Blaze Books Review: ‘Not Cool’ by Greg Gutfeld

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Title: Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You

Author: Greg Gutfeld


Blazing Fast Review: Greg Gutfeld’s new book “Not Cool” argues that elite leftists are the cool bullies in the schoolyard of life–except for the fact that every belief they espouse is actually not cool. Gutfeld brings forth and promptly destroys every possible progressive position, from global warming to anti-religiosity, exposing the “cool” hipster elites for who they are: bigoted, petty, narcissistic, insecure liars, and killer-coddlers, while so-called “Free Radicals” who rebel against the “cool” are the truly cool ones. And if you disagree with Greg then I’m sure he would say you’re a bigoted, petty, narcissistic, insecure liar and killer-coddler too.

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You will probably enjoy this book if…


– You are interested in subjects like CULTURE or POLITICS

– You enjoy shows like RED EYE, THE INDEPENDENTS or THE LEAGUE

The Hard Sell: “My mission here is to provide the remedy to this vast world of pretension, envy and hate, to write the guidebook on how to deal with the bullies and creeps who currently exercise free reign over us. This book contains a blueprint for those authentic Americans naturally inclined to rebel against the cool culture so lauded by pop culture, media, and academia. I speak of people I consider the Free Radicals–the true nonconformists who reject the lock-step cool that has become our society’s most damaging fetish since autoerotic asphyxiation. Not that I’ve ever tried. I have an irrational fear of being discovered dead, contorted, and naked by concerned neighbors.” – Greg Gutfeld in “Not Cool”

Blaze Books Review

“Who runs the high school we all live in? The cool: people who consider themselves rebels and tastemakers for all that’s edgy. They are now in control of defining the “conversation”–of deeming what is good and what is bad. Their power is drawn from their self-appointed cool–and a world that gladly forfeited character for an illusion of it. But it’s all BS. In fact, if you scratch the surface of their cool veneer, you’ll find that they’re about as counterculture as a toupee, and not even remotely as useful.”

So begins Greg Gutfeld, host of Fox News’ Red Eye and member of The Five in his new book “Not Cool.” In a book that reads as one running Greg-alogue, Gutfeld makes the case that the biggest divide in America isn’t between the 1% and the 99%, or social conservatives and social liberals, but the age-old battle between the “cool” and the “not cool.”

Tracing our political divide back to these two classes, Gutfeld asserts that these labels are actually completely transposed. The “cool,” consisting roughly of the entire media, academia, and other assorted leftists actually embody all of the least cool traits and espouse the least cool values, while the “not cool,” consisting of hard-working, dutiful, patriotic, faithful Americans are actually the ones who truly represent the “cool.” Those who rebel against the cool are “Free Radicals,” as Gutfeld describes them “the true nonconformists who reject the lock-step cool that has become our society’s most damaging fetish since autoerotic asphyxiation.”

What types of people comprise the “cool” who are actually totally not cool? Among others: college bureaucrats, anti-American Americans, romanticizers of mass murderers, people who have jobs that don’t require actual achievement (namely politicians), anti-religion activists, those who argue they are always victims, those who are obsessed with identity, anti-capitalists of all stripes along with many others.

Just a small cadre of the “cool” leftists that Gutfeld completely deconstructs (to use their parlance), in no particular order include: Anthony Weiner, Matt Damon, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jon Hamm, Jon Bon Jovi, Rolling Stone magazine, Robert Redford, Sean Penn, Angela Davis, Jim Carrey, Lena Dunham and Rep. Barbara Lee, and that’s only in the first two paragraphs of the book (not actually true but it seems more compelling to write it that way, as Gutfeld might).

In the process, Gutfeld makes the case that the fundamental institutions (like the Church) and principles (like duty, honor, patriotism, individualism, responsibility) on which the country was based, the ones that have led to a flourishing and dynamic society are actually cool, and should reign pre-eminent. In fact, they must be reasserted in order to turn the culture and thus the country back off of its head.

This is a book that everyone both young and old should read because understanding the “cool” is imperative to understanding the “Between Two Ferns” direction in which the country is moving–it explains the perpetual march of Leftism, the destructive cultural impact left in its wake, and the ease with which it can be thoroughly discredited and debunked at its very core.

On the other side, Gutfeld makes an impassioned case for a fusion of conservative and libertarian principles that reflect the contrarian free-thinking sorely missing in a society in which the protesters against “the man” have become “the man” themselves.

Glenn Beck says that culture is “the dog,” the news is “the tail.” What is winning in culture is the “cool,” to the detriment of the free world. Read Greg Gutfeld’s new book to vanquish the uncool “cool,” and with it save the country, while laughing, crying and cursing the whole way through.