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Hillary Clinton: The return of the Swamp Thing

Conservative Review

Back in early January, I suggested that all of you reading this "trust no one" when it comes to analysis of the 2018 campaign and gave three reasons why. To further reinforce that premise, I'm now writing this follow-up about the fourth and biggest reason, which I totally skipped in my original column.

Hillary Clinton.

America's leading corruptocrat re-emerged last week in India to remind everyone how she lost to the second most disliked major party presidential nominee in American history: Because she's the most disliked major party presidential nominee in American history. Here's a sampling of the bile she spewed:

  • If you lived in a state that didn't vote for her, your state was "backwards" and "didn't like black people getting rights." By the way, according to World Atlas, Hillary lost six of the top nine states with the highest percentage of blacks in their population.
  • If you lived in a state that didn't vote for her, your state "didn't like women getting jobs." By the way, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hillary also lost six of the top nine states with the highest female representation in the labor force.

Hillary also insulted white women voters, saying they were too intimidated by the white men in their lives to vote for her. These observations from Hillary accomplish several objectives, all of them bad:

  • They make her a racist, classifying people by their color of their skin rather than the content of their character.
  • She's setting feminism back decades by depicting white women as frail and unable to think for themselves.
  • Hillary won almost 90 percent of the black vote in 2016, which according to her “analysis” of the mental capacity of women means that black men bullied black women into voting for her against their will.

As we look back on all the failed forecasts of the 2016 campaign, including my own, perhaps before we declare there's now a wave of Trump Democrats — which have yet to show up for Republicans in any of these special elections — or we assume Rust Belt states Trump won by razor-thin margins, like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, have transitioned from solidly Democratic for two decades to now swing states, we should consider the simplest analysis of them all.

Hillary Clinton is, in a word, vile.

So vile, in fact, that more than four million of the people most likely to vote for her stayed home on Election Day 2016, essentially deciding to take their chances with a man of Donald Trump's questionable character and maturity, rather than stoop so low as to cast their ballots for her.

Sure, if you're Hillary Clinton and watch the daily tantrum that is Trump's Twitter, that has to sting. But here, again, Hillary exposes her true self. For a person with any modicum of dignity or humility would retire from public life rather than risk further humiliation, and get out of the way and permit her daughter, who seems to at least have some basic decency, to take hold of the baton.

But Hillary can't stay away. She keeps re-emerging to remind us how in the world she could possibly have lost to a narcissist whose first fight as president was over the attendance at his inauguration. If Trump is too often more bark than bite when it comes to confronting the Swamp, Hillary Clinton is the Swamp.

And her unwillingness to go away may be the best hope Republicans have this fall.

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