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  • January 10, 2013 at 4:43pm

    Ranger Skippy, I think that you are way off base with the comment that Ted Nugent is not a good representative for the Second Amendment. We can just leave out the part about what he did to stay out of Nam. A LOT of people did that since it was NOT a war to protect this country OR OUR CONSTITUTION. Ted IS a Patriot and knows more about firearms than a lot of the firearms instructors out there. Ted does not back down from the discussion as MANY of the weak kneed so called conservatives do. I personally would rather have Ted than idiots like John Boehner getting the message out there. I agree that Alex Jones is WAY out there but again, at least he forcefully gets the point across. The bottom line is that we could have Mother Theresa talking in support of the Second Amendment and the libs couldn’t figure it out since they were never taught how to discern FACTS.