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Gorsuch's hearing is a sham. It’s time for bold judicial reform

Conservative Review

Imagine if a constitutional crisis had developed throughout the past half century whereby the speaker of the House and the Senate majority leader would direct their own “legislative” military outside of the real military controlled by the president. To continue the hypothetical, this military would operate anywhere throughout the world or even within our borders. It would be controlled by a command panel selected by the president and confirmed by the Senate every time a vacancy arises, but ultimately controlled by congressional leaders. Imagine those confirmation hearings dealing with specific questions about military policy without getting any clear answers on mission objectives and without, more fundamentally, anyone shouting out that the entire premise of a legislative army is an anathema to our entire of government in the first place.

For those who missed the confirmation hearing of Judge Neil Gorsuch, that essentially describes the scene in this constitutional crisis that rivals the one in my hypothetical example. This entire hearing, like every Supreme Court confirmation hearing in recent years, failed to speak to the enormity of the constitutional crisis confronting us with judicial supremacy.

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