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Levin blows up the BS, delivers BEATDOWN to 'dirty cops' McCabe and Comey

Conservative Review

"We need to recalibrate things. There's a lot of propaganda out there," said LevinTV host Mark Levin at the opening of his radio show on Monday night. Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe "was the equivalent of a dirty cop," Levin argued. Former FBI director James Comey "was the equivalent of a dirty cop."

Levin went on to blow up the media B.S. surrounding the firing of McCabe, reminding listeners it was a recommendation by the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), not President Trump.

Levin said that the OPR deemed McCabe's actions "so over the top" that it was recommended he be fired "before the taxpayers contribute to his retirement."

Levin didn't stop there. He noted that McCabe testified that his leaks were authorized by the director of the FBI at the time -- James Comey -- and Comey testified that he never authorized leaks. They should both face questioning, Levin suggested.

"Mr. Comey should be brought in front of a federal grand jury ... where his liberty is on the line," Levin argued. "Mr. McCabe should be brought before a federal grand jury and questioned, under oath, where his liberty is on the line."

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