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  • [7] April 9, 2015 at 9:12pm

    WHAT “economic failure”? He (along with the Republican Legislature in WI) have CUT TAXES, CUT PROPERTY TAXES – ALL without laying off a SINGLE teacher (as was the typical knee-jerk mantra from the Unions in WI – who are now required to actually PAY a small portion of their own benefits [like most EVERYONE ELSE in America does])!

    The ONLY communities who have NOT see economic benefit from Walker’s policies, are the communities who RUSHED through Union Contract extensions BEFORE Act-10 became law (so THEY are stuck with unaffordable teacher pay and benefits).

    Why should Walker demonstrate HIS knowledge and understanding of Iran and the Middle East, when Obama STILL hasn’t proven HE understands a DAMN THING about foreign policy… His pseudo “deal” (nothing in writing, and ALREADY the Iranians are calling him a LIAR) is pure FICTION. Hell, even Neville Chamberlain had a worthless piece of paper to wave around when HE (falsely) proclaimed, “Peace in our time!” Obama’s got NOTHING. WE have NOTHING. The WORLD has Iran moving ever closer to Nuclear Weapons (and their delivery systems)!

    THE ALTERNATIVE (you Liberals never seem to hear):
    1) KEEP the Sanctions IN PLACE (until AFTER Iran has DEMONSTRATED that they are willing to abide be ALL of the terms of any agreement)
    2) PUT IT IN WRITING and have it ratified by the Senate (so it has the RULE OF LAW)… I know, Obama doesn’t give a Rat’s Rear End about the Constitution, but he really SHOULD (read up on it).

  • May 12, 2014 at 9:20pm

    EVEN if that (the “cause of death”) is true, the question remains: WHO set the fire that created the smoke, that lead to the “smoke inhalation”?

    Could THAT have been a DELIBERATE ACT on the part of the TERRORISTS (er, Video Protesters)?


    If they KNEW that people were inside the embassy, then it was PREMEDITATED (aka 1st degree) MURDER!

    Even a MORON like Elanor Clift should KNOW that!

    What we are seeing here, is Depraved Indifference (by The Left to the MURDERS committed by the Terrorists)!

    You Liberals are DANGEROUS!

  • May 3, 2014 at 2:41pm

    As to #4…

    The alternative is WHAT? Do what you can to LOOK FAT and UNATTRACTIVE on Television (now THAT would be a career booster, wouldn’t it)?

    Candy Crowley (and almost EVERY “reporter” on CNN, MSNBC, etc.) contorts their MINDS into believing they’re “impartial” (aka NOT BIASED).

  • [3] May 3, 2014 at 2:31pm

    Right on, Mike!

    While I agree with your advise to Parker, I would not use that as a general rule of thumb…

    Specifically, I’d advise KIDS (those young skulls full of mush, still TRAPPED in School) to figure out EARLY in life what it is you LIKE to do (that you can actually get PAID to do).

    While it’s true, not everyone can be an NBA STAR, or a Recording Artist (making MILLIONS), there ARE many jobs that pay WELL – and there are MANY, MANY people doing those jobs who TRUELY LOVE doing it!

    I, myself, have NO COLLEGE DEGREE, but make a respectable (six-figure) salary in Computer Software development. This is something that I learned to do in 7th grade, and discovered that I was good at it (and, enjoyed it). My brother and I are BOTH blessed with the LOVE of Computer Programming, and have found people willing to PAY US to do what we LOVE!

    Yes, we get in EARLY (I’m at work at 5:00 AM), and stay late (as needed) and/or work from home in the evening – and ALWAYS volunteer for that “extra” project. MY best motivation is being told that “it can’t be done”… Just stand back and let me at it!

    SO, while I agree that for the Parkers of the world (who have already gone PAST their time to DISCOVER what it is they LIKE/WANT to do – and NEED to start doing SOMETHING [anything]), I WISH the Public Schools in this country would recognize that NOT EVERYONE is cut out for college (and we CAN’T outsource auto mechanics, and plumbers, and electricians, etc.) – SO TE

  • [7] May 3, 2014 at 1:25pm

    Anecdotally, a person staying at a hotel (for a month, on business) observed this: BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans had meetings (not at the same time, of course) at this hotel.

    During the week the Democrats were there, there were “endless loud parties” and trash (including a lot of alcohol bottles) were left discarded in the hallways, and hotel workers (and taxi drivers) observed that the TIPS were poor.

    During the week the Republicans were there, it was QUIET and CLEAN, and the workers/taxi drivers observed that the TIPS were quite generous.

    SO… You tell ME… WHICH PARTY is the party of the WORKING man/woman?

    I’d ALSO ask you to note the DIFFERENCE between the way the “Occupy Wall Street” protests and the Tea Party gatherings leave/left the areas (cleanliness after the events)!

  • February 2, 2014 at 2:35pm

    Since Waters DOESN’T (can’t?) address his (alleged) issues with Israel directly, perhaps I can…

    Let’s start with this little FACT: “Today, non-Jewish citizens of Israel constitute about 25% of the population, with 20% being Arabs. Arab Israelis have equal voting rights and their own political parties, serve on the Israeli Knesset” (

    In the same article, I refer you to: “Discrimination against Arab citizens of Israel does exist, though on a level comparable to that found in many other Western countries, and certainly far less than the discriminations to which Palestinians living in most Arab countries are subjected. In certain respects, Arab Israelis have more rights than some who live in Europe, such as the rights to wear hijabs”

    You MIGHT find THIS little FACT interesting (BEFORE you go insulting an actress with an opinion of her own): “As a general indicator, a recent Harvard study found that 77% of Arab Israelis would rather live in Israel than in any other country. Many Arabs have also stated that they would much rather live in Israel than under Palestinian rule.”

    But then, I don’t expect FACTS to change the mind of a RADICAL LEFTIST.

  • January 5, 2014 at 2:02pm

    Correct me (if I’m wrong), but hasn’t THE LEFT been mocking Speaker Boehner’s crying over his emotional account of his childhood and his political success to Speaker of the House?

    NOW, we’re supposed to embrace the RACIST Melissa Harris-Perry’s sobbing after being CAUGHT exposing HER RACISM and down-right HATRED of Republicans?!

    Well EXCUSE ME, if I DON’T accept her apology!

    I believe her FIRST comments (using the fact that the Romney’s have SO LITTLE racism in their moral beliefs that they LOVINGLY accept someone of a different race into their family) as a LAUNCHING PAD for JOKES – represents HER TRUE FEELINGS (and that of MOST Liberals).

    Remember, it is LIBERALS who see RACE/Ethnicity/Gender/Sexual Orientation FIRST – lumping people into GROUPS (who, presumably ALL think exactly the SAME). THEN, they criticize and chastise those who DARE to have a MIND OF THEIR OWN!

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  • September 8, 2013 at 1:00pm

    There were SOME (albeit VERY short list) of teachers in my past whose sans-bra/underwear would have been welcomed by MOST of the boys (and, I suspect male teachers) in my school.

    However, for the VAST MAJORITY of them, a BURKA would have been more welcome attire!

    IF School Uniforms (worn by students) is SUPPOSED to promote better learning (or so we’re told by School Administrators), then WHY wouldn’t TEACHERS’ “uniforms” (or at least “professional” attire) do the SAME for teachers?

    I’ve NEVER understood the pedestal Teachers have placed themselves on (special treatment, tenure, pensions, etc.) – and this comes from someone whose BOTH Grandmothers, mother and sister were teachers!

    Are teachers IMPORTANT to Society? YES – IF (and ONLY IF) they are dedicate to their job, and as long as they DO THEIR JOB (of educating students).

    When they cross the line into Social Engineering, or trying to REPLACE the role of parents (or, worse, to countermand the [especially MORAL] teachings of the parents) – then they are no longer EDUCATORS, they are BRAIN-WASHERS or propagandists!

  • September 8, 2013 at 12:40pm

    SO which is it Maher?

    IF you AGREE with your assertion that the GOP wants to “stop… us getting into the Syrian War”, then WHY do you call it IRRATIONAL?

    Either the GOP position IS RATIONAL, or YOU are IRRATIONAL in YOUR HATRED of the GOP.

    ALSO, if the GOP position (on Syria) IS RATIONAL, then you are PROVING that the GOP opposition to Obama is NOT, in fact, RACIST, but based on his (WRONG/IRRATIONAL) Policies!

  • August 29, 2013 at 8:19pm

    OH, and you DO KNOW (don’t you?) that IF (when) the Liberals (and RINOs) pass “comprehensive” Immigration Reform, there will be TENS OF MILLIONS MORE people willing to do the job YOU are currently doing AT THE PAY you are CURRENTLY GETTING!

    You think that’s a GOOD THING (for YOU)? I sure don’t!

    If YOU think adding TENS OF MILLIONS more people to compete with YOU for your minimum wage jobs is a bad idea (too), then might I suggest YOU let your elected officials (Like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, etc.) NOT to legalize the TENS OF MILLIONS of Illegal Aliens in the country!

    But, hey, it won’t impact ME, so what do I care?!

  • August 29, 2013 at 8:12pm

    Sadly, this is YET ANOTHER example of the LACK OF EDUCATION in our schools!

    NO, I’m not talking about the LOW EDUCATION LEVEL of these minimum wage workers (I’m not asserting that at all)…

    What I’m talking about is the COMPLETE lack of Economics taught in schools!

    Look… THE purpose of a company is to MAKE MONEY! Publically traded companies (like McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc.) have a FIDUCIARY DUTY to MAXIMIZE PROFITS.

    Employees are a necessary “evil” of doing business, NO DIFFERENT than, say, a Photo Copier. Just as a company looks for the BEST (cheapest) PRICE they can, for a copier that MEETS THEIR NEEDS. Companies DON’T (generally) go out and buy a copier with FEATURES they don’t need (the “overqualified” employee) – NOR do they shop for the HIGHEST PRICE copier (that meets their needs).

    Employees are worth NO MORE than the VALUE they (individually) bring to the company (and the scarcity or people with the SKILLS necessary to do the job).

    If pretty much ANYONE can do the job of a Fast Food worker (which, frankly, IS THE CASE), AND there’s a HUGE NUMBER of people who are WILLING to do the job for that pay, then you have VERY LITTLE VALUE to the company (as it should be).

    IF you want more PAY or more SECURITY, then you HAVE to bring SKILLS to the employer that he/she CAN’T FIND ELSEWHERE for less (and/or can’t do without you).

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  • August 25, 2013 at 2:15pm


    I applaud your SUPPORT of the 1st Amendment (which, after all, is PRIMARILY addressing protecting POLITICAL speech)!

    In reply to the story Texas Rodeo to Feature Obama Clown

  • August 25, 2013 at 11:50am

    Not to worry…

    Obama is still trying to FIND HIS BEHIND (so he can “lead” from it)!

  • August 23, 2013 at 3:37pm

    PERHAPS if Mr. Obama spent LESS TIME on Jay Leno (and on vacation) and MORE TIME educating himself, he’d KNOW that the VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS (you know, WE, THE PEOPLE) are OPPOSED to his beloved “ObamaCare”!

    How many Congressional Republicans agree with HIM on something (or not) is IRRELEVANT, it is what WE, THE PEOPLE want that should be HIS (and EVERY member of congress’) concern – BUT, clearly, he/they DON’T give a Rat’s Rear End what the American PEOPLE (especially the CITIZENS of the United States) want!

  • August 22, 2013 at 3:36pm

    Was it Beck (and other Conservatives) who labeled Zimmerman as a “White Hispanic”, or was that the (so-called) “Main Stream” (aka LIBERAL) Media?

    Funny, I don’t recall seeing Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton ranting about THIS senseless MURDER.

    I haven’t heard President Obama inject himself into THIS case – declaring that if he had a son, he might look like Mario!

    Since the (so-called) “Main Stream” Media REFUSES to (adequately) cover Black-on-White (hell, they won’t even cover Black-on-Black) crime, it’s up to RESPONSIBLE people like Beck to do so!

    If YOU don’t like it, might I suggest “the Black Community” should UNITE to condemn these perpetrators (and to do so AS LOUDLY as they did to condemn George Zimmerman)!

  • August 20, 2013 at 8:11pm

    Is this to be followed up by ANOTHER “We are all Trayvon Martin” mural, depicting a hooded Black person on top of a “White Hispanic” – REPEATEDLY SLAMMING THE HEAD of the “White Hispanic” on the cement sidewalk (there can even be a tasteful puddle of blood under the head of the “White Hispanic”)

  • June 27, 2013 at 2:20pm

    What’s SAD, is that TO HER (and people like her), “Crazy-@$$ Cracker” ISN’T racist (nor is HER repeated use of the word “*****”).

    BUT if a “crazy-@$$ cracker” was to call HER a “*****”, well THAT’S racist!

    I fully expect PROTESTS in the streets REGARDLESS of the outcome of this trial (unless George Zimmerman is dragged from the back of a pickup truck).

  • [1] June 8, 2013 at 4:13pm


    “Not like there isn’t other bakeries you can go to”

    It would be one thing if this was the ONLY bakery for MILES around.

    MY suspicion is that this couple selected THIS bakery SPECIFICALLY because they knew the bakery WOULD refuse to make their cake (thus, creating the problem).

    I think they were MORE INTERESTED in causing a stink, than having a cake!

    Take your business elsewhere… If enough people think like YOU, then the business will fail. IF, on the other hand, the rest of society doesn’t give a Rat’s Rear End to YOUR “problem” (and continues to give the bakery THEIR business), well, that’s YOUR problem, isn’t it?

  • April 23, 2013 at 7:59pm

    NO, Mayor Nannyberg, one does NOT CHANGE the Conssttitution, by simply “re-interpreting” it!

    Perhaps you haven’t heard of this (being so busing telling everyone in New York what to eat, and drink, and smoke, and think): It’s called an AMENDMENT.

    If one wishes to CHANGE the Constitution, one must AMEND IT!

    At least that’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work…

    Of course, I don’t blame YOU LIBERALS (Nannyberg included) for believing that all you need is a handful (literally) of judges to “declare” that it (the constitution) now means something DIFFERENT (you’re WRONG, but I understand why you think that way)!

  • April 6, 2013 at 10:49am

    Something ELSE she’ll discover while in college (well, MOST colleges), is that IF she’s a Republican, she would be better off NOT coming “out of the closet”.

    In MOST colleges (run by Liberal professors), Conservatives are the ONE group upon which it is STILL (ALWAYS) “Open Season”!

    Being a Political/Social dissent is the ONE form of “diversity” these professors simply won’t tolerate!

    A final few words of advice: LEARN something that will be of use to you in obtaining a decent paying job! Don’t put too much importance on that piece of parchment you seek (employers won’t – as evidenced by the McDonalds opening for a cashier – college degree AND two years experience REQUIRED)!