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Disgrace: Islamist Turkey regime’s jihad on our soil

Conservative Review

Imagine FDR inviting Benito Mussolini to come to the United States in middle of World War II to dedicate a massive Italian cultural center. Or how about inviting the Japanese emperor to the groundbreaking of a new Shinto shrine outside Washington that was bankrolled by his country?

That is exactly what happened during Obama’s administration when Turkey’s Islamist leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was invited by Obama to the groundbreaking of the mosque in Lanham, Maryland, that was funded by the Erdogan regime. It is now the largest mosque in America and is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood umbrella organizations. Erdogan, after the fall of Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi, is considered the Sunni pan-Islamic leader most admired by the Muslim Brotherhood.

At the time, we roundly condemned this stealing of American sovereignty by the leader of the ideology we are fighting.

Fast-forward a few years and remember the WWII analogy while you realize what unfolded before our very eyes this week. Imagine Mussolini visiting FDR during the war and the president saying what an honor it was to meet with him. Then, while Italian-Americans gather around the Italian embassy to protest Mussolini’s behavior, his security guards beat the Americans on our soil as the leader looks on and possibly orders the attack.

Nothing like this would ever have happened under either a Democrat or Republican back when America was actually America. None of this subversion within our country would have gotten off the ground.

Yet this has all happened under the so-called “America First” administration. A new video has surfaced showing Erdogan watching, and possibly directing, the attack by his security detail on Americans on our own soil. The Turkish ambassador reportedly yelled to local police, “You cannot touch us.”

Appallingly, the White House has been stone-silent.

We all know that had this occurred under Obama’s tenure and had the White House remained revealingly silent, we would have savaged him mercilessly. It would have been the discussion of talk radio for several days. But alas … Clickservatism!

Unfortunate, Erdogan is not just any thug or dictator. He is the leader of the radical Sunni Islamist world. That is the very enemy whom Trump was elected to defeat, not molly-coddle. For conservatives to remain silent while a Republican – under our banner – cozies up to Erdogan, especially in light of this incident, is a testament to how low this movement has fallen.

If Trump wanted to shut down the media feeding frenzy on the alleged scandals, reinvigorate the voters who actually elected him, and win favor in the eyes of all Americans, he’d immediately expel the Turkish ambassador. In fact, there are many things Trump can do to change the subject, such as actually taking a leadership role on pushing full repeal of Obamacare, demanding legislation building the wall and reforming immigration, and rectifying the mistakes he made in the budget sellout. You know: actually fulfilling the campaign promises.

Yet instead, this week has been full of colossal foreign policy betrayals built on top of the existing domestic policy flip-flops. Consider the following:

  • The White House released information about Trump’s upcoming visit to Israel and wiped the Golan, Judea, and Samaria off the map. This comes on the heels of the administration vocally embracing the PLO peace process and declining to move the embassy to Jerusalem.

  • Jared Kushner, who seems to be promoting his liberal “globalist” agenda everywhere, pressure Lockheed Martin to close a $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia. The same thing we condemned Obama for doing. The arms deal could reach $300 billion. Make Saudi Arabia Great Again (MSAGA)!

  • If Trump is going to genuflect before the Saudis, one would at least expect him to be strong on Iran. Yet the Trump administration has certified Iran’s compliance with the deal they were supposed to terminate or at least renegotiate. They waived sanctions, even though Iran is flagrantly violating the deal. Likewise, Trump trashes the NATO alliance but cozies up to Erdogan, the biggest problem with NATO. It’s a pattern of incurring all the liabilities of Trump’s worldview but none of the benefits.

America first?

The only thing worse than having Obama as president is having Obama’s views continued under the Republican banner. Conservatives would be wise to do more than play the red vs. blue game and instead uphold what the red team supposedly represents.

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