World’s greatest golfer dies. Farewell Kim Jong Il

North Korean golfing legend (and oppressive dictator) Kim Jong Il passed away over the weekend. He was just 69 years old, but laid claim to golfing skills that would make greats like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Walter Hagen weep with envy.

Back in 1994, the man set a record that is likely to stand forever. Playing his first round of golf on a regulation, PGA-style, 18-hole course, Kim Jong Il scored 11 holes-in-one while he carded a stunning 38 UNDER par. Seventeen bodyguards were on hand to witness and attest the score. Regarding the 11 holes-in-one on a single round, that feat will only be repeated on putt-putt golf courses as most regulation-sized courses typically have only four holes short enough to reasonably be considered candidates for scoring an ace.

Sadly, the golfing world outside of North Korea has yet to accept this round of golf as legitimate.

Kim Jong Il had many habits that the Western world might consider curious. He was reported to only eat rice of a standard size and shape, consumed record amounts of Hennessey cognac, and allegedly kidnapped filmmakers. The Herald Sun has more on the oddities of KJI.

Immortalized in the puppet-acted film “Team America” (2004) – K-J-L is seen here singing “I’m So Ronrey.” (content warning – that pesky “F” words makes it’s way into the clip… but only once)

For more traditional views of the deceased dictator, please read the Blaze report on his death.