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Levin blasts media's all-out assault on Trump and the First Amendment

Conservative Review

Monday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin criticized the media's treatment of President Donald Trump.

"They have nothing but vile, dripping contempt for the president," Levin said. He took issue with the ways in which the media claim Trump is unstable and how they claim the president is undermining the freedom of the press. He also faulted the media for refusing to investigate the domestic political spying of the Obama administration.

"The media in this country claim that the First Amendment and freedom of the press is under attack. It is under attack. It's under brutal assault by the very people who earn their livings supposedly as journalists and reporters!" Levin exclaimed.


"They're destroying freedom of the press," Levin said. "Trump's not doing it. The government's not doing it. They're doing it!"

"You're advancing an agenda, and we all know it!" he said, addressing the media.

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