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'You keep our heart beating': Chad Prather delivers a heartfelt thanks to America's truck drivers and unsung heroes

Chad Prather

'Our truckers are the lifeblood flowing through the arteries of America'

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On "The Chad Prather Show" Wednesday, Chad and the crew wanted to thank all of the Americans who are braving the coronavirus-infested elements to provide the country with the necessities we need to shelter at home.

The truck drivers, medical workers, grocery store workers, and all those out there on the front lines of this pandemic — they are the real heroes (not the governmental puppets in Washington, D.C., who think $1,000 checks will cure America.) And to you, we offer our most heartfelt thanks!

"Our truckers are the lifeblood flowing through the arteries of America, and you keep our heart beating — so here's to you!" Chad said. "And we are thankful for all the American companies who are going the extra mile to stay open, deliver food, and provide parking, shelters, showers, bathrooms for our truckers."

Watch the video below for more:

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