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  • [16] September 28, 2016 at 7:40pm

    Wow. Really. Now owning guns makes you not a good teacher? Wow. You are really ignorant and a very old grill that seems to have found its way back here.

    Come down south or into the mountain west and you would find that most teachers are gun owners or have family that are or grew up with family that were.
    I happen to be a very good teacher and a very good shot and multiple gun owners as are many people that i work with and we are a diverse group of men and women that now teach here in TX but have come from a dozen different states.

  • [1] September 23, 2016 at 1:05pm

    Rob you are correct. Children don’t see color. They might say “my black friend” or “that white girl” but they don’t understand that it is “bad” or “not PC” they are just talking about a person using the most OBVIOUS description possible..their skin color. Children are TAUGHT not to describe things OBVIOUSLY by overly sensitive JACKWAGONS that want to “save society” from itself because of all the “horrible things” done in the past by EVIL PEOPLE or people that didn’t know better because the WHOLE WORLD behaved that way (ie. slavery, class systems, segregation).

    A child will not get mad at another child simply because of their skin color without being taught one color is better than another by PARENTS mainly, schools, and society in general (like at their church or in their neighborhood).
    A child will not HATE another child or ANY person at all even after being physically, emotional, sexual, or mentally abused because the CONCEPT of HATE is LEARNED!! and TAUGHT.

    The surest EVIDENCE that there is a MORAL ORDER to Mankind, an INNATE code of conduct and behavior, is that CHILDREN behave and encounter and experience EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD through EYES OF LOVE and Wonder and ACCEPTANCE. Their NATURAL curiosity knows NO concept of HATE or destruction, segregation, and discrimination.

    If this isn’t proof of Intelligent Design and an all Knowing and Powerful Creator, then what is. BY OUR NATURE we seek to be like HIM from birth.

  • [9] September 23, 2016 at 12:41pm

    “a livid Hawaiian of Polynesian descent” WTF is that?

    My wife who just passed away was 7/8 Hawaiian – my children are 7/16 and the rest is from me, Irish, Swedish, and German. My daughter looks Hapa – mixed Hawaiian and White. My son is much lighter but you can tell his is mixed. My wife would NEVER describe herself as a Hawaiian of Polynesian descent, she was Hawaiian.

    We would always laugh that her relatives, especially the more militant ones, the ones that want all the Haoles OFF the island and Hawaiian returned to its own nation, were all LESS pure Native Hawaiian than my wife and SOME even less than my Hapa children. Just because they were born there and still live in the same house that they great grandparents bought or owned or were gifted through the Hawaiian Homes program, they think they are pure blood Natives when most of them are mixed with Filipino, Japanese, Chinese (my wife’s other 1/8), Samoan, Tahitian, or USUALLY some WHITE European nationality.

    Granted, HI was stolen from the Natives by the crony capitalist in their OWN Parliament that undermined their own Queen with the help of the large European and American business owners that control the ports and nearly all trade in and out of Hawaii. There were even some shady back room deal in the US Senate and House all the way up to the President and Joint Chiefs (they wanted HI as a base as did the Japanese and Chinese) to ANNEX HI (US Marines helped the in the coup).


  • [5] September 22, 2016 at 4:52pm

    How about you post which phone- manufacturer and model and where and when it was bought. Also provide which carrier you are using.
    Otherwise you are just some drugged out Alex jones listener – most of his groupie – or just trying To start crap for a few laughs.

    We will be waiting here for the specifics. I am sure you could even take video and pictorial evidence and post it somewhere with a link so we can all see this magic little phalic symbol you phone has.

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  • [4] September 20, 2016 at 8:24pm

    Typical. If you don’t like him just say you don’t like him.
    How many teams have built their WHOLE program around one or two key players? (NE with Brady, Dallas with Dez or Emmitt). There are teams after teams, year after year that have designed their coaching staff and rosters around the “next great” this or that.

    If the coach and front office see the potential they will take the years to build the right team with the right offense and defense to accommodate that “nex great player.”

    Tebow was a National Champ, a Heisman winner, and the “next great QB”. The only problem was that even in high school and college he was known for his “religious outbursts” on and off the field. This didn’t sit well with MANY on the marketing side of the NFL and MANY on the media side.

    It was a joke to them every time he knelt. He was razzed by every media outlet win or lose for his “give it all to GOD” attitude. It wasn’t just a finger point to the sky or a quick sign of the Cross, it was a knee with bowed head in unapologetic prayer. If you think it didn’t effect his “branding” you are delusional. Any team that looked at him was subject to protest -several even ADMITTED as much as to why they stopped looking.

    Why do you think the NFL has been so “open” since Tim with “showing off” their Christian athletes and the Christian Player groups? And all that speak just happen to also bash Tebow for being “to in your face” with his faith.

    Tim was made a pariah because he wouldn’t “tone down”

  • [2] September 20, 2016 at 7:40pm

    No no no. America is PHYSICALLY a confederation of Nation States but that is NOT America.
    America is an IDEA, the idea that Man is capable of Self Governance and that Rights of Man come from a Creator NOT a king or governing body like a Parliment.
    You are focused on the physical and have totally missed the actual reason America even exists.
    Everything first exists as an Idea. Our Founding Principles were an IDEA. They were the inspiration for the documents that govern us, the Declaration, the Articles of Confederation, and now the Constitution and Amendments which took the IDEALS America was founded on and put them into a system of government.

    The 13 Colonies could have stayed separate nations after 1783 and almost did but Great Men using the Founding Ideals expressed in 1776 to unify those Nation States into one Nation made up of States, each equal but separate and each giving up some control to a central governing body for the “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” of all.

    You are right about our IDEALS being perverted in the last 100 years and that is us, the ultimate protectors of those IDEALS. We don’t teach them to our children, practice them unashamedly, or hold each other to them any longer.

    Freedom is granted by BIRTH by a Creator. Liberty is HIS gift to govern ourselves by our Conscience (yes Trump, our Conscience trumps party and especially BLIND loyalty to ANY Man. My Creator’s gift is more important. Nations can be rebuilt. )

  • [11] September 20, 2016 at 7:25pm

    Last I heard Bono and Edge, his guitar player, both lived in NYC and have for decades. Don’t know if they are Residents or Citizens.
    Next, he has been very critical of Billary and was tight with GWB, even standing up for him to foreign press and US press.
    You could best put Bono in the libertarian category but he also believes in a social safety net, like Kennedy, one of his other favorite Presidents.
    Like him or not, at least he has put his money where his mouth is. He does great work all over the world against poverty, homelessness, and for disaster relief. He doesn’t sit around telling others to give give give from his ivory tower not does he practice ” do as I say not as I do” like Progressives on both sides of the aisle.

    Bono might be more liberal than I would like but he does come from a socialized democratic State – Ireland, but he also seems to understand the Idea of America better than most Americans.

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  • [4] September 18, 2016 at 10:25pm

    If he goes after her with idiotic name calling or personal attacks or mentions bill he is done after the debates. He needs to stick on the topics and go after her record as SoS and tie her to Obama and explain why the GOO is a better place for minorities on social issues and financial issues.
    If this gets to be a “zinger” fest he will get pulverized in the MSM and it will be “trump is a misogymistic bully and he raped his own wife” type of stories and he will be destroyed come November.
    I think they both suck A SS but he can pull it off if he doesn’t be Trump and instead looks presidential and statesmanly by being the “better man” so to speak.

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  • [19] September 16, 2016 at 3:21pm


    FALSE Strawman arguments don’t work, even when coming from the GOP side of the aisle. You can say that if we don’t support Trump then we are for Clinton but that would just as dishonest as me saying that if you support Trump you are AGAINST the Constitution, Conservatism, the Founder’s and their Original Intent for this Nation.

    I don’t think America SHOULD survive if we have to SELL OUT our Principles, our Morals and Ethics, and our Constitution and Founding Ideals just to win an election.
    Others are apparently of the opinion that SELLING OUT just this once is okay as long as we don’t get Hillary in office and that somehow after Trump we will be able to “right the ship” and restore the Constitution. Many felt the same way about electing GHWB, GWB, and voted for Romney and McCain for the same reason (thinking we could fix it later or maybe pull them back)
    I am sure others that are for Trump have absolutely NO LOVE for the Constitution AT ALL even though they vote with the “Right” of the aisle and have been WAITING years for a “strong man” that will “GET EM” and make all those they feel are “anti-American” PAY.

    So could I put up a Strawman for them and group you with them saying that you were for a Nationalist Fascist Dictator??? but only one that does what you want?? Because that always happens with a dictator right??

    See…Sean sold out to Trump. Rush tried to play the fence and now feels burned and rightly so. Some of us held True and lost, sucks 4 us.

  • [4] September 16, 2016 at 2:29pm

    No…so not true…

    Remove the Humanities maybe…but the Engineering and Hard Sciences and Mathematics departments are rock solid. There is not “political” bias in the Laws of Physics or Chemistry or Mathematics. Designing and building equipment, structures, or computer programs do not lend themselves to agendas. (Notice I did not include Biological Sciences in that, especially Environmental Sciences).

    You can also leave the Theater and Arts Departments, Foreign Languages, and the Medical programs. Most doctors are not political even if they have to abide by ever increasing Federal and State mandates of care.

    Most of this type of CRAP on college campuses comes from the Humanities, Sociology, and Social Studies (History) departments with some Biological morons thrown in for making it all look scientifically accurate and valid. You never see a Physics Professor ranting about Hillary or Trump or Conservatives or Progressives because they have ACTUAL teaching to do about their content. Engineering Professors can’t talk about how to build a “progressive” structure or program. Mathematicians don’t spend time trying to make government budget numbers add up…

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  • [4] September 15, 2016 at 3:15pm

    Since when is Touch Back Amnesty a Conservative Principle?? WTF?? Are you all HIGH??

    The man hides behind his subcontractors when using Illegal Immigrant labor at his construction sites but he doesn’t give them credit for the build does he? He has even came out and his campaign has come out and STATED that Trump WILL NOT try and deport all the Illegals. When he went to Mexico there was NO TALK of who will pay for the wall, again by his OWN campaign’s admission.

    And “fighting against establishment Republicans” makes you a conservative?? WTH are you smoking?? That would make EVERY Bernie support a conservative as well as every libertarian, greenie, Socialist, and Communist.

    Lower taxes??? Really, Trump comes out and says that EVERYTHING he stated in the campaign is simply a “starting point for negotiations” and you think he won’t WALK BACK those brackets when he is told by the GOP and Dems that his cuts would rates would cause massive unrest, unemployment, or hardship for people (even though they would be lying about it). Yeah, he will CAVE like a skin hole in FL after a season of large hurricanes, quicksand all the way baby!!

    Fix the VA… mean with a Universal Health Care Single Payer program like the one he has advocated for nearly 20 years and his IDIOT campaign people are pushing RIGHT NOW (Family Maternity Leave CRAP)?? You mean THAT TYPE of a fix??

    OMG…kneel down and then bend over…you are getting it front to back!! Oh and Hillary SUCKS TOO

  • [1] September 14, 2016 at 7:39pm

    Warning. Warning. The above comment is devoid of reality and brought to you by someone promoting his own biased view of facts.

    We now return you to facts based information and news.
    Clinton leads Trump in the Real Clear Politics average by 2.6% in a two way race and by 1.8% in a four way race. Given this is his best showing since getting the GOP nomination he still trails Clinton by as much as 50 Electoral College votes, 290-254, if all races were held today.

    Again we now return you to facts and reality devoid of bias and ignorant Alex Jones, Brietbart, or Drudge conspiracies.

  • [31] September 14, 2016 at 3:01pm

    Was thinking the same thing…

    The next letter from the Dean should be a list of the 160 professors and their new positions in the UNEMPLOYMENT LINE for violation of their contracts and promotion of Intellectual Dishonesty and the lack of ability to accept and/or debate IDEAS that are different from their own.

    And with NO severance or retirement packages…just kick them to the curb and serve them with Trespassing warnings stating that once they collect their crap and get off campus they are BARRED from returning for ANY reason or being anywhere within 1000 ft of University property….That would be HILLARIOUS!!

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  • [11] September 14, 2016 at 2:28pm

    to be fair…
    technically “slavery” was in the Bible…but NOT due to simply the color of your skin. ANYONE could be put into “slavery” to another for certain crimes, usually financial in nature, or after wars.
    BUT…if you read the OT…you will LEARN that every seven years there was a Year of Jubilee in Judiasm where ALL DEBTS were forgiven and ALL Slaves set free!!…So yeah… educate yourself you dolt….

  • [14] September 14, 2016 at 2:23pm

    you mean like the Methodist, Episcopalian, Baptist and several other Denominations before them? All of those allow women as head Pastors, openly gay Pastors, and condone and acknowledge Gay Marriage as legitimate. Several “non denominational” and Evangelical churches ALSO already allow for these as well….

    The RCC, GOC, and EOC have all held to their base principles of the Bible.

    Kinda funny how SO MANY on hear LOVE to bash the Catholics ( I include Roman, Greek Orthodox, and Eastern Orthodox in the term Catholic) when it is the Catholics that are HOLDING more to the Bible then what is being taught from the pulpits of MOST churches in the US and world at this moment.
    So, next time you wish to bash the Pope or the Catholics in general as being the ” w hores of Babylon” or the “antichrist” or bringing about the downfall of the Earth as heralds of the Apocalypse, think about your own pulpits FIRST!!

    There might be traditions and practices of the Catholics that you don’t feel are okay but their BASE PRINCIPLES are still routed in the Bible as much or MORE than (in most circumstances) other Denominations of Christianity.

  • [6] September 14, 2016 at 10:54am


    You are correct…biologically there is only one RACE, **** Sapien Sapien, which is the Species of Humans that now populates the planet.

    But just like other words, over time, meanings are being changed to fit an agenda and a “story” of history.
    When the 1st Amendment and the Constitution was written, the word “Religion” meant “Denomination” of your Faith. There were 3 main Faiths: Jewish, Islam, and Christianity that the Colonists took to be “valid” and even then Jefferson knew enough to label Islam as wanting the destruction of all godly people (Jews and Christians).
    So to a US Citizen under the brand new Nation governed by the newly ratified Constitution and Bill of Rights, the 1st Amendment Establishment/Exercise Clauses simply meant that the Central Government through Congress was BARRED from creating a State Run Religion like the Church of England (the Anglican Church) or Secular Humanism AND BARRED from interfering with the PRACTICE of that Religion in PUBLIC or PRIVATE situation (like a State Capital building or Courthouse or Public School).

    So RACE over time has been removed from Biology and put into the “religion” of Secular Humanism with RACISM basically meaning ANY action by a person that isn’t DARK skinned against a DARK skinned person that the DARK skinned person finds OFFENSIVE (regardless of intent), or better yet what some RACE BAITING HUSTLER finds can stir up the DARK skinned AGAINST those that aren’t, and give themselves POWER or CONTROL.

  • [16] September 12, 2016 at 3:25pm

    but we were told that he was a Harvard educated Constitutional Law attorney…
    he and Michelle gave up their cushie corporate attorney jobs to “do it the hard way” and “give back to the people”..granted they were only there for about 18 months and I am sure didn’t give back their $175,000 starting salaries…
    we have pictures of his as an “Associate Professor” of Constitutional Law at Univ of Chicago…until we found out that he was nothing more than a Guest Lecturer that never had a Lesson Plan or gave a test or even had an official roster of students…and his “lecturers” were nothing more than gibberish about how the Constitution was outdated, outmoded, and too Negative and should be changed into a Positive document of what the government could and could not do to us…

    neglect that Michelle sits on the boards of Banks and gets paid 100′s or 1000′s by them to do nothing..just be the token black lady with political ties…
    neglect that Obama was an ACORN organizer who somehow managed to rise to heading an Education Foundation financed by Bill Ayers’ 1%er father….where he met Ayers and was recruited into Chicago politics…
    neglect the fact that he ran for an open ILL House seat with no opponent….surprise surprise…then same thing to the ILL Senate one term later…then to an open US Senate seat, after the MSM did a hacket job on the GOP candidate and made him drop out…
    NEVER opposed until 2008..of course, we are racist though for even thinking he is unqualified

  • September 8, 2016 at 7:47pm

    The woman is nearly 70. It is probably a hearing aid and all the bent over for Trump are going to claim she is being fed info without looking into it. Just take what Trudge and Trumpbart or Gateway for Trump or Trumphouse say it true. Throw in a little Alex Jones and it has it be some conspiracy right?

    We know she has health problems. Her glasses are to correct double vision, why not a hearing aid because she is deaf. Would also explain why she doesn’t do news conferences…she can’t hear the questions.

  • [2] September 8, 2016 at 1:20pm

    Umm… I BET they do…

    Did you not read that the owner of the Spirit IS a Veteran and promotes veteran events and patriotism to HONOR his comrades that have been injured or fallen in combat?

    Just because Joe 6-pack Wannabe Super Bowl MVP in his armchair, quarterbacking the game to his other beer bellied buddies doesn’t get Soccer or watch it, doesn’t mean that a whole lot of other Americans aren’t watching.

    Soccer is the largest sport played by Youth under the age of 18 in the United States. It is watched by more people in the world every weekend then the last 10 Super Bowls combined. Even in the USA, when the National Team (Men or Women’s) is on TV, they pull numbers comparable to any other sporting event. For those cities that have Men’s and Women’s league teams, they are watched quite well and many even have dedicated channels on some cable networks. Their stadiums are usually at near sell out capacity for games. The only reason that the Women’s leagues have issues is because of lack of corporate involvement or sponsorship and player participation.

    She is correct however that the women players get about 1/5 of what the men get but that isn’t because of discrimination, it is directly linked to that lack of corporate involvement on the women’s side. This is no discrimination because all the Women’s star players ALL have Endorsement contracts worth millions just like the Men’s. Sure the Men’s might make more but then their contracts are world wide.

  • [18] September 4, 2016 at 11:36am

    If you doubt that Mother Theresa was a Christian just because she was a Catholic then you are either delusional, intellectually dishonest, or a brainwashed member of a bigoted, mean spirited CULT.

    When anyone in your “church” or of your ” religious denomination” has spent over 70 years helping the “least of these” as Jesus Christ commanded, then maybe you can question her dedication and following of Chrisf and GODs Word.
    Even Billy Graham recognized her as a saintly woman of GOD.
    You really have to have a heart of stone and HATE to come and babble your bigoted crap to this story.

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