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Hillary Clinton’s pro-Putin hatchet man swept up in ‘Trump-Russia’ investigation

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Sid Blumenthal, a longtime confidant to Hillary Clinton, was reportedly interviewed by FBI agents about the infamous “Trump-Russia” dossier.

National security journalist Sara Carter revealed late Wednesday that Blumenthal was allegedly interviewed in connection to the dossier. It has been over a year since Buzzfeed decided to publish the dossier, and none of the substantive claims in the document have been proven as factual.

Blumenthal has a reputation in Washington as a hatchet man for Hillary Clinton. He was behind the Clinton campaigns efforts to spread the “birther” conspiracy alleging that former President Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Given his role in the smear campaign, President Obama refused to allow Clinton to bring him onto her official staff.

While Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State, Blumenthal acted as something of a private intelligence operative for her. Clinton’s private email archive reveals that the former Secretary of State relied on Blumenthal as one of her most trusted confidants. Using shady resources, Blumenthal often delivered her intricate reports on geopolitical matters.

Given his apparent connection to the Trump-Russia probe, it’s relevant to point out that Blumenthal has consistently advocated for cozying up to Moscow.

Blumenthal has also lobbied on behalf of a close ally to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In emails disclosed by Wikileaks, Blumenthal consistently advocated for Clinton to adopt a pro-Moscow position in Eastern Europe. Additionally, Blumenthal’s son is a pro-Putin propagandist who now openly advocates for Russia’s foreign policy priorities.

Blumenthal’s is not the only individual connected to the dossier who is close with the government of Russia. Glenn Simpson, who leads Fusion GPS–the organization that compiled the dossier–has substantial ties to the government of Russia and individual Kremlin operatives. It has led observers of Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation to ask whether Fusion GPS worked with the Kremlin to use the dossier as a way to sow discord within the country. 

Through Hillary Clinton’s election campaigns and her stints in government, the two have remained ultra close. In October, Blumenthal was spotted at Clinton’s birthday party.

This revelation comes as questions continue to arise about the Clinton campaign’s connections to the “Trump-Russia” dossier. We already know that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for the research that led to the dossier. What remains unclear is if the unproven allegations were used as the main piece of evidence to spy on the Trump campaign. Evidence continues to build suggesting that she did indeed play a role. Republican congressional investigators — who reportedly have had access to the FISA court warrant — continue to suggest, in very pointed questions, that Clinton played a much bigger part than what has been publicly acknowledged.


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