The internet has spoken: Obama can hold his own dang umbrella

Yesterday, President Obama stepped a bit outside protocol when he asked Marines standing guard at the White House to hold his umbrella. Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, the optics of the situation aren’t good, as Hot Air’s Allahpundit notes:

Free advice to future administrations, then: Discontinue this practice. These guys aren’t valets. The slogan is not “The Few, the Proud, the Umbrella Stands.” The good news is, we live in a golden age of technological progress where all manner of standalone head coverings are available in case the skies look cloudy for the next Rose Garden press conference. Imagine a small, thin, clear plastic tarp raised a few feet above the podiums, out of the camera’s line of sight, shielding The One and America’s Hamas-supporting Islamist cretin “ally” from nature’s wrath. Magical.

I predicted the internet would have some fun with the umbrella snafu, and I’m pleased to report it didn’t disappoint…

Exhibit A: The “umbrella platoon”

 Exhibit B: “Marine Poppins”

Exhibit C: 

(Image: Facebook)



And F:


Thanks, internet. I knew you wouldn’t let us down.