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  • [26] August 29, 2015 at 1:22am

    Then go Monk. Seriously. Tired of reading all the “vote Trump or you are a GOP stooge for Jeb” type crap comments even though NOBODY but the trolls here like Jeb and you all know it.
    Go and stop saying you are leaving every week but still popping into post.

    I know you are smart so why the disingenuous comments. Glenn said that ALL the event videos would be available on Monday and possibly FREE as well.

    I used to think that people here were truly like our Founders and wanted ALL opinions to be expressed and debated openly and with respect. Since the Ron Pail bots and now Trump bots, the comments have just become idiotic “agree with me or you are a pathetic drone zombie” type comments.

    Why are the Progs scared? We are tearing ourselves apart over BLIND faith in a man that admits he BUYS people off to do what he wants? Admits that until 2 months ago he WAS the problem with DC? Admits that he LIKES socialist ideas but just doesn’t think they will work now but would have a few years ago but still says countries that run those socialist programs are doing great?

    I don’t get this. If we are all Conservative and libertarians that want The Constitution restored and obeyed then WHY just because we areas at DC are we ABANDONING those beliefs just to WIN with a guy we can’t trust will actual follow through when there ARE men we CAN believe will follow through.

    Insanity and desperation have clouded the minds of supposedly “awakened” patriotic people

  • [13] August 29, 2015 at 1:07am

    Wow b. You are either blind, a liar, or purposely being disingenuous.
    Beck admits he has changed opinions, gone from a straight party guy to a Conservative to now more libertarian. Even to the point of being for legalized personal pot use, gay marriage, and other social issues against his faith and beliefs BECAUSE what people do in private is not his business or the governments business.

    Yet the moment that Beck says ANYTHING that is against YOUR opinion you call him the “my way or the highway” guy??

    When Beck does try and back up his opinion with facts and other experts, YOU and many others on here claim he is PAYING these people to say what he wants.

    You are all pathetic. There is an illness in psychiatry called “transference” where you project that which you hate about yourself on someone you don’t agree with. That person becomes the focus of your own conflict and hypocracy and failures and you claim they have done all that you have.

    Sure sounds like all the posters that are spouting off with “beck just wants your money”, “beck is for Jeb”, “beck doesn’t get why we like Trump because he is a hypocrite”, or the famous “I am leaving because the Blaze is all liberal hacks and all about stories I don’t like or agree with”. Of course none of you ever leave you just come back in a few days and spout the same comments over and over and over.

    Get it over with! Delete your accounts! Piss off then and go rant in your corner and suck your thumb.

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  • [6] August 29, 2015 at 12:49am

    Have you not been listening for the last 5 years or so?
    Glenn explicitly said about 2 years ago that he was done trying to “save” people and tell them what was going on. He tries and tried for all those years and while millions listened and changed and educated themselves, many many more put their head in the sand and still voted for the D and the R and not the best man with the best character.

    He told his audience that he was looking to the future of his soul and his families souls. That he was going in a new direction that MANY would not like and MANY would decry as him being a sell out or a failure or whatever just because he wasn’t only talking about their hot button issue. Glenn said he knew he would be hit in audience and income (funny because he was right on all counts – look at all the people here that claim he is all about the money know or this or that because he voiced his opinion that they don’t share).

    Regulars here over the last 5 years are all spouting off because Beck doesn’t like Trump – Really? So for that one thing they spit hate and venom at Glenn worse than they ever did at Obama. Or for Beck talking about compassion for young children dragged across the border by their parents. Even Becks attempt to be more faith based and follow the path of MLK.

    It is pathetic the way long posters and listener are now turning into the WORST Haters of all – even worse than HuffPo or Kos or the trolls. Sad! Go then. Post no more. Be gone haters.

  • [3] August 28, 2015 at 4:43pm

    Wait wait wait…Am I hearing you right Helvidius?

    You ADMIT that Trump is just Romney all over again? A man that has flip-flopped on every major issue that is important to Conservatives simply because he was running for President and needed to play to the base? You ADMIT this?

    Are all you other Trump supporters hearing this? Do you agree as well? Because it seems to me that Justin is right. There is NO difference between Mitt and Trump… both really wealthy businessmen…both trying to bill themselves as “outsiders” to DC… both being attacked by the GOP Establishment and the Media…both having CHANGED their positions on MAJOR Conservative issues MAGICALLY just before they decided to run for President.

    At least Helvidius is FINALLY BEING HONEST as a Trump supporter. The only thing he can come up with that makes Trump different than Romney is that Trump is LOUDER, MORE OBNOXIOUS, and BULLIES people. Yeah, he isn’t SOFT like Romney. Romney made the mistake of listening to the GOP establishment guys after the first debate where he DESTROYED Obama and the Boy-man was in full RETREAT and he was told that the voters want someone that can “nicely” disagree not shout down his opponent. And here we have Helvidius saying that the only thing he can say about Trump is that he ISN’T soft like Romney and WILL shout down his opponents??!!

    WHAT??!! Is that all it takes to win you over. F the Constitution! F the People. We just want the LOUDEST JERK in office??

  • [3] August 28, 2015 at 3:25pm


    You didn’t really understand User19 and he is quite right about Trump and any other of the “insider” “establishment” type candidates like Jeb, Christie, Huckabee, Pataki, and even Kasich.

    There is one thing EVERYONE that is supporting Trump seems to be forgetting. We have SCREAMED for the last 6.5 years that the Congress ISN’T doing their jobs and letting Obama rule by EO and fiat. We have pounded our fists and put nearly 100 STRONG Conservatives into the House and about 12 Senators through the Tea Party movement. Some changed once in DC, some got beat the next cycle. So now we have Trump.. the Great Savior…that will do what?

    By his own admission, he will FORCE things through. He will MAKE people do what he says. Isn’t this the SAME as what Obama has been doing for nearly 7 years? Isn’t that the TRUE problem with DC? A select group (leadership of both parties) RAMMING through stuff that the People don’t want even when a good portion of Congress votes AGAINST the bill.

    If we trade Obama for Trump but they both have the same attitude just from different sides of the isle, how are we ANY BETTER and how are we RESTORING our Constitution and our Nation? We are just one step closer to a Dictator and open tyrant doing what “has to be done” because he/she is the ONLY ONE that can do it because everyone else is too stupid, incompetent, or weak.

    “Philip Dru – Administrator” here we come.

    “So this is how the Republic dies, not with a bang but applause”

  • [4] August 28, 2015 at 3:14pm

    Trump isn’t a Conservative nor is he a libertarian. Like any good businessman, Trump knows how to market a product to get the best return on his investment. Trump didn’t have to hire pollsters or a team of analysts, he just had to watch the last three elections cycles (even with Obama’s win the DNC lost big in State level races) and figure out what those candidates were promising and jump on it.

    Trump is saying the right things…okay fine…admittedly. You know who else was saying the right things based on the mood of the voters: Obama, Clinton, and FDR. FDR actually ran saying he would be MORE conservative than the GOP (which wasn’t hard with Hoover who was an idiot and a Progressive shill that destroyed the legacy of Coolidge and Harding). Clinton did the same to GHW Bush, blasting him for being weak on National Defense and against the People due to his “no new taxes” statement that he broke. Ross Perot sealed the deal for Clinton by taking about at least 10% of Bush’s base (Yes, Ross Perot GAVE us a Clinton just like Trump could if he goes Third Party – Perot took 18% of the popular vote and Clinton only won by 5%)

    I don’t have a problem with Trump smacking around the Media or Fox or the whole DC Establishment hacks but don’t come around and say “Trump is great, Trump is the real deal, Trump is a conservative because he says he changed.” (apparently just 2 months ago). He might even win but he will still just be an Populist Opportunist running for himself.

  • [5] August 28, 2015 at 3:00pm

    Trump admits to being PART of this…where have you been…in his own words “up until 2 months ago I” bought and paid for politicians on both sides so that they would do “what I want when I call.”

    I mean come on….yeah Trump has some good stuff going and he is shaking things up which is great..but blind kool-aid drinking support just makes you like all the sheep that voted for Obama in 2008 because he was “the first black” and then again in 2012 because “Romney was just a rich white racist”….

    Seriously…you think Trump ISN’T one of the people that has been rigging the system for the wealthy and connected?? REALLY??

  • [4] August 28, 2015 at 11:24am

    So would I…Trump should do it, just for the 30 million listeners to Rush that are supposedly Conservative or libertarian minded. It would show some true grit and even if Brad smacked him around some, maybe it would finally end the “Trump has not substance” arguments. It would at least force Trump to get down and dirty with the details of how he claims he will do all these “bumper sticker” “drive-by” soundbites.

    Say what you like about Thor, he KNOWS where he stands and can defend those positions down to the smallest detail. (I am also not surprise that the same posters on here are doing the same thing they always do – if you don’t GOOSE STEP with them over the cliff, then all they can do is bad mouth, name call, and spout venom. Grow up guys, seriously.)
    Isn’t this what Jefferson and the Founders’ wanted. Bring ALL the ideas out into the Light and let the people decide. Just because Thor has this or that opinion on this or that issue different than Trump or you doesn’t mean you degrade and name call. DEBATE it CALMLY and LOGICALLY without EMOTION and you might find the other person move just a LITTLE bit in your direction and you in theirs.

    Thor KNOWS issues. His books are researched to the TEETH down to the smallest detail. He works with Spec Ops and Intel guys, career bureaucrats that deal with foreign interactions all the time, finance and banking guys, and a whole team of researchers. Check out the footnotes and acknowledgements in his books some time.

  • August 27, 2015 at 3:31pm

    You are right axer…it is all about entertainment…
    This is the most exciting version of the “Apprentice” that Donald Trump has ever tried to force down the throat of America. He is the center of all attention finally…good or bad…he doesn’t care, EVERYONE is feeding is HUGE EGO.
    He has changed his mind so many times in the past decade, even in the past few months (he did say point blank that he was part of the DC problem and involved with the bribery and crony capitalism until 2 months before the debate) that it is hard to know what he TRULY believes and what is just him using his BULLY pulpit (and he truly is a bully in every sense) to say what he thinks people want him to say.

    Now..he might actually have changed, I am not judging him on that or saying he is lying but I also am WELL WITHIN my Right to think he could be less than authentic. Now if that somehow makes me some anathema to MY GOD GIVEN RIGHTS as a Citizen of the USA, then maybe we are already too far lost and those that want to NUKE the how system and start over are right…we should…

  • [1] August 27, 2015 at 3:09pm

    Really…on what planet??
    How about site the ONE poll you found (probably paid for by Trump) that shows him polling at over 40%?

    Why not use a MUCH wider picture of the electorate at large by siting SEVERAL polls? Here I will do it for you…

    And before you start farting fire and calling me a troll or for Jeb or any other of the IDIOTIC comments supposedly KNOWLEDGEABLE and RATIONAL people on here for anyone that doesn’t GOOSE STEP to their opinion, can you say why you support Trump?

    Other than some sound bite, cut down, or generality like “I will make Mexico pay for it” without saying HOW he will force a foreign sovereign state to do ANYTHING he tells them to.
    How about his tax policy? OH yeah, it is coming supposedly sometime in September.
    How about his education policy? NOPE, not even on the radar.
    How about his foreign policy? Again, other than “People in our government are stupid and I will do it better because I know how to get things done.” Really, WHAT are you going to do, besides start Trade Wars, that will get ANY other nation on Earth to obey your command Mr. Trump?

    Please, in all honesty, if you REALLY believe to your core that Trump HAS TO BE the guy, you have plenty of time even though it is boring as ALL HECK…PLEASE, go read “Philip Dru: Administrator.” I did, it fits Trump to a TEE!!! “They are stupid, I know better, DO IT MY WAY or suffer.”

  • [-2] August 27, 2015 at 2:54pm

    um…Beck posted what his staff was told on his Facebook…talked about it on the radio.. AND SAID that he was going to talk to Trump ON AIR by phone next week…

    so if it doesn’t happen that must mean the Trump backed out and has the issue that Trump might look bad…or would that be making the same fact-less claims you did?

    are you just blinded by “Trump love” or purposely spouting out false items to stroke your own ego?

  • [2] August 25, 2015 at 9:19pm

    Hey. You think Beck is out there. Okay. Fine.
    What about Mark Levin? Of all the talking heads, even Rush, Levin is the greatest. He knows the issues and the Constituiton backwards and forwards. Probably better than even Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and that is saying A LOT! As much as Scalia and Thomas and Alito!
    Research what Levin thinks on Trump.
    I trust him more than anyone else Inlisten to on TV or radio.

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  • [2] August 25, 2015 at 9:15pm

    Beck has been bashing Jeb for about 4 years now. Beck was one of the ONLY people that were challenging Chrisitie in 2012 and even before when he first ran for Gov of Jersey. All of Fox were for Christie and Romney, even Hannity and Rush and especial Coulter.
    Yes Glenn says he likes what Carly says. It is funny how many Trump people call Carly the Progressive with a checkered past of changing position but when confronted with the Trump flip-flops they turn rabid and spit venom and foam at the mouth spouting out every name they can think of as to why whoever countered them is a GOP establishment lackey and stooge.
    Wasn’t this EXACTLY what happened with those that challenged Obama? Both times.
    Are we now trying to out Obama the DNC?

    And just to make those snap “down thumbs” look even more stupid, let me say this, if my top three don’t make the cut and Trump wins the nomination but the establishment pulls some crap to not let him accept at the RNC convention, I hope he runs third party and I will support him. If he does cut a deal to be nominated, like Jeb as VP, he is dead and exposed as Progressive. If he makes a deal for Carly or Rubio or Cruz or Carson as VP, I would still vote for him, maybe even if Christie is VP – well okay that is just Jeb but fatter.

    But I still think Trump is just playing “Apprentice” with the nation and bullying and over talking and being louder than anyone trying to point out his BAD decisions and bad policy.

  • [2] August 25, 2015 at 8:56pm

    Gotta say that I am not with Monk on this one. Yes Cruz could benefit much from being more Trump-like in attitude and on stage. But I don’t feel letting Trump (an egomaniacal self absorbed blowhard) anywhere near the Oval Office.
    I read on a comment that trump and Ailes are in this together. This little fight is good for business and viewers on Fox and drives the establishment nuts. It gives Fox progressive commentators meat to grind whichakes the RINOs pump Fox even more. As the Progs beat down Trump, the true conservatives rally around him makin him look unstoppable and awaiting his coronation.
    To an egomaniac like Trump there would be no bigger reality show than to be President. We would see massive upheaval as he looking into the camera every night and said “you’re fired” to one government lackey after another. The right would cheer, the left would gasp, and we would all tune in to watch the spectacle for the first year or two.
    With his ego stroked Trump would be strutting around like a peacock blaming Congress for every failure ( like Obama) and demanding more and more power to act alone to get things done. (Sound familiar).

    I can’t shake the feeling that Trump, the master negotiator, is orchestrating these “fights” to feed his ego and Fox’s wallet.
    He only talks about hot button issues that he doesn’t have to get specific about. All policy info is “coming soon”. Meanwhile we eat our own and Biden and Warren cue up in the bullpen.

  • [10] August 24, 2015 at 7:28pm

    WTF Walker…Obama needs to “show some backbone” and do something? WHAT?

    Yeah..he NEEDS to STOP manipulating OUR economy through the FED and let interest rates adjust back up to the base rate of 2-3% that it should be at this time. Banks and OTHER countries are borrowing money from the FED at 0-0.25%. The FED is owed nearly $4 Trillion by FOREIGN banks and nations. That is OUR depth that could be paid off, just take all their gold STRAIGHT out of the FED Reserve in NYC then Congress needs to nationalize the FED and put them BACK under the Dept of Treasury.

    Walker is wanting the government to STEP in and fix this? HOW? by not having a State Dinner with China? How about you just let the market correct Walker like it should have YEARS ago? We have been on FREE MONEY for too long. The market should have correct over 3 years ago. We should be down around 16000, which is where we will end up this week because China is gonna step in and buy up all their falling stocks, like they always do.

    I heard the HS Dent projects that the DOW will plummet to 6000 before the world economy resets and all this stagnation stops. I don’t know if we will go that low but I wouldn’t put it past the market to hit the pre-2008 crash level of 11000 before this is over.

    All market gains since then have been artificial and government (US or China) subsidized. Sucks for us, my dad’s retirement lost $500K in 2008, but we will be better off come 2017 for it.

  • [6] August 17, 2015 at 3:58pm

    Jindal’s parents were both Green Card holders and thus “legal” residents of the United States, which makes him a “natural-born” citizen under the current interpretation of the US Constitution’s Naturalization Clause, the 14th Amendment, and SCOTUS judgements.

    Rubio’s father might not have been “naturalized” under 4 years after Marco’s birth, sort of like Ted Cruz’s father, but both men’s mothers WERE naturalized citizens at the time of their birth.

    Again, under current interpretations, if one parent IS naturalized or a natural-born citizen and the other parent is a legal resident, then the children are “natural-born” citizens.

    I know there is plenty of arguments each way and I know this is how Obama birther crap got started (the major difference, Obama’s mother was not over 18 at his birth and thus COULD NOT take an Oath of Allegiance to the USA legally) but is this REALLY where you want to plant your flag? Do you REALLY want to take a great candidate that has the potential to turn around this country out of the race based on this? Are we TRULY going to become LEGALISTIC about this one issue to such a degree that we screw ourselves and get Hillary? or Warren? or Sanders? or Jeb?

  • [6] August 10, 2015 at 11:39am

    OH…and Community College NEEDS TO BE FREE.. WTF!!

    It only costs about $50/unit at most Community Colleges right now NATIONWIDE…maybe I have seen up to $80/unit. That is $200-320/class. That is MAYBE $2000-3000/year for your AA degree which is ONLY a TWO YEAR degree at most.
    So you can be “college educated” for about $5000 and live at home and have mommy and daddy pay for utilities, room, and board, and your car, phone, and insurance.
    AND since it is Community College you can WORK part time or weekends and MAKE MORE than the TOTAL for two years of college in about 6 months PAYING YOUR WAY with no debt.

    GAWD…I just love when IGNORANT people (Socialists and RACISTS) talk about Education without EVER being involved at all levels or even taking time to RESEARCH how things REALLY work.

  • [5] August 10, 2015 at 11:31am

    Now let’s deal with students that go to out of State colleges….
    That is when most people incur LARGE amounts of loan debt or when they attend PRIVATE institutions.
    Now, let’s forget the fact that most PRIVATE colleges have HUGE endowments that are worth 100′s of millions if not BILLIONS and could give FREE college to EVERY student they admit, pay all bills and staff, and fund their research on JUST THE INTEREST to their endowment.
    Shrillary wants to PAY these PRIVATE colleges money if they let more minorities in? or “low income” people (Progressive code for Blacks and ILLEGALS)?
    And this plan would only save you $2000 in interest over the life of the loan? IS THAT A JOKE?
    So, we have established that most students that go to IN STATE schools, pay maybe 20-30% of their college bills. That is maybe $5000 per year. You can WORK PART TIME while going to school and pay that and that job would be ON CAMPUS!
    Out of State students probably pay closer to 75% of their bills since MOST qualify for some BREAK, GRANT, or are awarded IN STATE status, cutting their costs by 25-30%.

    NOW, if the Dept of ED would GO AWAY and the FED would BUTT THE F OUT of ALL levels of education, COSTS would PLUMMET IMMEDIATELY due to competition for students, increases would be tied to REALITY in cost increases for the college, AND colleges would PAY for the best students which means LOWER cost for those that actually WANT to go to college.

  • [6] August 10, 2015 at 11:15am

    Now let’s DIRECTLY deal with the fallacy of your figures and argument…or would that be phallic….or flaccid…oh nevermind….

    tuition costs are high and rising BECAUSE government is involved! if the college knows that the government will continually increase the amount of loans they will cover, why not increase your tuition by the same amount…it is a SCAM by government and the Educational Establishment NOT some “semi freeloading” section of society or generation.

    most States have a college finance mechanism. I can only speak directly to the ones that I know of personally, which is less than a dozen, but in each of these States there is a tuition GRANT program.
    the GRANT program is given on the basis financial need and is structured in such a way that the more your family earns, the less you get. So all those “wealthy” you talk about DON’T get a DIME of the grant money for their kids. The grants can cover ALL tuition for In-State residents, partial, or tuition and HOUSING. That just leaves books and food and some miscellaneous fees.
    there uses to also be the FEDERAL Pell Grant program, that was dismantled by Obummer the Wonder Socialist, that would supplement whatever your State Grant Program didn’t cover.
    Most students that get to college MAYBE had to cover approximately 20-30% of their college years with loans and that was ONLY for those students that were already in the UPPER MIDDLE CLASS. Lower income students qualify for 3rd Party grants.

  • [13] August 10, 2015 at 11:00am

    “attended college on the cheap” because of taxes?? what?? I know you are an instigator and a fool most of the time but are you also HIGH??
    and trust me…NONE of my grandparents or parents “GLADLY paid taxes” just so little billy down the street could go to college or improve the community or benefit the country…
    EVERY person I know ONLY pays taxes because we are FORCED to under penalty of law and imprisonment…REGARDLESS of their income level….WE ALL use the tax code to get whatever advantage we can to pay AS LITTLE taxes as we can…if we were doing it GLADLY then we would take NO deductions or exemption and PAY whatever our base rate was happily….

    NOW…about this college for everyone IDIOTIC notion that the Socialist pretend to believe in but really don’t give a CRAP about because they DON’T want you education and thinking for yourself…they want you COMPLIANT, uneducated, uninformed, and SIMPLE MINDED.
    Education is a disaster in this country because we have this UTOPIAN idea that EVERYONE MUST get a college degree. This is all done under the guise of the sophomoric notion “if you don’t get a college degree, your life will be a failure and you will never be successful.”

    Well for you rookie cookie and all the IDIOTS that think like you and all the helicopter parents that ride their kids to tears…
    OVER THE LAST 100 YEARS of PUBLIC EDUCATION..the percentage of college degree holding citizens is STAGNANT at about 30%..Socialist Education System IS A SCAM!!

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