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  • [12] November 28, 2015 at 12:16am

    Hey Mind…or whatever other troll name you would like to be called since you change so often….
    The Constitution gives Congress the ability to SET the LAW that governs Citizenship. When there is deemed to be a need for clarification on a section of the Constitution, Congress can do whatever is “necessary and proper” to clarify through law the information set down in the Constitution.
    The Supreme Court is then set up to decide any challenges to the law that Congress set down to clarify the Constitution and then decide if that law is constitutional or not.
    The President and the Executive Branch are then charged with enforcing and putting the law into effect.

    THAT is how our government is set up. THAT is how things work in this country.

    I know that MANY on here, especially the trolls like you, don’t understand the ACTUAL way the Constitution is set up, even more so when they don’t agree with how things are doing, but that is how it was meant to work.

    That doesn’t mean the process is perfect or can not be corrupted by certain people or even an entire branch of government – like we have now with Executive Branch and have under BOTH parties for nearly 25 years or the SCOTUS in several time periods of our history – but that is reality. The ULTIMATE authority was to lay with WE THE PEOPLE and our EDUCATED and INFORMED voting process to correct any corruption that did occur. We have been lacked for nearly 100 years, the next 10 will show whether we survive or not.

  • [35] November 25, 2015 at 12:03pm

    skeletons?? Like what? please enlighten us…

    what? his dad was part of the early Cuban revolution but left before Castro and Che took over and went full Commie dictator killing 1000′s – already out there
    what? that his dad was only a legal resident and not a citizen at the time of his birth making him ineligible? Wait – Obama’s father was ILLEGAL at the time of his birth due to an expired student visa and NOT EVEN IN THE COUNTRY, because he went back to Kenya before he was caught and deported.
    what? Cruz spoke at an event that had another speaker that said some bizarre idiotic things? out there and nobody cared since even other GOP candidates aren’t using it
    what? they gonna dig up finance records like they did on Rubio to prove that he HASN’T used his political office to become a RICH CORRUPT POLITICIAN like Clinton and even the Socialist “man of the people” Sanders?

    wow…nice try

  • [15] November 24, 2015 at 10:32am

    There is no better gift nor statement of LOVE then to give up your life for your brother. JJ gets it! Most of the military enlisted and command get it! NFL fans, for the most part, get it! NASCAR fans get it! Tea Party/Conservative/Constitutionalists get it! H#!! EVEN MOST OF AMERICA GETS IT – especially FLY OVER country and Alaskans get it!

    Obama and most of DC DOESN’T get it! BLM DOESN’T get it! Academia DOESN’T get it! Race baiting A-holes like Jessie and Al don’t get it! The NFL/NBA/MLB athletes, for the most part, DON’T get it!

    ******this below is just to vent, please I just need to say it somewhere, even if not outloud*****

    Having a severe PTSD and now suicidal 26 yr old Army Vet son living back at home, jobless, hopeless, and scared makes this ALL too personal. He thought the VA here in Dallas had his back and was working – they have it all F’ed up and now he sees no future, no way out of this pit, he can’t work due to his meds for the PTSD, his fused vertebrae in his back, his torn MCL, his nearly 75% hearing loss on one side, the nightmares bar his sleep. He is back to waking up grabbing for his weapon, all due to the stress of finances, life, not being able to get on his feet.
    He has NUMEROUS medals from 2 combat tours. He REFUSED Purple Hearts a half dozen times on those tours.
    He DESERVES to be stable, mentally and physically and financially. He has done/seen more in 7 years of the Army then MOST do all their lives

    Thank you JJ! You get it

  • November 24, 2015 at 10:04am

    Nah….Oswald was the shooter…his rifle…his prints…
    Now if you want to talk about who was behind Oswald….
    Marine sharpshooter….becomes disenchanted with the USA…defects to USSR…who knows what happens there but you know that he was taken by the KGB and mind raped…then he defects back to the USA?? WHAT?? And the CIA would have mind raped him when he got back..
    I am thinking a double agent at worst…a useful idiot at best…
    Becomes an outcast to society…marries a Russian woman…(handler?)…get ahold of a rifle?? the FBI isn’t watching him or recording his actions?? WHAT?? (he was a defector to the USSR – J Edgar would have had a camera up his BUTT if he could recording everything from the “commie” – only reason, KGB/CIA told him to back off or world would know about his dress up games with little boys)

    So Oswald was an agent of the KGB and/or CIA and was activated when JFK decided to drop the involvement in Vietnam – seeing it for a useless conflict. LBJ was all in for war, CIA and KGB were all in for war, Military was all in for war (well the Joint Chiefs anyway – the rank and file KNEW it was a disaster waiting to happen with the ROE BS.) I am sure that there was some orchestration with LBJ, at least passively, to see if he was onboard with the gameplan for war. I am sure that the Mob handled the ‘on the ground’ intel and setup and ‘cleansing’ of the evidence. I am sure Oswald pulled the trigger. The Perfect Crime due to certain Gov planners.

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  • [4] November 20, 2015 at 4:31pm

    Used to think that might be nice too AZ but Trump’s character, or lack thereof, keeps coming out…
    He acts like a petulant child far too much.
    Yes he could tell the MSM where to go because he doesn’t need the money.
    He could tell all the Elitist lobbyist types where to go as well.
    All the K Street, Wall Street money barons would hate him, all until his “art of the deal” kicked in and then he would be slicing up the nation to turn a profit or set up his cronies like he admits to doing for decades already.

    My main fear with Trump is that he honestly THINKS he is better, smarter, and able to get over on anyone with trade, deal making, or any other subject. He is “Philip Dru.” He would get into office and say “You are all fired. I know better than anyone.” and then proceed to ram his ideas.

    I don’t see Trump as a Carnegie or Coolidge, someone that would surround themselves with the best and the brightest and let them do what is necessary to fix things. Trump thinks he IS the best and the brightest. It is his MO, his attitude, his character. You see it all the time at his events.
    Someone says “my Rep can’t help with this” , ” the VA did this to me”, “an illegal hurt my dog” and Trump’s answer is “I will call them and make sure they make it better. And if they don’t do it, but they will because I am Trump, then I will do it anyway without them.”

    That arrogance might play well on TV but Putin will laugh and walk out on him, as will all nations.

  • [4] November 20, 2015 at 4:12pm

    you mean that isn’t SOY or maybe Charlie or even JRook…its posts are always troll like and meant to be inflammatory from the extremes..has to be some troll clone…

    is always fun to have these one issue ponies barking up some tree in EVERY post thinking only their reading and interpretation is correct, ignoring the clarifications that Congress – legally and within their Constitutional power to do – has passed over the years…

    “Natural Born” does not mean that BOTH parents must be citizens of a nation.. it does NOT mean that you have to be born on the physical soil of the nation…

    in Europe – the place they like to cite were the term comes from – it does mean ANYONE born within the national boundaries to legal residents – which is why ALL Kenyans and Indians were BRITISH CITIZENS with ALL RIGHTS thereof until those nations were granted separation…Australian, Canadians, Scots, Welsh, North Irish, even all Colonists until 1783. All were NATURAL BORN British Citizens because they were born in a British territory controlled by the Crown – assuming their parents were FREE MEN and legal residents – and they were SUBJECT to the LEGAL JURISDICTION (laws, taxes, etc) of the Crown and Parliment.

    Major problem with all these “birthers” is they don’t pay attention to the SECOND part of the definition – “subject to the jurisdiction of” the nation (that means territories, embassies, military bases – all legal US soil)

  • [23] November 20, 2015 at 2:43pm

    The ONLY numbers that should matter are the total employment pool for Eligible Workers….those 16-68 (currently retirement age) minus those that are disabled to the point of not being able to work, officially retired at whatever age, or imprisoned.

    The Workplace Participation number is a better number to use for ANY President…and time.
    Under Obama, nearly 7 million people have DROPPED OUT of the workforce. BRING IT ON PROGRESSIVE TROLLS!! They didn’t drop out because they won the lottery and are millionaires, they didn’t “choose” to stay at home to raise the kids, they didn’t become disabled, and they AREN’T currently bringing in income to the family through ANY other means (investments, inheritance, etc.)

    So, add 7 million to the number of UNEMPLOYED and the 5% number jumps back UP to nearly 11%. And you CAN’T blame Bush for this because he already took a hit for his SCREW UP and jumped his RECORD LOW unemployment numbers to nearly 7% before Obama took office. Obama’s numbers hit high 10′s and HONESTLY never went down, the Labor Reports are just dropping off those that GAVE UP and saying “wow, the numbers look great” but never saying “oops, we have the LOWEST EMPLOYMENT NUMBERS since the Great Depression.” as a percentage of the Eligible for Work totals.

    The US is sitting at 11% UNEMPLOYMENT and nearly 20% UNDER EMPLOYMENT and has since 2009! WORST PRESIDENT EVER!! And an American Hating, Jihadi loving, anti-Constitutional A-hole to boot. Tar and Feather’em!

  • [9] November 20, 2015 at 2:29pm

    paperboy at 11
    yard work and house/dog sitting at 13
    apprenticed in a Silk Screen shot at 14
    McDonald’s at 16
    worked on summer break and holidays during college…
    been working ever since…never had more than 2 months without a job since I was 11

  • [10] November 20, 2015 at 2:08pm

    amazing…you contradict yourself brigott…

    you end with “But again, I don’t know. God does.” but you spend the whole time saying that it can’t be what the woman says it was because that “would be contrary to what the Bible teaches about God.”

    Really? The Bible first of all doesn’t “teach”, it states. Jesus “taught” through the use of parable and those parables are “recorded” in the Bible..but the Bible isn’t “teaching” anything. The Bible can illustrate, it can give examples, and it can state things but it can’t teach. Teaching is an action that requires a “teacher” and a “student,” sort of like GOD allowing us to hear/see/know things or even letting us eaves-drop on a conservation between HIM and a loved one in Heaven.

    The Bible doesn’t have to explicitly defined or be legalistically interpreted in the way you or anyone else says. The Bible can be read by anyone and they can find meaning by themselves EVEN if that meaning is NOT what you think it should be. The Bible is a MEANS for GOD to communicate to us how we are to live, care for each other, and associate with the world HE gave us during Creation. GOD, like a good Father and teacher, will use WHATEVER meaning we take from HIS book to guide us further down the road of HIS Plan for us. It might take seconds or centuries but it is on HIS time not ours and in HIS way not ours that we will all reach the conclusions HE desires.

    This lady believes HE let her hear this, GOOD if it helps HIS Plan for her.

  • [4] November 20, 2015 at 12:15pm

    Umm…yeah …BS!!

    SWAT tells “suspected terrorists members” to stop van for questioning…
    Van speeds away…
    SWAT OPENS FIRE and van burns to the ground!! WTF…that is how SWAT is…the snipers would have put bullets through the heads of the guys, the tires, and the block within SECONDS of the van trying to “speed away”…..

  • [57] November 20, 2015 at 11:14am

    Schools contact info

    598 North Main Salem, UT 84653 | (801) 423-6550 (801) 423-6559 (fax)

    District contact info

    350 South Main
    Spanish Fork, UT 84660
    (801) 354-7400

    (801) 798-4010

    Principal contact info – demand answers – this probably wasn’t the only teacher to give this assignment. In a heavy Mormon area and state, WTH are they doing? You would think it would be ultra religious and conservative not LEFT WING Socialism and pedophile Moon god worshiping?

    **BLAZE CENSORSHIP – remove spaces in email address before using** can’t post…forcing me to fill in “captcha” which NEVER WORKS!! Thanks BLAZE NAZI CENSORS!!
    Robert Fleming

    Kevin Mecham
    Assistant Principal

    Superintendent contact info – demand answers…this was an “approved” lesson…Utah is a Common Core state – HARD CORE…they teach to the test which is why they score so well nationally. This teacher would not do this unless the VERY strict guidelines told them too.

    Rick Nielsen rick.nielsen
    Assistant Superintendent:
    Scott Wilson scott.wilson
    Secondary Education:
    John Degraffenried john.degraffenried
    Elementary Education:
    Julie Warren julie.warren
    Nedra Call

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  • [21] November 20, 2015 at 10:56am

    FRY ABC’s servers

    don’t just post here…DO SOMETHING they will see and hear and understand…


  • [11] November 20, 2015 at 10:55am

    ABC needs to be made aware of the CRAP STORM they started

  • [4] November 20, 2015 at 10:54am

    CRASH ABC servers….show feedback site

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  • [17] November 20, 2015 at 10:49am

    POST THIS EVERYWHERE… site for ABC show feedback..

    CRASH their servers….

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  • [17] November 19, 2015 at 11:34am

    Isn’t Abu the name of a monkey in a little red hat??

  • [15] November 19, 2015 at 11:29am

    YES…even in TX you get a-holes that join the police forces….especially in the smaller towns and the larger Metro Inner city areas…
    There are a few LEO’s on this cite – former or current – but most don’t express that because too many of us here keep posting the “all cops are fascists” crap…
    Hey…we all know that the MSM only will focus on the 10% – usually MUCH LESS – of the LEO’s that act like Nazi stormtroopers/racists/bigots/and thugs. It is part of their agenda.
    WE need to pay attention and be free to say “yes, that LEO was an a-hole but he is the EXCEPTION not the RULE”….
    In TX as EVERYWHERE…LEO’s are GOOD PEOPLE that work hard and do their job CORRECTLY and PROFESSIONALLY…just like the people that go into Education or Law or Medicine and yes EVEN government (the workers not the elected puss heads)…being in a certain profession doesn’t make you Evil or a Progressive or a Racist Bigot…that comes from inside you not the job…

    proof – just look around at all the racist bigot hate mongers on here that are usually the LOUDEST at screaming about the racist bigot hate mongers everywhere else in society…

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  • [81] November 19, 2015 at 11:22am

    yeap…in TX you HAVE to declare that you have the CHL even if not armed at the time.. I know a lot of people that just have their CHL and license in the same holder and hand both to the officer at the same time, as a matter of habit.

    these cops were just being a-holes….the guy that stopped him was the problem…he then lied to the backup…he was pissed off because he was questioned by the driver as to the purpose of the stop…the first officer should be suspended and forced to “retrain” with emphasis on the Constitution and Personal Interaction with the PUBLIC – HIS BOSS!!

    I HATE calling LEO’s “pigs” for any reason..but this guy was a “pig” simply because he is a bully in a badge…

  • [2] November 19, 2015 at 9:36am

    the GOP Progressive establishment junkies are voting for him…
    the people are buying that he is Moderate and thus electable…
    the people are buying that Cruz is TOO Conservative, Paul is TOO isolationist, Jeb is a dynasty, Christie is too FAT and too angry, Carson and Trump and Fiorina are outsiders and too inexperienced…
    SO…they go to Kasiach..the gov with the experience in DC and Ohio…the guy that wants to hold hands and sing ***-buy-ya and just GET ALONG

  • November 19, 2015 at 9:32am

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….oh wait…you are all serious??

    A Fox News poll of 804 registered voters?? Fox can’t get more than 804 people on the phone? Fox – a network that has 30 Million people watching it every day 24/7? Really?

    BLAH BLAH BLAH all you want about these “official valid poll” numbers with their sample size of less than 0.00001% of the registered GOP voters, let alone ALL registered voters…and then they have a 3-5% margin of error on their statistically INSIGNIFICANT polling numbers to begin with.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA….and you all come on here and puff out your chest about “your choosen” guy or gal…?? LOL….FOOLISH FOOLISH useful minions….and then some have the audacity to complain about LOW INFO VOTERS?? You are just as bad!

    If FOX or the Blaze or Drudge or Brietbart can do an online “unscientific” poll and get 50K or even 80K or up to 100K responses…THAT at least is STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT to the voting block. Now people say “yeah but you can vote multiple times just by clearing your cache and reloading the page” YES, you can! BUT how many of the people that vote in online polls KNOW THAT or DO THAT or have the TIME to sit and do that? Less than 1% MAYBE!!
    Even if they account for 10% of the responses, your sample size is STILL far greater and far more VALID than ANY poll done by ANY company with 800 or even 1800 registered voters by phone…

    WHY are you letting them lead you like LEMMINGS???

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