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WATCH Chad Prather: Here's why 'history' sucks and what to do about it

Chad Prather

The cancer of WOKEISM

Chad Prather asked Americans to stop Wednesday and think about who writes history? Who wrote what we were taught? And who is writing history now?

Chad's rant covered issues created by what he identified as "Wokeism" — a mindset that stems from Americans' fashionable self-loathing for scars from the nation's past — and explained how the mindset is winning the war on history.

Chad asserted that woke culture is on a mission to rewrite history books by changing historical facts like the date our Founding Fathers founded the nation to an earlier period in history that is more consistent with the progressive left's love affair with racism.

He explained how he is open and accepting of the fact that different people have different views, but he draws the line when educators push their woke agenda on his kids.

Chad warned that if parents refuse to teach their children historical truth now, the education system ensures that future generations will accept their progressive version of "history" and embrace fiction.

"We are in trouble as a culture as a society and as a nation, and we will lose where we are going if we do not do something," he said.

Watch the video below to hear Chad's remedy for systemic wokeism that will help parents teach their children the truth about America's greatness.

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