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Levin: We must fight back against the Left’s war on individual liberty

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LevinTV host Mark Levin began his radio show Tuesday evening talking about how it’s more important than ever to discuss the foundational principles of American civil society — and how to fight back against the Left’s constant attacks on constitutional government and individual liberty.

Levin reminded the audience that liberty, individualism, and the history of the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment are “almost never discussed” in the gun control debate.

He then attacked the socialist idea of Universal Basic Income. “We’ve got more and more people who embrace socialism over capitalism,” he said, reading the results of a survey that shows people embracing leftist economic ideals.

Levin said that Media Matters and other sites are engaged in propaganda to attack his new Fox News show and the principles discussed during it. He pointed out out that there are millions who still care about the founding principles and liberty-minded discussions.

Moving back to Universal Basic Income, Levin critiqued:

“Can you imagine the economic impact? Even more, can you imagine the control the government has over the individual, who relies one hundred percent, or close, for his or her sustenance from the government? Can you imagine the power of the Democrat Party?”

“There are constant efforts under way … to redefine this country and redefine what liberty means,” he said, discussing his motivation to make the case for individual liberty.

He reminded listeners: “The debate over guns isn’t a debate over guns. It’s the debate over liberty.” Listen:

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