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The Florida massacre exposed these members of Congress as utter ghouls

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Democrats are calling for action on gun control in the wake of the Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people were killed Wednesday when police say gunman Nikolas Cruz attacked the school. Cruz was a former student who was expelled from the school.

Families are still in mourning as Democrats have taken to social media to urge political action and demonize Republicans and the National Rifle Association.

Going further than criticizing Republicans, some Democrats are declaring that Americans cannot offer sincere condolences to the victims if they oppose Democratic gun control policies.

Disqualifying the thoughts and prayers of Americans who don't support gun control is sickening, and yet Democrats are doing exactly that. Worse, they are accusing gun control opponents of being complicit in mass murder.

Worse still, Democrats are spreading misinformation to make their point.

This is a misleading statistic. Some of these "school shootings" involve suicide attempts, accidental gun firings, and multiple instances where shots were fired but thankfully no one was injured. There have been three deaths prior to Wednesday and several injuries, but none as devastating as Parkland.

The president is under attack as well.

And Democrats are twisting the president's words.

This is a repulsive libel of what Trump said.

The president isn't blaming anyone for this tragedy. He is advocating for a "see something, say something" approach to curb violence. The fact is, as the president stated, there were several indicators that the shooter was both mentally disturbed and obsessed with weapons. Asking people to speak up about the suspicious activity of a possible assailant in the future is not blaming students for the shooting, it's attempting to prevent another tragedy.

Watching lawmakers squabble over a tragedy, accuse their colleagues of being complicit in mass murder and push policies that will not help again and again is, frankly, nauseating. This behavior is not helping. It's not constructive. It won't save a single life.

Editor's note: The first paragraph of this piece has been updated for clarity.

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