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Our cultural twilight is real and spectacular — and pathetic

Conservative Review

Behold: a most fitting epitaph for the artist formerly known as Western Civilization (video here).

"I'm a ma'am ... suck my d***!"

That infamous line, which proves truth is indeed stranger than self-parody, was recently uttered by Savanna Maria Garcia, a human being sadly suffering from gender dysphoria, who lost his/her considerable poop in a profanity-laced tirade when someone referred to him/her by the wrong pronoun, at a car rental shop, of all places.

At least Pompeii met its fate under a heap of volcanic ash. We will breathe our last during a spot-free rinse.

This further confirms that our cultural decline is both real and spectacular. It's also rather pathetic. There will be no Visigoths coming over the wall. No waves of Roman legions coming to conquer us. Nor any Islamic hordes putting their scimitars to our necks (as much as they might like to). Nay, other woebegone cultures were at least granted a warrior's death as they assumed the position for the ash heap of history.

They died with their boots on. We, apparently, are doomed to suffer a far more ignominious end: an overdose of booty calls. Brought to our collective knees by a motley crew of cowards, charlatans, and the chronically confused like Garcia, mainly because we just couldn't be bothered with defending our way of life or we were too afraid of offending those trying to undo it.

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