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Levin challenges the idea that Mueller is a 'straight shooter'

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CRTV host Mark Levin started his radio show Tuesday reminding the audience that a “phony” Trump-Russia dossier was used to get a judge on the FISA court to approve surveillance of American citizens.

“We’ve talked a lot about the senior level of the FBI under Jim Comey, how corrupt it has been with the leaks, with the dossier. We’ve talked about how … Hillary Clinton, the Democrat National Committee, essentially paid for this FISA warrant, even though they used straw men," Levin explained.

“This dossier, this absolute phony document, that had the assistance of the Kremlin, and a foreign ex-British spy was used in a significant way to get a judge on the FISA court to approve a warrant,” he added. “That is, to approve surveillance of an American citizen that the FBI and the Justice Department accused of being a Russian agent, and they've yet to charge him with anything.”

Levin continued, challenging the notion forwarded by many that special counsel Robert Mueller is a “straight shooter” and an “objective G-man who's out to do good for the country.”

He then pointed out how several Washington hands approved of the choice of Mueller but cited reports showing that the former FBI director’s past tells a story of a very controversial figure. Listen:

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