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Antifa leftists are completely honest: They want to destroy you

Conservative Review

If there remained any question about the character of the radical Left, recent reporting by Ian Miles Cheong at Heat Street paints a disturbing picture of the extent to which Antifa leftists condone violence against capitalists and so-called “fascists.”

Cheong draws attention to an Antifa website, “It’s Going Down,” the “de facto resource for anarchists and ‘anti-fascist’ activists currently engaging in sporadic street battles across the United States against Trump supporters and the government.” The website features Antifa articles from staff writers and anonymous submissions that give the reader insight into the demented minds of those who urge violence against their countrymen.

The literature of the anarchist leftists is honest in its presentation of who they are and what they want. “A library of downloadable publications on the website offers long-form articles that call for ‘insurrectionary mass resistance and refusal’ and asks moderate liberals to join arms with the far left,” Cheong informs us. “One describes liberal allies as ‘accomplices’ to capitalists. A piece titled Work, Community, Politics, War suggests that anarchists ‘are imposing our needs on society without debate’ and urge[s] militant tactics against employers and law enforcement.”

“Anarchism means destroying the forces that seek to keep us on our knees,” reads a publication titled “What the fuck is anarchism?” Cheong highlights how this piece exemplifies “the victim complex most of the leftist ideology’s followers live with.” You should read how they describe themselves and the actions they condone.

In a world full of alienation and apathy, anarchists are willing to act in accordance with their ideas. Anarchists are those who would set fire to a bulldozer or a new luxury home rather than let a forest be cut down, who would rather hear the sound of shattering glass than a politician’s speech. Deserting and disobeying all the rules written against us, by squatting and stealing for our survival, and rejecting the roles we’re assigned, as good worker, good student, good citizen, good woman or man. Rewriting the usual endings; by supporting prisoners rather than letting them disappear in isolation, by beating up rapists and homophobes rather than suffering their violence, by creating forms of love that only strengthen us rather than containing and limiting us. Taking control over our surroundings by painting graffiti on the walls or occupying space and planting gardens. By arming ourselves with the ability to create a new world and destroy the one that has been imposed on us.

This is the evil of Antifa. Their end is the destruction of the civil society. Their means are violence. And the Democratic Party and the “mainstream” liberals and progressives who support it have been complicit in the escalation of this violent politics.

For the good of the American people and the safety and happiness of our communities, the Antifa Left must be condemned and its violence put to an end.

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