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Dreams of Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson snuffed out by illegal alien

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Do 26-year-old Americans have dreams too?

While football fans were celebrating a thriller end to the Super Bowl last night, news agencies were reporting that Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson had been killed Sunday by a drunk driver. Jackson and his ride-share driver, Jeffrey Monroe, were struck by a car that veered onto the emergency shoulder while they were standing outside their vehicle. Who was the drunk driver? Manuel Orrego-Savala, an illegal alien from Guatemala who had been deported in 2007 and 2009. These two individuals are the latest forgotten men – victims of the illegal alien policies championed by the entire political class in a zero-sum sympathy game focused exclusively on illegal aliens.

There’s been a growing trend in the media of ICE-shaming over deportations. They superficially report on illegal aliens or criminal legal aliens being deported under “cruel” circumstances and portray the deportee as a sympathetic character. Yet they never report on the victims of amnesty and sanctuary city policies and the murder and mayhem committed by criminal aliens.

While the circumstances of Orrego-Savala’s ICE detainer and whether he was released by a sanctuary city in Indiana are still unclear, there has been an epidemic of DUI manslaughters in this country as a result of sanctuary cities releasing criminal aliens. In 2015 alone, the Obama administration released almost 20,000 criminal aliens who had collectively racked up over 12,000 DUI convictions.

Although this illegal alien is 37 years old, just outside the window for DACA amnesty, many of the drunk drivers are young illegal aliens. Remember, under every amnesty plan except for the Goodlatte bill, DUI convictions do not disqualify them from applying for amnesty.

Orrego-Savala immediately fled the scene after striking Jackson and Monroe in the emergency shoulder but was apprehended by local police shortly thereafter. He initially gave police a false identity as a Mexican national under the alias of Alex Cabera Gonsales.

How many more people like this are now on the streets thanks to open borders, the amnesty agenda, and sanctuary cities? According to USCIS, 535 DACA recipients who have been stripped of their status due to criminal convictions have been released by ICE and remain at large.

ICE Director Thomas Homan recently confirmed that half of criminal aliens re-offend within a year and 75 percent within five years. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, 243,000 criminal aliens have been processed through Texas state and local prisons since 2011, accounting for 644,000 criminal offenses. “Those arrests include 1,314 homicide charges; 76,766 assault charges; 18,256 burglary charges; 77,381 drug charges; 780 kidnapping charges; 43,900 theft charges; 49,535 obstructing police charges; 4,210 robbery charges; 6,951 sexual assault charges; and 9,653 weapon charges.”

While all victims of crime deserve equal sympathy, crimes by criminal aliens are almost completely avoidable because these people should not be here in the first place. That is 644,000 avoidable crimes — in just seven years, in just one state.

Consider the following reality:

  • Asylum claims have jumped 1,700 percent since 2008. There is now a backlog of hundreds of thousands of individuals who come here from all over the world, including from the Middle East, and merely assert a credible fear of persecution and are released indefinitely into our communities.
  • In FY 2016, 628,000 individuals overstayed their visas.
  • There are 950,000 illegal aliens and criminal aliens with final orders of deportation who still remain in the country.

This the real “DACA fix” that is owed to the American people – deferred action from criminal aliens.

It’s amazing how a new consensus among the two parties is emerging that, absent an agreement on a long-term amnesty, they should pass a short-term extension of DACA amnesty because they all agree on the urgency of that shared goal. What about, absent a long-term agreement on enforcement, we all agree to immediately deport every criminal alien and punish sanctuary cities because they have all have sworn an oath to represent Americans?

How much longer will American citizens, ignored by the political class, have to suffer in the shadows through no fault of their own?

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