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  • [-2] December 19, 2014 at 11:17am

    Sounds like Pulp Fiction-type Divine Intervention

  • December 19, 2014 at 11:13am

    Three responses and all three just show that all they want to do is indiscriminately kill others.

    PeJoZo lists a number of countries with combined populations totaling in the millions and the only reason he offers for attacking these countries (‘killing em all) is that they are ‘muslim strongholds’.
    Such hatred for so many – based solely on their religious beliefs.
    What a wonderful person you are PeJoZo

    And then you have busterpuddles
    He offers but an attempted personal attack – making ALL kinds of things up about me when he knows next to nothing about me. Not at all odd then that he would seek to kill millions of others he knows absolutely nothing about.

    And then we have original poster bikerr
    Unable / Unwilling to answer my question. Unable / unwilling to contest my assertion that apparently his god-beliefs align very closely with the extremist who use their god-beliefs to justify indiscriminate killing.

    A trifecta of violent, failed posters.
    Keep up the good work boys / ladies.

  • [14] December 17, 2014 at 5:11pm

    The headline for this story is VERY misleading.
    “Syrian Jihadists Are Using a Texas Plumber’s Truck to Shoot Down Aircraft. Here’s How They Got Their Hands on the Vehicle.”

    It is NOT the truck that is really being used to shoot down aircraft.
    It IS the retrofitted ‘Howitzer’ installed on the back of the truck that is being used to shoot aircraft.
    Or is that an Oberholtzer-Howitzer?
    This is a story that just keeps on giving.

    And who knows if this setup has actually been very effective in actually shooting down anything.

    TheBlaze certainly isn’t doing this plumber any favors with that headline – suggesting that it is HIS truck being used to shoot down aircraft.
    The truck is no longer his in any way.

  • [-1] December 17, 2014 at 5:02pm

    Can you please expound on the supposed “detrimental” effect “influential Imams and Madrassas, ISIS and the Taliban” are having on American women.
    I know a good many women and I bet if I asked every one of them… Not one would be able to say in ANY way ANY kind of effect those folks you listed are having on their lives. Not that the group of women I know are representative of the nation as a whole but…
    That is why I ask you to be more specific.

    Yes. We have had honor killings and the like. And I am certain we have had LOTS of ‘other’ killings in our nation too. (If not many more than ‘honor killings and the like.) And are you as concerned about those killings as you seem to be of these ‘cultural’ / (supposed) religious ones???

    PLEASE… Please present ANY detail on “the destruction wrought by conservative Moors.”

    And yes. I think what Obama said about ALL black males being handed car keys was utterly foolish and incorrect.
    But do not dismiss the reality that almost every black male (and female) has indeed been on the receiving end of some form / degree of racism in our country.

    Not sure at all what you are talking about. Can’t recall my ever telling Israel how to act.

  • [-7] December 17, 2014 at 1:36pm


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  • [1] December 17, 2014 at 1:35pm

    Is the Taliban attacking woman and schools here in America?
    What about those in Sudan and Liberia? Do they have control over what happens here in America?
    As they say… It’s relative.

    It is one thing to say there are GREATER atrocities committed against women in other countries and a true ‘shame’ that more folks here – men AND women – do not speak out against such. But it is another- a failure – to suggest that TRUE inequality does not exist right here in America and that cases like spousal abuse and inequality in the workforce do not cause SERIOUS harm and challenges to women here in America.

    To belittle the challenges – and direct harm – to women in THIS country because SOME do not speak out enough or do not do enough to fight against the abuses and inequality that goes on in some OTHER countries is… Wrong.

    The term ‘War on Women’ is NOT appropriate to use. BUT we do such similar ‘language abuse’ all the time in this country. Like when we say a sporting event was a real battle.
    Or the supposed ‘War on Christmas’.

    STOP acting like the challenges HERE are not worth OUR women (and men) HERE in this country speaking up and taking action HERE – JUST BECAUSE others may have it worse elsewhere.

    “But because it is Islamic radicals that are doing it, they dismiss it. Nobody wants to talk about it,”
    That is TOTAL BULL Glenn and you know it.
    NOBODY is dismissing such.
    It is a matter of personal impact.
    Who is being effected by what and where.

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  • December 17, 2014 at 10:35am

    Thanks Strike4
    As noted earlier… My ‘tone’ yesterday was more ‘raw’ than I like. My ‘presentation’ was off I feel.

    I’m not looking for folks to necessarily be ‘nice’ – just respectful.
    And I understand these topics and the discussions about such can get heated and emotional so… WE all can ‘go off’ sometimes.

    REALLY got to go so… Hope to respond a bit more on the ‘substance’ you offered – and on your other ‘wrap-up’ comments.

    Take care

  • December 17, 2014 at 10:32am

    What narrative Ned?
    (Though I was ‘reminded’ that ole Phil is supposedly racist so… I suppose THAT’S the narrative. Though giving financially… Does not mean one still can’t be a racist – or anti-whatever. Not that I am saying ole Phil is a racist. The comments I have read from him – about his working with blacks and them not complaining… I do NOT consider those racist. Ignorant? Sure. Racist? No.)

  • December 17, 2014 at 10:28am

    OK. I lied.
    I WILL go read your post from yesterday.
    (It’s like having a package on your desk and being told to open it but… telling yourself you shouldn’t open it – but wanting to open it!)

    HAVE to go address some other things tho today so… May not be able to respond (properly). We’ll see.

    I am always willing to give folks – even foo – a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th … chance.
    We all can change. We all – at any moment – can ‘surprise’ others (and ourselves).

  • [-2] December 17, 2014 at 10:24am

    And then there’s Cavallo who just sees the violent side of things.
    Nice Cavallo

  • [9] December 17, 2014 at 10:22am

    Good to ‘hear’ a civil tone there Strike4.
    (Still not reading your other reply until… See my other post back to you – if you care.)

    I happen to value ‘blue collar’ workers VERY much. More so probably than ‘degree holders’ in that… Too many degree holders tend to make money OFF of others where as blue collar workers make money working FOR the benefit of others. And now-a-days…
    Your ‘avg’ blue collar worker probably has as much ‘knowledge’ AND SKILL as most any white collar worker.

    For many years I worked in automotive service. One of my good buddies is one of the best mechanics I know. He has more knowledge about how ALL these very high-tech vehicles work… More knowledge in his head and skills in his hands than in the heads and hands of MANY white collar folks I know.

    And don’t tell me white collar workers EARN their higher rates of financial compensation – when compared to the VERY hard work put in by many of the blue collar folks I know.
    In fact… I think it is an ‘injustice’ that many white collar jobs pay at the rates they do – again when compared to the necessary skills and knowledge blue collar workers need these days.

    Mostly it is because a few white collar ‘leaders’ control so much of the ‘pay structure’.

    And because too many see – factually – that a white collar job pays better than a blue collar job… We as a nation have ‘devalued’ BC jobs – and THAT has been a terrible thing – I believe.

  • [-1] December 17, 2014 at 10:01am

    EXACTLY the type of response I would expect from you Zippy.
    Thank you for proving what I wrote.

    I don’t know. I know very little about Alinsky and… I most certainly TRY NOT to name-call and make personal attacks.
    Sorry if some think my challenges / questions as to WHY they hold the positions they do or are making the assertions they are – are personal attacks but… They are not. I simply seek to know WHY someone holds a certain position. HOW they came to their beliefs.

    If you couldn’t comprehend my post then… No need to go any further.

  • [142] December 17, 2014 at 9:53am

    “The younger Oberholtzer affirmed that the plumbing business has no Islamist connections: “We have nothing to do with terror at all.”

    Have you seen the cost of a plumber these days?!?!
    That could strike terror into the heart of most any home owner.

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  • December 17, 2014 at 9:50am

    You take a rather humorous (at leas to me) story and… Turn it into a: ‘Let’s just kill em ALL!’ post.

    So bikerr… Just WHO is on the receiving end of your desire to “just blow them all away”?
    And considering you are going to let YOUR god sort em all out / decide… Sounds like your ‘god motivation’ for killing em all is not far removed from ‘their’ god-motivation to kill em all.
    How do you feel sharing that ‘basis’ position with “them”?

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  • [-2] December 17, 2014 at 9:45am

    Now this is just a funny story.

    I’m sure Mark Oberholtzer the plumber isn’t laughing much – having to answer all these calls about his old truck and such – but…
    I’m sure he COULD turn this into a positive. (Not like he ‘supports’ how his old truck is now being used – right?)

    Hey Mark. Why did you get rid of the ole beast? Looking like it still had some useful life left in it.

    I swear I saw my old Land Cruiser in some battle zone video once.

    Too funny!

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  • December 17, 2014 at 9:37am

    I know Jesus as I know him.
    I know him from how the nuns and priests and other lay people educated me about him – and the other aspects of the Catholic church.
    And then I know Jesus and ‘god’ as I personally interpret them.
    And that ‘approach’ is NO DIFFERENT than how most anyone else knows them.

    Others will / can NEVER share the same ‘enlightenment’ I have come to experience. NO TWO people in the history of humankind share the same experiences – and so… No two people can ever personally interpret their ‘awareness’ of Jesus, god, or whatever in the same way.

    I don’t believe a supposedly ALL-ENCOMPASSING supreme being requires praise.
    What any possible supreme being / ‘Savior’ DESERVES is for each of us to TRY and live our lives as best as possible – FOR THE BENEFIT OF OTHERS!!!
    (NOT for our own benefit.)

    How do my beliefs, positions – ACTIONS – BENEFIT OTHERS?
    How best do I limit my beliefs, positions and ACTIONS from ‘harming’ others?

    Does my intolerance and judgement of others cause them harm?
    Does my ‘misunderstanding’ of the views and positions of others cause them / others harm?
    Am I truly being as… Loving, Compassionate, Tolerant, FORGIVING as I can be?
    (Often not but… Gotta keep trying)

    IF there is a god and Jesus is ‘his’ Savior son…
    They do not need our praise. They DESERVE our living life to its fullest. …caring and giving – and ACCEPTING of others. (Others we really know so little about.)

  • December 17, 2014 at 9:19am

    WHY should I possibly ‘fall for it’?
    You have shown me nothing to think that whatever it is you posted it is but a crass response to CONTINUE to f with me.

    I know that yesterday I myself was in rather ‘raw’ form.
    Something foo originally posted just set me off. And knowing how he (and too many others) NEVER seem willing or able to effectively respond to my challenges on THEIR own posts / assertions… I got wrapped up in ‘taking on foo – and then you. I indeed wasted too much time with worthless posts to foo – and you.

    Like I said Strike4…
    You want to engage me in discussion… You want to show me why it would be worth – AND YOUR while – for me to look back on the post you so eagerly want me to see and read…
    From one of yesterday’s topics… Tell me your position on: What you think the American response to the Taliban attack in Pakistan should be. Besides just offering ‘talk’ – do you believe Americans / the U.S. govt CAN? / SHOULD? actually provide (additional) support to the Pakistani govt / military in their efforts to combat the Taliban? AND… What actual threat do YOU believe the Taliban posses to the U.S.? AND…. What is your view on POSSIBLE (still?) negotiating with the Taliban – or any ‘bad guys’ for that matter?

    Respond to my questions just asked above and I’ll know if its worth engaging you any further – and if worth reading your reply from yesterday that you so want me to read.

  • [-1] December 17, 2014 at 9:01am

    Self censorship – eh Gonzo / Zippy?

    Maybe if you ACTUALLY listened to / watched what ‘the other side’ says… You might be able to better engage them and challenge their positions. And perhaps even better support your own positions. (And I would offer that some of you could sure use improvement in both those areas.)

    I was just thinking about this again and that is…
    Why do some of YOU folks post here?
    I am sometimes asked that. I have given my response (usually in detail as some of you don’t like) but…
    WHY do some folks post here when… Almost exclusively all they / you(?) either do is… Just give one or two sentence ‘praise’ (the Big Thumbs Up!) to those other posters who are giving but one or two sentence comments about something you all agree on – OR…
    You attack Obama or those you disagree with – all while NOT offering any real DETAIL as to WHY you hold such disdain for the action or opposing position – ???
    AND THEN, when someone like I comes along and challenges your positions… More often than not the rebuttal is but a personal attack.

    What do you folks get out of a ‘thumbs up’ or 1 or 2 sentence: ‘You’re a great American too’ post?
    What do you get out of joining in the attack / piling on… When no one is really there to ‘fight back’ or, when someone does, again like I do… You do NOT engage.
    Too many times its ATTEMPTS at belittling / name calling – and again… all while giving little or NO support at all for your positions or assertions.


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  • [-1] December 17, 2014 at 8:30am

    Thanks for all the replies folks.
    We’ll just have to wait and see how this one – and other legal challenges to Obama’s executive order on immigration plays out.

    For me the bottom line is this…
    There WILL be a pathway to citizenship.
    There is no way logistically and financially the U.S. is going to deport (approx) 11 million people. And there is no way the Republicans will alienate such a large, soon-to-be majority of the population. (They’ll never win another presidential election if they do.)
    And pretty much all that Obama is attempting to do via executive order… It WILL get done thru legislative action.

    So you folks can do all the complaining you want about IF Obama’s actions / executive order on immigration is constitutional or not… Even IF not… All that will happen is that the president will ‘lose’ his case for such action – and then… All that I previously mentioned will still happen.

    I’m curious. What bothers you folks more?
    That Obama has taken such action himself OR… That what Obama and others) seek to do to address the immigration situation – which is a more liberal course of action – will still happen???
    Most illegal immigrants will NOT be deported.
    There will be a pathway to citizenship
    Border security will improve (But never be ‘perfect’ – Impossible / too costly)
    And whites will eventually become a minority in this country. (I bet that last one REALLY ‘gets’ some of you.)

    ENJOY folks!

  • [-1] December 17, 2014 at 7:44am

    I’m not even gonna waste my time with looking it up.
    You have admitted your intent is JUST to f with me so…
    Have at it.

    I will continue to post challenges to the comments of the likes of you but… Not worth me doing anything more than pointing out how failed your positions are – if ever you actually present them.

    IF you ever care to actually engage in a discussion on the issues – and are willing to offer your positions and WHY you hold such positions – and then have your positions challenged… I’ll engage you then.
    Otherwise Strike4…
    You’re out!

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