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Donald Trump is fighting…but for what?

Conservative Review

Donald Trump has performed a service for conservatives by being willing to fight the GOP establishment and draw attention to important issues.  He has sparked a much-needed national debate about overall immigration levels, a border fence, and the absurd policy of unqualified birthright citizenship for illegal aliens.  Conservative voters, and indeed most Americans, want a fighter.  Trump has been selling himself as that refreshing change, a warrior who will fight political correctness and the political establishment.

With that said, one has to ask what happened to Trump over the weekend.  He has repeatedly attacked Ted Cruz for… not kissing up to the establishment.  He has also attacked Justice Scalia for…not being politically correct!  So what exactly is Trump fighting for?

Over the weekend, Trump assailed Cruz for not supporting venture socialism in the form of ethanol mandates and subsidies.  Trump likes to say that our politicians are a bunch of dummies.  He is absolutely correct.  There is nothing dumber and more establishment than using the boot of government to coerce consumers into shoving corn into their fuel tanks, thereby raising the cost of fuel and food, all to benefit a horde of wealthy special interests.  Really, Donald?  Why throw in with the Washington cartel when you’ve been so rewarded for taking them on?

Another dumb and unconstitutional policy of the political dummies Trump so passionately inveighs against is affirmative action.  Last week, the entire political Left had a meltdown when Justice Scalia quoted some briefs submitted in an affirmative action case (Fisher v. University of Texasbased on peer-reviewed academic studies, noting that some African American students (or other groups and individuals) who are placed in higher level academic settings exclusively based on quotas will often perform worse than in a classroom more suited to their needs.  The PC crowd howled racism for days! Amazingly, Donald Trump joined the wimp brigade, placing political correctness over rational discourse, saying Scalia was “very tough” on “that community” and that he disagreed with him.  Really, Donald?

Scalia is a national treasure on the level of our Founders.  It would be nice if Trump would let us know what type of judges he would appoint.  Judicial tyranny and religious liberty are among the top issues that divide the party base from the political class, yet Trump has been largely silent on those issues.

Trump then referred to Cruz as “a little bit of a maniac” in terms of how he deals with his fellow senators.  Really, Donald?  I thought these were the stupid, pathetic dummies you plan to put in their places?  What exactly did Cruz do wrong with regard to Mitch McConnell?  In what way would you handle McConnell differently?

Here is some free advice from someone who has greatly appreciated what Trump has done on the issue of immigration, at least in terms of elevating the prominence of the issue: If you really think Cruz will go the way of the other candidates you butted heads with, and desire to affect that outcome, attack him from the right in a legitimate way.  But if you are going to hit him from the left and side with the political class on key issues, especially as it relates to political correctness, you will lose your entire appeal of speaking truth and common sense.

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