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Everyday America beats Hollywood. Again

Conservative Review

When you are involved in a competitive endeavor, there are several ways to know you have the upper hand at any given moment. Take sports, for example.

If your archrival can’t stop talking about you and all but admits you control his every thought and motivation, that’s one of the best markers. Living rent-free in your opponents’ heads is nothing short of a gift. And it’s not one that should be squandered by misplaced concern for the petty names they call you, which serve as the only arrow in their harmless quiver. In the end, there is no argument that scoreboard doesn't win.

Which is why I think some fellow conservatives I respect have the wrong reaction to Jimmy Kimmel's statement during the Oscars, in which he admitted that Hollywood makes its favorite movies not to make money but “to annoy Mike Pence.”

Yes, I understand the initial rush to condemn such juvenile trolling. But then pause for a second and think. Because Kimmel and Co. openly told us this past weekend that juvenile trolling is really all they have. The rest of the power dynamic in this entertainment relationship belongs to us.

We are the Harlem Globetrotters and they are the Washington Generals. Not only is this game not even close, it’s a slaughter. Just watch.

Progressives continue to fund the movies most of America wants to watch, with the very messages that run counter to all that they hold dear, just so they can fund the movies most of America won’t go to see even if you paid them.

Then, on the very night they get to wallow in their decadence and indulge in self-congratulation, they admit via Kimmel that they can't stop thinking about everyday Americans like us, no matter how many odes to pedophilia or interspecies sex romps they conjure up to please the cultural Marxist crowd.

This is why Kimmel has grown increasingly hostile and partisan in the past year, going so far as to urge conservatives not even to watch his weeknight show. He and his ilk are seething because they're nothing without us. They can't make it on their own. There simply isn't a market for the full frontal of their unvarnished worldview.

Case in point: Fewer people watched than ever before on Oscar night.

Kimmel also admitted that 8 of the 10 films nominated for best picture weren't popular at the box office. But as embarrassing as that disclosure is, it still doesn't reveal the full scope of the rout here: One of those commercially successful films, the brilliant "Get Out," is a magnum opus of trolling progressives like Kimmel. The plot of the movie is wealthy white liberals pretending to be tolerant, but only using black people for their own sinister purposes. Among them is draining them of their blackness, like cultural vampires.

The coup de grace is when the lead villain, ironically played by Bradley Whitford of notoriously liberal "West Wing" fame, sanctimoniously says, "I voted for Obama twice, and I would've voted for him a third time if I could."

As long as Hollywood has dug itself into such a codependent relationship that it must continue to make movies that reject its own cause, and elevates ours, I believe it would actually be a mistake to boycott it as a form of protest.

That’s why I hope the disparity between the top 10 movies at the box office and the movies nominated for Academy Awards only grows in the coming years. And I'm doing my part by taking my kids to "Peter Rabbit," "Black Panther," and this weekend "A Wrinkle in Time" — all stories with values that we as conservatives seek to conserve.

Nor do I mind that people who hate what I believe are getting rich off of it, because when you strip away the lifestyles of the rich and famous, what folks like Kimmel want more than anything else is relevance and influence. However, the numbers prove their relevance and influence come at a cost -- they have to promote the very type of stories they most vehemently oppose. Let me put that in a simple way a Hollywood Leftist who loves eastern mysticism might understand: Karma is a female dog.

Scoreboard. Again.

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