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Levin cuts through the media smoke screen on new anti-Trump FBI texts

Conservative Review

On his national radio show Wednesday night, LevinTV host Mark Levin cut through a media smoke screen being used to dismiss concerns arising from a bombshell report about newly-released anti-Trump text messages between high-ranking FBI officials that said Barack Obama wanted to know “everything” their team was doing at one point during the 2016 presidential campaign.

A Wall Street Journal story, which relies on anonymous sources, claims that the text was not about the Clinton email investigation, but instead about alleged Russian campaign meddling; shortly following its late-Wednesday publish, the report was widely used by liberal pundits to dismiss the potential implications of the text exchange, Levin noted.

In response, Levin pointed to a report at CNS News indicating that three days prior to the September 2016 text, House Democrats asked the then-FBI Director James Comey to look into “connections” between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

If Obama really wanted to know everything about the FBI’s Russia investigation at that point, Levin explained, "everything" would have certainly included the infamous FISA application that led to surveillance of the Trump team in the first place.

“Are we to believe that information was kept from the White House?” Levin asked. “Of course not.”

That information, Levin concluded, still raises the question of how much the previous president knew about the FBI’s investigation and when he knew it.


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