMITS the government and what it can do AGAINST the Citizens…NO LAW on ANY government level can FORCE or COMPEL a citizen to violate their RIGHTS protected by the Constitution. Unfortunately we let this happen daily at all levels because we are BULLIED and MALIGNED and ABUSED by the MSM and the Courts and every whiny little Biotch group out there about “their rights” that somehow supercede mine/ours simply because we discriminate or don’t follow their perversion of mind and body. They ROB us of our RIGHTS daily.. HOW DOES IT FEEL YOU Jackwagons?? YOU POS TYRANTS cloaked in your perverted mindset and group think?

  • [8] March 27, 2015 at 3:32pm

    I have a great example for you little P(brain)Gehrmann…wow Matt, that is fun…

    How will your socialist progressive mindset deal with the “protected classes” if a gay couple walks into a Muslim “halal” bakery or grocery story that is Sharia compliant (meaning the gays are to be stoned to death)? Can you arrest the patrons and the owner or workers for beating the gay couple to death – after all, they are only practicing their “protected class” Sharia beliefs? I know, there are those “murder” laws on the books but those don’t apply to “honor killings” and such, after all, just check out all the special courts that are being allowed to set up in Dearborn or any other large Muslim community, say where that nice mosque is in Boston, you know, just minutes from where the Boston bombers lived and prayed and were radicalized?
    Or what if they just run them out of the store and tell them that “Allah will kill all gays” or “You will burn in the fire of the Infidels” or whatever other choice statement they wish?
    Do you side with your Islamofascist friends or your Homofascist friends? How can the court side with both and still not discriminate? Hmmm…

    See…little idiotic arguments about discrimination and how it is not allowed don’t work in reality with thinking humans

  • [49] March 27, 2015 at 3:11pm

    F’ing awesome article and logic and reasoning…unfortunately…this is all lost on the Progressive entitlement mindset….he is simply a homophobe and that is all they need to say to force the courts to give them what they want…simply because the courts would be homophobic if they didn’t and then the judges would have to be recalled, oh and the bailiff and the clerks and anyone else in the building that didn’t goosestep to their gay fascism…I LOVE THAT TERM…

    Stand tall..Stand proud..Say it LOUD.. I DISCRIMINATE and I AM PROUD OF IT…GOD GAVE ME THE RIGHT and the INTELLECT to do so…

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  • [20] March 27, 2015 at 1:55pm

    yeap…and the buses that pick them up 9 out of 10 times have NO HEATERS at least that are effective for anyone not in the first 3 rows by the driver…and NO AC in the summer or hotter months either…
    there are no vents under each bench seat…typically NO seatbelts either…school buses are rolling DEATH TRAPS for children and should be BANNED…BANNED I say…think of the safety of the children…. ;-)

  • [22] March 27, 2015 at 12:36pm

    They voted against it because it doesn’t “balance the budget” until the end of the NEXT decade…meaning 2030. WHAT A JOKE!!
    Sean Hannity’s “Penny Plan” would balance the budget in 6 years! Within ONE Senators term in office and one two term Presidency. It would also then allow for paying down the debt with the surplus if the plan was continued AND it ACTUALLY CUTS spending by doing away with the IDIOTIC budget rules that the government works under. They NEED to go to ZERO SUM budgeting instead of this Baseline Budget CRAP where they call a “reduction in growth” a cut instead of just what it is SLOWER/LESS growth.
    The Federal Government should have to behave like any other business or citizen does. NO MONEY in the bank, NO SPENDING!! and they shouldn’t be able to loan to themselves by approving it themselves.. WTF is that!!!
    This is nothing more than the Paul Ryan plan from 2010/11 which took 15 years to balance the budget and relied HEAVILY on a 3-4% or more growth in the National Economy to accomplish that but never REALLY cut spending to any program or did away with any programs.

    I think even the Penny Plan is a joke because it doesn’t REMOVE or CUT any staffing, Fed employees, or agencies from the government trough. We can balance the budget TOMORROW be FIRING ALL NON ESSENTIAL Federal employees, dismantling the Dept of ED, EPA, FEMA, and a host of other alphabet soup agencies that DO THE SAME THING AS A STATE LEVEL agency already does, oh..And all that waste 2

  • March 27, 2015 at 10:48am

    Speak you are technically correct..there was no legislation pending at the time of South Carolina’s secession…
    There was however a growing movement of Abolitionists in the North and sentiment in the South to just let slavery die out – no new slaves being imported and trading of them outlawed. Abraham Lincoln was at worst a “closet” Abolitionist and the fear was that once elected President, even though he spoke to the contrary, he would force through some sort of outlawing of the owning of slaves all together.
    There was also the fear that his election would increase the radicalism of the Abolitionist movement and lead to an increase in “stealing” of slaves or runaway slaves through organizations like the Underground Railroad – which has many Southern sympathizers.
    I believe there were extremists on both sides of the issue, in the North and the South, that were pushing for a fight. Add to that the Big Farm – little farm mindsets (slave owners being akin to modern Corpo-Farming vs non slave owning ma and pa generational farmer) and the industrialization in the North going faster than in the South.
    This was not a 1 issue cause but many facets in both regions pushing for power and control. Fears that Lincoln would side with the Northern business interests and Abolitionists gave fuel to the opposite side in the South and I believe lead SC and other states to jump the gun and secede.

    Plenty of blame on both sides with Lincoln caught in the middle as a new party leader.

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  • March 27, 2015 at 9:55am

    As a boy from So Cal…I would be labeled a Yankee Northerner but at least I am from Southern CA and totally agree with you. I have read, researched, and loved the Civil War time period for decades and I would fly the Dixie, put it on my license plate or even on the roof and doors of my 73 Challenger, if I had one. =)
    Just listen to the “Dukes of Hazard” theme song…
    just some good ole boys
    never doing no harm
    just trying to live their lives the only way they know how

    it isn’t about slavery…they were poor farmers and moonshiners…they just wanted the government… “the Man”…to leave them alone and let them live their lives…as did 75% of Southerners during the Civil War…
    people don’t know because they aren’t taught it in schools that most of the slave owners were much the same as big Corpo-Farming today…they forced out, stole, or coercised the little farmers off their lands and so they needed labor – slaves – to manage it all…that wasn’t the South…it was more like Big Corporation vs Main Street mom and pop shops today….that is the TRUE picture of the South from the Civil War period…we focus, as always on the BIG GUYS and forget the little guys just trying to live free from government restrictions

  • March 27, 2015 at 9:45am

    As a CA born and raised boy, I was always interested in the Civil War. I read everything I could about it, from both sides. I have full collections of books even today, 30 years later, on the subject. I have researched and read about the reasons and viewpoint from both sides. There has always been that double edged sword on both sides of the conflict. Pro-slavery interest and Pro-States rights or Pro-National and Anti-slavery. This isn’t a black or white issue, pardon the verbage.

    There has always been a special place in my heart and mentality for the Southern expressed State’s Rights argument that I believe even today and the Constitutional argument that Secession is not only allowed but encouraged if the Federal government does not obey the Constitution.

    My uncle found a Dixie bandana and framed it with a Dixie pin and iridescent Dixie sticker and gave them too me for my birthday when I was about 12 or 13. I still have those framed items to this day and they used to hang on my wall before I was married and had kids. Once we bought a house and moved, many of my bachelor pad items were stored and just haven’t been taken out due to space concerns but I would PROUDLY fly the Dixie on my wall, hang my framed items as well, and put one on my license plate or bumper sticker or wherever I wanted.

    One thing many “yankees” don’t know, even many blacks in the “old south” still fly and respect the Dixie – it is their HERITAGE, HISTORY, and past – good and bad.

  • [5] March 26, 2015 at 5:31pm

    And YES, I know those lines are in the Declaration of Independence and Progressive A-holes don’t think the Constitution has anything to do with the Declaration but AGAIN, maybe you should read some of the Founding Fathers’ writings and thoughts about the documents THEY wrote.
    You could not have had the Constitution WITHOUT the Articles of Confederation and you could not have the Articles WITHOUT the Declaration.

    And for those that wish to use the “they were all racist white rich guys…”..Do you know that BEFORE the Constitution we had 8 Presidents under the Articles? Do you know that there were BLACK Founding Fathers and BLACK members of Congress under the Articles? In fact the first president under the Articles, John Hanson, was partially black!

    Just because we all don’t goosestep to your one world fascist ideals does not mean we are trying to sanitize the world.

  • [10] March 26, 2015 at 5:21pm

    Under the 1st Amendment, I – AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN – can discriminate AGAINST ANYONE I see fit for ANY REASON. I can think what I like, act how I like,and say what I like (as long as it is not criminal or infringes on another’s rights). That IS what the 1st Amendment is all about.
    STOPPING the Gov – at ALL levels – from forcing me to do ANYTHING against my conscience, my beliefs, and my values or from SPEAKING out against my government when it TRIES TO FORCE ME to do things that violate the same.

    Are you DAFT?? Do you pay attention and read?? Do you realize that the Constitution PROTECTS US from the Government?

    “We hold these TRUTHS to be SELF-EVIDENT that ALL Men are CREATED equal and ENDOWED by their CREATOR with certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, among which are the PRESERVATION of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS”

    See people like to say “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” but the tend to MISS the two words that come before that. Preservation of Life means we RESPECT the RIGHT of another Human Being to not be deprived of Life without Due Process of Law (so Abortion is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and murder because you are violating the RIGHT of the child to Preservation of Life). Liberty refers to me being able to LIVE how I wish unless I violate the laws, the Constitution being SUPREME LAW of the Land. Pursuit of Happiness (originally said Property) means HOWEVER I deem to be successful in my LIFE, the Gov or YOU, can’t STOP ME, again as long as not criminal.

  • [1] March 25, 2015 at 12:47pm

    Entitlement generation…
    Check out how many colleges have instituted policy for “parental complaints” and actually had to hire staff for Parent Complaint Centers to handle when helicopter mom and skirt wearing dad come down to find out why little Susie and Johnny got a F or D or usually B+ grade but they ALWAYS used to get A’s before they took that professors class. SERIOUSLY…I am DEAD serious..this is happening ALL over the US college system….
    Forget that the student is now an adult…forget that they usually are not living at home…forget that they are probably there on loans that they will never pay back (80% of college loans are NEVER paid back even though they can garnish wages to get the money and seize tax refunds is any since they are Federally Guaranteed loans)…
    Parents feel that their ANGEL is PERFECT and only fails because of the “big bad mean ole white guy” teaching them…and since they pay usually a small percentage of the college bill, they get to have a say in how the professor grades, teaches, and treats their little baby…

    IT IS absolutle FUNNY when the mentality built by the Progressive IDIOTS in Academia come back to bite them in the A$$ over and over..problem is..they just think MORE control and management is the answer….pass NEW laws and regulations to control the stupidity THEY created in the first place…

  • March 25, 2015 at 12:38pm

    EXACTLY…beat the tar out of the two little BIOTCHES and then go to their home in the projects and do the same to their mamas and baby daddys …

    and did anyone else notice..the school sent out a response talking about how much they care about the “security and safety of our students” but when the parent COMPLAINED FOR TWO MONTHS about the bullying.. NOTHING was done to stop it or deal with the little TRASH that was doing it…

    Isn’t BULLYING the new Civil Rights Violation…or is that only when the bully is white and the bullied is female, gay, transgender, minority, or some other special class? (already know that answer, was rhetorical)

    I have told my boy with the few boys and a girl or two have bullied him that he has a 3 step process to stop the issue…
    1 – Walk away and tell whatever adult is present in the area
    2 – If they continue when you walk away or the behavior does not stop on subsequent encounters, tell them to stop or you will retaliate.
    3 – Retaliate SWIFTLY and WITHOUT further warning -preferrably when they are not expecting it- to the bridge of the nose, throat, groin, or knee cap and CONTINUE to retaliate until an adult stops you physically and then I and my lawyer will defend you with the adult present, principal, and school board until they are forced into “sensitivity training” and stripped of all pension and employment in education forever as they professional and personally pay for his private schooling until age 22.

  • [26] March 25, 2015 at 12:25pm

    screw the $3K..ILLEGALS being hired in CA as COPS..with enforce the Rule of Law.. WHAT???

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  • [8] March 25, 2015 at 12:24pm


    That CA illegal cop thing has just put me over the top…WTH?? are they thinking?? are they asking for a race war in CA? gang banging thugs that sue and want cops charged with murder when they are killed committing crimes and shooting at the cops and now we are just going to let the little MS-13 gang banging illegal A-holes BECOME the cops…GREAT….we are already having to clean out the gangs in the military and how CA wants to let them all into the CA LEO ranks?? and it was from LAST YEAR which means they have been hiring illegals as LEO’s in CA since July 2014!!

    Any one that does not have a gun in CA needs to get one and when the cop comes to the door, ask to see his birth cert. or his SS card, not his DL because they are giving those to illegals already (lets them vote as well), or his naturalizaiton paperwork…oh..and make sure he can say more than “hello” and “goodbye” and “thank you” in English…
    then tell the little illegal piece of trash to get the F out of your state and country and go home to their own or they might have some precious brass and lead to carry around…

    I would never think of a time when I would openly be hostile to a possible immigrant LEO but now..OH MY GAWD yes…you want my DL and registation..SHOW ME YOURS FIRST..and the LEGAL resident papers…or you can GTFO of my face…

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  • [3] March 25, 2015 at 11:40am

    Remember that Megyn is a prosecutor and is VERY good as attacking weak areas of a case or witness. She doesn’t let her personal beliefs cloud her job, to report on facts and make people defend their points with REAL information and data, not just carry the water for the GOP or DNC because the higher ups say so.
    She might like Cruz, she would probably agree with him on most issues and vote for him, but she is doing her job and PUSHING him to refine his argument for why he is the best choice which is what I hope she would do with any candidate she interviews. Make that person specifically and factually support their policy positions, isn’t that what the Media is SUPPOSED to do?
    Megyn has done MANY shows on how Obama and Reid have blocked things, how the GOP has failed to pass or stop things, and how the DNC and individuals on both sides play these political games instead of leading and listening to the voters. This was just Megyn doing her JOB as a media personality, forcing Cruz to defend himself, his policies, and his record. It will just make Cruz stronger and sharper and I am sure he knows that and appreciates it.

    And yes, Progressive Slayer is right. What we need is a Pres. that will come in on day one and issue an EO repealing and making it a FIRING OFFENSE for a Federal employee to follow any EO from a past Pres. and a second EO that says any and all EO’s he/she writes expire on leaving office. Then they can get to work on real issues.

  • [5] March 25, 2015 at 11:24am

    Bill is by his own words, a Populist. He claims to be “independent” but really he is a Neo-Communist. He thinks what the People want, they should get and their leaders should give it to them, true Mob Rule. His “common sense” simply means that with his “infinite wisdom” and “intelligence” he knows better than the rest of us what the “little people” actually think and want. He knows his history – it is his true profession after all and degreed area – but he also seems to think that he is a Sociologist and has what the common Man wants all figured out. Problem with that is he is a NE Elitist meathead that has never really left the NE of the USA except to travel and give speeches or sign books.
    He has been surrounded his entire life by the same worldview, same mindset, and same Liberal-Progressive-Socialist ideals (teaching profession – especially in the NE). It is amazing to watch him due “hard hitting” stories on subjects that “alternative media” covered years ago and he presents them as “shocking, just uncovered” stories. From the Caliphate to ISIS to Obama actually being anti-American, Bill is about 3-4 years LATE on the uptake and he always will be because he lives in his little elitist bubble.
    I never could stand him.
    Even Sean had to get burned over and over again by the GOP before he woke up and left the GOP, he is registered as a Conservative in NY now. Thing is, Sean used to live in the South and work hard labor, Bill is a lily white collar stooge.

  • [5] March 24, 2015 at 8:50pm

    And for you info. NO not all accept
    Medicaid and Medicare not any more, since the ACA also cut what those pay out. That is why the Congress quickly passed a revision to the bill to increase payout for 3 years until the bill took full affect.
    More and more doctors are closing enrollment to new patients that have Medicare and Medicaid because they literally are paid cents on the dollar for services. CENTS!! Not 25 or 50 or 75% but 10% or less.
    A little math lesson about medicine and doctors.
    They are usually highly paid and thus in the top income brackets meaning 39.5% income tax to the Fed.
    They have to carry Malpractice Insurance due to the out of control court system and lack or Tort Reform nationally and our “sue happy” culture. This is typically another 30% off the top! That is already 69.5% of their income as a small business practitioner or HMO employee ( the HMO doesn’t cover the insurance btw).
    So the next time you here a doctor is billing $400/hr and working 12-13 hrs/day 6 days a week, you know why. Insurance will pay maybe 25-30% of what he bills, Medicare and Caid 10%. Even with copays he is behind by 50% right off the bat.
    Even at $400/hr or $6000/day, he only keeps $2000-3000 to pay all overhead, staff, bills, etc. and keep a salary for himself. Nearly every business, small or large has a net profit after expenses of about 5-15% so the doctor is keeping about $300/day he works. What about you? 12-14 hrs means $27/hr for him.

  • [7] March 24, 2015 at 8:29pm

    Yes you are correct. Medicare and Medicaid or insurance forms not payment methods. Good for you dolt but everyone knows that and talks about them as one in the same. We don’t say “my insurance is Medicaid but County Hospital has long waits” because everyone knows that if you PAY cash, you get in RIGHT NOW!
    Have you EVER looks at the itemized insurance bill? I have since my wife’s cancer. IT IS NUTS what they charge and what insurance pays out.
    Insurance will pay $40 on a $400 office visit plus our $50 copay (thank you ACA increases). So the doctor gets $90 for the 30 minutes we are there to pay all his overhead, staff, malpractice insurance (30% of most doctor income), income taxes, and make a profit.
    Some of my wife’s treatments are billed out at $29K for a 3 day hospital stay and the insurance pays out $1500-2000 plus out $100 emergency room copay.
    Thing is we use to pay cash for some of her meds and visits and the doctors charged us $150 per visit not the billed out $400.
    Some of the meds we paid $200 a month for cash but insurance is a copay of $35/med and she was taking 3-4 of them ($140 total). Add in the Ins premium of $800/month and WITH insurance we are paying MORE but see, the ACA made paying CASH ILLEGAL.
    About the only thing ins helps with is MAJOR medical like her surgeries which bill out at $250-300K for 6-8 hours in the OR and for those the insurance pays 100% to the doctors AND they DESERVE IT!! They are saving LIVES you jacka$$!!

  • [25] March 24, 2015 at 8:11pm

    Oh wait. You were serious????

    First let’s be honest. You aren’t a moderate republican NOR do you speak for them. You are a Progressive Maybe Republican which means big government soft tyranny lover.
    Reagan was just as Conservative and direct with people and the MSM.
    Supposedly moderate republicans – see GWH Bush – said the same things about him. Too extremes for moderates! Too right wing to win the general election!
    Umm… Do some research. He had the two largest election margins since WW II. AND he not only won Conservatives but also Moderate republicans AND democrats and held them for 10 years AND moderate Independents as well.
    See the fallacy of your logic is that you only see talking points but not reality. People, like Reagan, as pragmatic for the most. We know that there are no perfect candidates but if you find one you like 70% of the time, that is GOOD! Reagan cast a large tent because he KNEW there was no perfect guy but if you stand in PRINCIPLES the majority of people will RESPECT you even if they don’t agree and we elect people we believe will be principled and leaders who respect all sides before deciding.
    Obama is an ideology and elitist as are 70% of politicians at ALL levels. They think they KNOW better than us peons. But guys like Ted and other “tea party” types are changing that. Jefferson was right, eventually the people SEE their errors and correct them. GET READY the correction is coming and the Progressives LOSE!

  • [43] March 24, 2015 at 12:47pm

    Umm…Charles needs to PAY ATTENTION to what Mr. Cruz did BEFORE becoming a Senator…
    SG of the Great State of TX with MORE appearances and debate before the SCOTUS than ANY currently sitting Senator, House Rep, OR AG’s of any State or even the Fed.
    YEARS of Private Constitutional Law practice
    Clerk for Appellate Court and SCOTUS – first Hispanic to do so
    Associate Deputy AG for the USA under Bush 43
    Director of Policy for the FTC
    4.5 years as a US Senator

    Lets compare to oh…Barry the Wonder Marxist…
    18 months a US Senator before announcing his campaign – missed 80% of votes while a sitting Senator for 4 years or said “Present”.
    7 years in Ill as a Senator – never was ran against in his district – missed 75% of the votes or simply said “Present”
    2 years Associate Prof – U of Chi – never taught – he was writing his first book
    12 years as a “lecturer” for U of Chi – again, never taught just gave guest lecturers on whatever subject he wanted – much of the time BASHING the US and the Constitution as being imperialistic and outdated. NEVER had a daily/weekly class, graded papers, or had to hold office hours
    Community Organizer prior to that…running around chanting “down with the PIGS’, smoking dope and snorting coke…

    All his U of Chi jobs were handed to him by Bill Ayers and Ayers’ daddy who set Barry up on foundation after foundation while he was a Community Organizer.

    Basically..ALL he has done his adult life is RUN OFF AT THE MOUTH bashing the USA

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