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John Kasich is the last person in America Republicans should listen to

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John Kasich is cheerleading the rise of a group of Republicans in Congress who are willing to challenge GOP leadership on immigration. No, he's not supporting the House Freedom Caucus' fight to get a vote on president Trump's immigration priorities. The outgoing governor of Ohio and deluded would-be 2020 presidential candidate is siding with the liberal House Republicans who are trying to force a vote to give illegal immigrant DACA recipients U.S. citizenship.

Kasich went on CNN Thursday to praise House RINOs who are threatening to file a discharge petition to trigger an automatic vote on amnesty. He thinks it's a "really cool thing" that these Republicans are working with Democrats to override GOP leadership to pass a policy that will nullify U.S. sovereignty and encourage the importation of more vicious gangsters and deadly drugs into the country.


"What you’re seeing happening now is that there are a group of Republicans who are getting fed up with inaction for these young people," Kasich said. "What you’re seeing is a group of people saying we’ve had enough, we don’t care about the political, we want to achieve something that we think is justice and it’s really cool thing."

He said that despite President Trump's guaranteed veto, Republicans should move forward with amnesty legislation.

"It doesn’t matter whether the President Trump is going to sign it or not," Kasich said. "Send it to him. Let him veto it. Let him say that he wants 800,000 people to be shipped out of the country. Eight hundred thousand people that there’s no reason to ship them out of the country."

He also criticized House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., who has opposed the discharge petition on grounds that it would guarantee immigration reform dies.

"I like Paul. On this issue, I just think he's dead wrong. I think the Republican Party has gone dormant," Kasich said.

The Republican Party has gone dormant, but not because it won't pass amnesty legislation. The Republican Party is dormant because of tedious, power-hungry, two-faced puny weasels like John Kasich who shun conservative principles, spit on the Republican Party platform, fight to end-run around the conservative base and help Democrats, and then sycophantically suck up to the liberal media for a few minutes of TV time in exchange for trashing fellow Republicans for acting like Republicans are supposed to.

Now, a non-dormant, awake, or active Republican Congress would be championing conservative legislation and keeping long-held promises the GOP made to voters, like fully repealing Obamacare. Where was Kasich when the House Freedom Caucus launched a discharge petition last year to force a vote on keeping that particular promise? Oh, right, Kasich was running around trying to protect Medicaid expansion, vocally opposing efforts to even partially repeal Obamacare, and sanctimoniously lecturing Obamacare's opponents by claiming the "soul" of the nation was at stake. This is someone, you will recall, who told voters he wanted to repeal Obamacare when he was interested in running for president in 2016.

Kasich is a phony, a national electoral loser, and the last person in America Republicans in Congress should listen to. If Republicans want to give voters a reason to show up for them in November, they need to drop the talk of amnesty for illegal immigrants and get to work passing a bill with President Trump's immigration priorities.

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