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Iran's 'Supreme Leader' has conspiracy meltdown on Twitter

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The unelected Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei — who rules the country with unchecked power — has unleashed a frenzied tweetstorm, accusing the U.S. and “Zionists” of being behind the ongoing protest movement in Iran.

The tweetstorm starts with a somewhat laid-back approach to the protests in Iran, in which many are calling for his dismissal — or even his demise.

He then takes to accusing foreign western nations of inciting revolution from within, linking the concerns of protesters to an unproven coup attempt, without revealing any evidence for his allegations.

Next, he predictably loops the Jews (code word: Zionists) into the mix. Of course, the theocrats in Iran have a reputation for trafficking in anti-Semitic conspiracies. Khamenei and many top Iran regime officials are Holocaust deniers.

Khamenei then begins his attack on President Trump, who has used his social media platform and executive agencies to raise awareness about the plight of the Iranian people.

Khamenei then casually threatens action against the U.S. in retaliation for his unproven theory that the protests are a western plot.

Last, the ayatollah picks up on liberal media narratives and accuses President Trump of being mentally unstable.

Since 1989, Khamenei has ruled over Iran with an iron fist. He has attempted to chip away at Iran’s Persian heritage, instead leveraging the nation as a home base for a revolutionary Islamic supremacist ideology. He succeed the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who came to power in 1979, following the overthrow of the Shah of Iran.


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