Oh no: Terry Jones’ Obama doll was stolen

You’ll remember Terry Jones as the attention-seeking Florida pastor who burns Korans as a pastime. The following is the first paragraph of an email blast he sent supporters today:

“Obama was stolen from our front lawn Saturday night. Uncle Sam, the Gay Pride flag and the doll were taken too. The American flag was left on the ground under the Gallows – no use for that, it seems. Well, this is Obama Country, Gainesville, FL. If O himself had the courage to come here, he would be paid great homage, I am sure. Our effigy on its yellow rope was not popular. But no wonder – Gainesville is broken.”

What in Deliverance hell…

The “doll” and “Obama” Jones refers to is the dummy doll made in President Barack Obama‘s likeness that Jones hung on a rope in the front of his church earlier this month.

It turns out it’s “not popular” to hang the president in effigy… in front of a church.