The American Bible Challenge: A Daily Reader, Volume 1

Did you catch comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s recent on-air chat with Glenn Beck? The pair are well acquainted, with Glenn having interviewed Jeff previously (scroll down for clip) and Foxworthy’s take on faith and his journey toward it having been featured in TheBlaze.

But the radio interview also touched on the heavy anticipation for the second season of The American Bible Challenge, the surprising smash-hit TV program Foxworthy hosts for the Game Show Network.


To say that the show’s overnight popularity was a shock to Hollywood insiders is putting it lightly. The American Bible Challenge brought in 2.3 million viewers for its debut episode alone; it would become the highest-rated show in GSN history.

The program’s decidedly non-glitzy subject matter (i.e., the Bible) clearly has drawn viewers weary of all things Hollywood and uber-hip; but another love-inspiring feature may be the fact that all the money contestants win goes to charity.

Needless to say, interest in The American Bible Challenge has grown so fast in recent months that a second season was ordered.

Here’s a look at what we can expect from round two of The American Bible Challenge:

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And now Troy Schmidt, the show’s consulting producer, has released a daily reader based on The American Bible Challenge—aided by Foxworthy, who penned the foreword—that’s designed to take us deeper into the show’s questions and the life applications they inspire.

The American Bible Challenge A Daily Reader, Volume 1 uses many questions from the first season as a guide, with each day featuring an inspiring lesson along with five challenging Bible questions to take readers deeper into Scripture. The book walks readers through nine weeks of study and encouragement—the same time span as a season of The American Bible Challenge TV show—with more than 300 questions that test Bible knowledge. (And don’t worry, all the answers are in the back.)

Here’s the audio of Glenn’s interview with Jeff this morning:

Glenn’s interview with Foxworthy just prior to the very first episode of The American Bible Challenge last August: