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  • [1] October 24, 2016 at 11:57am


    oh wait…you were serious???

    Trump will DO NOTHING of the sort…he will just cater to HIS brand of lobbyists…(bankers, real estate investors, etc…).. He will be just like Obama…using his EO to benefit those that “play ball” and attacking “his enemies”…

    Anyone that is living in LA LA Land and thinks that Trump will be the “great savior” of the Republic is either delusional, knowingly lying, or so incapable of seeing the Truth that they shouldn’t qualify to even get to vote….

  • [1] October 24, 2016 at 10:59am

    Okay…can we all just be brutally HONEST…

    Trump is CORRUPT as H ELL…..and that is a DEFINITELY….

    Trump is the PROBLEM, by his own mouth, in DC…people buying political favors with donations to get what they want done….

    Trump is the WORST thing about Trump…he is a Sado-Masochist…his campaign “pain” is ALL self inflicted and his surrogates are the WORST in Trump is the worst GOP candidate in history (don’t bring up the “most votes” crap…that is a FARCE…all you have to do is go a search for GOP Primary vote totals for the last 100 years and see that as the nominee, he has the LOWEST PERCENTAGE of votes cast every.. even LOWER than McCain)

    Trump is NOT….NOT ….a Conservative OR a Constitutionalist and by his OWN WORDS, all of his “conservative” policies are merely suggestions and open to change and negotiation once he is in DC

    Now..that being said….whether he is “worse” than Hillary simply depends on your point in the political spectrum and your personal belief and situation…

    Frankly I think they are both DISASTERS waiting to happen for this Nation and those that are “holding their nose” to vote for Trump and think that we can rebuild to a Constitutional Republic after the Trump Nationalist Populist Dictatorship are just as delusional as those that think we could rebuild after a Clinton Global Socialist Dictatorship….
    We are Germany 1932…we have the Socialist or the Fascists to pick from instead of Commie and Socialist

  • [4] October 21, 2016 at 4:08pm

    Nah…they just hit Dyn, Inc and Dyn runs the servers for the east coast…nothing happened out west or past the Appalachians…..
    but it was aimed at Dyn because they handle 6% of the Fortune 500 companies…that is a “test and see response” type of attack…they are looking at ways to take down the companies that generate our economy and how long it takes us to respond, prevent, and repair the damage….

    luckily…most of the top Fortune 500 companies run everything In House…same for the Banking Industry….

    Is always kinda funny how the Data Centers that Google has scattered all over the globe never get hit….wonder why?? Probably because they have encryption that even the NSA can’t get through unless Google gives them the back door…but since Google actually handles data storage for the NSA that is a fore gone conclusion….(yes, check it out…Google has more storage capacity than the NSA, faster connections, and better security….Google can store every electronic keystroke for the entire planet for a year several times over in just one of their Data Centers…)

    And since many of those Data Centers are offshore, literally on converted tankers, and in foreign countries…attacking Google wouldn’t restrict their response to “legal means” under US Law….I am sure Google wouldn’t bat an eye with some BlackWater type organization to hunt down hackers blow up the entire building they were in..

    It happened in Russia…check into it…

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  • [3] October 21, 2016 at 4:00pm

    Bud…let me know where you are at and I can bring my kids with me my provisions and guns and ammo…I am sure I could get an entire Scout troop to follow as well..nothing like hard labor for growing boys… LOL…

  • [12] October 21, 2016 at 2:32pm

    95% of the people that will ACTUALLY VOTE in this election will NEVER go to a political rally in their LIVES!!… They can’t…they WORK and have family to take care of….it is why ALL campaigns ship in people by bus from the surrounding communities…it is why ALL campaigns organize ground games (well not Trump, he admitted he didn’t even know what a ground game was)….to find those people that can show up to fill in the seats for the media images…

    So yeah…BIG WHOOPIE…he has full rallies…BIG F’ing DEAL…since a LOT..a LOT of those people are political GROUPIES that are following him around from rally to rally…

    People don’t go to Hillary rallies because she doesn’t have them…they are just speeches… she knows that of the 34% of the country registered Dem…she has 25% of them LOCKED UP SOLID…she knows that of the 36% registered Independent…about half of them are Socialists/Communists/Greens and she has them LOCKED UP…

    Well that gives her the National Polling numbers of around 43% LOCKED UP….so…yeah.. Trump is the WORST…worst fundraiser…worst Moral and Ethical candidate for the GOP…and LEAST Conservative GOP candidate since Herbert Hoover…..You picked him SUCK IT UP and accept that if he loses…YOU OWN IT!!

  • [2] October 20, 2016 at 3:57pm

    Really..because last I checked, about 25% of Trump supporters are in the “Burn it down” even with a violent blood soaked “Tree of Liberty” mentality…
    Also…wasn’t it just Billy or Franklin Graham that came out and said Christians would have to “hold their nose” and vote for Trump just because of the SCOTUS possibilities under Clinton…that doesn’t sound like an endorsement or anything other than a “hope we can survive this Jack Hole more than the other Jack Hole” mentality…

    And from what I hear, read, and associate with…those “hard working, familiy oriented, tax paying Christian Americans” don’t like either of these SNAKES of SATAN that we have to choose from….
    There is still nearly 13% of REGISTERED VOTERS that will not be voting for any of the 4 talked about candidates….There are still nearly 40 Million voting age UNREGISTERED citizens….most of whom are Right Leaning or Strong Conservative Christians that can’t bring themselves to even register let alone participate in the Den of Vipers that is DC, funded and controlled by Trump type eogcentric, thinks they are God, Billionaires…

    So all this BS about “bringing in new people” which maybe both Trump and Sanders did doesn’t balance out when you consider that nearly 18 Million Registered voters will be sitting this out or writing in/voting 3rd party…Trump needed to bring in more and KEEP the Base…he can’t add 10 and lose 18 and win….simply MATH!

  • [9] October 18, 2016 at 7:50pm

    The president can not amend the Constitution but he does have the power of the bully pulpit to attempt to get policy made into law. And the president can submit a proposal for an amendment but the Senate still must agree to take up the measure and put it to a vote after they get to write it how they want.
    There are two ways to get an Amendment on the books….
    The Senate proposes it and then both houses of Congress pass it with a 2/3 majority and then 3/4 of the States ratify it in a timely manner.
    2/3 of the States call a convention for the SOLE purpose of Amending the Constitution and have their legislatures explicitly spell out which amendments they are proposing.

  • [5] October 18, 2016 at 1:09pm

    So yes this does fall on the Education System in this nation but not all on the backs of the teachers in them.
    Teachers have to teach the lessons that their State and District and School agree to teach. They have to use the books that they are given to teach that material. In many schools across the nation, teachers are no longer Educators they are simply providers of bullet points on a Curriculum Outline that they students will be tested on at the end of the unit, the semester, and the year by some District or State required exam.

    And many of the teachers were brought up in this system as well and so do not question the style in which they are giving the information to students. Education is no longer a Profession of highly educated and skilled individuals that TRULY wished to encourage learning and development of the minds of students and is now just a factory machine or bullet points, talking points, and canned processes for solving static problems.
    This is also why more than at any time, teachers have a high turn over rate because after 3-4 years most new teachers leave the profession because they finally wake up to the factory mentality and the political nature of education. There are no longer “life time” educators that entered the profession for the same reason a doctor or lawyer did, to “make a difference.”

  • [7] October 18, 2016 at 1:03pm

    Actually you are only half right @angeleyes…

    It is correct that this is what is being taught in schools but not in the way that most people think. I have been in these classrooms and looked at their curriculum and talked with the students.
    In Government and Economics classes nationwide, we do not teach our own systems. We teach students Macro Economics from the Supply and Demand point of view NOT Capitalism. We teach them that resources are a fixed commodity and with labor account for the largest components of the price. There is no mention of how improvements in technology or manufacturing reduce and control costs. There is no mention of how automation or innovation change and drive markets. Employee benefits never enter into the equation nor does workplace atmosphere and environment or employee satisfaction have no correlation to productivity.
    They do not even talk about the fact that consumer NEED drives markets just as much as product cost.
    We have an FFA/AgriScience program and a Fashion and Business design program on my campus that ACTUALLY teaches the students more about Real World Capitalism than they get in their Economics class.
    Government and History barely mention the Founding Documents of the United States in depth. There is no mention of where the IDEALS and PRINCIPLES of America came from, no mention of John Locke or Adam Smith nor that the MOST QUOTED document by the Founders is the CHRISTIAN BIBLE.

  • [19] October 17, 2016 at 1:40pm

    He might only be on the ballot in 11 States but last I checked he has qualified as a VALID write in candidate in 45 States…

    So…if you like him..write him in…a vote for ANYBODY is not a wasted vote..only NOT VOTING in a wasted vote

  • [1] October 11, 2016 at 3:22pm

    MOST IMPORTANT INFO from that poll…

    two way race… 46-41 only 87% of the country will vote for either of these Progressive POS candidates…we will either get a Big Government Progressive Global Socialist or a Big Government Progressive National Fascist….

    four way race… 92% of the country will vote and still nobody wants one of these POS candidates..

    that means 8% of the Registered voters either have no opinion and won’t vote or want one of the other 13 candidates for President that get NO AIR and MSM time…how great of a process we have when we NEGLECT to even mention 80% of the candidates running and REFUSE to put them on the stage in the National Presidential Debates… I don’t care if they have 1/2% in only one poll…if they are running for President.. PUT THEM ON THAT STAGE….

    Combine that with the fact that only about 65% of eligible voters are actually Registered to vote and we have over 40% of this country that have checked out, tuned out, and dropped out of the process that WE ALL NEED to be involved in to survive the coming global collapse….

    So once again…we will get a President that while might have over 50% of the votes cast, is ACTUALLY being elected by only 30% of the population of the Nation because of the Non Voting 40%….. Dang people…just REGISTER…SHOW UP…and VOTE “NONE OF THE ABOVE”.. write it in and then watch the system blow up when “NONE OF THE ABOVE” wins the most States and Electoral College Delegates…Now that would be FUN

  • [9] October 11, 2016 at 3:11pm

    jimbo…you have VIOLATED the PC code…you must now apologize and go to sensitivity training…

    how dare you use the term “tender-feet”…you know that was a derogatory term used for “city folk” by those evil religion and gun clinging to redneck slack jawed yo’cals down in that racist half of the United States…..

    Pay no attention to the fact that it was also used in the military and the Boy Scouts…one to describe a “new recruit” that couldn’t walk long in boots without getting blisters and the other it is a second rank achieve by a boy on his Trail to First Class….

    Now off to your corner jimbo and think long and hard what you did and how to make amends to all those boot walking challenged persons of nondescript sexual orientation, gender, and species…

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  • [5] October 11, 2016 at 1:38pm


    umm…I believe that Bill Cosby is actually facing SERIOUS jail time for “taking advantage” of his name and fame just like you say Trump was…

    I am sorry but FONDLING and GROPING a woman because you wanted her, married or not, and because you can because you are a celebrity…even putting your “fingers in her p*$$y” (his words BTW)….and then bragging about it…makes you JUST AS BIG a RAPIST as the guy that gets charged or accused…just because nobody filed charges doesn’t make you any less a POS RAPIST A HOLE…

    Donald is lucky he can afford countless armed security because if he even bothered to run his hands over my wife’s bottom or chest area I would put 3 slugs into his big orange head and then I would SUE the CRAP out of his estate and OWN what is left of his bankrupt ridden real estate holding…that is after all the Ukrainian and Russian mafia bosses took back their under the table loans and left him with little more than table scraps….

    Go ahead…Sell you soul…say whatever you want about the people that will not vote for Trump….at least I know that my soul and my vote is in line with the IDEALS of this Nation…I vote Principles OVER Party… Conscience over empty Promises…. My GOD is not the Cult of Personality that you worship and will fall with…

  • [1] October 11, 2016 at 1:29pm

    Laura claiming someone is “blowing up the GOP” when all she would do on her show is bash other “conservatives” while she ABANDONED everything she claimed to stand for to support a worst American candidate for President of all time???
    Hannity claims the GOP leadership and those that are like Beck (I guess his BFF Levin falls into that as well since Levin was NEVER TRUMP for a LONG TIME)… when the “principled conservative values over Party blind following” BLINDLY started to follow Trump from the GET GO while trying to say he gave “everyone the same opportunity” to come on his show and radio BS….
    Coulter, the champion of conservative values over the disastrous GOP leadership, SOLD HER SOUL in 2008 when she said Hillary was the BEST CANDIDATE in the race and would vote for her over the Republican. She did the same in 2012 against Romney because she was all hot and bothered for Chris Christie…the Progressive POS NJ crocked Dem with an R after his name…..

    Now they are all “I was always for Trump” pulling out their lipstick to kiss the chief Pig right on his big orange AS S….even Sarah Palin bought in…all the conservative champions SOLD OUT for a piece of the gravy they thought would be tossed their way only to have Der Fuehrer Trump shoo them away after getting their kiss of approval in typical “wham bam thank you ma’am” style of a misogynistic A hole that he is…

    it is a shame this is what we have left of our country…Sell Outs and Pilers On..No Principles at all

  • [-1] October 11, 2016 at 10:44am

    Was gonna say the same thing but Blazing beat me too it…

    The last “successful” 3rd party candidates were Ross Perot, 1992, 18% of the votes but no States and Teddy Roosevelt, 1912, 27%, second highest and preventing a second Taft term. Taft received 23%. There was also a Socialist in that election that received 6%.

    Now for the IDIOTIC claptrap that voting the way you are REQUIRED by our Republic – WITH YOUR CONSCIENCE based on your PRINCIPLES – to function CORRECTLY.. that means DEVOID of Party as the Founders INTENDED and WARNED against…

    Are you even aware that Gary Johnson ONLY NEEDS to win NM and the Electoral College would be UNABLE to elect a President because NOBODY would receive the 271 necessary!! ??

    So if you vote your CONSCIENCE down the ticket and GET TRUE Conservatives into the House and Senate or even simply KEEP the IDIOTS we have now…Trump is President because the GOP will not give it to someone else….unless Don the Long Con Wannabe Wiseguy F’s this up even MORE…which I am SURE he will do because he is a complete IDIOT on all fronts…

    And for the MORON that said we should vote for him simply because he has a 9 Billion company… BULL S$$T BTW…Forbes puts it at 3.5-4.5 TOPS!!! and I am sure if all of his Ukrainian and Russian Mafia loans were on the books it would probably be HALF of that….ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

    By that FAULTY logic…we should be voting for Bill Gates or Larry Ellison or Mark Zuckerberg….they have a CRAP load more

  • [17] October 6, 2016 at 3:15pm

    You can do this with Siri….haven’t tried with Cortana or Iris on the Windows and Android platforms…
    You can speak to Siri and tell it “call me…” and it will reply back “ok, (name), from now on I will refer to you as….(whatever you told it)”…

    Right now Siri calls me “My Lord and Master” ….my son had his call him “Batman” for a bit…but thinking of this college student and “His Majesty” comment…I think I might want to be referred to now and “His Imperial Lordship and Master of the Darkside, Darth Vader”…..or..”The Supreme High Chancellor, Emperor Palpatine the First”… that oughta put the little SH#TS into a HISSY fit for the next decade or so….

    So BOW DOWN FULLS and worship at the feet of “My Lord and Master, Darth Vader”…

    Seriously…you had better all start referring to me that way or I think I will file a discrimination lawsuit against you, take it all the way up to the Supreme Court, and then sue you for being LGBTQXYZ fascists bigots..!!…

    NOW BOW!!

  • [7] October 6, 2016 at 2:30pm

    this has nothing to do with that…you are making a Straw Man argument about something that Matt didn’t even talk about….
    Matt is saying that if you claim to be a “Christian” and more specifically a “Catholic Christian” – the ONLY denomination STILL actively AGAINST gay marriage, abortion, and the taking of INNOCENT life….then you CAN’T promote policy in your “job” that allows ANY PERSON to take an Innocent Life by saying “well my personal life is seperate from my political” when your GOD of your Faith says THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE…

  • [4] October 6, 2016 at 2:25pm

    Hillary is not a Catholic…her and Bill always attended a Methodist church I believe for their entire political career anyway. She might have grown up a Catholic but then again at the same time she claims to have worked as a volunteer for Barry Goldwater as a teenager and was from a strong conservative Republican household (think it is PURE BS frankly, but that is what she says). She didn’t become a murderous baby killing Progressive Socialist until she reached college and was “exposed” to different thoughts, mainly Saul Alinsky, whom many believe not only did she “intern” with but she had a Bill and Monica type of “internship” with.

    Not to take away from your post…just that us TRUE Catholics don’t need any more help watching our Faith get slaughtered then we tend to do ourselves, thank you…

  • [7] October 6, 2016 at 12:26pm

    As a Catholic, I agree. Funny thing is that my whole family, on both sides, where Catholics. Irish Catholics at that yet the majority of them voted for Democrats all their lives. Probably because this was pre R v W and they were all Blue Collar workers and educated so they sided with the Democrats. They are/were all Kennedy Democrats though….believing in the protection of life, a strong national defense, but believing that government should do something to promote charity and assist the “least of these.”

    Why those in my family that are still alive continue to vote Democrat is BEYOND me seeing as the Democrats are promoting MURDER of babies to the tune of over 55 Million in the last 44 years. Probably has something to do with the absolute POS candidates that the GOP has produced in that time frame other than Reagan.

    My older brother and I and our dad’s mother were always Republican voters from 18 on…creates interesting holiday time…now I side more with Constitutional Conservatives that lean TRUE libertarian… the GOP is dead to me…but I am still a Catholic and shake my head at the Father Flagger types out there that support the DNC and Pelosi and now this dirtbag POS Kaine…

  • [3] October 4, 2016 at 8:19pm

    Reagan spoke those words when the majority of his peers in the GOP were actually still Republicans. Trump is NOT a Republican, he is a Populist Progressive Nationalist like Bill O’Reilly and apparently Hannity. Most of the GOP now are also Populist Nationalists and support big government, something that Reagan fought against and called the “problem” not the solution.
    Trump sees government as the solution but only if it is run his way, same as the GOP leadership, same as the DNC leadership, same as about 60% of the voting population. That is the problem. We don’t want a Constitutional Republic any longer we want a “gimme mine and make those against me pay” government. Whether it be internationally bombing and killing or trade tariffs or tax breaks or regulations for you and against your competition.
    We have become what the Founders told us to avoid. We have figured out that government can be “used” by the highest bidder to increase the wealth of one at the expense of another. Franklin said that when this happened the United Stares was doomed as a nation and he was right.
    I Ann siren the Founders would be surprised we lasted nearly 250 years. Many gave us maybe half of that or less. Adams and Jefferson on their death beds already saw the writing on the walls of our destruction. We had devolved into factions and parties and there were already the power elites and the rest of us.
    Jackson was the first Trump – disaster of a President backed by Hatred of elites

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