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Left-wing media uses former ELEMENTARY school teacher to attack Trump aide

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Will they ever learn? …

Elementary school inbounds? … If you thought the leftist media was going to stop at high school in an attempt to “own the cons,” you would have been wrong. On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter ran a story about Trump adviser Stephen Miller and what his third grade teacher thought about him. You read that right: In order to attack Miller, the entertainment newspaper of record went to his third grade teacher for an op-ed.

Do you remember that character in Peanuts, the one called Pig Pen, with the dust cloud and crumbs flying all around him? That was Stephen Miller at 8. I was always trying to get him to clean up his desk — he always had stuff mashed up in there. He was a strange dude. I remember he would take a bottle of glue — we didn't have glue sticks in those days — and he would pour the glue on his arm, let it dry, peel it off and then eat it.

I remember being concerned about him — not academically. He was OK with that, though I could never read his handwriting. But he had such strange personal habits. He was a loner and isolated and off by himself all the time.

At the end of the year, I wrote all my concerns — and I had a lot of them — in his school record. When the school principal had a conference with Stephen's parents, the parents were horrified. So the principal took some white-out and blanked out all my comments. I wish I could remember what I wrote, but this was 25 years ago. I've taught a lot of third-graders since then. Of course, Stephen wasn't political then — it wasn't until later that he started to make waves.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Can you imagine? An eight-year-old was socially awkward. STOP THE PRESSES! Of course the language used here is in an effort to make Miller out to be a sociopath. This is the type of character assassination that the left-wing press excels in. It wasn’t enough to talk to Miller’s uncle on TV; nope, the press went back to his elementary school teacher.

The media has done some obscene things over my lifetime. There’s only one word for this stunt: Disgusting.

Lack of trust … According to a HarrisX/Hill.TV poll, a plurality of voters thought the media coverage of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process was biased against him: 45 percent of voters thought the coverage was biased against Kavanaugh, while 20 percent said it was biased towards the justice; 35 percent thought the coverage was neutral.

The thing that sticks out in this poll is that 20 percent of Americans are so jaded that they thought the media was too fair to Kavanaugh.

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