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The horrific slave state of North Korea

Conservative Review

Much of the legacy media coverage of the 2018 Olympics has included fawning coverage of North Korean leaders and North Korea as a whole. What seems to be entirely missed in the Olympics coverage is the fact that North Korea is a modern slave state that abuses the unalienable human rights of its citizens through torture, slavery, and starvation. North Korea also uses its citizens as political pawns as part of a hell-bent effort to acquire nuclear weapons to shield the evil regime there in perpetuity.

Outlets like NBC have bolstered Pyongyang’s legitimacy, covering the country like it’s a Western democracy. An NBC report on life in North Korea highlighted what appeared to be a public ski resort. In reality, the “ski resort” was built on the backs of child slave labor and is only used by the country’s government-connected elites.

Mainstream media outlets have also developed a particular affinity for Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. She is leading the North Korea delegation to the Pyeongchang Olympics in South Korea. Outlets like CNN, Reuters, the New York Times, and countless others have glorified Ms. Kim as a diplomatic genius who is getting the upper hand on Vice President Mike Pence.

Given that the legacy media has failed in its duty to educate the public about the evils perpetrated on a daily basis by the Kim Jong Un regime, it’s worth highlighting one of Pyongyang’s most barbaric policies.

North Korea operates a network of forced labor camps and concentration camps. North Korean political dissidents and others who are accused of a variety of crimes (none of whom receive due process) are usually locked up in these camps for the duration of their lives. But what makes these camps especially barbaric is that their children's fates are also sealed inside these walls. That’s right — children born in North Korean slave camps have to spend their lives inside their gates. For the sin of being related to their parents, the progeny of the persecuted are also locked in “total-control zones” for their entire lives.

Western intelligence agencies have been able to document these camps thanks to the help of satellite spy networks. But it’s exceedingly rare to hear from someone who has actually been inside of one.

North Korean refugee Shin Dong-hyuk is the only known person to have escaped one of these camps and lived to tell the story to the world. His story is documented in the book "Escape From Camp 14," and he has discussed it in a handful of television interviews.

In the book, Shin — who was born in one of the internment camps — details the heart-breaking struggles of daily life inside the gates of one of these locations. His parents were imprisoned as political enemies of the state, so that meant that his life was already determined as a prisoner for life. Prisoners are allowed to have children because it allows the camp to become repopulated with people who can do forced labor for the benefit of the state.

Shin claims he witnessed dozens of executions each year. He also documents the atrocious working conditions, the constant lack of food rations, and the inhumane atrocities committed on a daily basis.

Shin tells us about the real North Korea, the one that the media apparently has no interest in talking about. The North Korean media darlings rule over a society that commits the worst of evils, epitomized by Pyongyang’s network of concentration camps and reliance on child slave labor.

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