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Establishment money and lies beat conservative warrior in Kansas

Conservative Review

It’s official: conservatives have no place in the Republican Party.

Not only has every incumbent RINO been reelected in this “year of the outsider.” Not only has almost every open seat gone to the yes-men for K Street and GOP leadership. One of the few brave conservative incumbents in the House has just been defeated by a shill for the big government lobbyists who lied to voters and ran as a conservative. Thus, the only incumbent to be defeated this year was Tim Huelskamp, R-Ky. (A, 91%) in Kansas’s First District. You read that right: the only incumbent to go down in this glorious “populist” revolution is one of the fiercest fighters against this rigged political system.

While everyone is a big hero now and ridicules John Boehner as a failure, Huelskamp was literally the first member to stand up to him. Now the lobbyists know how to pick our lock and will pick off the few remaining members who dare to defy those in the party who want to do nothing more than play interference for Democrats.  

So much for the revolution.

You can read more about this race in my post from last week.

Folks, at some point we need to stop exemplifying the definition of insanity. What we are doing is not working. The party runs candidates with tons of money who lie about who they are and smear our people as political insiders who are anything but true conservatives. The waters are so muddied that the candidate with the most money and lobbyist support wins.

We must be reminded of the admonition of Haggai:

“You have sown much and you bring in little. You eat without being satiated. You drink without getting your fill. You dress, and it has no warmth. And he who profits, profits into a bundle with holes.” [Haggai 1:6]

It’s real simple: we either reform the primary system back to representative conventions where money and lobbyists are blunted by grassroots activists or we start a third party.

This current system is so rigged against principled constitutionalists that even when the voters agree with us on the issues, we have nothing to show for it this year but a candidate at the top who is tied with Hillary in several red states and not a single conservative winning down ballot. 

If 28 years of failure since Reagan has not proven that conservatives have no future in this party, tonight’s election should serve as a wakeup call. 

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