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  • February 10, 2016 at 2:26pm

    First…Obama is not a Communist…a Communist wants everyone to be equal, have the same, be paid the same regardless of job…Obama believes that he is smarter, better, and more qualified (sounds like Trump) which makes him an Oligarch Authoritarian Tyrant at worst and a Democratic Socialist at best.
    Socialist believe that the Central Government should control all means of production, set prices, wages, and gets to determine profit margins and lifestyles of the People based on how the Government ranks their worthiness or job relative to others. When we talk of Nationalizing the Banks or Auto Industry, that is Socialism. A Communist would abolish the Banks and industry and force all profit to be “equally” distributed to the People.

    The reason that the USSR failed was because, while the Communist Revolution was great to begin with and everyone thought they would get their “share”, it quickly turned into an Authoritarian State where the leaders controlled all means and set up a Have and Have Not system with themselves and those they liked as the Haves controlling the Have Nots. Even China and North Korea has NEVER been true Communist States because they always IMMEDIATELY fall into the hands of a Tyrant who rules by force.

    Now..Trump..the man that said “Everyone has to be a little Establishment to get things done” by HIS OWN WORDS…IS ESTABLISHMENT and he WILL pick Kasick as VP because the Establishment will tell him to, well either that or Rubio or Jeb, whoever lasts.

  • [2] February 9, 2016 at 11:41am

    Rubio, Kasich, Bush, and Cruz are all within the Margin of Error of the RCP polling average. It is a dead heat for 2nd place and will all depend on turn out and ground game, something Trump apparently doesn’t know about (seriously, why would he say that, it made him sound like the BIGGEST IDIOT on the stage. And I thought he wasn’t beholden to anyone, why was he listening to “his people” that told him his “ground game was going well” when he had a WHOLE 25 precinct captains for the ENTIRE STATE of Iowa and only about 200 volunteers…IDIOT).

    If Trump doesn’t win the highly polarized NY and MA LIBERAL transplant biased crowd by 10% then yeah, he is the BIG LOSER for the night. The race actually begins in SC and the South – the first big Super Tuesday. If Ted wins the Deep South and across to TX then Jeb, Kasich, and Christie and Carson should be done.

  • [6] February 8, 2016 at 7:59pm

    Ok. If being a billionaire makes you able to self finance and not be bought what do you call the billions in loans both of these DILL HOLES have on the books with not one or two but dozens of banks. Most of which are the biggest banks in the world that all the wackos on here and elsewhere claim are the scary shadow government Rothchild Bildaberger conspiracy CFR NWO banks.

    Yes sorry Trump pumpers and the like. You can’t have it both ways. Either Ted is bought by Goldman and SO IS DONALD ( he owes them $550 Million) or Trump is “self funded” and Ted just had loans which he paid back and honestly left them off his election reports but NOT his Senate Financial Reports.

    Trust me if all the banks that Trump and Bloomie pie own called in the markers, Trump and Bloomie would have maybe 10% of what they claim to be worth left maybe nothing. And with the new bankruptcy laws Trump wouldn’t be able to push his defaulted debt onto the taxpayers like he has the last 4 times.

    I bet if we could see Bloomies and Trumps financials they both probably owe about 30% or more of their so called ‘Net Worth’ in loans to those Big Banks Trump says own Cruz

  • [10] February 8, 2016 at 4:53pm

    Completely dishonest BS is coming out of your mouth bud….
    IF….IF…the person is an American Birth or Naturalized…they have a RIGHT enshrined in the Constitution to “Keep and Bear arms” (2nd Amendment) which means that the government at ANY LEVEL…CAN NOT prevent them from buying a weapon without DUE PROCESS( 4th – 6th Amendments) and PROVING that they ARE an Imminent Threat to the SAFETY of their fellow Citizens or have already committed a Federal Felony or been convicted of Treason and thus forfeiting their US Citizenship.

    The government can’t just “put their name on a No-Fly list” and strip them of their Constitutional Rights. ARE YOU JUST STUPID or that IGNORANT of the LAW?? I don’t CARE about your FEELINGS on the subject, I bet that if I made a few calls to the right people I could get you put on that list or ANYONE I wanted, if I knew the right people to bribe, cut deals with, or “Lobby”.

    You statements are the HEIGHT of IDIOTIC Progressive “feelings into Law” mentality that have driven this country and the WORLD to the brink of World War again and another worldwide economic collapse. Even our Founders, much better Legal Minds than anyone on here, knew that it was much better to let a 1000 guilty men go free than unjustly sentence 1 innocent man.

    I will take my chances that 1 innocent man with a gun will step up and stand against the 10 or even 1000 JUSTLY on the No Fly List instead of being a B ITCH and trying to DISARM us all.

  • [1] February 8, 2016 at 4:34pm

    Soros doesn’t go to Obama…he calls his dog to him when he wants him, if he wants him, and only if needed…third parties and the secured secret Obama “I have to have my twitter and FB and gay porn sites) Blackberry are for contact with the MB, Soros, and VJ’s mentors in the ME.

  • [7] February 8, 2016 at 4:31pm

    So please tell us why the husband or son of a Deputy Director at HHS would be visiting the WH so many times when she wasn’t with him. I don’t see her name on the list. What business would her husband or son have at the WH? Wouldn’t he be going to HHS to see her?

    Granted, not saying there is some secret guy visiting the WH but your explanation makes ZERO sense. Is there ANY evidence that this husband/son of Mrs. Hoff would have business at the WH, why was he there, without his wife?

    Like the article mentioned, there is no information about his visits. Most people have to sign in and say where they are going, who they are seeing, and they are time stamped in and out by security. Why is there ZERO information about the visits of Mr. Hoff?

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  • [21] February 8, 2016 at 3:24pm

    All “late night shows” are filmed at 5pm and then edited and reworked and laugh tracks added. Nothing they do is live. Not even “Saturday Night Live” is live. It is all filmed and edited with laugh tracks put over the audio. All of those skits are done over and over until they get the take they want.
    I think jelly was actually slapping Colbert with her comment because he is taped earlier in the day. Hence his response.

  • [7] February 5, 2016 at 4:40pm

    Sarge…that is just lame…

    Let’s see you do it! J
    ust because Trump has more money doesn’t make him more right or more worthy. And if Sununu did, I am sure he could afford it too with all his speaking and book tours and government retirements over his 40 year career in politics.
    His weight doesn’t matter either…or will you refer to Donald as “flip top head” Trump or Bald Bully or a million other names you could come up with based on how he looks, talks, and acts…..

    that is just lame man…seriously….you deserve it to yourself to be better than that…

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  • [5] February 5, 2016 at 4:35pm


    Louisville is a Public University that taxpayers fund and alumni donate too. I doubt they would approve of school funds being used to pay for hookers for the poor little scholarships Bball players that are only using college to try and jump to the NBA in the first place. They already get free room and board, free school with tutors and even people to take their tests for them, a free degree if they stay all 4 years (nobody really thinks the majority of these guys ACTUALLY study for their tests and do work like the rest of the college students, do they?).

    If they want hookers, pay for it themselves out of the per diem that the school gives them…wait…no STILL NOT THEIR MONEY….

    Even if it was a private university…the alumni give money for scholarships NOT for hookers for illiterate street thugs that happen to be good with a ball on a court…or field…or a bat…

    Besides…what type of loser has to pay for it….just go down to the Student Commons on any Friday night and I bet they could get a dozen Co-Eds that would go back to the dorms with the Bballers and do whatever they asked for FREE food and some beer….

  • [-5] February 5, 2016 at 4:23pm

    yeah…when you have your own environment polluting jet burning fuel at $15000/hour as you speak about all your construction projects being “Green Job compliant” and how great Ethanol subsidies are and how you will increase them, along with all other “green energy” subsidies….why not fly home every night to be with the kids (one of which he thinks is so hot even he could have sex with her) and your super model wife (your third independently wealthy wife). After all, you can proposition the flight staff for a little bounce in the all white leather bedroom in the back of the jet as well or any female report that you might have charmed into the jet for an “exclusive”.

    The BBC documentary and story from 1997 just bought by NBC and being “held” for future release and the “You’ve Been Trumped” documentary from Scotland will destroy Trump. I suspect that he knows this and is already making back room deals with NBC to bury both documentaries, threatening to sue them if they put them out (Citizen’s United vs. Hillary Clinton anyone), or working a deal to where he gets paid YUUUUGGGEEE sums of money for them using them to ensure a Hillary or Sanders win if he is the nominee – proving he is a Progressive A Hole through and through and always way but hey…

    WINNING for Trump right…he gets paid…screw the little ugly, piggish, stupid, poor, career in the toilet little guy…after all he is The Donald and he ALWAYS wins…(even when he goes bankrupt and puts 1000′s out of work)

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  • [5] February 5, 2016 at 12:36pm

    In Texas, Irwin and Keller and a few others have recently adopted similar policies, and they are big districts….20,000 kids, not 400…..
    The Sheriff and FBI Anti-terrorism came in and taught a class on armed response to threats, signed off on all the CHL’s (now LTC), and even opened it up to other area teachers and staff just in case their district went the same way.
    I found out about it too late and my district P U ss ED out and tabled the discussion for a later date, none has been named yet after 6 months….

    In the more rural areas of Texas, they NEVER stopped allowing guns on campus. I would suspect that some farm boys still have their shotgun and rifle in the truck when they pull up to campus.

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  • [1] February 5, 2016 at 12:22pm

    And Cruz already CALLED Carson and apologized and Carson accepted but now that Butt Trump is tossing his cookies and crying in his beer (well he probably drinks some snotty Liberal drink like a Cosmo), Carson is all aflame with making this an issue.
    Cruz ALSO went on national TV and explained and apologized, he didn’t send some snake in the grass campaign stooge to run to every talk show and call Carson names and parrot his tweets, like Butt Trump.
    Cruz Caucus captains and directors ADMITTED they didn’t pay attention to or get the email/tweets in time to do ANYTHING at the sites and even said the info should NOT have been put out and was sketchy, given the CNN update 30 minutes later.

    BTW – it even took Meghan Kelley an hour to update her coverage and the rest of Fox News an HOUR to update and all the LOCAL news stations about an HOUR to update themselves and say “Carson ISN’T suspending, he is just returning home for some rest before heading out on Thursday”. So you can’t blast Cruz for not updating sooner when ALL the MSM except CNN took over an HOUR to update as well, national and local stations. And where were the Carson people SCREAMING to their caucus directors and CNN that the info was NOT CORRECT??? Hmmmm… ANYONE??

    Sorry…but this IS POLITICS….if you see that a person is weak or that they might be dropping, YOU GO AFTER THEIR SUPPORTERS especially if their people support you and say you are their 2nd Choice, which Carson people mostly say about Cruz.

  • February 5, 2016 at 11:46am

    Wait ….this POLL IS CRAP…

    Sample size of 209 and an error of +/- 6.8

    that means Donald could be anywhere from 22-36
    Marco could be anywhere from 11-25
    Cruz could be anywhere from 6-20
    Kasich could be anywhere from 5-19.

    This poll basically say that Trump is probably in first right now, but he is the NYC Progressive Big Government Establishment Candidate of choice and MANY NYC Progressive types LIVE in NH and commute or have moved up there permanently. It is basically HOME FIELD advantage for Trump and he SHOULD be ahead.
    But it also means that Cruz and Rubio and Kasich could all come out virtually TIED for 2nd place. That would be a huge win for Kasich and expected results for Rubio but also a very good showing for Cruz, since he is HATED by the Big Government Establishment Progressive NYC types.

    Yes I know that Bush is there too but I think people will only vote for him if they think Rubio can’t cut it because Rubio is being PUSHED down their throats right now as the Heir Apparent to the Establishment Power Structure just like Romney was last time around. Only difference is that Rubio is younger, a minority, and a little more energetic and aggressive and won’t make the same errors Romney made – even though he has ALL of the Romney advisors and campaign directors already WORKING FOR HIM.

    I expect a Trump slight win with maybe 20-25% and Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich (the overt Progressives in the GOP will vote for him) all with around 20% and virtually tied.

  • [3] February 4, 2016 at 5:14pm

    We just need some Sheriff’s with some balls that will call a Town Hall meeting, deputize EVERYONE that shows up, and then charge them with only ONE DUTY…

    Detain and verify the Legal Status of anyone found to be suspected of being here illegally.
    Give them a list of all the construction companies, lawn care companies, maid services, packing houses, slaughter houses, textile factories, farms, ranches, etc in the area and have them go and RAID.

    Use the FISA blanket warrant garbage as your cover….use it against them…all you have to say is that a “tip” was sent saying that an Illegal Alien Terrorist was on site and then the NDDA and Patriot Act forces the company to turn over all records of employees. Heck you don’t even need the files…
    Line everyone up and empty their pockets, check ID….no ID detain…no valid Social detain..can’t speak, read, write English detain….

    A socialist like you should LOVE these tactics….

  • [2] February 4, 2016 at 5:08pm

    They don’t ignore the Law…they catch and detain all that they can…about 25%…
    Once they are in holding and should be pending Deportation, the DHS and DoJ step in and say that they will not be performing the Legal steps to continue the Deportation.

    That means the CBP needs to either continue to hold indefinitely, which they don’t have the space for, release the individuals back over the border, which they can’t do without the Legal paperwork filed, or simply open the doors and let them out.

    We should just start at the Canadian line and form a “wall” of Citizens, deputized by their local Sheriff and march south. Every construction company, food processing plant, farm, ranch, and lawn care company should be inspected and ANY person that does not have LEGAL ID on them or can prove Legal Residency with a DL, Passport, Birth Cert. within 24 hours, should be detained as an ILLEGAL.
    Then you go to their homes and any and ALL family related to them by blood or marriage are also taken unless they can also prove Legal Residency. Those that can, STAY, those that can’t, detain. And yes that means Jr. might be left without madre and padre – but they can always take Jr with them voluntarily.

    Make Sheriff Joe camps along the way for them all. By the time you hit Denver, Chicago, NYC Latitudes, the Self Deportation will clear out the rest.

    Oh and all offending businesses are SHUT DOWN permanently and owners JAILED for LIFE.

  • [2] February 4, 2016 at 4:56pm

    Time for the Law Abiding Citizens to start their own Catch and DEPORT program….Screw all the crap on the border…post guards…armed guards…and when you see them, don’t call the CBP until AFTER you have detained, cuffed, and stuffed the violators…

    Before you release them to the CBP, ask for the officers’ name and then DEMAND that deportation occur and proof be provided. Hopefully you will get some honest guys that will tell you “if we take them, they will be released and never heard from again”.

    In which case you just say “thank you officer but from now on we will not call you, WE will deport them ourselves”
    Then make the poor undocumented job seeking law abiding mother and orphaned child MARCH their A S S back to Mexico at gun point, take a picture and a finger print, make a database, and tell them IN MEXICAN (Mexican ain’t Spanish) that if they come back and you catch them, there is no detainment only burial in the desert or being fed to the feral hogs that run wild.

    Thing is…then you actually HAVE TO DO IT…once word gets back to other countries that bands of well armed US Citizens have told their “catch and release” Fed Gov to F OFF and are rounding up and putting bullets into Illegal crossers (they are actually INVADING a foreign country which is an Act of War and should be treated as such)…the OUTRAGE will swell…Demands for arrests will be made..hey even maybe a few Border Wars will break out and we can CRUSH the scum for good…

  • [4] February 4, 2016 at 4:45pm

    Probably is that people try and talk and talk and talk about storming DC and taking all the treasonous Jack Holes out into the street but the more you talk about it, as soon as it gets serious, since you are talking online, the Feds know and you would be met with 1000′s of LEO’s being ordered to stop you.

    If you could get a few hundred citizens together at the WH gates and just overrun the guard house, even without weapons, just walk through and refuse to stop, pushing the guards out of the way, tell them that if they fire they will be beat to death, you probably could storm the WH and get to the POS we have in there.

    Problem is…doing that would open you up to having it done when “your” guy is in office by a group from the other extreme. It would set up a “reign of terror” France situation where the average citizen would eventually rise up and demand that both extremes be deal with and exterminated.

    Even if you stormed the WH with 1000′s of citizens, NO WEAPONS, and posted the Constitution to the door, same to the Capital and the Supreme Court building….force them all to read it out loud to the gathered Media and pointed out EVERY word that they violated, you still wouldn’t get the backing of 50% of the People because 20% don’t even care enough to Register to Vote and 20% that ARE registered don’t care enough TO VOTE and 30% vote for the OTHER GUY.

    We are stuck in a quandary of our own making that will take decades to sort out or finish us off in the next 4 years

  • [2] February 4, 2016 at 1:33pm


    you are right…the facts are the facts and your Overlord…with his own bad hair and mouth said…
    “I can work with Pelosi, and Reid, Schumer, and the Democrats to get things done. You have to be a little Establishment in order to make things work.”

    A LITTLE Establishment…Donald is ALL Establishment…. Mr. “Build a Wall” and “Deny the Muslim immigrants” believes in a TOUCH BACK Immigration Policy….He builds the wall and the Conservatives CHEER….he sends all the Illegals home and the Conservatives CHEER…then he GIVES them all Permanent Residency Visas as soon as they get off the plane in their home nation and walks them RIGHT ON OVER the border and RIGHT BACK to their job and home they were living in and working at ILLEGALLY but NOW they are LEGAL and can “sponsor” the ENTIRE FAMILY to come over LEGALLY….

    DEFACTO AMNESTY!!! PURE BS!! And you are all buying into it HOOK LINE AND SINKER!!
    If Trump is the nominee, he will pick Rubio as his VP
    If Rubio is the nominee, he will offer to Trump – who will refuse but get every Fed Construction contract for the whole 4 years of Marco. Marco will then pick another “Tea Party” turned RINO as his running mate. Hillary will be torched by the FBI and DoJ, Biden and Warren will roll in, and we either will be the United Socialist States under Biden or the slowly turning 3rd world Socialist State under Trump/Rubio…



  • [15] February 4, 2016 at 1:18pm

    Here it is…. FINALLY the TRUTH…
    We have been saying for MONTHS that this Trump-Kelley dust up was all about SHOW and Trump and Ailes were in this together to boost rating.

    So first O’Schmuckey BEGS Donald to come back to the debate – “we need the ratings” but Trump thinks he has Iowa LOCKED and he can use this to say “see, the rest of them are all bought and paid for Establishment guys…they can’t tell Fox NO but I can”


    Now Sarah is babbling about Cruz cheating…
    Trump is in a temper tantrum over it…
    Cruz IMMEDIATELY apologized to Carson and set the events down….
    CNN is now saying they didn’t report, tweet, or even say what Cruz’s Camp QUOTED from their feeds..
    Rove – Establishment crony that NEVER wins ANY elections before or after Bush and it ALWAYS WRONG with his predictions and numbers – is NOW TOWING THE DONALD’S LINE!

    Meanwhile Fox is PUSHING Rubio harder than a constipated Rhino who hasn’t gone in a week….

    Trump is the Establishment SHILL….whether it is for Hillary or against the anti-establishment like Carson, Cruz, and Paul…Trump is there to take all the MSM out of the room from covering the guys the DNC and RNC don’t WANT to win…

    Any Trump supporter that does not see that they are being PLAYED by Trump and the MSM, Fox, CNN to hand this election to the “Rise of Rubio” Establishment candidate is a FOOL and just as bad as the Obama 2008 and 2012 people….

  • [33] February 4, 2016 at 1:03pm


    Yeap…Trump is pissed mainly because he had NO TEAM..NOBODY on the ground because he thought what he says goes and people would just blindly vote for him because he is The Donald.

    There are several reports that there were NO Trump Caucus organizers or captains on the ground in several of the voting districts. He got his BUT T KICKED the same way the Ron Paul would always do well in Iowa – BOOTS ON THE GROUND. Cruz learned from Ron Paul and put 1000′s of people on the ground in all the caucus sites to rally, speak, and sway votes….

    That is what you are SUPPOSED to do in a Caucus State. Your people are there to sway the undecideds and weak supporters to YOUR GUYS camp. DUH!! Donald got his ARSE WHOOPED because he thinks if he says it, it is gospel. Too bad you dolt!

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