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How convenient: Don't be fooled by the Left's despicable & phony anti-anti-Semitism

Conservative Review

The recent uproar by the media, goading President Donald Trump into condemning anti-Semitism in the wake of various threats against Jewish institutions across the United States, has little to do with actual concern for anti-Semitism and everything to do with spreading a toxic false narrative to discredit the president.

Since the Left has learned nothing from the 2016 election — believing we are still operating in a world in which identity politics trumps all other considerations — it has been doing its damnedest to smear the Trump administration as a white nationalist if not outright Nazi regime practically since the day the Trump campaign commenced.

Such baseless accusations are justified at best by a wholly disingenuous conflation of the belief in the primacy of the rule of law, national sovereignty, and a jihad-focused national security and foreign policy with racism and bigotry. Such an argument is of a piece with leftist illogic which says that “states rights” is code for “racism” — a code that only progressives have cracked.

Perhaps the cries of “Hitler” based on the president’s policies give the Left too much credit, however. Let us not forget that President George W. Bush championed a fundamentally different agenda from President Trump's and was cast as a Führer reincarnate by progressives as well.

The Left’s supposed newfound concern with anti-Semitism — like its supposed newfound concern with Russia — rings particularly hollow, and not just because of the president’s Jewish family members, friends and senior political appointees and advisors, his pro-Israel and counterjihadist agenda or the glowing words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu affirming the president’s philosemitism.

What is remarkable about the Left’s anti-anti-Semitism is that it ignores the entire context of the progressive-Islamist nexus that bolstered the aims of Jew-haters worldwide during President Obama’s tenure and beyond.

If the media and the Left more broadly were truly concerned with anti-Semitism, and not merely engaging in the politics of personal destruction, then how to explain their broad support for the Iran deal, which aids, abets, and enables the world’s leading state sponsor of jihad dedicated to a Second Holocaust through the annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel?

What had the media and the Left to say about the Obama administration’s shameful throwing of Israel to the anti-Semitic wolves of the United Nations Security Council?

Where was the opposition when the Obama administration supported the rise of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, who called Jews “descendants of apes and pigs”?

Where were the mainstream media’s exposés of the Obama administration’s work with Hamas-linked outfits like CAIR, or worse, its hires of several individuals with ties to various Islamist organizations?

Where was the outrage over the sealing of the tape of then-candidate Obama celebrating with Islamist professor Rashid Khalidi — who recently worried that Israel supporters would “infest” the government under President Trump?

Where have they been when it comes to the longtime Islamization of Europecorrelating with such virulent Jew-hatred that Jews are fleeing the continent?

Why are they so averse to designating the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization — a group whose Hamas arm seeks to destroy the Jewish state and whose Jew-hatred has been intrinsic to its vision from its founding under Hitler-colluding Sheikh Hassan al-Banna to current spiritual leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi?

Why isn’t the Left browbeating the second-place finisher for DNC chair, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. (F, 26%), whose ties to anti-Semitism movements — including the Nation of Islam and Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups — are wide and deep? Just days before ballots were cast, Ellison was actually considered to be the front-runner.

Where is the wholehearted disavowal of the anti-Semitism deeply bound up in the BDS and Black Lives Matter movements?

Has anyone seen national marches against anti-Semitism on college campuses as propagated by progressive-aligned Islamist campus groups?

Look at the people now aghast at the rise in anti-Semitism, then look at their positions vis-à-vis Islamic supremacism historically. You will see that their current anti-anti-Semitism is utterly phony.

You cannot rationally oppose anti-Semitism and enable its primary — Islamic supremacist — purveyors.

The Left’s cognitive dissonance is deafening.

Its shamelessness and intellectual dishonesty truly knows no bounds.

Its sole guiding principle is political victory.

Slander and hypocrisy are fair game because for the Left, this is war.

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