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Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar can’t tell the difference between friends and foes

Conservative Review

Rep. Ilhan Omar came into the House of Representatives with a lot of baggage. She may have committed massive immigration fraud in reportedly marrying her brother. She is accused of committing several campaign finance violations. She cozies up to the Hamas-tied Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). She engages in conspiratorial anti-Semitism and supports a movement that seeks to eliminate the world’s lone Jewish state. 

But the Somali-American refugee was nonetheless a legacy media darling. Despite the red flags, she could do nothing wrong, according to the countless publications that by and large skipped the vetting process in order to celebrate her historic election to Congress. And despite her foreign policy radicalism, she was appointed to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Now, less than a month into her congressional tenure, Rep. Omar has been an unmitigated disaster by any measure. On an almost daily basis, Omar has revealed disturbing biases and appears to be unable to separate friends from foes or free states from totalitarian dictatorships. Putting aside her smearing of the Covington Catholic teenagers and her politicization of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Omar has committed several major foreign policy blunders that may lead even Democrats to question whether she is suited for a congressional foreign affairs committee.

Supporting the socialist dictatorship in Venezuela

Last week, in calling for the U.S. to stop supporting the Venezuelan opposition against socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro, Omar drew support from two Kremlin-backed correspondents, Abby Martin and Rania Khalek. Martin has worked for Russian state media and is currently employed by a network that was started by the late socialist Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. She is also a 9/11 truther. Khalek is a terrorist apologist who works for In The Now, which is a media project backed by the Russian government.

Omar also falsely accused opposition leader Juan Guaido of being a “far-right” leader, when in fact, he is a left-leaning individual whose party has membership in the Socialist International. 

Additionally, she claimed, without evidence, that corporate interests were controlling U.S. Venezuela policy.

It’s one thing to be against intervention in Venezuela. It’s another thing to support the evil socialist regime there that has victimized tens of millions of people.

Labeling ally Brazil, a free country, as a ‘horrible regime’

On Sunday, Omar attempted to claim that U.S. policy against socialist tyrannical regimes such as Cuba and Venezuela were hypocritical because the Trump administration supports the “horrible regimes” in Brazil, Guatemala, and Honduras.

What’s particularly bizarre about her claim is that she fails to note that Brazil is a free country by any measurement and just had free and fair elections. Additionally, the three countries that she mentioned also happen to be the three most pro-Israel countries in Latin America. Given Omar's anti-Israel fanaticism, it's fair to ask if she judges the merits of nations solely based on whether they support Israel.

Joining ISIS is a way to ‘combat direct marginalization’

In calling for a lighter sentence for members of her community who join terrorist groups, Rep. Omar has claimed that Somali refugees who joined the Islamic State should be treated with empathy and only do so because they are marginalized individuals, according to a newly surfaced letter.

“A long-term prison sentence for one who chose violence to combat direct marginalization is a statement that our justice system misunderstands the guilty. A restorative approach to justice assesses the lure of criminality and addresses it,” she wrote in a recently uncovered letter to a judge.

Unfit for the Foreign Affairs Committee?

Congressional committees begin hearings this week. Yet sitting on the Democrat-led committee will be at least one member of Congress who fails to distinguish friend from foe and someone who is all too willing to smear our allies in order to prop up America’s adversaries. And all of this aforementioned data came to light over the past week alone. Who knows what the coming week will bring from the office of Rep. Ilhan Omar?

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