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Freedom Caucus Republican Mo Brooks UNLOADS on CNN, the 'fake news king'

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House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., slammed CNN on the House floor Wednesday, blasting the network's coverage of the disputed BuzzFeed News Trump/Russia story and the Covington Catholic high school student controversy.

"While CNN has had a rotten, no-good, horrible week, the American people have had a great week, because last week exposed the CNN vitriol, prejudice, bias, and deception that crowns CNN the fake news king," Brooks said.

In his speech, Brooks noted three "strikes" against CNN, highlighting three stories reported by the network that were either misleading or false.

First, "for two days, CNN drooled over President Trump impeachment propaganda in a BuzzFeed report that was so bad it prompted a rare public rebuke and 'not true' proclamation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller," Brooks said.

Second, "CNN viciously and wrongly attacked, ridiculed, slandered and maligned Covington Catholic High School students by portraying them as racists."

And third, "CNN did a poorly researched 'fact check' on illegal alien and border security crime data comments by various Republicans, including me."

Brooks continued:

CNN’s John Avlon then falsely claimed I said a border wall is the way to keep death-dealing drugs out of America when I clearly stated a border wall is a necessary subpart of a broader border security strategy required to slow down drugs crossing over our southern border and save American lives.

That truth didn’t fit CNN’s blind fealty to open border, Socialist Democrats so CNN deceived rather than tell the truth.

"Mr. Speaker, is CNN 'the most trusted name in news' as it claims? No!" Brooks declared. "Not when its reporters, fact checkers, and newscasters are so blinded by vitriol, prejudice, bias, and hatred for President Trump that they cannot think or see straight. Not so long as CNN is nothing more than an apparatchik for radical, open border, Socialist Democrats; not the truth, and not the American people."

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