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Legacy media excitedly covered the Russian-sponsored anti-Trump rally outside Trump Tower

Conservative Review

As CNN continues to chase down elderly women, demanding answers from them for unknowingly attending Russia-organized pro-Trump events, many in the media (CNN included) refuse to acknowledge that they were also duped by a Russia-created anti-Trump rally outside Trump Tower on November 12, 2016.

Conservative Review has tracked down just some of the many media organizations that were duped into advancing Russia’s efforts to sow discord in America with its anti-Trump rally.

Much of the coverage centered around Michael Moore’s attendance at the Russia-created event. He strangely hasn’t received the same media scrutiny as anonymous private citizens who shared something on Facebook one time.

Daily Mail:

USA Today:

Washington Post:

CNN’s Chris Cillizza:

Business Insider:

New York Times staffer:


Huffington Post:

The Hill:

Two BuzzFeed reporters appears to have attended the rally:

Producer for Vice:

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