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Levin: 'All the analysis is BS': Pelosi IS trying to impeach Trump

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Contrary to the media's portrayal of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., as a voice of moderation among congressional Democrats, she really does want to impeach President Donald Trump, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained on the radio Wednesday.

"All the analysis is B.S.," the radio host said. "All the analysis out there that the Democrats are split -- no, they're not. It's just that Nancy Pelosi's more diabolical; she's not going to be honest about it."

"If they feel they can impeach Trump, they will; if they feel they can't, they won't," Levin continued. "But the point is to try and destroy him regardless."

Levin then went on to elaborate on how Pelosi and her fellow Democratic leaders are currently creating the case for impeachment to be employed against Trump when it's ready.

He also explained that while the precedent set by the current efforts to oust President Trump could easily be used against the next Democratic president, Democrats don't really have to worry about that ever happening.

"Now, of course, the Democrats are creating the playbook for Republicans to use against a Democrat president, but here's what they know," Levin said. "They know a Paul Ryan type, a John Boehner type, a Mitch McConnell type will never do it, because they don't play cutthroat like the Democrats."


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