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Levin likens anti-Trump media to Barnum & Bailey 'clown show'

Conservative Review

Thursday evening on "The Mark Levin Show," Conservative Review's editor-in-chief called on Republican leaders to step up and defend President Trump from the countless smears being promulgated by Democrats disguised as journalists.

Levin played a small mix of the vile rhetoric coming from the likes of CNN and MSNBC faces, highlighting recent times when media pundits (along with Republican officials) questioned the president’s mental sanity and stability, with one such leftist comparing Trump to a Nazi dictator.

“I thought they shut down Barnum & Bailey,” Levin said, mocking the "clown-show" personalities in media.

“The media is squawking, screeching, yelling. Fully out of the closet in full leftist mode,” Levin said, adding that the media are “sabotaging” their credibility with the American people.

“We need to have a national discussion about the behavior and the partisanship of the media,” Levin said.

“Now what you have are the media cheering on the Democrats and the Democrats cheering on the media … and then you have, sprinkled among them, the sell-out Republicans."

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