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Levin: Americans see fake news as a bigger problem than terrorism. The MSM has only itself to blame

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Wednesday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin said that new numbers showing America's discontent with "made-up news" show that it's high time for the modern mass media to fix itself.

Levin referred to numbers from a recent Pew Research Center survey, which found that a higher percentage of Americans view fake news as a "very big problem" than those who see terrorism, racism, and sexism the same way.

Levin said he is unsurprised by the numbers and that the trend of distrust of the media is one reason that he wrote his recently released book, "Unfreedom of the Press."

Levin remarked to his listeners that "we really didn't even need Pew to tell us this, did we?" He went on to say that this sort of distrust is why legacy news outlets have been struggling in recent years.

"There's a reason why CNN has no ratings; there's a reason why the New York Times had to be bailed out; there's a reason why the Washington Post had to be bailed out; and there's a reason why Rachel Maddow has no ratings any more," Levin said. "Because the American people are smarter than they think."

"If newsrooms and journalists do not act forthwith and with urgency to fundamentally transform their approach to journalism — which, sadly, is highly unlikely," Levin read from his book, "their credibility will continue to erode and may well reach a point soon where it is irreparably damaged with a large portion of the citizenry."

"If the modern mass media do not reform themselves and conduct themselves as professional journalists who seek objective news ... they're done," Levin said.


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